Rest “all inclusive” in Anapa. Prices for tours – 2022

Best hotels “all inclusive” in Anapa

How much is an all inclusive tour to Anapa

All-inclusive” system in Russia – is it possible? We tell you about rest in Anapa in hotels of different categories with all-inclusive meals and prices for tours in 2022.

Anapa – a sunny and cozy city, and there is entertainment for everyone. Quiet green neighborhoods, bustling central streets, a long well-groomed promenade, a dolphinarium and water park, water attractions, excursions and restaurants. You can go to the resort, and one, and the whole family, to live in a guest house or treated in a sanatorium with children. And if you did decide to relax in Anapa on the system “all inclusive”, we can help you choose the best option.

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What do all-inclusive vacation prices depend on

Let’s say at once – the prices for an all-inclusive vacation in Anapa are not low. And yet rest within your budget is possible – and it depends not only on the length of stay at the resort.

  • Tourist season . Prices in the fall and spring is lower. You can go in the winter months – to walk along the coast, be treated and breathe the sea air.
  • The price depends on service . Are there bars, cafes, children’s area, spa complex, animation and other entertainment, as well as a staffed room and on what side will your windows look out. Children’s room is in any high-level hotel, but here are separate pools for toddlers, playgrounds and sports complexes – not always. Rest with children in Anapa →.
  • Far from the sea – not always expensive . A small 1* hotel may be located on the first line and cost pennies. And the luxury all-inclusive rooms are sometimes hidden among the trees on quiet streets, and, by the way, it is the remoteness from the cluster of tourists that attracts.
  • Boarding houses and sanatoriums . Rest on an “all-inclusive” in Anapa in 2022 can also be in sanatoriums and resorts. Staying in a sanatorium, even a medium level (eg, 3 *) is always more expensive than the usual hotel.
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Where to have a better holiday:

Prices for holidays in Anapa all inclusive

(Photo: / Alean Family Resort & SPA Riviera)

Prices for all-inclusive tours to Anapa – 2022

Rest on the shores of the Black Sea can be at any time, because the resort city welcomes guests all year round. But the features are here too! Hotels “all inclusive” in Anapa are very few, hotels 5 * even less, but the choice is there.

Prices for all-inclusive holidays in Anapa in 2022:

month 7 days 11 days 14 days
June 64000 78000 100000
July 73000 98000 120000
August 72000 87000 106000
September 43000 54000 70000
October 60000 80000 106000
November 44000 50000 60000
December 35000 40000 50000

In October, the tourist season in Anapa ends, but tourists come here in the fall and winter. Prices in the fall and winter period are much lower, but the choice of hotels is quite small. Many hotels are open only in the summer months, and in winter tourists are often taking only resorts and just a couple of year-round hotels. Prices in sanatoriums at any time of year are quite high.

In 2022 for 40 thousand rubles in Anapa you can relax in a 3 * boarding house. This is the approximate cost of a trip for one week in the fall and winter.

In January the choice is smaller – the cost remains the same, but this price does not include food. Only stay in a 3* hotel.

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(Photo: / Hotel Utesov)

All-inclusive vacation in 5* hotels – 2022

There are not too many 5* hotels on the Black Sea coast, and Anapa has only two, and they cost a lot! Grand Hotel Valentina – from 95 thousand rubles for seven nights and “Deauville” (Dovil’) – from 170 thousand for a tour for the same period. Located hotels, by the way, far enough away – 500-600 meters from the sea.

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Five-stars hotels it is a little, because the majority of holiday-makers choose habitation in inexpensive guesthouses or hotels 2* and 3*, in private sector at local inhabitants, and even at all in camping on seacoast. But there is also an “all-inclusive” vacation in Anapa, and the tours in 5* hotels cost from 95 thousand rubles in the summer of 2022, and in 4* hotels – from 80 thousand rubles for a week.

Video – hotel “Deauville” with meals “all inclusive”

All Inclusive 5 Star Hotels in Anapa

(Photo: / Deauville)

Rest “all inclusive” in 4-star hotels

Service in 4-star all-inclusive hotels is as good as in 5-star hotels with other meals (for example, breakfast + dinner). Tourists say that in high-level hotels (4* and more) there is a good menu and responsive staff. Many like animation for children and the level of organization of children’s rooms. Among the advantages of hotels tourists point out well-groomed territory, availability of showers and toilets not only in rooms but also near the pools outside, as well as heated pool water and outdoor bars on the territory.

Prices for stays in hotels 4 * start from 65 thousand rubles per week. If you book independently holiday in Anapa “all inclusive” costs from 6000 rubles per night in July and August 2022.

The best hotels 4 * according to tourist reviews:

Video – Tourist review of the all-inclusive Dacha del Sol Hotel and Resort

Hotels All Inclusive 3 Stars and 4 Stars in Anapa

(Photo: / Alean Family Resort & SPA Riviera)

All-inclusive vacations at 2* and 3* hotels

Option of a good, but inexpensive holiday in Anapa – buy a tour “all inclusive” in hotels 2 * or 3 *. Prices in 2022 on tours start from 50 thousand rubles per week.

Such hotels are usually not located on the first line, but for many this is even an advantage. In their reviews, tourists note that the privacy and tranquility only contribute to a relaxed quality rest, and the distance to the sea is almost not felt.

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Many vacationers speak positively about the organization of food. For example, tourists like the fact that there are intermediate meals. Room equipment is also good – there is everything you need, sometimes you can even brew your own coffee. However, such a hotel may not have its own beach.

Rooms in 2* and 3* hotels cost from 4500 rubles per day, but most options start from 5000 rubles and above.

The best 3* hotels with meals “all inclusive”, according to the reviews of tourists:

When booking a hotel, pay attention to its location. When looking for an all-inclusive holiday in Anapa, you can find options in Vityazevo or Dzhemete. These settlements are close to the resort and are located along Pioneer Avenue, but it takes about 15-20 minutes to get there from the center by shuttle bus.

Useful selection:

Disadvantages of all-inclusive holidays in Anapa

Despite the high level of hotels, they also have disadvantages, and this should be remembered.

  • The level of hotels in Anapa is still lower than similar options abroad. In some hotels, for example, there is no elevator, and somewhere there are problems with soundproofing.
  • Some hotels have a small area, and therefore tourists sometimes complain about loud music or performances in the evening and at night.
  • Not all hotels have a division into children’s and adult menus, and you have to pay full fare for a child.
  • Pools, gyms and other entertainment venues close early (at 18:00 or 19:00).

Going to rest in Anapa in 2022 all-inclusive, pay attention to a few things: price, hotel reviews (carefully read what and how long ago were dissatisfied tourists), rating and hotel infrastructure for children and adults. The presence of stars and remoteness from the center is not important. The main thing to the sea was not far away and the hotel was a mark All Inclusive.

Rest in Anapa all inclusive – official prices in 2022



Top Sales

  • Indoor Pool: Included in the price. With mineral water, size 20 * 10 meters, a depth of 1.2 m to 1.8 m, a children’s bowl depth of 0.7 meters, hydromassage, d
  • Outdoor Pool: Included. Heated seawater pool of 750 square meters.
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Top Sales

  • Indoor pool: Included in the price, prescribed by the doctor – 2 times a week. Equipped with a heating system, the water is seawater, size 21.5*9.8*1.2 m, area 180 square meters. Р
  • Outdoor Pool: Included. With fresh water, an area of 700 sq. m. Works seasonally from 01.05. to 01.10.
  • Indoor Pool: Extra charge. Swimming pool with sea water in the medical building of the sanatorium “Rus’ (in walking distance – 40 meters from the boarding house). The size of the pool

Choose a suitable hotel on a hundred parameters. Current availability, instant confirmation and online payment.

  • Indoor Pool: Included. Heated freshwater pool, size 13.8*15 meters.
  • Outdoor pool: Included. Heated swimming pool, size 20*10 m, depth – 1.15 to 1.5 m, the children’s area in the pool (size 10*6, depth 0.8 m), zone of det.
  • Indoor pool: Included in the price. The size is 20*7 meters, with fresh heated water and a children’s section.
  • Outdoor pool: Included. It is freshwater. There is a children’s section. Open seasonally from 15.05. to 15.10.
  • Indoor pool: Included in the price. Area: 210 square meters, with fresh water and children’s section. Operates all year round.
  • Outdoor pool: Included in the price. Fresh water pool with children’s section (415 m2) is open all year round from May to September.
  • Indoor pool: Included in the price (1 hour per day from 30.09 to 30.11). For an additional charge from 15.05 to 30.09, excluding rooms 7 corps. Surface area 100 sq.m., with fresh water.
  • Outdoor pool: Included. The size of 12*8 meters, with fresh, heated water, with elements of the water park, children’s department. Open from 01.05. to 30.09. from 10:
  • Outdoor Pool: Included. Two outdoor freshwater pools, unheated, with a children’s section. Equipped with whirlpools and geysers. Next to the pools
  • Outdoor Pool: Included. Two outdoor pools (adult and children) of 550 square meters, with eco-friendly, regularly renewed fresh, unheated
  • Outdoor Pool: Included. With fresh, unheated water 4 swimming pools for adults, one of which is one of the largest pools in Anapa area
  • Outdoor Pool: Included. Heated fresh water pool, size 11*5 m. Hydro massage, children’s section in the pool for adults. Working
  • Outdoor pool: Included. Three pools. The first: heated pool with a children’s section and fresh water, size 15*10 meters, depth of 1.5 meters. Second pool
  • Outdoor Pool: Included. Fresh water, heated, there is a children’s area, equipped with sun loungers. Works in the summer period.
  • Outdoor Pool: Included. Heated fresh water pool, size 7*11 m. Equipped with sun loungers and night lighting.
  • Outdoor Pool: Included. Heated swimming pool with fresh water, size 5*10 m. Open season: 01.05. to 30.09.
  • Indoor pool: Included. Fresh water pool, 125 square meters, children’s section in the swimming pool for adults. Works all year round.
  • Outdoor Pool: Included. Heated swimming pool, size – 20*7 m, with sun loungers and umbrellas. There is a children’s area, size 3*7m.
  • Outdoor pool: Included. Heated freshwater pool with children’s area. It is open seasonally in summer.
  • Outdoor pool: Included. With fresh, heated water. There is a heated children’s pool with fresh water and slides. Adult pool size: 30*10
  • Indoor pool: For an extra charge. Operates all year round.
  • Outdoor pool: Included. With seawater, heated water. Children’s pool with fresh water. Operates seasonally.
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