Rest in Sudak – 2022. Prices and our review

Sudak: tips for vacations

Prices for holidays in Sudak 2018

Personal experience: how to organize a holiday in Sudak in 2022 and not to be disappointed. We tell you why Sudak is our favorite resort in the Crimea, give actual prices and useful tips.

We like Sudak very much. It’s simple, clear and convenient. That’s the kind of city – his own board, shirtless guy. Of course, and there is a lot of resort trash in the form of karaoke and roaring tourists in a drunken rage, but where it is not? Sudak we appreciate the strategically convenient location – it is convenient to visit the surrounding villages and attractions. And even rest in Sudak in 2022 is not expensive!

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How to get there and prices for tickets

By Car. The most convenient to get to Sudak by car. Opened the Crimean bridge, so the travel time was reduced – now the road will take about 3 hours. However, on the way there are traffic jams – for example, in Feodosia and neighboring villages. Another minus – gasoline in the Crimea is about 5% more expensive than the Russian average. We tried to buy gasoline at the gas station ATAN – so advised the locals. We returned from our trip by the Crimean bridge: the roads are wide, free, perfectly smooth.

The train. Some people prefer road romance and travel by train. Then it is advantageous to buy a single ticket to the Crimea together with the railway ticket – that is to go on a “train + bus” scheme. Prices for a single ticket are fixed: from Anapa – 540 rubles, from Krasnodar – 660 rubles.

By air. Part of the tourists arrive at the airport of Simferopol. Tickets from Moscow in the high season there and back cost from 9000 rubles per person. From the airport to Sudak you can get there by bus to the old terminal first, and then by another bus to the resort. Or first go to the bus station in Simferopol, and there take another bus.

About the new Simferopol airport: stylish, cozy, functional. Parking costs 100 rubles per hour, 15 minutes – free of charge. Dodgy locals are waiting for those arriving at the entrance to the airport on the curbs. We were told that sometimes they take pictures of violators and send fines.

Where to rest in Sudak

Prices in Sudak for hotels

There are enough hotels in Sudak, but the private sector prevails, and especially guest houses. The most notable hotels are Soldaya Grand Hotel and Resort 4 *, “Astarta”, “Bastion”, “Uyut – 1”, “Resident”, Grand, Diva.

One of the most expensive hotels in Sudak – 4-star Soldaya Grand Hotel and Resort, where in season the suite costs from 14 thousand rubles. Price goes overboard, but the hotel is trying to match the level: a large area, beautiful views, swimming pool, spa, children’s club, rooms are decorated in different styles.

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Astarta” 4* with sea views is cheaper and simpler: in season 2022 the standard costs from 5300 rubles, Suite – 10 thousand. Outwardly we did not like it at all – it looks unassuming. In other hotels standard rooms for two people cost 3-8 thousand rubles.

Rest in Sudak on a tour “all inclusive” is impossible, but there are stays with full board – about 40-60 thousand rubles for a week’s stay for two in a hotel 2 * and 3 * (flying from Moscow). “All Inclusive” you can buy at other resorts – from 60 thousand for 3*, from 100 thousand for 4* and from 140 thousand for 5*. We doubt the advisability of buying expensive tours to the Crimea. The service on the peninsula is post-Soviet and for the same money you can have a cheaper holiday abroad and in better hotels. If you are interested, you can read about the best all-inclusive hotels in the Crimea.

Look for hotels with discounts on Hotellook. Here are the main rules of searching for hotels.

Rest close to the sea Sudake

(Photo: / Soldaya Grand Hotel & Resort)

Prices for private sector in Sudak near the sea

Private sector is our everything. He did not know the charms of rest in the Russian south, who has not sought accommodation in the private sector and did not communicate with the owners. We in Sudak once decided not to book on the website, and find a guest house the old-fashioned way, and bore the brunt. Do not do so. It is hard to walk in the heat and look for options: the subscriber number is not available, the ad is, and there is no call on the fence. Or they say: standard by the sea for 500 rubles! You’ll be fooled – it’s cheap. Then it turns out: per person, without facilities in the room, 2 km to the sea. And we needed something inexpensive, spacious, not grandmother’s version. As it turned out, it is not so easy to find. Read about the peculiarities of renting accommodation in the private sector in the Crimea.

At the resort solidly private guest houses – sometimes the same live in them, and the owners themselves. Prices in Sudak one of the most democratic in the Crimea – a standard room for two in the summer of 2022 costs from 500 rubles.

Rest in Sudak in the private sector

During our vacation in Sudak, we lived in the pension “Sunny”, gesthouses “Nonna” and “House with the Knight. The latter is very modern, with a pool and a tennis table. After the modest guest houses, typical for the Crimea, the rooms in the “House with the Knight” seems to be a model of style. At the beginning of the season the accommodation there is inexpensive – from 800 rubles.

There are also ads for apartments and houses for rent – you can find them both on Hotellook and at the resort (on the fence, poles, cars). In summer, a one-bedroom apartment costs from 1000 rubles per day, a two-bedroom – from 1500 rubles, an apartment in a cottage – from 2000 rubles. You can rent a two-room house from 1500 rubles, three-room – from 3000 rubles.

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Prices for an inexpensive holiday in Sudak

Rest in Sudak by the sea

Prices for food in Sudak in 2022

Canteens. On vacation in Sudak (and in general in the Crimea) tourists prefer to eat in canteens, because there inexpensive. The average check for two people is 300-450 rubles. In Sudak a lot of dining rooms, the best – “food” at the fortress. Also not bad cook in other institutions of the network – on the Cypress Alley and the water park. In “Stolovaya at home” on Kiparisovaya prices as in a cafe and tasteless, on Lenin Street opposite Gorsad – so-so.

Cafe. In them, the average check 400-600 rubles for two. We rarely ate in a cafe, as the dining room cooked great. Sometimes we went to the “Red Dragon” where pizza was 300 rubles, French fries – 90 rubles, rolls – 250 rubles, salads – 200 rubles, main courses – 150-350 rubles, alcoholic cocktails – 250-500 rubles.

Stores. Products were bought in the chain stores “Pud” and “Gyuzel”. Prices are similar to the Russian average, but something is more expensive. For example, dairy products (milk – from 70 rubles per 1 liter!) and imported fruit.

Market. Buy seasonal fruits and vegetables – they are cheap. Prices per 1 kg: cherries – 80-180 rubles (depends on variety), cherries – from 80 rubles, strawberries – 100 rubles, mulberries (mulberry) – 100 rubles per glass.

Other. A scoop of delicious ice cream on the promenade is from 50 rubles. Churchkhela costs 60-100 rubles.

Prices for food in Sudak in Crimea

Prices for rest in Sudak in Crimea

How to have fun on vacation in Sudak

The main entertainment for tourists in Sudak is the seals. In the season, all the beaches are strewn with pale bodies. However, there are many active entertainment: bike and rollerblade rental, jeeping, horseback riding, rock climbing, kayaking, water park.

Here are some examples of prices:

  • 7D-movie – 400 rubles for 10 minutes;
  • photo session with 2 knights near the fortress – 600 rubles
  • Virtual reality attraction – 200 rubles for 4 minutes;
  • Segway – 700 rubles per hour;
  • park of attractions – free entrance, but each entertainment is paid separately;
  • boat trips – from 700 rubles per person (depends on the program and distance);
  • Rent of a bicycle – from 150 rubles per hour.

When walking along the quay keep your eyes open – every now and then inexperienced skaters, segways, bikes, scooters and remote-controlled cars (mothers are the most dangerous drivers!) tried to run us down.

Where to have a rest in Sudak


From Sudak you can go to almost any resort on the peninsula from the bus station. You can find the current schedule on “Yandex.Transport” or at the station.

City buses are not for the faint-hearted. Old PAZs, shabby and falling apart, with grinding brakes and without seat belts. If you are not used to mountain roads, even a trip to New World will seem extreme. Once we saw a woman in a scarf on the front seat frantically crossing at every sharp turn. The only good thing is that the fare costs a penny, some 14 rubles. The timetable is in the cabin. Be warned: sometimes you can not wait for the bus.

Cabs are widespread, but there are only private cab drivers. We did not use their services.

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Video tour of Sudak

What to see on vacation in Sudak

Sudak is ideal for hiking day trips. We lived in Sudak about five times, izlazili all around – and still there are many unexplored places.

At the resort itself of the sights only Genoese fortress and Cape Alchak with Aeolian harp cave. But in the suburbs there are a lot of things to do:

  • Meganom Cape
  • Mount Ai-Georgius
  • Mount Perchem-Kaya
  • Excavations of the temple of St. John Chrysostom
  • the Church of the Sign in Grushevka.

From Sudak is convenient to go to:

  • New World (Golitsyn trail, Cosmos peak, the Taurus ladder, Hell and Paradise valley, Karaul-Oba mountain)
  • Old Crimea
  • Sunny Valley
  • Zelenogorye.

Sightseeing in Sudak in Crimea


Booths with excursions and baiters nest in the tourist part of Sudak – mainly at the fortress, on the waterfront and on Cypress Alley. There are also animal torturers who catch the unsophisticated by the hand and give chinchillas, monkeys, owls, and hawks for photos.

If you have your own transportation, it is better to arrange a trip on your own. Also, you can get to some attractions by bus – go to the New World, Koktebel or Meganom. It is cheaper and more interesting! For example, in travel agencies the circular route on the trail Golitsyn costs 400 rubles, and you can get it for only 24 rubles – this is the cost of round-trip tickets on the bus.

From excursions we advise what we have tried ourselves:

  • boat trip along the Golitsyn trail – 750 rubles per person;
  • hour walk to a pack of dolphins on a speedboat – 700 rubles per person. We recommend!

Both tours took from Vitaly – book them by phone 89780652938. Boat Hunter sails from New World.

Prices for rest in Sudak

Our review about rest in Sudak: the pros and cons.

We love Sudak and have vacationed there many times. It is a pleasant resort without pathos and pretentiousness.

Its advantages:

  • convenient location
  • picturesque nature
  • clear sea
  • sandy-pebbly beach
  • In the season, fewer tourists than in Yalta or Alushta
  • Prices are lower than in popular resorts
  • a huge variety of inexpensive housing, even in season
  • With parking easier than on the South Coast
  • a lot of inexpensive dining rooms and cafes.

Rest in Sudak by the Sea

The disadvantages of rest in Sudak (in principle, so almost any resort in the Crimea!):

Rest in Sudak

Leisure in Sudak (Crimea) 2022 – choose and book your holiday without intermediaries. The site a detailed description, prices, reviews, photos, easy booking.

“Family Hotel Canaria” mini-hotel

р. Crimea, c. Sudak, Esil-ada St., 25

per room per day

“Servet” hotel in Sudak

р. Crimea, c. Sudak, Yesil-ada Str., 2

per room per day

“Corona” guest house

р. Crimea, Sudak, 5 Slavyanskaya str. Sudak, Slavyanskaya str.

per day

“Raatlan” guest house

р. The Crimea, Sudak. Sudak, 23 Yesil-ada Str.

per room per day

“Villa Lux Pine Paradise” 5-room house in Sudak

р. Crimea, c. Sudak, Sosnovy Bor, 8

“Javal” guest house

р. Crimea, Sudak. Sudak, Per. Yuzhnoberezhny, 107

per room per day

р. Crimea, Ltd. Sudak, Shady Alley, 17

per room per day

Livadia Palace

“Sabina” private sector in Sudak

р. Crimea, Sudak. Sudak, Masters St., 19

per room per day

“Lazurny coast” guest house

р. Crimea, Alushta, Sudak highway, 4 / a, kop. “Azure”

“Palm Beach Resorts” recreation center in Shtormovo (Evpatoria)

р. Crimea, Evpatoria, p. Shtormovoye, 30 Plyazhnaya St.

“White Swan” guest house

р. Crimea, Feodosia, p. Feodosia, p. Ordzhonikidze, st. Tupikovaya, 1

“U Morya” guest house

р. Crimea, Bakhchisarayskiy district, Beregovoye, Primorskaya str. 4

“Eleni” guest house

р. Crimea, Simferopol district, Nikolaevka village, Pribrezhnaya st.

р. Crimea, Simferopol district, Nikolaevka village, 19/a Sevastopolskaya str.

“Horizontal” Hotel in Beregovoe (Bakhchisaray)

р. Crimea, Bakhchisarayskiy district, Beregovoye, 98 Flower Street.

“Magnolia” guest house

р. The Crimea, Feodosia, pg. Feodosia, Ordzhonikidze, lane Hospital, 8 / a

“Colibri” guest house

р. The Crimea, Feodosia. Feodosia, s. Beregovoye, 27 Naberezhnaya Street

“Magnolia” (Under the Saddle) guest house

р. The Crimea, Feodosia, pg. Feodosia, Ordzhonikidze, ST Planet, st. Nakhimova, 2 / a

“Villa Arnis” guest house

р. Crimea, Alushta, Sudak highway, 4/a

“Elmira” guest house

р. Crimea, Sudak, Sandyk str. Sandykchilar Str., 3

“VinoGrad” guest house

р. Crimea, Evpatoria, Zaozerne, st. Kalamitskaya, 20

A place for your advertisement in Crimea

Place for your advertising in the Crimea

“White Sand” 1-bedroom apartment

Russia, Crimea, Black Sea r-n, Mezhvodnoe, Sovetskaya str, 21

3 bedroom apartment Stakhanovskaya 12

Stakhanovskaya 12, 3-room apartment

Russia, Republic of Crimea, Yalta, Massandra, Stakhanovskaya 12 ul.

Turn key Zeleny 2

House turnkey Zeleny 2

р. Krym, Yalta, Gurzuf, per. Green, 2

2-bedroom apartment Podvoiskogo 9

2-bedroom apartment Podvoiskogo 9

р. Crimea, Yalta, walking Gurzuf, 9 Podvoiskogo str.

“U Camel’s Hump” mini-hotel

Russia, Crimea, Koktebel, Shkolny Lane, 30A

“U Valera” private sector

р. Crimea, Alushta, c. Rybachie, 1 Shkolnaya str.

Rest in Sudak by the Sea 2022 without intermediaries

The resort town of Sudak is a great place on the coast of the Crimea, where you can spend your vacations. It is located in the south-east of the peninsula 53 kilometers from the resort of Feodosia and 80 kilometers from Alushta.

The town, located in a valley, stretches along the coast of a picturesque bay and is surrounded by mountains. To the east, its territory is limited by Cape Alchak. The city is famous for its mild climate, clean air and the amount of sunshine, which is more than in other southern resorts of the Black Sea of Crimea.

On our online reservation service “” you can find out where to spend your holidays in Sudak, what to see and how to get there.

Where to stay

There is cheap and comfortable accommodation for guests of the Crimea in Sudak with the possibility of booking without intermediaries. You can choose to stay in pensions, apartments and mini-hotels.

Private sector is one of the most popular accommodation options which offers Sudak. A room costs from 300 rubles per person. Guest houses charge from 450 rubles per person. Inexpensive rooms have kitchen and bathroom facilities on the floor. Mini hotels offer their guests rooms with meals in the area or in a cafe nearby. You can also cook your own meals in the kitchen. It costs from 600 rubles per person. Hotels and hotels are another option for comfortable accommodation in the city. The average room rate is 1,300 rubles. On the territory of the hotel there are often swimming pools, you can order a transfer from the airport. Tourists with children choose to rest in a house-key. There is a kitchen, where you can cook by yourself. Houses are rented from 1500 rubles per day in summer. Apartments, which are also suitable for vacation, cost from 2500 rubles. You can choose them both in the city center and by the sea. Recreation bases – this kind of guest places for tourists costs from 1300 rubles per room.

The route on the Crimea: a great journey

The beach and the sea

Sudak has beautiful beaches, where the sea with a gentle and sandy bottom. The length of the coastline is 2.5 kilometers. Popular beaches are: City Beach, Kolkhozny Beach, Meganom Beach, Arzy Beach, Sokol Beach, Horizon Beach, Sudak Beach, and paid beaches – Mojito Beach and Beach Alchak. There are all conditions for your convenient rest at the resort’s beach areas, including catering services and water attractions for adults and children.

Swimming season in Sudak lasts from May to September. Black Sea in this place is quite well heated and in August reaching a temperature of 26 degrees Celsius. The average air temperature during the high season is +27 degrees Celsius.

What to see

The Genoese fortress is one of the main attractions of the Crimean peninsula that has survived until now. It is definitely worth visiting for tourists who come on vacation to the beaches of the resort, and for lovers of outdoor activities. A ticket for a tour of Sudak fortress for adults costs 250 rubles, children under 16 years – free. Tourists can also go on a walking tour along the picturesque eco-trail Prince Golitsyn in the village Novy Svet, which is located near Sudak.

In Sudak you can visit the Crocodile Farm, which is located on Gagarin Street, stop “Aquapark”. A ticket for adults costs 600 rubles and 500 rubles for children. It is free for children under 3 years old and disabled groups I and II. Right next to the farm on Gagarina street, 79 is the water park “Sudak”. In water park, a lot of family water rides. To entertain young children in the water park installed a water playground with slides. On the territory of the water park, which is open every day, there is a cafe. A ticket for adults costs 1,800 rubles, for children – 1,500 rubles. Children under 1 m are free.

How to get there

Near Sudak there is an airport located in Simferopol, so you can get here from distant regions of Russia. From the airport to the resort you can take a cab or bus. Right at the airport there is a handy car rental for vacations in Crimea. You can get to the resort by train. The railway station is located in the town on Partizanskaya Street, 17. To go on vacation by the sea you can choose buses. The bus station of Sudak is located on 32 Gvardeyskaya Street; it accepts transportation from the center of Russia and other Crimean cities. You can also come to Sudak by car.

Plan a vacation in Sudak by the sea 2021 without intermediaries together with the experts of the online booking service “”.

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