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Before the trip, I chose a bunch of different hotels, but for some reason attracted by the photo guest house “Mare” And made no mistake. Booked just two nights, the purpose was just to stay overnight, and a day tour (went with her husband to the lotus lake, and the open-air museum “Ataman”), the hotel location is very convenient, its parking (even gave the key to the gate, at any time left, came in) the room we had a simple studio, all clean and comfortable (the only thing I did not have – soap in the bathroom and slippers )))), but I had everything with me, and so everything is good, a standard set of towels for two and underfoot, blankets, air conditioning and refrigerator in the room, TV. Kettle mugs on the floor. The yard is very cozy, my husband and I decided that next time we can stay longer, as there is a barbecue area and gazebo, where you can cook your own shashlik-fish and sit. As own dining room, in it you can sit to eat the food, or there on a place. They cook very tasty and on house, breakfast lunch and dinner, all different and fresh, cook there all itself, the prices in general acceptable, it is not necessary to look where to eat. We had breakfast, went for a walk and had dinner. On arrival we were met by Jana, I do not know what her position is, but she was everywhere)))))) very pleasant, kind smiling, she will tell us everything if it is necessary and will prompt. In general, the impression is very positive. I would recommend her. To girls to employees thank, as bees there rustle from morning till evening.

Last year we stayed in Abkhazia and this year we decided to stay in Taman. And were pleasantly surprised by the prices of fruit – at times lower than in Abkhazia (comparing prices with last year). Parking in front of the house. In a court yard a lot of greens, and roses, grows large grapes)) there is a barbecue area, a common kitchen with utensils, two gas stoves. Neighbors cooked in the kitchen, we went to the dining room and cafe “Home cooking”. There is also a small playground in the yard. The room has everything you need – a closet, small refrigerator, TV, air conditioning, bathroom, bed. The room itself is clean, cozy. Showers separately in the courtyard, but it does not bother. Pity not have a steel car, even if it’s paid. To Taman bay 7 minutes walk, to the city beach 10-15 minutes. And by the way, a very beautiful city beach and park. We were by car, and to the black sea 20 km drive. There the beach is sandy, next to the mud lake. We saw dolphins)) I liked everything, it was a pity the vacation was short)). (Come on, you won’t regret it.)) Thank you for your hospitality, we hope to see you next year.

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It is not the first year my family and I have been having rest in the village Taman. Always stop at the guest house “Come”. Wonderful host, cordial, hospitable, responsive. Very comfortable rooms. The rooms have a bathroom, air conditioning, refrigerator, TV, closet. Each room has tables where you can spend time in the evenings. A cozy kitchen, barbecue, wishing you can cook barbecue. Not a big playground for kids. Everything you need for a comfortable holiday!

Had a rest in the guest house “Come” this year What can I say – felt like home with great comfort. The rooms have everything you need: bathroom, sink, TV, refrigerator, air conditioning. Shower rooms are spacious, the kitchen is big, everything is clean everywhere and there is plenty of different dishes. There were no queues in the showers and kitchen and the atmosphere was light and friendly. The area around the rooms was shaded, each room had a small table plus there were large wooden ones. It was 7-10 minutes walk to the sea. Hosts special thanks – responsive, positive, attentive!

We stayed for a few days under the sea air. To be honest I am a man with a claim … by profession I live in hotels half of my life, I prefer to rest at a distance from Russia, so the proposal of a friend to go to our sea took with skepticism … agreed only because of his son. When I arrived in Taman, I was not surprised by anything, a classic Russian settlement. Drove into the courtyard of the “Marais”, everything turned upside down. Met two beautiful fairies, Yana and Elena. On the territory of their kingdom is very cozy, beautiful views of the bay, the path to the sea is 2 minutes. Rooms are quite comfortable, the price is affordable. There is everything you need for recreation. But most importantly the atmosphere of warmth and coziness, which give their guests two beautiful fairies! Forgot to mention the food, do not waste time looking for gourmet places, Taman not the place. But you can eat tasty and inexpensive in the guest house itself. The fairies have time everywhere, and meet and see to the order and tasty feed their guests! I recommend our visit, the kingdom of two beautiful fairies. Jana and Lena, thank you for the welcome, respectfully, MK.

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Russia, Krasnodar region, Taman station – reviews

Taman – though I was here not long, I wanted to tell about this very small village in which in principle and there is nothing to do, but if you want a quiet, relaxing holiday away from civilization, where there are bars, discos, entertainment and shopping centers then you are here!

BOSCO42 avatar

Hello there!) Taman I know from my school childhood is the name of the chapter in the work of Lermontov “A Hero of Our Time”. There this place, located in the Krasnodar Territory, is shown extremely negatively. And no wonder Lermontov was exiled here.

Anna Kotka avatar

Taman. Though the photos are September, but it was hot there in summer, already at 11 am scorched +28, the sea is calm and warm, and everything is green, as in summer. To tell the truth, it is not so green in Taman and surroundings: “steppe yes steppe” and here and there lunar landscapes, and if from the Anapa airport everything is still green, then…

Iris_Kitty avatar

Greetings to all who came to my review! Today I want to share with you the impression of a random and unplanned trip to the village of Taman. I myself would not have chosen this place, but as fate willed our trip took place. And as you know, the best things in our lives happen by chance.

_incomparable_ avatar

Good day to all! My trip to the Azov Sea was not boring. When I got there, I decided that I had to visit not only the village Golubitskaya, where I was staying, but all the nearby towns and villages.

Gluk2004 avatar

Good afternoon. The village of Taman is located in the Krasnodar region. On the shore of the Taman Bay, which is part of the Black Sea. This is not a large settlement (a village, not even a small town), but the local instead of “village” “village” is used stanitsa. Construction 1-2 x storey. Private sector.

Private Sector by the Sea in Sochi - 7 apartments from 5500 ₽

Natali Alex avatar

Good day, dear readers! Today I decided to write a review of his vacation in the Krasnodar Territory village Taman. Holidays my husband and I in July 2015. Went by car from the Saratov region. The road took 15 hours.

MyNewBluebird avatar

Afternoon! Watching the snow fall and remembering a wonderful place with a warm clean sea, sun and sand. In Taman, we were there 3 times, once in 2013 for a week, then went to the Crimea, then in 2014 were passing through and could not help but enjoy the tranquility and swim in the…

I myself live in the Krasnodar Territory, many friends, acquaintances and relatives live in villages. And I know firsthand about everyday life in Cossack villages. Nevertheless I very much wanted to visit Ataman.

Morraa avatar

We decided to go to Taman’ during one of the days on Azov seaside, not hoping to see something really interesting, but rather just a break from the wearying beach sun.

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We were lucky to have a place to stay, so we don’t have to worry about lodging. Although to find housing in Taman, in principle, not even a question (at different income levels). Previously, 15-20 years ago, the village was a beautiful quiet sea area for family holidays. Now tourists are many times more.

We have been vacationing on the Taman Peninsula since 2014. We go with a tent to the Dolphin beach, it’s the area of Veselovka. Veselovka, located 15 km from Taman. So in this area and is the very Black Sea, and what the author writes does not correspond to reality.

Resting in the village of Vityazevo (review) sitting in one place and it was decided to visit the Azov Sea and the village of Taman. The road to Taman is on good roads among vineyards and melon fields.

Were in Ataman with the whole family in July 2018.This is almost an open-air museum, dedicated to life in the Cossack village.Tickets for 300 rubles.It occupies an area of 60 hectares.Each hut tells about the craft that existed at the time:hut fisherman, beekeeper, etc.All life-size, in each farmstead …

Private Sector in Anapa - 7 cheap apartments from 2200 ₽

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In the Krasnodar region in the village of Taman in 2009 opened ataman ethno-tourist complex Cossack village life-size in the open sky – Ataman. Open stanitsa for all comers from spring to late autumn, the entrance fee-adults ticket costs 150 rubles, children 80 rubles.

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Where to live well in Russia? I’ll share my impressions of life in the Krasnodar region in the village Gostagaevskaya. We settled here with my family temporarily, but as they say, “there is nothing more permanent than the temporary”.

_Bestia_ avatar

Cossack coast is a surprisingly nice place for a vacation with kids! The place where the Azov Sea is really the sea! Now I understand why people come once, choose Dolzhanka and further.

Hello girls, or maybe even boys! Just yesterday we came back from the Cossack Coast and while the memories are still fresh I started to write this review. A little bit of history we went on vacation to my husband’s hometown of Rostov-on-Don.

July-July avatar

In July 2013 we went to rest on the Azov Sea in the village Dolzhanskaya. The village Dolzhanskaya is located on the Dolgoy spit, the right bank of the Taganrog Bay, the left side of the Azov Sea. The recreation center “Vetorok” is located on the right coast.

knopsic avatar

Good day to all, if you are reading my review, I hope you have not yet booked a room, and I have time to warn you of the possible consequences. It all started with the fact that we were going to go to rest on the Dolzhanska spit, the place is familiar to us, have spent there several years in a row his vacation, but this …

In 2017, I vacationed with my family in the Krasnodar region (I and my wife and two children), 17 nights. The criteria for choosing a hotel: two separate rooms in the room, the relative proximity to the sea, a sandy beach, less people. I will start with two rooms.

Solokhaul - mountains, tea and delicious honey. How to get there, tips and photos

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Would not have been a bad hotel if it wasn’t for one BUT. I stayed in the old building where reception was good rooms and the new building which recently opened was a complete disappointment for the same price.

Hello! I spend a lot of time on business trips. My route is often along the M4 Don highway. If I leave Moscow early in the morning, by evening I’m already in Rostov on the Don, or near the Kushchevskaya or Leningradskaya stations in the Krasnodar region. The Staraya Melnitsa hotel is very conveniently located.

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