Road to the Crimea: choosing the best way

Going to the Crimea by car

Travel by car to the Crimea via the Crimean bridge

Auto travel to the Crimea has become much easier and faster after the opening of the bridge across the Kerch Strait, than in the days of the ferry crossing. It’s nice to take a ride by your car “with a breeze over the sea”. Restrictions caused by the coronavirus pandemic are a thing of the past. The Crimea is very hospitable to everyone.

This article tells how to organize a trip to the Crimea: what you should pay attention to when preparing, how much will such a trip by car cost and what route to choose. In comments to the article you can share your travel experiences and ask questions.

How much to drive

The journey is not a short one. Quickly get to the Crimea can only residents of the Krasnodar Territory and the Rostov region. For motorists from Moscow, St. Petersburg and other regions of Russia, the trip will be long and difficult. In accordance with this and need to prepare for it.

It is important not to overdo it in time of driving. Will have to travel over a thousand kilometers (except for the above regions), and you should not try to overcome them “at one stroke”. It is not safe: fatigue that accumulates unnoticed can lead to an accident.

Distance to the Crimea and travel time

It is convenient to measure the distance and travel time using Yandex or Google maps. In the maps, the travel time is given without stops, but this is a personal matter for each driver. Choose Kerch as a gate of the Crimea, then everyone can go where he wants.

Distance from major cities
  • Moscow – Kerch, 1 500 km, 19 h.
  • St. Petersburg – Kerch, 2 300 km, 1 p. 1 ч.
  • Nizhniy Novgorod – Kerch, 1 700 km, 22 h.
  • Yekaterinburg – Kerch, 2 700 km, 1 d. 10 ч.
  • Samara – Kerch, 1,800 km, 22.5 h.
  • Kazan – Kerch, 2,000 km, 1 d. 1 ч.
  • Ufa – Kerch, 2,200 km, 1 d. 4 ч.
  • Chelyabinsk – Kerch, 2,600 km, 1 d. 9 ч.
  • Krasnodar – Kerch, 260 km, 3,5 h.
  • Rostov-on-Don – Kerch, 490 km, 7 h.

Routes to Crimea

Federal highway M4 Don

Federal highway M4 “Don” (Photo: Andrei Kekäläinen | Photo Bank Laurie)

Routes to the Crimea go through major regional centers on federal highways. Since the road to the peninsula from Russian cities is not close, it is more convenient to break the trip into parts.

How to plan a route

You can plan your route in advance and save your time, nerves and energy. Following some simple tips, you can turn a long road into a pleasant journey.

  • Plan how many kilometers per day you can actually travel without fatigue and damage to the safety of your family.
  • Do not bypass the toll sections of highways M4 “Don”: you will spend more time and more gasoline, so serious savings will not work. Better plan to pass them from 12 to 7 am – when you get 50% of payment.
  • Pick your resting places in advance, or book hotels for overnight stays.
  • Plan how much time you’ll take and what stops you’ll make along the way; what sights you’ll want to capture in passing (yours and your camera’s).
  • Divide the route in parts, so it will be clearer how long it will take and where you need to stop.
From Moscow to the Crimea (Kerch) 1 500 km, 19 h.
  • Moscow – Voronezh, M4 “Don”, 520 km, 6 h.
  • Voronezh – Rostov-on-Don, M4 “Don”, 570 km, 6h.
  • Rostov-on-Don – Kerch, A-289, E97, 490 km, 7h.
The Truth about Solnechnogorskiy . Leisure reviews 2022
From St. Petersburg to Crimea (Kerch) 2 300 km, 1 h. 1 ч.
  • St. Petersburg – Moscow, M11, M10, 710 km, 7 h.
  • Moscow – Voronezh, M4 “Don”, 520 km, 6 h.
  • Voronezh – Rostov-on-Don, M4 “Don”, 570 km, 6h.
  • Rostov-on-Don – Kerch, A-289, E97, 490 km, 7h.
From Nizhniy Novgorod to the Crimea (Kerch) 1,700 km, 22 hrs.
  • Nizhniy Novgorod – Tambov, R-158, R-208, 530 km, 7,5h.
  • Tambov – Rostov-on-Don, R-208, 730 km, 9 h.
  • Rostov-on-Don – Kerch, A-289, E97, 490 km, 7h.
From Yekaterinburg to Crimea (Kerch) 2,700 km, 1 h. 10 ч.
  • Yekaterinburg – Ufa, R-158, R-208, 530 km, 7,5 h.
  • Ufa – Syzran, M5, 580 km, 7,5 h.
  • Syzran – Uryupinsk, E-38, R-22, E-119, 660 km, 9 hrs.
  • Uryupinsk – Rostov-on-Don, E-115, 510 km, 6,5 h.
  • Rostov-on-Don – Kerch, A-289, E97, 490 km, 7h.
From Samara to the Crimea (Kerch) 1,800 km, 22.5 h.
  • Samara – Uryupinsk, 36R-069, E-38, 790 km, 10 hrs.
  • Uryupinsk – Rostov-on-Don, E-115, 510 km, 6,5 h.
  • Rostov-on-Don – Kerch, A-289, E97, 490 km, 7h.
From Kazan to Crimea (Kerch) 2,000 km, 1 d. 1 ч.
  • Kazan – Borisoglebsk, R-158, 880 km, 12 h.
  • Borisoglebsk – Rostov-on-Don, E-115, 600 km, 7 h.
  • Rostov-on-Don – Kerch, A-289, E97, 490 km, 7h.
From Ufa to Crimea (Kerch) 2,200 km, 1 h. 4 ч.
  • Ufa – Syzran, M5, 580 km, 7,5 h.
  • Syzran – Uryupinsk, E-38, R-22, E-119, 660 km, 9 hrs.
  • Uryupinsk – Rostov-on-Don, E-115, 510 km, 6,5 h.
  • Rostov-on-Don – Kerch, A-289, E97, 490 km, 7h.
From Chelyabinsk to Crimea (Kerch) 2,600 km, 1 d. 9 ч.
  • Chelyabinsk – Ufa, M5, E-30, 420 km, 7,5 h.
  • Ufa – Syzran, M5, 580 km, 7,5 h.
  • Syzran – Uryupinsk, E-38, R-22, E-119, 660 km, 9 hrs.
  • Uryupinsk – Rostov-on-Don, E-115, 510 km, 6,5 h.
  • Rostov-on-Don – Kerch, A-289, E97, 490 km, 7h.
From Krasnodar to the Crimea (Kerch) 260 km, 3.5 hrs.
  • Krasnodar – Kerch, E97, 260 km, 3,5 hrs.
From Rostov-on-Don to the Crimea (Kerch) 490 km, 7 hrs.
  • Rostov-on-Don – Kerch, A-289, E97, 490 km, 7h.

Journey cost

The cost of the trip is made up of the following things: gas, toll roads, food, rest and overnights at the hotels. For a destination point we will again take Kerch, although it is clear that we go to the southern coast of Crimea, or to the northwest – in Evpatoria, and this is another 280 kilometers.

The cost of gasoline for the trip

As the average consumption of fuel take 10 liters per 100 kilometers. It may be less, but it is better to take the maximum: it’s summer, it’s hot, you will go with air conditioning, which will give +15% to fuel consumption. The price of gasoline will take 45 rubles per liter.

Calculation of petrol
  • Moscow 160 liters – 7 200 rubles.
  • St. Petersburg 230 liters – 10 350 rubles.
  • Samara 175 liters – 7 875 rubles.
  • Kazan 200 liters – 9,000 rubles.
  • Ufa 225 liters – 10 125 р.
  • Nizhny Novgorod 180 liters – 8 100 р.
  • Yekaterinburg 280 liters – 12 600 p.p.
  • Chelyabinsk 260 liters – 11 700 p.p.
  • Volgograd 100 liters – 4 500 p.p.
  • Rostov-on-Don 50 liters – 2 250 р.
  • Krasnodar 25 liters – 1 125 rubles.

Toll roads

Toll roads on M4 will cost you around 2,000 rubles. If you drive from Moscow and drive through them all in the daytime, without discounts. It is possible to save 20-30% and have a faster, contactless drive through checkpoints by using a transponder (a device which automatically pays for the fare).

Yusupovsky Palace

For a single trip to the south, it is convenient to rent a gadget from Avtodor representatives, and you can return it at any of their points (not necessarily where you rented it). Renting costs 2 rubles per day, you can put money on your account right away.

Food and cafe

It is better to take food to eat from home in order to save time on bus stops and avoid cafes of doubtful appearance. On federal highways water, coffee, and snacks are sold at gas stations. If you are planning a trip to a major regional city, you might stop at a chain store, such as McDonald’s.

Rest and overnight stays

If the road will take a day or more, be sure to plan a place to rest overnight. You can stay in hotels on the road or in the settlements. It is better to plan in advance the stops and book a hotel, reading the reviews beforehand. Overnight in a hotel for a family of 4 people will cost from 2 500 rubles.

If you are traveling along the M4 “Don” highway or any other road, we recommend you to look at hotels on the Ostrovok website for overnight stay. The service no longer works in Russia and on the Crimean peninsula.

You can also use Russian hotel search services Avianiti, Yandex.Travel and private accommodation services.

Petrol costs in the Crimea

Any kind of fuel (gasoline, diesel fuel, gas) is much more expensive in the Crimea (by 5-6 rubles per liter) than in Kuban. Therefore, filling up a full tank at the last gas station before the Kerch Bridge is a normal practice and the right decision. Keep in mind that during the season there are always queues at this gas station.

How much does it cost to park in the Crimea?

At the Crimean hotels you can park your car for free. But while visiting especially popular attractions you may have to buy some extra money: there is not enough free parking space for everyone. The price for paid parking varies from 20 to 200 rubles per hour, depending on the spot.

Peculiarities of Crimean roads

Tavrida highway in the Crimea

Tavrida highway updated last year (Photo: Natalia Garmasheva | Fotobank Lori)

There is one federal highway in the Crimea – R260 “Tavrida”, it is a new high-speed road of category 1B. It connects the Kerch Bridge with the republic’s capital, Simferopol, as well as the region’s main city in strategic terms, Sevastopol.

Roads to the resorts

The road to Yalta near the Ai-Nikola Mountain

The road to Yalta near Mount Ai-Nikola (Photo: Yana Koroleva | Fotobank Lori)

Roads to the Black Sea coast resorts branch off from the Tavrida highway. They are also of high quality. But as you approach the southern, mountainous part of the peninsula the roads become more and more twisty and narrow. You need to be prepared for serpentine with its complex closed turns. In a heavy rainfall mountain roads can easily turn into rivers, on which the rapid flow. On the steppe (Evpatoria) no such problems.

Mountain roads

The mountain road from Yalta to Alushta through the Nikitsky Pass

The mountain road from Yalta to Alushta through the Nikitsky Pass and the Gurzuf Yayla (Photo: glokaya_kuzdra | Fotobank Lori)

Trip to the Crimea by car - 2022. What you need to know

Mountain roads in the Crimea are of poor quality, broken, often without asphalt and without lighting. It is easy to see this if you just pull off the main road. To take advantage of such routes will have to rest lovers in the mountains.

Be careful and careful, you need to drive on the mountain roads very carefully. Observe the speed limit and the “give way” signs. If the road is narrow pay attention to the places of separation from oncoming traffic.

Driving Features

While travelling by the roads consider the driving style of the Crimeans. Many locals like to speed, and if they see a car from another region in front of them, they like to overtake. So don’t create conflicts, let the drivers pass you and enjoy the scenery. Remember that you have traveled over a thousand kilometers just because of the beautiful nature and seaside resorts.

7 useful tips for the road

  • It is better to leave early in the morning, at dawn, so as not to waste time on traffic jams. In general, there are those who like to travel at night, when there are fewer cars on the highway. This is also a good option, if you feel comfortable driving at night.
  • Have an emergency replacement for the navigator (the route on the maps downloaded to your phone, or a paper version).
  • Carry out maintenance of the car before a long trip, eliminate all the problems and doubts. Check the levels of oil, antifreeze, washer fluid.
  • Take compact comfortable travel pillows and plaids for the family.
  • Download music, podcasts and movies for the family to listen to on the road. Do not forget the charger in the car for your phone, the navigator and music quickly drain it.
  • Stock up on food, drink, emergency medications (fever remedies, digestives, painkillers; bandages and broomstick/iodine).
  • Check the serviceability of the spare tire, the expiration date of the fire extinguisher and medicines in the first aid kit, the availability of the wrench, be sure to take engine oil, a jack, a pump or compressor.

Where you can go by car in the Crimea

It is not easy to see all the sights of the Crimea in one trip. Therefore it is necessary to choose beforehand from their large list the most interesting for you and your family. Here are some Crimean tourist places that are convenient to go by car.

Sightseeing in the Crimea by car is convenient to get to

Drive to Swallow's Nest

Swallow’s Nest (Photo: vikol009 | Pixabay license)

Southeastern coast of Crimea
  • The Genoese fortress (Sudak)
  • Golitsyn path (Novy Svit)
  • Reserve Kara-Dag and wine factory “Koktebel” (Koktebel)
Southern coast of Crimea
  • Swallow’s Nest (Gaspra)
  • Massandra Wine Tourism Center (Yalta)
  • The Grand Canyon (Ai-Petri, between Bakhchisaray and Yalta)
  • Palaces: Livadia (Livadia), Massandra (Massandra), Vorontsov (Alupka), Gagarinsky (Utes), Yusupovsky (Koreiz)
Western coast of Crimea
  • Soviet secret submarine base (Balaklava)
  • Museum-reserve Chersonesos (Sevastopol)
  • Cape Tarkhankut (Chornomorskoye)

Resorts of Crimea

List of all Crimean resorts you can reach by car – major cities and towns.


While travelling by car you can plan visits to interesting excursions in advance. Local guides devise their own exciting and unusual itineraries that are very different from the usual ‘sightseeing bus tours.

You can come to Sevastopol, Balaklava, Yalta, Feodosia and other cities and go, for example, on an individual tour with a local guide. Such a trip will be more memorable and cheaper than with a transfer and a group of tourists. It is easy to choose and book a tour online.

Holidays in the Crimea in October 2022. Weather and prices

Pros and cons of traveling by car

To make a final decision about a trip by car to the Crimea, write down the pros and cons. This will help to make a final decision. Compare the budgets of traveling by car, by train and by plane. When comparing airline tickets be sure to take into account the cost of luggage.

Advantages .
  • Savings: Gasoline costs will be less than for the whole family on a train or plane ticket. But: it is important to respect the speed limit, so as not to collect fines.
  • Freedom of movement: the ability to create their own routes and travel schedule, to visit different attractions, resorts, beaches.
  • Minimum restrictions: you can take as much luggage and animals.
  • Time: the long and tedious road in the limited space of the car.
  • Parking: the possible problems of finding parking in the top places to visit the Crimea.
  • Safety: you need to think about the safety of the car all the time, obey the traffic rules and be aware of the possible risks.

Rent a car in the Crimea

For those who do not want to embark on a long trip, but want to enjoy the freedom of movement by car, fit this option. You may fly to the Crimea by plane and rent a car from the local rental companies. It will cost you from 900 rubles per day if you rent a car at once for a long term, for example a week.

Hotels and rentals in the Crimea

You will find the most advantageous offers for booking hotels and renting accommodations in the Crimea through Avianiti and These are Russian services, so they are not sanctioned like

On Avianiti you can find hotels with the discount of up to 60%, and on you can find proposals among apartments, boathouses, cottages and garden cottages near the sea. You can pick up inexpensive accommodation in the private sector with free parking.

Reviews and questions

In the comments you can leave reviews and ask questions about the trip to the Crimea by car. The visitors and moderators of Avianiti will be glad to help with advice.

Going to the Crimea by car in 2022

Many tourists choose the Crimea as their vacation destination because the peninsula has many attractions and resorts with different natural conditions. For two weeks you can visit several cities and a hundred places that are listed in the guidebooks. It is easier to do it on your car. This is why the majority of Russians come to the Crimean peninsula by car.

If you are planning to travel to the Crimea by car in 2022, you will definitely find this article useful!

Clean beach 4 water areas Free Wifi Buffet

The resort complex “Azovsky” – water parks and swimming pools with heated water, buffet, animation and festivals, sports fields.

Call: 8 800 775 15 41 (free throughout Russia)

Pros and cons of traveling to the Crimea by car

When you first go to rest by your car, you will immediately appreciate the freedom and comfort of traveling in new places. You do not have to depend on the schedule of sightseeing buses and public transport, to understand what buses and trolley buses are in the right direction.

Crimean resorts - a complete guide

This way of traveling will save you time, money and nerves. You will quietly drive around the peninsula and see 3-4 times more than you could on their own and on public transport. In addition, during the excursion will only have to pay for entrance fees, which means that the travel budget for the entire time reduced by about half.

For example, go all the Crimea from Kerch to Evpatoria can be just two weeks, spending on this journey with stops at various beaches of about 280 liters of gasoline. And for a comfortable ride is not necessary to have an SUV – the roads in the Crimea are normal. Not Europe, but get by on an ordinary car you can easily.

Car trip to the CrimeaCrimean by CarBy Car in the CrimeaBy Car to Crimea 2021Crimean by car 2021

Another plus – a full program of travel. If you go without a car, you can change every 3-4 days, so it was not too expensive and uncomfortable. In addition, most tourists choose one resort and spend their entire vacation there. By car you will be able to sleep in different places, get out on the wild beaches, put a tent in any place you like and visit all the famous resorts and attractions of the peninsula.

The minus is that you have to constantly find a place for safe parking. By the way, the Crimeans do not park by the rules, otherwise you can not do it in many situations.

Also not everyone is morally ready to stand a long trip in the limited space of the saloon. However, this drawback is easy to level out if you stop in major Russian cities for recreation and excursions.

Road to the Crimea by car in 2022

The distance from the capital to the peninsula is 1600 km. Despite the worries of newcomers who are going to do such a long way by car for the first time, the road to the Crimea from Moscow will actually be easy and fast.

If you take the toll roads and the “Don” M4 highway, you can get to the Crimea in just one day. If you leave at 6-7 a.m., by 1 a.m. you will be able to see the Kerch Strait. But this is assuming that you do not make long stops. Of course, so quickly you can not get if the car will be in the children, or it will be filled with passengers. Still, the time spent on stops will be longer. The same can be said about free roads: they have different speed limits.

Crimean by Car

By Car to Crimea 2021

Experienced travelers who have already traveled to the Crimea from Moscow say that apps like Google Maps and Yandex.Maps slightly reduce the distance and travel time, because they do not take into account the topography of the territory you have to cross. However, they are very helpful along the way, showing the nearest cafes and gas stations. If the driver is alone, plan a stop to rest and sleep. You can spend the night in Rostov-on-Don – it takes 10-12 hours to get there.

The Crimean bridge has greatly simplified the way to the Crimea for tourists-car drivers from Russia. Now they can cross the Kerch-Yenikalsky Canal with a breeze without having to change and pay extra for the ferry. However, you should know a few things about it:

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