Sanur Beach, Bali – tips and reviews

Sanur Beach, Bali – the best beach for a beach holiday in the south of the island

Sanur is a Balinese resort located in the south-east of the island. One of the few places in this part of Bali where the waves are not too bad (especially in the morning) – you can even swim. The distance from the international airport of Denpasar (Ngurah Rai) is 15 km (20-25 minutes by cab). The length of the beach Sanur about five kilometers. The sand everywhere is yellow, sometimes very coarse, resembling millet. The sea is not deep, the water is clean, the bottom too.

Conventionally, Sanur can be divided into 2 parts, northern and southern. The northern part is more peaceful, the southern part is more hectic, touristic. We stayed in the northern part, in a family, cozy, not expensive and nice hotel La Maier. It was booked in advance for one night for 835 rubles (at the then exchange rate it was $ 26).

We expected to find more comfortable and cheaper accommodation is already on the spot. But walking along the beach and nearby streets, we did not see anything better for reasonable money. Good, but at the same time inexpensive gesture is almost no, and rooms in hotels (even very modest, with a view of the yard) are offered at cosmic (for this type of housing) prices. After haggling a little and knocking down the price for accommodation, we decided to stay in our hotel, located almost on the shore.

In the room: Wi – Fi, air conditioning, fan, large bed, TV, refrigerator, kettle, large balcony, shower and even a bathtub. Here are pictures of it. The hotel is on the ground floor and the balcony is gorgeous with a nice view of the ocean. But we did not go inside, just gazed around. If you want, you can see other hotels in Sanur and book online for a good price HERE . Sanur beach in the northern part is not very crowded, except on weekend evenings when local people come to relax on the beach. But the Balinese hang out at the north end of the beach, there are almost none to the south. Mild waves were nice – we weren’t hoping to swim in the South. The tide was high early in the morning, but by about 11 am we could swim normally. And also liked the absence of sun loungers by the water. Actually there are sun beds, but they are concentrated near hotels, at some distance from the shoreline. Therefore, it is very comfortable. Further to the south, the situation changes somewhat – it becomes more crowded. In this part of Sanur beach there are more hotels, gestas, cafes with music and other tourist infrastructure. But on the whole, the area is quiet. It’s good because of its location. From here, you can drive to places of interest in South Bali, such as Tanah Lot and Uluwatu temples, the Birds Park and Serangan Turtle Island. Or you can walk to nearby Kutu, Jimbaran, Legian and Nusa Dua, and other interesting places. You can do this by taking a cab, or by renting a car or a motorcycle, all of which are no problem in Sanur. There are also boats to the islands of Lembongan and Penida. Lots of transfers to the Gili Islands. Shopping in Sanur is average – mostly local shops, concentrated along the beach with clothes and souvenirs. There is of course Danau Tamblingan street, which runs parallel to the beach and concentrates cafes, restaurants, currency exchange, massage parlors, bike rentals and tourist trade, but the prices are reasonable. Be careful, there are scammers on the street, especially at the bureau de change! If you see too good an exchange rate – don’t be advised, you’re likely to be cheated! Lovers of shopping should visit the department store located in the supermarket Hardys Sanur Square on the upper floors, there are good and not expensive things. By the way, on the street in front of the supermarket there is a stall with very tasty ice cream, ice cream lovers should definitely try it. With the meal there are no problems where – a lot of different cafes, both on the beach, and in the back of the village, they are mainly designed for tourists. Here with a local cuisine are worse, there is no variety – rice with chicken or meat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. For this type of food should go to the northern part of the beach. To sum up this brief review of Sanur beach, in our opinion it is one of the best places for a beach holiday in South Bali and the beach is good and the tourist infrastructure is sufficient, without overdoing it. Kuta – too crowded, with big waves and not clean, it is more suitable for those looking for noisy entertainment, including nightlife. Jimbaran is nicer and cleaner (we’re talking about its southern part), but again, strong waves. Well, and Nusa Dua – there is a clear overkill, not for the better, the price / quality ratio, and the organization – the reservation for tourists.

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However, if you want to be isolated from the local population, it is better to go there. In general, personally, we like quiet places, more like the north of Bali, the village Pemuteran.

Pleasure boats in Sanur (Photo: / @aripranata11)

Sanur – a resort in Bali without big waves

Gathered reviews about Sanur Beach, a quiet resort in southeastern Bali. What they write about the beaches, sea, hotels, excursions and entertainment. Pros and cons of vacation in 2022, tourist tips.


Pros and cons of vacationing in Sanur

Sanur is the oldest resort in Bali, it is located 11 km from Denpasar. Local beaches are protected by coral reefs and breakwaters, so the coastal waters are always calm. This is a rarity in Bali! Sanur Beach appeals to lovers of leisurely resort life and parents with children.

  • The pros of vacationing in Sanur, according to tourist reviews:
  • Non-tiring traffic from the airport
  • Sandy beaches
  • The beach is constantly cleaned of trash
  • No big waves
  • Good vacation for kids
  • Luxurious spas

Great conditions for kitesurfing and windsurfing.

Maria Glazunova: “The place is very comfortable, especially for those who came to Bali for a short time but want to get to know the island better.

  • Cons :
  • Large tides.
  • During storms, the seawater becomes turbid and plastic trash is washed ashore
  • The nightlife is inferior to Kuta with few clubs and bars in Sanur.

High humidity and heat.

Tourist reviews of Sanur Beach

Zlata: “I can stand heat well, but even for me it’s +33. +35 ° C in high humidity – it’s too much.

A low tide in Sanur (Photo: / Sententiosus)

Sanur Resort on the map of Bali

Reviews about the beaches and the sea in Sanur

The sandy beaches of Sanur stretch for more than 5 kilometers. The central part is the famous beach Pantai Sanur 1.5 km long. The beach is 10-40 m wide and covered with imported light sand. In the north the black volcanic sand is preserved, and in the south the beach ends in a mangrove forest.

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According to reviews, Sanur is one of the best places in Bali for recreation with children. The water is shallow near the shore and the entrance is shallow. The clear sea water has a pleasant turquoise hue, and there are almost no waves.

Beach infrastructure – toilets and showers – are near the hotels. For guests they are free. For other tourists renting two sun beds, a sun umbrella and towels costs 50-100K rupees per day.

Malina086: “For some reason the sand is not heated at noon. On weekends a lot of Balinese come to swim.”

Panorama of Pantai Sanur beach

Hotel reviews for hotels in Sanur

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There’s plenty of lodging! If you dream of a comfortable vacation, settle in hotels 4-5*. Those who want to save money choose rooms in small hotels 2-3* in Balinese style or stay in inexpensive hostels. For a group of friends or a large family, it’s more convenient to rent a villa.

Tourists give high marks to hotels in Sanur:

Bali vacation in Sanur

Look for discounted hotels in Rumguru. Here are the top hotel search rules.

Maya Sanur Resort & Spa (Photo: / Maya Sanur Resort & Spa)

Sanur Weather Reviews

The climate in Sanur is hot, tropical. The year-round temperature does not drop below +27 ° C and sea water +25 ° C.

The monsoon period lasts from November to April, and the rainiest month is February. Tropical downpours are not as bad as they may seem. The rains are short, but it gets harder to swim and there is a lot of trash.

The high season comes in May and lasts until October. These are the months when most tourists come to the resort.

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Alexandra Fedorenko: “The driest period of the year can be both sunny and overcast.

Hotel reviews in Sanur

Oleg: “In January, the temperature of the water in the ocean was +28-29 ° C. It was hot, during the day the air warmed up to +35 ° C, but at night it was cold up to +23. +25 ° C. For several days, there was a strong wind, and we did not swim.

Karang Beach in Sanur (Photo: / @wxs)

Reviews of excursions in Sanur

The cost of excursions in Bali varies, depending on the specific company. As far as we know, the best prices and selection of excursions are at Here are the most popular ones in Sanur:

Snorkeling, diving and regular surfing are not worth going to Sanur for. If you like active fun, sign up for kitesurfing and windsurfing school and learn how to glide through the water under sail or wing. Vacationers enjoy trips on wooden jukunga boats, jet-skiing, sea fishing, yoga, and parasailing.

During a vacation in Sanur, tourists are advised to visit the museum of Belgian painter Le Meyer. Visit a small Balinese temple Pura Blanjong, Bird Garden, Orchid Garden, mangrove forest, night market and go see a dolphin show on Serangan Island.

Beach Sanur reviews in Bali

Anna T. : “Took an excursion with a night climb to Batur and the end point was just the hot springs. It was the cherry on the cake, so to speak. After a sleepless night, tired, cold, sweaty and dusty from the volcanic dust, we were highfunctioning there. Read more about the tour →

Traditional dance performance at the Saraswati Temple in Ubud.

Tips for a holiday in Sanur

The north of Sanur Beach is less touristy. This part of the resort is not as crowded, and on weekends here come to rest the Balinese themselves. In the south, there are luxurious hotels, spas, and restaurants. For a more intimate escape, head north and for the pleasures of civilisation, head south.

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There is a neat walkway along Sanur Beach, with palm trees and other trees to the left and right. Tourists enjoy using the shady promenade for jogging and biking.

Sanur Beach is a great place to meet the sunrise. Agung Volcano, which is located 50 km from the resort, looks especially spectacular in the rays of the rising sun. If you go to admire the sunsets, go to another part of Bali, such as Kuta.

Swim near the shore. Behind the coral reef begins strong sea currents and waves of 3-4 meters high.

Sanur Beach Vacation Reviews

Maria Garam: “If you want to swim in Sanur, look at the tide schedule on the Internet in advance.

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