Seasons and weather in the Dominican Republic by month. When is the best time to vacation?

Season in the Dominican Republic: when is the best time to travel?

There is an expression – “what the Dominican is good, the Russian does not understand. But this expression is true only in part, and refers primarily to the culture and traditions of the people living in the country. But the language of the beautiful nature on the small island of Haiti in the Caribbean, where the Dominican Republic is located, is understood by travelers from around the world, including Russia, equally.

Snow-white beaches, warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean, exotic flora and fauna, lots of sunny days turn this place into a real paradise on Earth. But this is not the only reason to go to the Dominican Republic. In the country you will find other natural wonders. These include the annual humpback whale shows, which will fill you with emotions of love and kindness for these great creatures, or exploring the underwater caves.

However, to enjoy this wonderful world and not to spoil your vacation with minor problems, it’s better to prepare well and choose the best time for your trip.

Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic in June)


The island of Haiti is dominated by a maritime tropical climate. The average annual temperature is +26 ºC +28 ºC. During the coldest month, January, the temperature can drop to +22 º C, during the warmest month, August, the thermometer readings reach +33 º C +34 º C.

Season in the Dominican Republic: When is the best time to travel?

Nevertheless, the development of year-round tourism in the Dominican Republic is complicated by the rainy season, which begins in late April. Rarely, but with tropical rains come hurricanes, the consequences of which are fraught with great problems for the local population. In summer, tourists are also scared away by the intense heat.

Weather in the Dominican Republic by month

It is during this time that the greatest number of travelers rushes to the island. However, each of these months has its own characteristics.

Do not turn down the Dominican Republic, if your vacation fell not on the “high” tourist season, just study the features of the “low” and well prepare. There are always pros and cons.


A good month for a vacation. The air temperature is +27 º C +30 º C, at night it is cooler – up to +21 º C. The island receives practically no rain. At the end of the month, as a rule, begins “whale shows. Colorful religious festivals, such as Epiphany and St. Altagracia, are also held. All this will complement your beach holiday with positive emotions.



During the day the air temperature stays the same as in January, but at night it’s two to three degrees warmer. The water in the ocean gets as warm as +28ºC. The traditional carnival takes place in February. So in addition to a good tan you can expect a mesmerizing dance.

Season in the Dominican Republic: When is the best time to travel?

The island is getting warmer, with daytime temperatures reaching +31ºC. It almost never rains, it is harder to breathe. But still quite a lot of tourists. The whales continue to show off their skills.

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The weather changes. The tropical rainy season begins. It is still warm on the island, but the humidity is rising. Along with the rains, mosquitoes become more active, so don’t forget your protective gear.

The temperature continues to rise and reaches +30ºC +32ºC. Rains are becoming more frequent. They are short, but strong. The humidity is increasing and it is getting harder to breathe. The number of tourists is decreasing day by day.

Punta Cana (Dominican Republic, May)

There are critically few sunny days. Although it is hot outside. The rains can now come pouring down non-stop. The least rainfall is in the Monte Cristi area.

It’s hot and rainy, up to +33ºC during the day. Only on rare days you can swim and sunbathe. There are very few tourists. Tourist prices are low.


The most uncomfortable month for tourists in the country. The heat is in its active phase. Even sunstrokes are possible. Along with the rains may come and hurricanes.


The weather is the same as in August. Strong heat and high humidity. Sunbathing and swimming is problematic. But it is good to party at nightclubs.


The weather changes again. There is less rain and more sunny days. Tourists return to the island, but prices are still low. Excursion tourism comes alive in the Dominican Republic.


The height of the tourist season begins. Temperatures are +27ºC +29ºC.

Dominican Republic in November


An ideal place to escape from the Russian winter. A huge number of tourists come here to celebrate the new year. Holiday on a white and warm beach is an unforgettable event, but very expensive.

The rainy season in the Dominican Republic

In the last days of April in the country the rainy season begins. Even in May the weather allows for comfortable recreation, and tropical showers are most often short-lived. However, already in summer the situation changes, and the number of sunny days in the Dominican Republic sharply decreases. Tourists leave the island, prices for tourist trips go down. In August, hurricanes are added, which makes any vacation difficult. The least rainfall during the rainy season is in the resorts of Santo Domingo, you will be protected from hurricanes by a mountain range in Punta Cana.

Rainy Season in the Dominican Republic.

Algae Season.

Another problem for summer tourism in the Dominican Republic is algae. They are brought by currents from the Sargasso Sea directly to the beaches. This usually happens in July and August and lasts until the end of September. They interfere with swimming. To get rid of this scourge, hotels install special protective barriers, catching algae. On the city beaches, however, there is no one to fight this natural phenomenon. Here, algae accumulates on the coast, emitting a stinky smell.

The season of the whales

Many tourists go to the Dominican Republic not only to bask on the beautiful beaches, but also to see the remarkable theatrical spectacle of humpback whales.

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Whale season is in mid-January and lasts until mid-March. Sometimes it drags on until April.

Whale season in the Dominican Republic. February.

The “concert” whale program is different in each of these months. In January, the whales present a couples dance, in February, the calves join them, and in March, the tourists’ attention is fixed on the group performance. During this time, the repertoire of whales includes high jumps, large water fountains, tail banging on the water and, of course, singing, which can not be confused with anything else.

During this period, guides conduct numerous marine excursions. You can book them at the hotel or travel companies. You can arrange a trip as an individual or group. It is worth remembering that the smaller the ship for the excursion, the less safety.

To go on a boat trip, you have to get to the port city of Santa Barbara de Zamana. The tour usually takes a whole day, and in addition to the whale show, it also includes other attractions of the country. Also in recent years to admire the whales began to take tourists from the Dominican city of Mikes.

Whale season in March (Dominican Republic)

Before going on a whale watching trip, it is a good idea to be well prepared. Here are a few rules:

  • Bring a change of clothes with you – you will need to change after the tour;
  • Wear light and sturdy shoes;
  • Take swimsuits and towels;
  • don’t forget waterproof camera cases;
  • Put sunscreen in your bag.

Considering that excursions may not be very safe, you should not take pregnant women and young children with you.

Fruit season

Dominican store shelves have fruit all year round. Here you will find pineapples, coconuts, passion fruit, papaya and other exotic products. But avocados can be found only from November to April. At the same time, citrus fruits and mangoes are plentiful in the stores. Rare fruits that you can try on the island are: carambola, lychee and limoncillo.

Tips for tourists

Once you have decided on the time of the trip to the Dominican Republic, you need to thoroughly prepare for the trip, and our tips help you in this:

  • book your tour in advance to pay less;
  • Choose package tours which include flights, hotel accommodation, transfers, private insurance;
  • Check with your tour operator, which system the hotel you choose, the usual practice for the Dominican Republic – “all inclusive”;
  • Read reviews about the hotel;
  • Russia has a visa-free regime with the Dominican Republic, but do not forget to bring a tourist voucher, a passport with another 6 months validity, airline tickets;
  • Upon arrival, you should fill out a migration card and pay the tax;
  • Exchange your country’s currency into U.S. dollars in advance and pay with them in the Dominican Republic;
  • Check with your doctor for any vaccinations you may need;
  • Have a medical kit and take prescriptions for any medications you may need;
  • Bring mosquito repellent and sunscreen;
  • Take the necessary documents for your pets, but remember, no birds can be brought into the country;
  • check the hotel rules for staying with pets beforehand;
  • prepare for a long flight;
  • buy special adapters for electrical appliances, the voltage in the country is 110 volts;
  • use the cell phone of a local provider;
  • rent a hotel safe, and don’t take large sums of money and jewelry;
  • don’t forget your Russian driver’s license to rent a car or bike, but it is better if you have an international category.
  • don’t drink raw water, buy it in stores;
  • Follow hygienic rules: wash your hands, fruits and vegetables.
  • obey local laws; for example, shells cannot be taken out of the country;
  • Respect the traditions and religious feelings of the inhabitants of the Dominican Republic.
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Observance of these rules will make your vacation comfortable and relaxed.

When to vacation in the Dominican Republic

When it is better to have a rest in the Dominican Republic.

When is the best time to go on vacation in the Dominican Republic in 2022? What time is the beach season? All about the weather by month: water and air temperature, precipitation and tourist reviews.

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Month t air during the day water
January +29°С +26°С
February +29°С +26°С
March +30°С +26°С
April +30°С +26°С
May +30°С +27°С
June +31°С +27°С
July +32°С +28°С
August +32°С +28°С
September +31°С +29°С
October +31°С +29°С
November +31°С +27°С
December +30°С +27°С

Holiday seasons:

Dominican weather by month

(Photo: Henry Player / / License CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)


Water and Air Temperature. Water temperature is +26°C, air temperature is +29°C during the day and +20°C at night. It is hotter in Santo Domingo, 1-2 degrees cooler in Punta Cana.

Weather conditions. The sky all day is clear and cloudless, there is no rain, the sea is warm.

Tourist reviews. The weather is nice, and the hotels are densely filled with tourists. This is the peak season, and it is best to rest in the Dominican Republic is in the winter months.


Water and air temperature. In February as clear as in January: daytime +29 ° C, nighttime +20 ° C, water +26 ° C.

Weather conditions. There is no rain, but the heat is absolutely not felt due to the refreshing breezes.

Tourist feedback. This is the best month for a beach holiday in the Dominican Republic. Also good conditions for diving and excursions.

Dominica season for holidays

(Photo: marcia.furman / / License CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Water and air temperature. It gets a little hotter in March, but still comfortable: water in the sea +26 ° C, air during the day +30 ° C, night +20 ° C.

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Weather conditions. The rains are still very rare. In general, the weather in the Dominican Republic this month is favorable for all kinds of holidays.


Water and air temperature. In April, the daytime temperature is +30°C, nighttime +21°C, water +26°C.

Weather conditions. April is often called a transitional month from a cool, dry winter to a hot and rainy summer, but in the Caribbean it is a good time to vacation. The sun beats down during the day, but the mornings and evenings are pleasantly warm.

A useful selection:

Water and air temperature. It gets hot and humid in May: the water in the sea +27 ° C, daytime air temperature +30 ° C and above, at night +22 ° C.

Weather conditions. On the threshold of the rainy season with all its attributes – heat, high humidity and the inevitable stuffiness.

The feedback from tourists. Although the weather is gradually deteriorating, tourists are not in a hurry to leave the Dominican Republic. Some, on the contrary, are attracted by the reduced prices for holidays in this month.

Hotels are advised to look for on the service It will help you find the lowest price. Do not know how to use it? Read our tips on how to book a hotel inexpensively.

Dominica weather by month and water temperature

(Photo: Mustang Joe / / CC0 1.0 license)

Water and air temperature. The heat intensifies every day, and at night it is stuffy and completely impossible without air conditioning: daytime +31 ° C, nighttime +23 ° C, water +27 ° C.

Weather conditions. There’s almost no wind, the water is like steaming milk and the air is warm and humid, like in a bathhouse. It rains in the morning and evening almost every day, there are also thunderstorms.

Tourist feedback. In this month, it is better not to fly to rest in the Dominican Republic – the weather is for lovers.

Water and air temperature. The air temperature during the day +32 ° C, at night +23 ° C. Water +28 ° C.

Weather conditions. Heat, stuffiness, and high humidity. There are often severe thunderstorms during the day, and the blue-black sky over the ocean charms and horrifies at the same time.

Tourist feedback. During this period, there are few tourists. The weather is so-so, but in hotels and SPA discounts.

A side note. The Canary Islands are nice and comfortable at this time! Price up your vacation, take a closer look at the sights, and read tourist reviews.


Water and air temperature. Daytime +32°C and above, nighttime +23°C. Sea water temperature +28°C, with frequent storms and sometimes hurricanes.

Weather conditions. In the afternoon, it often rains with thunderstorms.

Feedback from tourists. The beaches become empty and there are few people in hotels.

When is the best time to have a rest in Dominica?

(Photo: Mondayne / / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 license)


Water and air temperature. Daytime +31°C, nighttime +23°C, water +29°C.

Dominican Republic in November 2022. Where to vacation? Weather and Reviews

Weather conditions. Afternoon rains and thunderstorms become daily, hurricanes often walk the Caribbean coast.

Tourist reviews. The beaches and hotels are empty, and the resorts are quiet and peaceful.


Water and air temperature. Daytime +31°C, nighttime +22°C, water +29°C.

Weather conditions. The heat recedes with each passing day and the ocean calms down after the rainy season. The rains reduce their intensity and usually pour in the afternoon or evening.

Tourist feedback. The possibility of hurricanes persists, so the beaches are still half-empty and the few intrepid tourists can enjoy a secluded vacation.


Water and air temperatures. Sea +27°C, air +31°C during the day and +21°C at night.

Weather conditions. The weather this month in the Dominican Republic may still give surprises like stray winds and rough seas, but not so dramatically. Rainfall has decreased significantly, and the water is amazing with purity and transparency. By the end of November the elements finally calm down and the rainy season is over.


Water and air temperature. In December, daytime +30°C, nighttime +20°C, sea water +27°C.

Weather conditions. At this time, sea bathing is especially pleasant, the soft sand is pleasantly warm, and the sun can be sunbathed safely, without fear of getting burned. The nights are warm and fresh, it’s easy to sleep without air conditioning.

Tourist feedback. This is one of the best months for recreation in the Dominican Republic, but a lot of tourists arrive. It is good in December to vacation with children. Prices for tours are quite biting.

when is the best time to fly to dominica for vacations

(Photo: vilwenavalanche /

Holiday season in the Dominican Republic

Beginning in December, the Dominican Republic begins a tourist boom. The weather is perfect for a beach vacation: the sun shines all day, the sea is warm, there are no rains or hurricanes. The high season lasts until April, and in May hotels begin to slowly become empty.

Rainy Season

From May to October, the Dominican Republic has a rainy season. The heat and the heat is unbearable, so there are very few tourists during this period. Hurricanes usually miss the Dominican Republic, and it only gets a small storm at sea, but sometimes there are more serious consequences.

When best to go on vacation in the Dominican Republic

In the Dominican Republic is always warm, so the bathing season is theoretically possible all year. Especially good vacation from November to March, when there is no grueling summer heat and heavy rainfall. Months when the weather in the Dominican Republic is mild – November and February. And it is better to avoid traveling from August to October, when the risk of hurricanes is the highest.

Undecided where to vacation in 2022? Compare the Dominican Republic with Cuba. Consider a vacation in the Seychelles, Maldives or Bali.

When is the best time to go on vacation in Dominican Republic?

(Photo: Henry Player / / License CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

First photo: Jose Gimenez Fotografía / / License CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

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