Sharm El Sheikh reviews. Holidays in Sharm El Sheikh in 2022

Hotel reviews for Sharm El Sheikh

Thank you girls at reception, without them it would not be a pleasant experience. They really help me with room selection and everyday life. I recommend being careful about the grounds, lots of dirty glasses, napkins. Read more

Great hotel location, friendly staff, good food. Rooms are clean. The waiter islam the pool service is top notch. The beach is great sand you can go into the sea and from the shoreline. Read more

The hotel was very well received by our guests and the staff was wonderful with a lot of things to do and the staff was wonderful. Read more at .

We stayed in three different rooms: standard room until February 27, diving center room until March 3, and superior room until May 20. These movements were due to the situation in Ukraine, which arose on 24. Read more

To begin with, this is not a 5 star hotel, 3 at the most. About room cleaning: When we checked in it was dirty with a thick layer of dust on the floor and other surfaces. The room was not clean when we arrived. Read more

Not bad, but not 5*. Positive points- entrance to the sea, beautiful reef, arabic style, close to naama bay. minuses- got food poisoning on the 3rd day of stay, didn’t eat anywhere else besides hotel because of it snapped excursion to the pyramids…4

Do not believe it. I walked on the beach and went back to the hotel. The hotel is on the first coast line, the beach starts right after the rooms, the beach is small but its clean. There is a bar on the beach and another one if you go a little higher. Right on the. Read more

I walked in on the beach but my room was clean and the room was clean every day, the staff was very nice and the children were very nice. Read more

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Was on vacation in August. I stayed on holiday in August and was very well looked after. Good hotel, excellent food, very clean, friendly staff, very nice for children, very nice animation. I had a wide variety of meals : buffet, Italian, Chinese, Egyptian, vegetarian, and sea food. Room. Read more

Great hotel, great food, super rooms. The room is great The animation is the best. The staff are great, great food, great room, the animation is the best, very good guys, exercises, water aerobics, darts, late night shows, everything was unforgettable. Really enjoyed the old town, soho square and cafe mince. Read more

Dirty, smelly, not well maintained hotel, the area is not cleaned, garbage lies right at the entrance to the main building, not to mention the inside area. We did not have any contact with the staff at the airport. Read more

The hotel is large and the area is very beautiful. We had no problems at reception and checked in quickly. The room was good and always clean. Spent mostly the whole vacation on the beach, red sea with a variety of fish-. Read more

The hotel was very well received by the staff and the hotel staff were amazing as a result of the high quality hotel facilities, great food and good location. Read more

I walked on the beach and went to the swimming pool to get a table and would love to play in the pool. Read more

Good layout, the sea is close and full of a variety of fauna. Excellent animation activities. We would especially like to note the fitness program of animator Diana, including a great stretching. Read more at

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Sharm El Sheikh reviews. Holidays in Sharm El Sheikh in 2022

To Egypt on the program Fortuna 4 *: Wasted money, do not wait for freebies, choose your hotel carefully We are unassuming tourists, but we have never had such a terrible holiday. We were at fault, the hotel we wanted cost 109 000 rubles for two people for a week, but we decided to save money on our head and decided on the program Fortuna 4 * the cost of the trip for two 89 000 rubles. That is, you choose the resort and hotel category, everything else is a surprise. But we voiced our desire for another manager, the first line. All this we got, but the hotel we got one of the worst.

By the way, the hotel on many sites

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Good four Red Sea Ghazala Gardens 4*, Sharm el Sheikh, August 2022 We vacationed in Egypt for a week, always loved this country much more than Turkey. The sea here is magic, the beauty of the underwater world and the healing properties are incomparable.

Now Egypt is not cheap, the tour for a week on the program Fortuna 4 * – 116,000 rubles for two people, flying from Moscow. I was looking at the hotel for our dates (July 2022) cost 138,000 rubles. The tour was bought online, after payment the manager contacted us. Tour operator BilioGlobus, charter flight.

Egypt. Summer: It’s hot and expensive. We bought a tour to Egypt back in February, several times we postponed the tour. As a result, we went at the end of June, chose a different hotel, not the one that we booked earlier. We even had to pay extra. The manager advised me to take the Albatros Palace Sharm in Sharm el Sheikh. In general, rest in Egypt this experiment for us, which was not very successful. In June-July it was better to go to Turkey.

A charter flight with Red Wings airline, flight time 6.5 hours. During the flight we had food and water,

Holidays now in Sharm el-Sheikh, the heat + 47! Not to go on excursions, but on the sea kayf! In Egypt it is very hot now, on the day of arrival on June 13 it was 47 degrees! On arrival, when we got off the plane we were immediately met with air in which it was impossible to take a breath. But we knew where we were going, I can take the heat just fine, especially if there is a pool and sea nearby. The temperature feels completely different here. Yes, you can’t walk around the city and surroundings during the day, you have no appetite at all in the afternoon because of the heat, but it’s worth resetting to the right mode, everything will be fine. We used to get up very early, bathe, then

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Hello, could you tell me what to do with the currency? If you come with rubles, is it possible to exchange them for dollars?

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