Sights of Abkhazia: what to see and where to go

The sights of Abkhazia. What to see in the Land of Soul

Here we will consider almost all the sights of Abkhazia. At the end of the article there is a detailed map of what to see in Abkhazia. In the text sights with photos, prices for admission tickets and GPS-coordinates are listed from west to east.

Sightseeing in western Abkhazia

Includes Gagra and Gudauta districts. This region contains the most popular places where tourists come when on vacation in Abkhazia.

✔ Khashupse River Canyon

  • Note: the most beautiful canyon of the river Khashuapse with steep cliffs. On the river bed in some places you must wade through it.
  • Cost of admission: free of charge. But in some places local businesses charge a fee when you approach the canyon.
  • Coordinates: 43.41921, 40.17612

✔ Tsandripsh temple

White cliffs

✔ Stalin`s Cottage (Kholodnaya reka)

Sightseeings of Gagra

  • Note: the main sights of Gagra are: Abaata fortress, the castle of Prince of Oldenburg, Gagripsh restaurant, colonnade, seaside park and zoo, water park, etc. Read more in the article about Gagra resort.

Sights of Pitsunda

  • Note: The main attraction of Pitsunda is historical-architectural reserve “Great Pitsunda” and its components: fortress wall, Pitsunda Cathedral with the organ, museum of history, dolmen, Byzantine stronghold. Read more in the article about the resort of Pitsunda.

The temple-fortress of Bzyb

✔ Hasan Abaa Fortress

✔ Jirhva waterfall

  • Note: There is a path leading to the waterfall 3 km from the bridge across the river Bzyp from the road to Ritsinskiy reserve.
  • The cost of the entrance: free of charge.
  • Coordinates: 43.30539, 40.42398

✔ Maiden’s Tears waterfall

✔ Ritsinski Nature Reserve

  • Note: The most famous sight of Abkhazia is Ritza Reserve with many interesting places to visit: the Blue Lake, the Gegsky Waterfall, the Yupshar Canyon, the Men’s Tears Waterfall, the “Farewell, Motherland” viewing platform, Lakes Ritsa and Malaya Ritsa, Waterfalls Ptichy and Milky, Stalin and Gorbachev’s summer residence, as well as Alpine meadows, Seven Lakes Valley, Auadkhara spring, Lake Mzy, mountain village Pshu and others.
  • Entrance fee: adults 350 rubles, children 8-12 years old 100 rubles, free of charge.
  • Coordinates: 43.3416, 40.41317 (entrance).

✔ Dacha Stalin and Gorbachev (Musser)

✔ Ruins of the temple-fortress of Ambar.

✔ Trout farm and rock monastery

  • Note: In the trout farm you can observe the cycle of fish cultivation and then, if you like, taste the trout. The territory is equipped for walking along the river, during which high on a rock the observant visitor will notice an ancient monastery.
  • Entrance fee: 150 rubles, children under 15 years old – 50 rubles. You are required to pay 100 RUR for parking (price is negotiable).
  • Coordinates: 43.23543, 40.49735

✔ Ottar dolmens.

  • Note: Semi ruined complex of dolmens in the village Otkhara.
  • The cost of the entrance: free of charge.
  • Coordinates: 43.22405, 40.59719

✔ Dolmens of Huap village

  • Note: Four ruined dolmens.
  • Entrance fee: free of charge, on private property.
  • Coordinates: 43.21893, 40.53172
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✔ Ayllaga-Abiku temple (ruins)

  • Note: Ruins of the temple of Aylaga-Abiku (Grey Baba) of the VI – VII centuries in the village of Bambora.
  • The cost of the entrance: free of charge.
  • Coordinates: 43.10384, 40.56339

✔ The village of Likhny

Abahvatsa fortress

  • Note: The ruins of an ancient fortress allegedly of the VI-VIII centuries.
  • Coordinates: 43.14688, 40.71499

✔ The Habu Falls

  • Note: Waterfalls Habu, Aac, Bull’s Head and Kurochkina + Habu Cave.
  • Coordinates: 43.18879, 40.76447 (Habu); 43.18859, 40.76481 (Aats); 43.2177, 40.79299 (Bychya Golova); 43.228, 40.79713 (Kurochkina); 43.19148, 40.79074 (Habu Cave).

✔ Mud cave in Primorsky

  • Note: sulfurated thermal spring + therapeutic muds in Primorskoe village.
  • Entrance cost: 150 rubles. Parking: 50 rubles.
  • Coordinates: 43.10015, 40.75093

Sights of New Athos.

  • Note: in New Athos are located the following sights of Abkhazia: Anakopia fortress, New Athos cave, New Athos monastery, Simon Kananit church, Simon Kananit caves, artificial waterfall, Psyrtskha station, Stalin’s summer house, Museum of Military Glory, Three Boilers gorge and others. Read more in the article about the resort of New Athos.

What to see in central Abkhazia

Includes Sukhumi and Gulrypsh districts.

Dolmen in the Upper Eshera

  • Note: The ancient dolmen is located on the private territory of a resident of the village of Upper Eshera.
  • Coordinates: 43.07795, 40.91048

✔ A cromlech in the Lower Eshere

  • Note: cromlech of stones in the form of 4 circles. Megalith is more than 4 thousand years old.
  • Coordinates: 43.0202, 40.94935

Sights of Sukhum.

  • Note: attractions of the capital of Abkhazia include: fortress, Sukhum embankment, monkey nursery, botanical garden, Bagrat Castle, Drama Theater with a fountain, colonnade, Annunciation Cathedral, Abkhaz State Museum, lighthouse, Sukhum Mountain, and arboretum park. Read more in an article about the resort of Sukhum.

✔ Kamany temples

  • Note: In the village of Kamany, St. John Chrysostom died in the early 5th century. Saint Martyr Basilisk is buried here as well. And nearby took place the third finding of the head of John the Baptist.
  • The cost of the entrance: free of charge.
  • Coordinates: 43.09568, 40.99702

✔ The Beslet Bridge

✔ Beslet hydropower station

  • Note: HPP was built in 1905 and is one of the oldest in Abkhazia.
  • Coordinates: 43.03507, 41.07185

✔ Merkheul mineral spring

  • Note: It is a source with metallic and weak mineral water.
  • Coordinates: 42.9608, 41.1032

✔ The gorge in Chernigovka

  • Note: picturesque gorge arranged for walking + restaurant with Abkhazian cuisine Assir. Read more in an article about the gorge in Chernigovka.
  • Entrance fee: 100 rubles. Parking free of charge. Toilet is paid.
  • Coordinates: 43.019163 41.188369

✔ Waterfalls Wolf Gate (Olginskie).

  • Note: A complex of waterfalls by the Sukhumian Military Road.
  • Coordinates: 43.01451, 41.22771.

✔ Olginsky waterfall.

✔ Baryal waterfall.

Lake Amtkel

  • Note: the picturesque lake in the mountains was formed as a result of the mountain collapse during the earthquake.
  • Coordinates: 43.09164, 41.29722
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✔ Azant dolmen

  • Note: the ancient Azant dolmen is located near Lake Amtkel.
  • Coordinates: 43.08933, 41.29311

✔ Tsebeldy cave and spring

✔ Shakuran waterfall and caves

  • Note: beautiful canyon, caves, waterfall and boxwoods covered in moss. One of the most beautiful natural attractions of Abkhazia.
  • The cost of the entrance: free of charge.
  • Coordinates: 43.028327, 41.329396 (waterfall), 43.029219, 41.332982 (the middle cave).

✔ Drand Monastery

Sightseeing in eastern Abkhazia

Includes Ochamchirsky, Tkuarchal and Gali districts. Here are the most remote sights from the border with Russia. Because of this not every tourist comes to see them.

Thermal spring Kandyg

✔ Thermal spring Kandyg-2

✔ Tamish fortress

✔ Ilorsky temple

✔ Hydrosulphuric hot spring

✔ Mokva Cathedral

✔ Otapa Caves

  • Note: The karst caves with stalactites and stalagmites. Very interesting place of interest in Abkhazia. Read more in the article about Otapa caves.
  • Entrance fee: Entrance – 250 rubles, parking – 50 rubles (Abrasila). Entrance – 250 rubles, parking – free for now (Otapa’s Head).
  • Coordinates: 42.92037, 41.55434 (Abraskila); (Otap’s Head).

✔ Goop Falls.

✔ Akarmar spring

  • Note: thermal Akarmar radon spring.
  • Coordinates: 42.85781, 41.76694

✔ Akarmar waterfall

  • Note: picturesque waterfall on the territory of the cafe.
  • Entrance fee: 100 rubles.
  • Coordinates: 42.88116, 41.8102

✔ Giant Falls

Waterfall Irene.

✔ Bedia Cathedral

✔ Chigs Abaa Fortress

  • Note: closed territory, you have to obtain a permit to enter the Kodori gorge.
  • Coordinates: 43.09355, 41.67879

What to see in Abkhazia first

Perhaps the most important and easily accessible attractions of Abkhazia are Ritza Reserve, as well as historical, natural and religious sites of New Athos. Unusual and fascinating will be a trip to Shakuran waterfalls. In our opinion, the caves of Otapa are also worth visiting. If you have time and opportunity, it will be interesting to see the rest of the places of Abkhazia.

How to see sights

You can see the sights of Abkhazia in the following ways:

  • By yourself by public transport . Thus, you can see sights of cities of Abkhazia (Gagra, Pitsunda, New Athos, Sukhum, etc.).
  • Independently by private car . Park in paid parking lots and do not leave things in the cabin. In some places you can get only by SUV.
  • As part of a group tour . With the prices for tours in Abkhazia can be found here.
  • As a part of individual excursion . Personal excursion for a family or small company with a guide in his car (usually SUV).

Examples of individual excursions:

All sights of Abkhazia on the map

Map of attractions of Abkhazia:

The map is more convenient to use if you open it in a new window. If necessary you can change type (satellite/scheme), turn off or on some layers (resorts/attractions/other) in settings. By clicking on the marker, you will see GPS coordinates of the objects, prices and a link to a detailed article (if available).

⚠ The free mobile app is handy when traveling to get your bearings. It is enough to install and download a map of Abkhazia in advance, and then you can use it offline (i.e. without connecting to the Internet). The map already marks the points of most attractions of Abkhazia, as well as many hotels, cafes, stores and other useful objects.

Thanks to the illustrative list with photos, from the article it is easy to find out what to see in Abkhazia. Map with GPS-coordinates will help to orientate. If you know other places of interest in Abkhazia, write about them in comments, we will add them to this list.

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Best sights of Abkhazia.

To holiday in Abkhazia means to stay in an atmosphere of friendliness and hospitality. Guests are always welcome here and everyone is greeted royally. No wonder that the number of travelers, wishing to see the best sights of the country, increases every year. We will tell you what to see in Abkhazia, what excursions you can organize on your own and where the best beaches are.

Main attractions of Abkhazia: what to see in 2022

Lake Ritsa

Natural attractions – the national treasure of the country. Legends of Abkhazia give a mystical point of view on the origin of absolutely any beautiful place, including this lake with unusual emerald water.

One day two robbers kidnapped the beautiful singer Ritsa while her brothers were hunting far in the mountains. The young men heard cries for help, and one of them threw a sharp sword at the outlaws, which blocked the river. The water swiftly flooded the valley, and Ritza collapsed into the water, unable to keep her feet. The brothers were petrified with grief and turned into impregnable rocks, which to this day frame the waters of the lake.

Views of Ritza decorate tourist posters and postcards, the lake has long been a symbol of the country. The water is high, the air here is so fresh and clean, that it takes one’s breath away from the city dwellers.

New Athos

The holy places of New Athos are the second most popular. This is the most famous Orthodox monastery of the entire Caucasus, which strikes with magnificent decorations both outside and inside.

The resort’s attractions are not limited to the monastery. There are more:

– New Athos Cave, into which a unique underground subway leads;

– Anakopia Fortress with an observation deck on Ivers Mountain;

– An artificial waterfall at the hydroelectric power station;

– “Three Cauldrons”, a magnificent natural landmark surrounded by dense thickets of forests;

– The abandoned but very beautiful railroad station Psyrtskha, an ideal place for an unusual photo session.

Independent one-day itineraries usually include a visit to the Seaside Park, the monastery, the temple of Simon the Zealot, the waterfall, the station and the New Athos Cave. If you are by car, you can take Anakopia fortress and Stalin’s dacha and drive straight to the monastery from there.

How to get to Lake Ritsa in Abkhazia


The power and beauty of nature is amazingly embodied in Abkhaz waterfalls, scattered throughout the country. Among the most important are:

1. Gegsky Waterfall, 55 km from Gagra. Ice flow with terrible roar comes down from the height of 70 meters. Even in the hottest heat it cools down the valley. You cannot get too close to it, because the splashing water hits your face very hard.

2. Maiden’s tears waterfall, 2-nd km of Ritza highway. The streams of water glisten so much in the sun that they really resemble transparent tears. There is a corresponding legend, which tells about the unhappy love of the mountain spirit and the daughter of the shepherd. They were separated by a sorceress, and in the place where the lovers mourned their fate, drops of water began to flow right out of the rock.

3. Men’s Tears Waterfall, Ritza Nature Reserve. Another beautiful waterfall, which is simply impossible to pass by, if you are going to Lake Ritsa. On the map you can see that the two crying waterfalls are located next to each other and perfectly complement each other.

Hot Springs

In Abkhazia you can combine business with pleasure and not only relax by the sea, but also improve your health at hot springs.

In the vicinity of Sukhum there is a spring Kandyg. You can get there by shuttle bus. Here are treated diseases of the movement, nervous system, digestion, genitourinary system and skin diseases. The complex is located directly in the open air, there are mud baths. The water is hot, but it is comfortable to be in it.

Sulfurous springs made famous the village of Primorskoe in the Gudauta district. There are two hot water pools and mud baths. The indications are classic: stress, insomnia, weight and appetite problems, general fatigue and skin diseases. The main thing is not to stay in the water more than 10 minutes and be sure to take a shower after all procedures.

Where to have a better rest:

Attractions in Abkhazia: entertainment

1. Abkhazia, the resort of Pitsunda is one of the most popular places for recreation, where life is pounding day and night. Most tourists are well aware of the reasons to visit Pitsunda. This is a dream-city, where the most audacious desire can come true, and the city of contrasts, where you can rent cheap accommodation in Abkhazia without intermediaries or settle in a luxury room overlooking the surf. If you are looking for the best beaches in Abkhazia, your search can end just in Pitsunda.

2. Gagra is the second most popular resort in the country. It is located only 30 km from Adler. There are both natural (waterfalls, lakes and forests) and cultural attractions. It is worth to see the famous colonnade, the symbol and visiting card of the city. This is four towers, which are connected by beautiful arches.

Gagra or Pitsunda: Where to have a rest?

3. Sukhum, where many architectural monuments are preserved, and in general there is a special atmosphere and color. If you would like to see the capital of Abkhazia first of all the botanic garden, the embankment, the Great Wall of Abkhazia and the famous kennel of monkeys are worth visiting.

A few words about two small villages – Tsandripsh and Chernigovka. The latter you will find 25 km from Sukhum, and the first – a few kilometers from the border. In Chernigovka there is a restaurant, unique in that it is located right in the middle of the gorge. Being there is quite safe, and the emotions of such a lunch or dinner will give a lot. Tsandripsh is famous for its White Cliffs, which are overhanging directly over the sea. This is the only place in the country where marble deposits are open to the surface. The most successful and spectacular beach photo sessions take place here. In the center of the village there is a preserved basilica, which was erected in the 6th century AD.

Holidays in Abkhazia with children

“Land of the Soul” – that’s how the name of the country is translated – has prepared an extensive program for children. If you are not enough village beaches with a relatively gentle entrance to the sea, pay attention to the cities. There are all the usual parks and malls with children’s attractions, public gardens that can shelter from the scorching sun with a stroller, and museums that detail the history of Abkhazia.

What else can I see with children? The largest and most equipped museum of the Abkhazian capital. It is located on Gulia Street, 61. Here you will see unique historical monuments, which has no analogues. You will definitely like the rod of bear’s bone, which was found by scientists during the excavation of the oldest settlement in the world. You can learn about how people lived in the ancient kingdom of Abkhazia in the museum on 8 Eshba Street in New Athos. From the museum you can walk to the monastery in just 10 minutes.

Monkey nursery in Sukhum – a place that caused and continues to cause delight in many generations of children. On the territory of the nursery lives almost 500 animals of different sizes. They can be fed, but not with their own food, and a special feed. It is easy to get to the kennel, even with a stroller.

The theme of animals will continue the zoo in Gagra. It was created 100 years ago. On the territory there is a special children’s corner, where kids can relax.

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