Sri Lanka vacation reviews – 2022

Sri Lanka – 2022: Tourist reviews

Looking for reviews of Sri Lanka vacations in 2022? In this article, we’ll cover tourist reviews about Sri Lanka’s beaches, weather, tours, best hotels, prices and food.

Based on the fresh 2022 we will find out when is the best time to go to Sri Lanka, which excursions to visit first, where to stay and which beaches to choose for your vacation.

Some of the prices in this article are given in the local currency – Sri Lankan rupees. At the time of writing this article the exchange rate is as follows:

  • 1 rupee = 0.38 rubles.
  • 1 dollar = 153 rupees

General impressions about Sri Lanka – 2022

Sri Lankan travelers are primarily attracted by the many kilometers of beaches and cultural monuments. The greatest impression on tourists makes an amazing nature and impenetrable jungle of Sri Lanka.

The weather in Sri Lanka allows you to vacation on the island all year round, but you need to choose the right coast (east or west) and the beach. The reason is simple: the rainy seasons on different coasts are at different times.

Sri Lanka is rich in sights and excursions. There are not only monuments of cultural origin, but also many natural beauties.

The island has a lot of hotels of different levels, every vacationer can find an accommodation for his pocket. Budget tourists are suitable for guest houses and hostels. Tourists with high income – luxury five-star hotels.

Sri Lanka is suitable for families with children. But if you go on vacation with a child, it’s better to go in the dry season and the beach with calm water (or coves and lagoons, protected by coral reefs). Hotels should choose 4-5 stars.

Sri Lanka travel reviews 2022

Photo: Sri Lankan coast © Francesc Genove Feature of the vacation in Sri Lanka in 2022 is the almost total absence of entertainment: the island has no rough nightlife, as in other Asian resorts. Instead, Sri Lanka is suitable for the quiet enjoyment of nature, sights and the ocean.

Good reviews get active recreation: diving, surfing, snorkeling. On the coast of the island, there are many coral reefs with a variety of tropical fish, and the sea is often good waves.

Of the disadvantages of the resort tourists in their reviews note the constant waves in the ocean, which prevents swimming. Tourists also do not like the inflated prices of excursions and entrance fees to attractions.

Many are dissatisfied with the level of the local population and their attitude towards tourists: vacationers are often trying to cheat or swindle.

Reviews about the weather in Sri Lanka

The weather in Sri Lanka allows you to come here at any time. The air temperature remains unchanged throughout the year (30-32 degrees).

Only the rainfall varies. It rains heavily, but only for a short time, usually at night. Most tourists prefer to vacation in Sri Lanka in the winter, when the likelihood of rainfall is minimal.

According to tourist reviews, the best place to vacation in Sri Lanka are the coastal areas. The weather in the interior of the island is too hot and stuffy. It is easier to breathe on the coast, because there is a light breeze from the ocean.

Hikkaduwa - beaches, reviews, hotels, weather

The island is very humid, especially during the summer months when the rainy season begins. The ocean during this period is turbulent. Strong waves make it impossible to swim at most beaches. In their reviews of the tourists note that the water in the ocean is sometimes so hot that swimming does not bring the expected cooling.

Weather in Sri Lanka reviews

Photo: © Mal B /

According to tourists, even the rainy season cannot spoil a vacation in Sri Lanka. They usually come at night and not every day. During daylight hours, you can perfectly relax on the beach and spend time on interesting excursions.

Most vacationers agree that the best time to relax in Sri Lanka is the dry season. On the east coast it lasts from May to September; in the southwest – from November to March. The ocean during this period is calm, no waves, the water is clean, the weather is sunny and the air is dry.

If you want to save money on your trip, it is best to go during the rainy season. On the northeast coast it lasts from October to January, on the southwest – from May to October.

Tourists note that during the rainy season, windy weather prevails, the ocean has strong waves and murky water. Swimming is almost impossible. It is best to choose small bays. The ideal place for a holiday at this time would be a place called Nilaveli, as there are many reefs protecting the coast from strong waves.

Tours and attractions

Attractions in Sri Lanka is one of the strongest aspects of a vacation on the island. Among the most popular are often cited the following:

  • Sigiriya (Lion Mountain).
  • Dambulla Temple
  • Temple of the Buddha’s Tooth
  • Tea Plantations

The most popular attraction, according to the reviews of tourists, can be called the Sigiriya Fortress. Of the disadvantages of this route, we can highlight the high cost of the entrance ticket – 3900 rupees and a heavy climb. In addition, it is always very crowded. Sometimes you have to stand in line for hours.

Another popular place is called the Dambulla cave temple. In the temple you can see a large number of statues of Buddha. Entrance to the temple is free.

Sri Lanka tour reviews

Photo: view from Dambulla © Maarten Elings /

One of the most beautiful temples in Sri Lanka is the Temple of the Buddha’s Tooth. This place attracts a huge number of travelers, however, not all visitors are satisfied with the tour. Many are not satisfied with the high entrance fee of 1,000 rupees per person.

In 2022 reviews, tourists are advised to visit the city of Colombo, as this is where all the island’s infrastructure, major attractions and major shopping centers are concentrated.

For children will be interesting trips to turtle farms, elephant nursery, as well as the Royal Botanical Gardens.

Tourists find excursions to various tea and spice plantations to be a must-see. Here you can not only get acquainted with the process of creating products, but also to buy them inexpensively.

Bentota, Sri Lanka: vacation reviews. Is it worth the trip?

In the rainy season, many advise to go to the waterfalls. At this time they are more beautiful surrounded by flowering vegetation.

Diving is very popular on the island, there are many specialized centers. There is an excellent opportunity to dive into underwater caves, shipwrecks and grottoes.

In general, tourists note that there are many excursions on the island. Advised to think in advance about the route. Of the drawbacks note the high cost of entry tickets and organized tours for foreigners.

Reviews of beaches in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is many kilometers of sandy coastline. Beach recreation is possible here all year round. The water temperature, like the air temperature, varies throughout the year by only 2-3 degrees.

The best places for a beach holiday in Sri Lanka (minimum waves):

  • Unawatuna
  • Mirissa
  • Trincomalee .

It is important to keep in mind that beach holidays in Sri Lanka has its own characteristics – both natural and geographical.

Before choosing a holiday destination, you should find out when the dry and wet season is here.

Tourists who arrived on the island, immediately catches the eye that there are always waves on the beach. If you want to swim in calm water, you should choose bays and lagoons, which are scattered along the coast.

For holidays with children in 2022, tourists are advised to choose the beach of Veligama. It features a gentle descent into the water, as well as the presence of the bay, which is protected from waves and strong winds.

Panorama of one of the beaches near the town of Unawatuna:

Hikkaduwa beach, with its developed infrastructure and many hotels, is worth mentioning. It is well suited for diving – not far from the coast there are the remains of shipwrecks. Hikkaduwa beach is very popular among young people, as there are many entertainment, bars, restaurants, discos, as well as budget accommodation.

On the beach Unawatuna, thanks to the reef, the waves are less than in other parts of the coast of Sri Lanka. Therefore, people come here for holidays with children. In addition, there is a concentration of hotels and guest houses with a family orientation.

The most beautiful and romantic beaches in Sri Lanka are considered Bentota, Tangalle and Dikvella. Beach Tangalle suits lovers of quiet and secluded vacation, as it is almost deserted.

Surfing and diving

Many tourists leave good reviews about surfing in Sri Lanka. Many beaches have good waves, there are many schools on the coast (there are even Russian-speaking).

Surfers from all over the world come to the beach Narigama, which is located near Hikkaduwa. It is characterized by strong waves and deep water near the shores.

Diving enthusiasts should go to Nilaveli beach, because there are coral reefs with a variety of tropical fish, turtles, and reef sharks.

Surfing and Diving reviews

Photo: waves on one of Sri Lanka’s beaches © Francesc Genove /

Sri Lanka – 2022: hotel reviews

Among the inexpensive 2-3 star hotels, Rockside Cabanas Hotel 3* in Unawatuna and Miheen Hotel & Resort 2* get good reviews. Vacationers speak well of them because of their close proximity to beaches without waves, as well as because of the cleanliness and comfort of the rooms. A night in such hotels costs 2000-4000 thousand rubles.

Unawatuna - beaches, reviews, hotels, weather

Among the 4-star hotels, Hotel Panorama 4* in Unawatuna and Ginganga Lodge 4* in Galle received the greatest number of positive reviews. Vacationers note clean rooms, delicious breakfasts, friendly staff and great views of the ocean. Room rates range from 6,000 to 8,000 rubles per night.

Among the luxury five-star hotels are Paradise Road The Villa Bentota 5* (Bentota) and Fort Square Boutique Villa 5* (Galle). Tourists praise the location – close to a clean and beautiful beach. Also note the work of hotel staff, new and clean rooms, a wide range of services. The room can be booked for 8000-9000 thousand rubles per day.

The grounds of the five-star hotel The Frangipani Tree in Unawatuna (left – the ocean, right – the pool):

Food Reviews

The national cuisine of Sri Lanka has much in common with that of India. Many spices, exotic fruits and seafood are used in the preparation of dishes. Rice is one of the main ingredients, curry is added almost everywhere.

According to tourist reviews, the dishes of Sri Lankan national cuisine are worth a try. Among the best vacationers stand out:

  • Rice flour pancakes with coconut milk;
  • Rice cooked in coconut milk;
  • Steamed rice noodles;
  • Kottu Roti – a dish made from a mixture of minced rice cakes, vegetables, and meat.

Non-alcoholic Tambili, made from the juice of the king’s coconut, may be called the traditional drink of Sri Lankans.

Of strong alcoholic beverages tourists are advised to try the national drink Arak. A bottle costs at least 600 rupees.

Prices and Food in Sri Lanka reviews

Image: candy store ©Gerald Pereira /

Sri Lanka has many restaurants and cafes where you can try Lankan cuisine. The meals in the cafes are suitable for the average tourist, as they are clean, hearty and tasty.

Tourists recommend by all means to visit Smak Café in Hikaduwa – they cook very tasty simple food. It is recommended to try the fried shrimp with garlic and fried fish. The cafe also offers a large selection of desserts.

Another place that has received a large number of positive reviews is Cafe Rotti. The peculiarity of this place is its unusual approach to guest service. Here they cook from the freshest products right in front of the visitors. The cafe offers a large selection of national dishes.

You can dine at local cafes in Sri Lanka for 400-700 rupees, in restaurants – for 1500-2200 rupees. If the restaurant is on the beach, then be prepared to pay a minimum of 4500 rupees per person.

Alcohol on the island is inexpensive. You can buy a bottle of beer at the store for 150 rupees, a bottle of red wine – for 1500 rupees.

Reviews about the prices in Sri Lanka

The cost of living depends on the level of the hotel. So a room at a mid-range hotel can be rented for 6,000-9,000 rupees, at high-level hotels – more than 10,000 rupees. For budget tourists have the option of renting a bed for Rs 1,500 in a hostel.

Best 3, 4 & 5 Star Hotels in Sri Lanka

Vacationers are advised to rent a room closer to the ocean and not to stay in hotels two and three stars, as room rates in hotels four stars are not much higher, but the level of service is much better.

The cost of most excursions range from 1500 to 3000 rupees. But the walks to the coral islands will cost more – 4,600 rupees.

Diving for beginners costs 21-46 thousand rupees, diving to the wrecks – 8 thousand rupees, to the reefs – 4 thousand rupees.

Tourists are advised to try Ayurvedic massage with oils and scented candles. A massage will cost Rs 2,200, a sauna will cost Rs 1,500 and a bath with stones and herbs will cost Rs 1,600. At hotels in ayurvedic centers, the prices are twice as high.

Sri Lanka holiday reviews 2022

Image: © Malcolm Browne / Vacationers are advised to travel on the island by bicycle, which costs an average of Rs. 1,000-1,800 per day. The price of a non-air-conditioned bus ride is 200 rupees, a tuk-tuk is 300 rupees, and a cab ride is 500-600 rupees.

Clothing on the island is inexpensive – you can buy jeans for 1500 rupees, t-shirts and shirts – 700 rupees.

Tourists advise to buy precious and semi-precious stones, but leave the check, because they may ask for it at customs.

Useful information about Sri Lanka

If the generalized information about reviews about holidays in Sri Lanka is not enough for you, we recommend to read fresh reviews of real travelers on this forum.

Sri Lanka Vacation Reviews

Get drunk and you’ll be happy for a few hours; get married and you’ll be happy for a few years; plant a garden and you’ll be happy for a lifetime. Chinese wisdom Never been a big fan or lover of botanicals.

Vacationed in Hikkaduwa in March 2022, chose this hotel. The hotel is very cool, the room is spacious, bright, if you take a room overlooking the ocean, you can see the sunset. Own balcony, our room was glazed. The room has a mini fridge, safe, hot water, clean and .

Island of bad luck or luck – you decide for yourself. And so – an objective review of a 2-week visit to Sri Lanka and general impressions.

Sri Lanka (Ceylon) – an island nation with a tropical climate, lots of beaches on the Indian Ocean, the ancient Buddhist shrines and pristine nature. Sri Lanka is a Ceylon tea, an eventful history, amazingly beautiful scenery,

A week of wilderness living in the heart of Sri Lanka. It was part of my volunteer project with local design students. Read what it was like and what came out of it!

Around Sri Lanka in a week: tea plantations, surfing at Arubam Bay, safaris, sunrise at Trincomalli Beach and of course the capital city of Kandy.

Trincomalee (also Trinko, Trincomalee, Trincomalee) is a city in Sri Lanka on the northeast coast, one of the famous resorts. Located in a cozy bay, which protects the city from the winds, and compared to other resorts in Sri Lanka, the climate is drier and hotter, and when other resorts.

11 resorts and beaches in Sri Lanka, where it is best to relax

Hello all! Today I suggest you get acquainted with another popular resort in Sri Lanka – Mirissa. Mirissa is very nice for its picturesque and relatively diverse locations. You can take beautiful pictures here, like.

There are quite a few countries in the world that we visit for their beautiful beaches. Today the story is about Sri Lanka.

Hikkaduwa is one of the most popular and developed resorts in Sri Lanka. And it was because of its popularity that I was pretty skeptical about it. But the stunning marine nature of the coral reef delighted us. В .

Reviews by Month

Popular Destinations

  • Country info
  • Sri Lanka Weather

One of the most valuable sources of information is traveler reviews about Sri Lanka. Travelers who have returned from a trip to the island share their impressions and photos, as well as the most relevant information – about accommodation, prices, services, infrastructure, transportation. Keep in mind that another review is a subjective point of view, so it’s worth reading a few materials and stories to look at the subject from all sides.

Ceylon is a green island washed by the waters of the Indian Ocean and the Bay of Bengal. It has a pronounced subequatorial monsoon climate, and the seasons are divided into dry and rainy. When it rains on the northeast coast, it’s dry on the southwest coast and vice versa. For details on when and where the rainy season starts, where to vacation in June and July and how to dress if the trip is scheduled for October, read the Weather in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka – an inexhaustible source of inspiration, and only the resort areas do not exhaust its wealth. Read reviews of one of the oldest Lankan cities of Kandy, the largest city of Colombo, the famous alpine resort Nuwara Eliya, the beach areas of Hikkaduwa and Unawatuna. Perhaps the tourists’ stories will help you decide on the route, what to include, and what, on the contrary, to cross out.

In the reviews of tourists on holidays in Sri Lanka is also a lot of advice on food. The local cuisine is peculiar, and to understand it is sometimes very difficult. Travelers who have ventured to try Lankan specialties, share photos and taste sensations.

Reviews of hotels in Sri Lanka are no less useful. Former guests note what they liked, and what you can safely pick on. First-hand information is never superfluous, and on the websites of hotels and hotels is unlikely to find negative evaluation comments. In any case, you will be mentally prepared for any unpleasant moments, if any.

In addition, the materials include recommendations for travel around the island. Usually tourists prefer tours, but there is always the possibility to rent a car and drive around Sri Lanka on your own.

All reviews of Sri Lanka are grouped by topics: stories with detailed descriptions of the trip, photo albums with brief comments, tips, reviews of specific sites. You’re sure to find something useful for yourself.

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