Summer 2022: Inexpensive Seaside Destinations

Cheap tours and tickets for summer 2022

Taking a vacation to the sea this summer won’t be easy, but it’s still possible. Find out where you can go more or less inexpensively and conveniently. I tell you about the cheapest tours and airline tickets for summer 2022.

For more than eight years I’ve been helping the readers of to have an inexpensive and interesting vacation. And in a crisis, these tips are particularly relevant. Over the past few years we have experienced a lot, and we will survive this damn difficult year without giving up traveling. This selection and tips will help you. See also the current list of open countries and learn about the best vacation spots in Russia.

Tour prices are for two adults with a flight from Moscow (headings are price per person).


How to have inexpensive vacation in 2022: important tips

Have a rest in June or September – it is time and a half or two times cheaper than in July and August. However, the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea in early summer is not very warm, but in September you are waiting for a warm sea and pleasant weather without the suffocating heat.

To buy tours online is more profitable and convenient than in travel agencies, because for a minute you can find the lowest prices and without delays to book a trip. We have been buying tours only online for more than 10 years. I recommend Level.Travel and Travellata – there you can easily find the best tours for your needs. Promo codes for discounts from Travellata will help you save a little more:

  • UAFT2000make-trip – 2,000 ₽ discount on tours to Turkey worth from 100,000 ₽.
  • UTAF1500make-trip – 1,500 ₽ discount on tours to Turkey worth from 90,000 ₽.
  • AF600MOBmake-trip – 600 ₽ discount coupon on any tours from 50,000 ₽. Any countries, any hotels, any number of nights. Works in Travellata’s mobile app. Install it – it’s very handy: Android or iOS.
  • AFT500make-trip – 500 ₽ coupon for tours of ₽40,000 or more.
  • AF300make-trip – 300 ₽ coupon for tours of ₽30,000 and up.

In today’s times, the airline industry is a mess and things are constantly changing. Therefore, I advise all independent tourists to look for tickets with a special map Aviasails – extremely handy thing in 2022. Specify a departure city and set the dates – the system will show you all the available destinations for holidays and travel. But be warned, not all of the prices from the list are confirmed, alas. Search, check – something interesting will turn up.

Russians and Belarusians can now book a hotel not every site. Take note of and Yandex Travel – they are convenient, they have a huge selection of hotels, and you can pay for your reservation with any Russian card. Also I advise you to check prices on Hotelluk – it knows how to find discounts.

Read my tips:

Our South – from 15000 ₽.

There are a lot of myths swirling around our Black Sea resorts. Some say that the vacation there is terrible and suitable only for masochists. Others say that it is too expensive to have a rest in the south of Russia. Fortunately, all these misconceptions!

No matter how you look at it, it is cheaper to vacation in our south than it is to go to the sea abroad. It has always been so, and in the summer of 2022, with the current exchange rate it is even cheaper. In our country only luxury rest is expensive – they ask for it for some absolutely insane money, but the quality is still not up to world standards. For a beautiful, inexpensive vacation you should go to Turkey, Greece, Thailand and so on. And you have to go to the Crimea and Krasnodar region for a regular, healthy rest: without yachts, villas, spa and other luxuries. You can find a clear sea, pine trees, juniper bushes, mountains, palm trees, dolphins, fruits – all these delights you will definitely find in our South. And dozens of our articles-guides will help you in this.

Do not listen to critics! The Crimea and the Krasnodar region – beautiful places. We went there to rest countless times, we’ve brought friends and relatives, and sure we’ll be back again. We always spent little money, but we got a lot of impressions. Needless to say, even lying on the beach in the Maldives, I can dream about another trip to the Crimea. Why? Simply because it is more interesting! So feel free to come to our south. Just follow the simple rules: vacation in small villages, and all tickets and accommodation booked in advance.

Where to go to the sea with a child in October 2022

Prices . In June there are tickets from 30,000 ₽ for two people for 7 nights, in July and August, prices go up slightly. Round trip airfare from Moscow to Sochi, Anapa, Krasnodar, Simferopol usually costs from 6000 ₽ per person, but it is not yet clear when the southern airports will open, most of which are closed. You may have to go by car or train. It is easy to find inexpensive cafes and canteens in the larger settlements. On the Black Sea is quite possible to go for an inexpensive vacation this summer.

Where to go on vacation at sea cheap

Maldives? The Dominican Republic? No, this is a beach in the Crimea! Olenevka village. Fine light sand, clear water and a rich underwater world – you can find this even on the Black Sea in Russia.

Abkhazia – from 15000 ₽.

In terms of prices, climate, language and recreation conditions, Abkhazia is practically the south of Russia, but still a little bit abroad. Let them have hardly developed infrastructure, and about service they have not heard, but in the unrecognized republic you can worry less about coronavirus – habitual and familiar rotavirus infection will not give ground to some newfangled viruses from abroad.

All jokes are jokes, but everyone praises nature and sea of Abkhazia. There is a great and healthy climate, so you will relax from the heart! Besides, it is very inexpensive: tours for a week cost 30,000 ₽ for two, good hotels starting from 2,000 ₽ per day. But don’t even look at the all-inclusive tours as they are not well-developed and prohibitively expensive. Learn more about rest in Abkhazia.

Where to have a cheap rest on the sea in the summer

It seems to be abroad, but all is own, habitual, native. Sukhum, Abkhazia. (Photo: Soviet Artefacts /

Turkey – from 35,000 ₽.

Turkey is practically synonymous with cheap holidays. And a good one at that. You can find an excellent vacation program for any budget: you want – budget hotels near the sea, you want – “all inclusive”, you want – luxury resorts and luxury hotels. Turkey has everything! And there’s also wonderful food, cool nature, a lot of attractions, shopping and all kinds of entertainment.

There are tours on sale for the summer of 2022, regular and charter flights are planned. Prices have risen, but it’s still the most affordable abroad now. Week-long stays cost from 70,000 ₽ for two people. Read more: how much does the holiday cost in Turkey.

We have vacationed in Turkey five times already, and we will definitely come again. There are a lot of stereotypes about this country, but in fact it is no less interesting than in exotic countries like Mexico or Indonesia. Last summer we spent a month in Turkey by car and never ceased to admire the beauty of the country. In general, it’s not just “tagil”, vodka and animation. Read our guide to a great vacation in Turkey.

Where inexpensive to fly on a tour in the summer at sea

In Turkey, it’s easy to find the cleanest sea and almost deserted beaches, even in July! You just need to know the place. On the photo is the beach in Fazelis. I liked it so much that I went there twice and spent my birthday there.

Egypt – from 40,000 ₽

Be warned: it’s going to be hot! You know, summer, desert, Africa. But rather inexpensive, though, not like it used to be. In the good old days, Egypt successfully competed with Turkey for the title of the most budget-friendly vacation destination by the sea, but after years of airline closures and other troubles, prices have still not stabilized. In the summer of 2022 you can buy a tour from 80 thousand for two people (tourists are carried both on charter and scheduled flights). Learn about holidays in Egypt.

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Egyptian resorts for a vacation at sea

Sharm el Sheikh. (Photo: Freesally /

UAE – from 40,000 ₽

The situation with flights to Arab countries now is not as difficult as in the case of Europe, so there are flights, tours are sold. Trips for two people cost from 80 thousand rubles. Summer holidays here are cheaper than in the fall and spring, because it is the low season because of the terrible heat. Make up your mind! Our UAE travel guides will help you plan your trip.

UAE resorts review

Dubai Marina Beach.

Sri Lanka – from 44,000 ₽

The country has finally lifted strict covid restrictions, so vaccinated tourists can easily get there. True, these problems were replaced in the spring of 2022 by another – political and economic instability. Check the news and the latest reviews if you’re thinking of going. Tours cost from 88,000 ₽ for two people, but the flight so far is only with a connection. I really enjoyed Ceylon – we spent a whole month there: relaxing on the beaches, traveling all over the country, living in the mountains, going on safaris and seeing whales. Read our reviews and tips.

Yala Park in Sri Lanka

Elephants we met on safari in Sri Lanka.

Thailand – from 60,000 ₽

It’s off-season in summer in Thailand, but it’s still a great place to relax by the sea. Judge for yourself: there are almost no tourists, the beaches are free, the prices of accommodation, food and entertainment almost halved. And to top it all – an abundance of cheap fresh fruit! Yes, it will rain sometimes, the humidity is high and the sea can be a bit muddy. The picture I showed you, then decide for yourself. Personally, I like a holiday in Thailand in the low season.

Take note: the rainy season in Thailand is not so pronounced on the Gulf of Thailand resorts (Pattaya, Ko Chang, Samui, Hua Hin) – it rains less often there than on the Andaman coast (Phuket). Learn more about holidays in Thailand.

Tours for a week cost from 120,000 ₽ for two people, which is double the pre-pandemic price. Eh. There are only scheduled flights and no direct flights yet, so even with a trip you have to change planes in Qatar.

Where to have a rest by the sea this summer

Amazing Banana Beach in Phuket with a minimum of people, clear sea and beautiful views.

Other destinations

There are no tours, but you hang in there. Listed below are countries where you can have a good and inexpensive summer vacation by the warm sea, but where it is difficult to fly because of the lack of direct flights and tours (as of May 2022). However, if you want you can get to these places on their own with a change in Turkey, or enter by land through Belarus to Lithuania or Latvia and then by plane. Yes, it will be a lot of work, but you will have a great vacation and all your friends will be the envy of you.


Ah, Greece! A blessed land! I love the Mediterranean climate, the scenery and the food. And Greek salad? For the sake of it alone you can easily go! You’ll never find it in Russia. Before the pandemic, we went to Rhodes on a last minute tour for 27,000 ₽ for two people, and last fall we traveled to Crete, were in Athens, Thessaloniki, Meteora and climbed Mount Olympus. We stayed in wonderful hotels and apartments, rode a car and a bike, enjoyed fruits, olives, cheeses and wine, bathed in the clearest sea. In short, it’s practically Paradise. Learn more about vacationing in Greece.

There are tours on sale for summer 2022 from 140,000 ₽ for two people, but the choice of resorts is very limited, and the flight will have a connection.

Budget holidays at sea this summer

Our vacation in Greece on the island of Rhodes in June on a last minute tour for 27000 rubles for two. We could take a tour for 21000, but we chose a nice and cozy hotel a little more expensive. We liked it very much :)

Cyprus is very similar to Greece, but still a lot of his, especially good mountains Troodos and the green Turkish part, which is worth a visit. The island is big, so you can not only relax on the beaches, but also travel. I advise you to rent a car for this purpose, so you don’t have to go on dull and expensive excursions from the tour operator. Learn more about holidays in Cyprus.

Where to go abroad for the first time - 12 ideas

Tours for summer 2022 now cost from 160000 ₽ for two people, the flight will be with a connection. Holidays on this island is always a bit more expensive than in Greece, but do not have to bother with the Schengen, because the visa to Cyprus is easy to get online (upd: the issuance of visas for Russians temporarily suspended).

Budget tours at sea this summer

Peyia is a small resort town in Cyprus. The water there is amazingly clear! (Photo: Tobiasvde /


Although the sea here is the same as in the south, but still it’s already abroad, this is Europe. And this means a different level of relaxation and other sensations. Prices are also higher, but the rest is still quite inexpensive. A week’s stay in Bulgaria used to start at ₽33,000 for two people. Learn more about holidays in Bulgaria.

Where to go on inexpensive vacation at sea

Bulgaria. (Photo: @ryantula /


Another pleasant and inexpensive country where you can go for a summer vacation. Not only the sea and the beaches are excellent, but also the mountains, the European atmosphere, beautiful cities and almost no language barrier due to the similarity of the language. Tours used to cost from 36000 ₽ for two people, but now from 350000 ₽. Ten times more expensive! Is that even legal? It’s better to go on your own.

Cheap Tours and Tickets for Summer

St. Stephen’s Island, Montenegro. (Photo: nakedst /


Italy, sweet to my heart, is just a magical country! It’s where I first flew abroad, and I’ve visited several more times since. It is simply impossible to recommend a better place to vacation. Venice, Rome, Rimini, Pisa, Cinque Terre, Genoa, Sicily, Favignana – all such a beauty! Learn more about vacations in Italy.

In the old days, a trip for a week for two cost from ₽ 50,000, now it’s at least five times more expensive.

Where to fly on a summer vacation at sea

Photo from my trip to the island of Favignana. Look at the color and purity of that water! It’s the buzziest place I’ve ever bathed in. Cuba, Mexico, Dominican Republic, and Thailand aren’t even close. Unless the Maldives can compete.


This is one of my favorite countries. I can not even understand why, but I love it! However, Barcelona did not impress me at all, but Madrid, Andalusia and the Canaries charmed me. Beach holidays in Spain are not particularly cheap, but good deals are emerging. Previously, you could buy tours for 7 days from 54,000 ₽ for two, but now they are many times more expensive, and the choice of destinations is scarce. By the way, prices in the Canary Islands are noticeably lower than on the mainland. However, this is not noticeable in tours, but if you relax on their own, you can expect to find inexpensive hotels and restaurants on the islands. Learn more about holidays in Spain.

Where to have a cheap vacation in Europe

This is how I first saw Tenerife at dawn on board a cruise ship. It’s beautiful! I really like volcanic islands and I have been dreaming to explore the whole Canary archipelago up and down. I hope to go there soon for at least a month.


Tunisia does not want to become the second Turkey or Egypt, and still holds a higher price tag. But still rest here can be quite inexpensive. Voyages with a rest on “all inclusive” are about 20-30 thousand more expensive than usual. Tours for the summer of 2022 are not yet on sale.

Excursions to the desert, the color of Arab cities, the ruins of ancient settlements are all interesting things. The only thing is that it’s too hot in the summer in Africa. I prefer to go to those areas from September. However, our tourists like it there even in July. Maybe Russians get so cold during the long winter and gloomy autumn that we need extreme temperatures to fully warm up. Learn more about holidays in Tunisia.

Cheap all inclusive vacation at sea during the summer

The Sahara Desert is one of the main reasons to come to Tunisia. These vast landscapes make a great impression. (Photo: nivea-cream /

Cheap tickets to the sea

I can’t stop reminding you that vacationing on your own is much more fun, and often even cheaper. So even if you’re an avid fan of pre-packaged tour packages, don’t discount independent tourism right off the bat. Take a closer look at ticket prices to the sea this summer – there are some good deals.

Rest in October 2022 in Russia: where to go

As I wrote above, I suggest looking for tickets using a special Aviasales card. Specify the city of departure and set the dates – the system will show you all the available vacation and travel destinations. You will only need to choose the most interesting.

Here is where you can fly cheaply to rest on the sea in the summer of 2022 by direct flights (round trip ticket prices from Moscow for one person):

  • Turkey – from 25000 ₽ . Direct flights to Antalya, Dalaman, Bodrum. Flying to Istanbul is a little cheaper. There are flights from different Russian cities.
  • From 35000 ₽ . Aeroflot direct flights to Delhi, and to the sea in Goa you need to take separate tickets – from $ 80 per one way.
  • UAE – from ₽38,000 . Direct flights to Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. There are flights from various Russian cities.
  • Maldives – from ₽60,000 . Aeroflot direct flights.

There are also inexpensive tickets for direct flights to Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan, but this is no longer a beach holiday (although there is the sea in Kazakhstan, but probably not what you dream of).

You can fly to almost any country (even unfriendly) with a connection in Turkey, the UAE or elsewhere. You’ll have to pay too much and experience inconvenience, but it’s the only way to open Georgia, Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Montenegro and many other wonderful summer vacation destinations. Keep in mind.

See also:

Where to go in the summer without a visa

Vacationing without a visa is also a smart way to save money, time and nerves. For Russians there are 77 visa-free countries, plus many more you can go to by getting a visa online or upon arrival. Let’s see where this summer you can have a pleasant vacation at sea without a visa, or get it simplified. The links will open our guides to these countries.

Summer 2022: 7 countries for a vacation at sea

When it comes to where to go this summer, the answers are plentiful – and one is more wonderful than the other. You can swim in the warm waves of the ocean, lie on your favorite beaches of the seashore, conquer mountain peaks and explore new cities.

Here are the countries, with which a vacation is sure to be bright and full.

Read our reviews at Level.Media and check out our prices on Level.Travel – we have more than 500 000 tourists. We reveal the secrets of inexpensive travel: “8 ways to buy a last minute tour with a 70% discount.

What we have: all verified tour operators, the best price guarantee, easy hotel selection with easy filters, photos and reviews of tourists, protection of online payment, buying in installments of 0%, an application to search and book tours online for iOS and Android. We answer in messengers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Tours in Turkey

All the good things you’ve heard about Turkey are completely true. The sea and beaches are clean and well-maintained, the hotels are luxurious, the food is delicious, the service is quality. Flights here are made by different airlines, the flight is short and without change. The main difficulty in planning a trip is choosing a resort. There are many of them, and each is worthy of attention. Alanya is a classic option. It is perfect for those who love the good old beach vacation. Antalya is chosen by those who want to be closer to the city. Side, Marmaris and Fethiye are popular for their picturesque nature. In Belek goes for a quiet holiday, and in Bodrum and Kemer you will find a loud nightlife.

In Turkey, everyone will find a destination to their liking.


Tours in Egypt

Egypt will fall in love quickly and for a long time. One has only to see the light of the sunset azure sea with clear water and miles of beaches, the hand reaches itself to book a tour of the Red Sea coast. Here is an ideal place to find a romantic vacation and families with children, and raging partygoers and fans of active recreation, and even those who want to improve their health – in Egypt, for everyone the stars will converge successfully.

Where to go on New Year's Eve - 2022 by sea? 7 Warm Countries

Warm sea at the Egyptian coast is waiting for you!


Tours in Russia

Russia – a real kaleidoscope, where everyone can find the perfect place for themselves. For recreation at the seaside, come to the Krasnodar region. If you want to add mountains to the beaches, book a tour to Sochi. In the morning, swim in the waves of the Black Sea, and in the afternoon, arrange trekking in Krasnaya Polyana. To see even more rocky peaks, swim in waterfalls and along the way to improve their health, choose the resorts of Dagestan or the Caucasian Mineral Waters. Clean air, SPA-procedures, healing water and cosmic landscapes will help to quickly reboot.

Fans of unexpected destinations and fresh seafood should pay attention to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. And if you like urban leisure, museums, parks and restaurants, St. Petersburg is your choice. It’s the beginning of the white nights in June, so you can go for a walk till dawn.

Whichever destination you choose, you can be sure that you will have a great vacation.


Tours in Abkhazia

It is nice and quiet here, even for those who do not like to go far from home. There are no problems with the language, because everyone speaks Russian, conversations quickly become good toast with Abkhazian wine, the sea is warm as fresh milk, and the nature is picturesque. Soar over the mountains on a paraglider to see all the local beauty, dive to the ruins of the ancient city of Dioscuria and be sure to take a tour of Lake Ritsa, which is nestled among the mountains at 950 meters above sea level.

In Abkhazia you will be charged with the energy of the mountains, relax on the beach and discover another beautiful place, where you will definitely want to return again.


Tours in the Maldives

The Maldives is off-season, with the southwest monsoon making waves and sprinkling refreshing rain over the islands. But there are fewer tourists at this time, and the price of tours is reduced. Is not it an excuse to visit a paradise? Enjoy all the delights of relaxation. Relax in the aroma oil steam room and listen to the Balinese tunes in the massage. Have a delicious marathon meal and try all the local dishes that will be in your restaurant. Take a submarine ride to see the magical world without a mask or flippers. And be sure to find a lone palm tree on a white-sand beach and take photos that will keep you warm even in cold winter.

If you’ve been dreaming of a trip to the Maldives for a long time, now is the time!

Sri Lanka

tours to sri lanka

Indian Ocean, lotuses, majestic temples, tea plantations and Ceylon elephants – there are more than enough reasons to visit Sri Lanka! The main thing is not to make a wrong choice of location. From April to September, the southwest of the island receives tropical showers. But the east coast at this time for a holiday is ideal, so look at the resorts around Trincomalee. Once you’ve chosen a hotel, start making plans for how you’ll go for an Ayurvedic massage, drink a cup of tea right on the plantation, tie a ribbon at the same Bodhi tree, under which Buddha enlightened, and meet the dawn on the sacred peak of Adam. In between, sample delicious food, cocktails, freshly squeezed juices and start enjoying life.

Book your tour and get ready for a trip that you’ll have something to tell your friends about.


tours to Thailand

People go to Thailand for the bounty beaches, authentic atmosphere and serenity. Here you can sip pineapple shake at a table overlooking the ocean, go snorkeling and rock climbing, learn to control elephants and moisturize your skin without any creams until the New Year. Also in Thailand is good to switch to a healthy lifestyle. Yoga on the beach, stalls full of succulent fruits, seafood in local restaurants and a daily Thai massage, after which you’ll feel reborn.

Life in Thailand immediately becomes more interesting. So if you miss the bright colors, book a tour here.

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