Tekirova: Traveller reviews on holidays. Do I go to 2022?

Tekirova – tourist reviews

Reviews about Tekirova, based on personal experience. Pros and cons, personal impressions, what you liked and didn’t like about the trip. Who should pay attention to this city, whether (Turkey) is suitable as a place for family or youth vacation. The main attractions and entertainment, what the city of Tekirove is famous for. Tips and tips for those who plan to visit the city for the first time.

Even on our first trip to Turkey, we paid attention to the village Tekirova, when we came here to the ecopark. More precisely, we liked the local nature, and especially the beaches with fine pebbles, on which it was very pleasant to walk, in contrast to the huge boulders in Beldibi. Therefore, we purposely chose the hotel in Tekirova. Another reason for this choice is the numerous positive reviews, telling about the quiet and measured rest. The lack of noisy discos and rough nightlife is exactly what we were looking for a holiday with children.

If you look at the map, it becomes clear that the village of Tekirova is the most remote from the Antalya airport. But compared to more southern regions of Turkey (the same Alanya), the distance to it is only 75 km. Together with the arrivals in other settlements, the transfer to our four-star hotel Club Festival took just over an hour.

Almost immediately, we put our belongings in the room and went to the beach. It took about 10 minutes of a leisurely walk from the hotel, and there we dive into the warm sea waves. On the shore of the poured fine imported sand, and in the water – small pebbles. You can swim away to the buoys, where it is already deep, but it still seems that the bottom is close – so transparent the water here. If you go behind the ecopark on the road and turn left, you get to a pebble wild beach.

However, there are no changing rooms, cafes and deck chairs, but there are very few people here.

Nature here is just great – a huge pine trees and mountains. The air is saturated with the scent of pine, so even in the sultry day is not so stuffy. Boardwalk here is replaced by a boardwalk that stretches along the shoreline. We loved the evenings walking around the hotel and the streets of the village.

There is a pharmacy, stores, and shopping stalls. They mostly sell basic necessities – swimming gear, summer clothes, souvenirs. There is a store with fur and leather goods, but we were advised not to buy anything there because of the inflated prices. Instead, the tour bureaus offer to take a trip to the stores of Antalya.

By the way, here we departed from our principle – not to take ready-made excursions, and went on a trip called Demre-Mira-Kekova.

We can say 3 in 1. We visited 3 historical sites at once – the ancient tombs with an amphitheater, the Church of St. Nicholas, a sunken city of Kekova. Everything was very pleasant, even the story of the guide during the journey between sites about the life and traditions of the Turkish people. But it was not possible without the promotional action – at the end of the trip we were taken to a small store where they were selling beautiful products made of semi-precious stones. This is the reason why I prefer to travel by myself in a rented car.

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What to see nearby

Right in the village of Tekirova there is a unique reptile park, where people come from Kemer and Antalya. We have been here before, too, and the kids were happy with the tour. This time we decided to repeat the walk in the ecopark, but we took into account our previous mistakes and went to look at the animals in the morning, almost immediately after the opening at 9:00. In 1.5-2 hours before the closing at 19.00 it is also easier to stand the heat.

Here you can look at small crocodiles, iguanas, snakes, lizards, monkeys, peacocks, rare parrots. You can feed rabbits and guinea pigs, as well as large perches that live in the pond.

Of the other places to visit within 15-20 km, I would recommend:

  1. The city of Kemer. A perfect place for today’s youth. If you want to visit a disco, it is better to go to Kemer. On me it did not impress – a large village consisting of hotels and stores. Though in a small town there is a dolphinarium (we preferred to go to Antalya), the water park and a choice of excursions here, undoubtedly, more. Many reviews read about the park “Moonlight”, but it was not easy to find this place. Stopped almost every store and asked the locals in Russian and English – no one could tell us where it was. It wasn’t until we pulled up to the beach that we saw the “Moonlight” sign.
  2. Olympos cable car. The lower station is situated just 12 km from Tekirova in the direction of Kemer, but it is quite difficult to get there by yourself, because buses don’t go there, and cabs are expensive. That’s why many of them, like us, take an excursion to Tahtaly Mountain for 45-50 dollars to get there by comfortable bus both ways. On the spot, the ticket costs $35. The cabins carry 80 tourists at a time and depart twice an hour (during high season). The first seconds of ascent is breathtaking, it opens up a magnificent landscape – pine trees below, a little later in the endless sea. At the top there is a large observation deck with digital binoculars, you can also eat in the cafe and buy souvenirs.
  3. Ulupinar village. It is just 2 km from Tekirova, quite walkable. The river of the same name flows into the sea, so you can just walk along the riverbed. There are several fish restaurants that are located right on the mountain river. The most famous of them is Ulupınar Batonik Restaurant. The local specialty is grilled trout. You can catch it yourself or just walk along the river while it’s cooking. Children will also enjoy this walk, in addition to the beautiful nature here is a mini zoo with a peacock, ducks and rabbits. Prices are high, especially on alcohol, but the cooking here is really very good.
  4. Ancient city Faselis. This tour is situated not far from Tekirova – about 6.5 km far from Kemer. We got there by shuttle bus for 6 lira per person. The entrance to the historical site costs 20 liras, children are free. The area of the buildings that are left of Faselis is not big. It takes about 30 to 40 minutes to walk around. There is not much to see. There is a half ruined amphitheater and the remains of some structures with arched aisles. Despite the small area there is no place to hide from the sun and it is very tiring. But there is a beach nearby, where you can swim after the tour.
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Of course, we didn’t limit ourselves to visiting these places. We took a rented car to Antalya to visit the oceanarium, dolphinarium, “Mini City” park, lunapark, and on the way back we stopped at the dinopark near the village of Geynyuk. Our seven-day vacation in Tekirova flew by unnoticed, we were very sad to leave here. If we should ever have another holiday in the area of Kemer, we would love to come back here.

Holiday in Tekirova, Turkey 2022 – Personal style review

Tourists, attractions - Tekirova

Hi, my name is Alina and I have been living in the country of Turkey for about 5 years now. Tekirova, Geynük, Çamyuva and the center itself is a complete list of areas where I managed to work in the hotel business. Before moving from Russia I successfully coped with the duties of a travel agent.

Today I will tell you about Tekirova location: what is the weather, prices, attractions, good hotels and reviews of the settlement. At the end I will answer additional questions from tourists:)

Useful : at Ziraat ATM you can withdraw liras from the MIR card. Cash rubles can also be exchanged, but the exchange rate is less favorable.

Where is Tekirova?

5* Gural Premier Tekirova Gural Premier Hotel Tekirova 5*

On the territory of the 5* Gural Premier Tekirova

Tekirova is a resort village in the Kemer region with a local population of 3.5 thousand people. During the tourist season the number of people increases several times (which is natural).

Distance from Antalya Havalimanı Airport is about 70 kilometers. There are several ways to get to the area:

  • Transfer from a tour operator (usually provided with the purchase of a package tour)
  • Car with driver from Kiwitaxi – favorable and comfortable for the company of 2 people, especially with children and luggage. The cost of the service starts at 3200 rubles.
  • Public transportation (as an option). But it is tedious, long and uncomfortable with suitcases. From Antalya station to the village fare is ≈11 lira.
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I read the reviews on Tekirova – tourists describe it as a picturesque place with a unique microclimate. And it’s true. The village offers unique views of the forest, the smell of the sea and pine trees. The air temperature at the resort in the heat is a couple of degrees below than in the same Kemer and Antalya. Interesting and the village is located near the sights.

Prices for tours

If I still worked as a travel agent, be sure to recommend our firm. But two years ago my brother was traveling abroad for the first time and came across convenient online services:

At first I was skeptical of them, but this is the first time my brother chooses a hotel there. And remains as happy as a Cheshire cat on vacation. The last time I looked tours in Kemer. Tour for two people for 10 days and all inclusive cost him only 59 000 rubles.

The cost of the tour all inclusive in the village of Tekirova for two people with a flight from Moscow (in rubles):

Hotel class 7 days 10 days 14 days
4* from 54 000 from 66 000 from 78 000
5* from 65 000 from 86,000 from 111 000

A trip to Tekirova is mostly a family vacation with children. The concept of the hotel for this sharpened, and coniferous air, nature, hushaah. The cost of travel for parents + child starts at 71 000 rubles.

Weather in Tekirova (Kemer)

Tekirova Beach 5* Gural Premier Tekirova Turkey

A small piece of the Tekirova beach from the side of the 5* Gural Premier Tekirova hotel.

The beginning of the season: April. End of season: October.

In spring, close to April, the first tourists arrive. You can enter the sea without getting goose bumps in May and it is +21,4°C. The weather is sometimes capricious with rain in March and April. In May, rainfall is rare and temperatures are +24°C.

Summer is hot both day and night, especially in July and August. The average air temperature during daylight hours stays at +32°C or even higher (sometimes even up to +50°C). From 12:00 till 14:00 it’s better not to go on the beach – the sun activity is at its peak. But the sea won’t let you down, the water temperature is +27°C … +29°C.

The first half of autumn is comfortable for beach holidays. The temperature in September is the same as in June +28°C … +29°C. The sea got warm during the summer +28 ° C, you can swim to your heart’s content. But closer to the second half of October and November, the coolness begins to be felt.

The average air and water temperature in Tekirova (°C)

Month Air temperature Sea
daytime Night
April 19,6 11,4 18,2
May 23,9 15,2 21,4
June 28,6 19,1 25
July 32,2 22,3 28,1
August 32,6 22,7 29,3
September 28,7 19,8 28,3
October 23,3 15,8 25,5
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The Velvet season (April, May, September and October) is popular with older people and families with children. It is also a time for corporate visits and groups of athletes.

Choose this time for a number of reasons:

+ no exhausting heat

+ hotels are often not fully booked

+ Calm and peaceful, without intrusive animation.

Families with children come from late May to September, because of the warm sea. For excursions will suit the spring or autumn. I like the end of the season because of the sea and a lot of fruits.

About the rest in Turkey by season, we have a whole article with reviews of tourists.


Amphitheater in Kaş The Tropical Forest in Tekirova

This is an old amphitheater in the town of Kas (I took a tour) / Tropical Forest on one of the hotels in Tekirova

Some families with small children, there is no need to go to the village. Someone does not even wonder what to see in Tekirova (Turkey). All their vacation they spend on the territory of the hotel. Blago hotels maximum equipped with everything you need: adult and children’s pools, animation, mini clubs, etc.

For more active, I say at once, as such iconic monuments in the village no. But there are interesting, in my opinion, places nearby. So, the main attractions in Tekirova:

  • Cleopatra Cove is a wild unequipped beach (which means no cafes, no restaurants, no sun loungers rental, no toilets). The coast is rocky, there are large boulders. But oooh very beautiful views and clear water. You can get there by the Lycian trail, which begins from the 5* Euphoria Hotel.
  • The mountain river Wadi in the center of the village, which dries up in the summer. Along it runs a nice little promenade.
  • Nearby is the Olympos National Park and around it are mountains, forests and a small campsite.
  • A diving center (for both beginners and experienced divers) and three uninhabited islands are nearby. Tours run from 9:30 -13:30 and 14:00 -17:30.

You can also walk to the teahouses and gozlemes (where they make Turkish flatbreads with stuffing – gozleme). And of the good restaurants:

  • Ice Creame House (delicious ice cream from 12.00 – 23.00) On the territory of 5* Rixos Premium Tekirova
  • Sun Marina Restaurant Cafe Bar Address: Sk. No:1
  • Deep Blue Restaurant Bar At: Tekirova Mahallesi, 145. Sk
  • Kumsal Bufe Address: Tekirova Mah. Sok., No:5

The young people of Tekirova itself are likely to be bored. If the level of the hotel and good service are important, why not? But do not look for big night clubs. But you will find cafes, restaurants and disco bars (Teras bar, Guzel Gozler).

Where to go from Tekirova?

Lookout tower in the town of Kaş

These are the views from the observation deck in Kas. Somewhere over there you can see the outlines of the Greek island Kastelorizo.

For a start, you can go to the strongly neighboring Kemer (only 16 km). The bus takes 20-30 minutes or more, depending on the stops and the number of wandering tourists.

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The fare is 4.5 lira as of January 2022. By cab it is about $3. By the way, the same transport stops at the old town of Fazelis – entrance is 20 liras.

As an option, you can get to Antalya – the center of shopping on the coast (about 60 km). We have a detailed guide about it on our blog.

Of the excursions I have in mind oooh a lot. I’ve chosen the top mast si I’ve been on myself:

I went in August 2019. Charming city, I recommend it and attach photos. Maybe you’ll fall in love.

With children, I recommend the water parks:

  • Dolusu Park. Adults – $35, children from 8 years old – $25.
  • At the VIP-hotel 5* Rixos Premium – open for public use. Operates from May 1 to October 1 (depending on load and weather). in Belek or Turkish Disneyland. Adults – $60, children from 5 years old – $48.

Good Hotels.

Hotel pools Swimming pools spread throughout the hotels.

Swimming pools spread throughout the hotels.

During the season, Russian, Turkish and European pop stars perform in the hotels of the settlement. Foam disco and pajama parties are held. The hotels provide spa, fitness, sports group activities and a la carte restaurants with different cuisines. But for such a more upscale vacation and the appropriate amount of money for the trip.

I will list those hotels, which I am sure myself. So, a good 5 and 4 stars, the cost of the tour is indicated for 7 days on all inclusive for two.

Hotels in Tekirova, 5 stars :

✓ Marti Myra – from 101,000 rubles

Four star hotels in Tekirova:

✓ Club Pinara – from 57,000 rubles

During the season Tekirova is more attractive for holidays with children – hotels are all inclusive and ultra all inclusive. Most hotels are 1 line, they have water parks, children’s animation, with different activities, up to courses for learning to swim.

For holidays with children, I would choose the following (prices are per parent and child and ultra all inclusive):

Tekirova Beach.

Tekirova Beach

The beaches in the village are municipal and public. The shore is sandy with very fine pebbles. The entrance to the sea is gradual, gentle. Some are private with hotels with imported sand. Umbrellas, sun loungers and towels are free.

Tekirova resort is also known beach Cleopatra. It is wild and unequipped, there are not even toilets. When entering the water there are stones and boulders. But it’s very beautiful.

Review and tips about the resort.

The small streets of Kash - Turkey Kalkan - Turkey

Walking the streets of Kas / And this, if memory serves me correctly – Kalkan.

I personally would go to rest in the village only with the family and children. Alone or a couple maximum for 3-4 days, to relieve urban fatigue. I’m a dynamic person, I prefer the city (Kemer or Antalya, for example).

Reviews about Tekirova, mostly good, but found some comments. In brief:

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