Thailand in Spring – 2022. Weather in March, April and May

Rest in Thailand in the spring

Holidays in Thailand in the spring is quite good, although in terms of climate it is somewhat inferior to the winter period. There is still almost no rain, but from the end of March the temperature starts to rise, reaching a record of +33 … +36 in April and May. And so every day. Taking into account the high humidity, sometimes you get the impression that you’re in a bathhouse – the air is sticky and hot.

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But you should not get upset and postpone your vacation from spring to a more favorable period. In fact, the above-described heat is very easily tolerated near the coast. And since almost everyone comes to live near the sea, you won’t feel much discomfort. Besides the heat is unpleasant only in the sun, and when you’re in the shade and sometimes cooled by the sea (its temperature is +28 … +29), the body is not much warm, plus the wind from the sea pleasantly blows (and at night it can be even a little chilly and have to cover with a light blanket).

Rest in Thailand in the spring in Khao Lak

The best resorts in Thailand in the spring are Pattaya, Samui, Ko Chang, Hua Hin and all the islands of the Gulf of Thailand. But rest on the Andaman coast (Phuket, Phi Phi, Krabi, Lanta, Khao Lak) is good only in March and April, because in early May it begins to rain, the waves at sea are getting worse and, accordingly, it is not comfortable to swim and sightsee. Sometimes it rains in late May. In our opinion, it is better not to rely on chance and go in May on the beaches of the Gulf of Thailand.

Phuket in spring

Also in the spring Thailand is not very good to go to the north of the country – Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Pai. Firstly, it is hot (daytime temperatures can reach +35 … +38), and secondly, you will not see the beauty of natural attractions because there was no rain for almost six months and many waterfalls dried up, trees and grass are yellow.

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If you go on vacation in the spring, more precisely in its mid-April, you can see how to celebrate the main holiday of the country – Songkran. This is the Thai New Year, which falls on the 13-15th of April. But since the locals get almost a week off, all the activities continue from April 12 to 17-18: there are holiday concerts, fireworks, colorful shows, all throw water on each other.

Samui in spring

Spring in Thailand (March-April-May) will give you a sea of sun and warmth, you will take bright pictures of the blue sky and the coast sparkling in the sun. The only exception, as mentioned above, is the Andaman Sea resorts in May.

Since mid-April some hotels discount accommodation, motorcycle rental is on average 50 baht cheaper (from 250 to 200), and the excursions can save almost half of their “winter cost” (in peak season). Flights are also much cheaper. Thus, Thailand in the spring is perfect for budget tourists who want to visit the country cheaply, swim in the sea, sunbathing and gain new and pleasant impressions from the sightseeing.

Where to go on vacation in the spring

In March and April in Thailand, the weather remains fine, you can choose any resorts and cities in Thailand. In May it is better not to go to Andaman Sea resorts (Phuket, Phi Phi, Krabi, etc.), as the rainy season begins.

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Thailand in March: weather, sea and rest on the beach

Do you believe that in early spring you can swim in the sea, sunbathe on the beach and enjoy a full summer? If you do not believe it, then in vain, because all this is in Thailand – the country of a thousand smiles. It is no exaggeration to say that the weather in Thailand in March 2022 is sunny and hot, and the water temperature in the sea reaches maximum values. All this attracts tourists to the coast of the kingdom and these days there are a lot of tourists. If you are going here, we will tell you which resorts are worth looking at first and why you should choose this particular destination in the first month of spring.

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Weather in Thailand in March 2022 water and air temperature. Reviews, photos, whether to go

The beginning of spring in the country is caused by the next jump in temperature. Summer is coming and the sun is getting louder, as the number of sunny days is increasing. Precipitation increases as well, because summer is not only heat, but also heavy rainfall and rainy season.

Weather in Thailand in March 2022 water and air temperature. Reviews, photos, whether to go

The capital of Thailand Bangkok is beautiful in any weather, and in March it is sunny and warm. During the day the air easily heats up to +32 degrees, sometimes exceeding this mark by several points. The nights get shorter and the air does not have time to cool, so at night it’s +25 degrees and it’s not very comfortable to sleep. For this reason, traveling to the country in the spring, you should pay special attention to find a hotel with an excellent ventilation system and working air conditioning in the rooms. It rains here, but their number is not so great. Usually there can be up to three rainy days, and the amount of rainfall is 30-35 millimeters.

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The same amount of precipitation also falls on the most popular resorts in the kingdom, in Phuket and Pattaya. There are also 2-3 rainy days in a month, and the rains are usually not prolonged, ending within an hour or two. The air temperature is also about the same, but a little warmer in Pattaya. In Phuket it is about +32, and sometimes there can be a slight breeze. The nights also vary in temperature. And here Pattaya looks more advantageous, because at night the resort is about +25, while in Phuket it is no higher than +23 degrees. But the sea is warmer off the coast of Phuket, and there is a little paradox. Although it is warmer by about two degrees. For tourists it is not critical and the choice of resort depends only on personal preferences.

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Weather in Thailand in March 2022 water and air temperature. Reviews, photos, whether to go

It rains and precipitates the most in the increasingly popular resort of Ko Chang. In March, there are five to seven rainy days and the amount of rainfall exceeds 75 millimeters. But even in spite of the rather heavy rainfall temperatures are high. During the daytime thermometers readings break records, rising up to +34 +36, and at night it becomes a little bit cooler and about 23 degrees plus. By the way, it is at night and the greatest amount of precipitation, so if you plan to rest during the day and on the beach, then do not be confused by the amount of precipitation for the month. Since the air temperature during the day at the resort is noticeably higher than at other resorts in the country, the sea warms up more. Already in the beginning of the month the water is heated to +25, and by the end of the month may be all +29 degrees. In such water you want to swim and bathe, which tourists are happy to do.

Weather in Thailand in March 2022 water and air temperature. Reviews, photos, whether to go

Do not forget about Samui – a resort, which attracts many by the fact. That there are still few tourists. In March it’s very hot and the air temperature rises above +38 degrees during the day. At night you can walk even in a bathing suit, since the air cools down only to +24 degrees. This resort is also notable by the fact that in March it rains very little. During the entire month of the fall about 10 millimeters of precipitation, which is really not enough for this month.

Where to rest in Thailand in March

Check the summary table with the weather in resorts in Thailand to see where the most comfortable conditions for a vacation at the beach.

Weather in Thailand in March 2022 water and air temperature. Reviews, photos, whether to go

Tourist reviews about the weather in Thailand in March

“From 4 to 12 March I was resting in Pattaya. The weather is just super. Sun every day. The sea every day. Rest every day! Everything was very nice, except the prices. A lot of tourists here, and prices because of this high.

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Weather in Thailand in March 2022 water and air temperature. Reviews, photos, whether to go

“My husband and children came to Phuket on March 7. Rest lasted ten days and all these days was sunny weather. It was hot, sometimes we had to leave the beach because of the heat. The sun burns since the morning, so without the cream can not go out into the street. Children and we liked the vacation, so we approached our summer and enjoyed the rest.

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