Thailand Winter 2021-2022: December, January and February Holidays in Thailand

Choosing a vacation region – where is the best place to vacation in Thailand in winter 2022 – 2022?

Winter in Thailand has nothing in common with what is meant by this word in Europe. While Europe and much of Asia suffers from freezing snow and slushy weather, near the equator the weather is warm and dry, which is perfect for a winter vacation .

There are three seasons in the tropical kingdom:

  • The heat season . It lasts from March to May. During this time there is no rain and the weather is very hot. Sometimes the temperature can reach +45 ° C. It is not suitable for vacations. Lasts from June to October. During this period, it rains all over the country, but sometimes clear weather. The air is very humid and warm, about +26-32 ° C. It is very hot and cloudy all the time, which makes it hard to rest. It lasts from November to February. There is little rain and the weather is dry and clear, with temperatures of +20-34°C. January, December, February is the most favorable time to vacation in Thailand.

However, not all areas of the country have comfortable weather. In some areas from December to February may be dry and sunny, while in others at the same time – prolonged tropical rains. To avoid ruining your vacation, you need to know where to go in winter.

Tours and packages

Prices can be viewed on the website of a hypermarket tours Travelata and buy tickets online. The cost of the tour includes: airfare, transfers from the airport to the hotel and back, accommodation and meals at the hotel and medical insurance.


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Chiang Mai

The cradle of Thai civilization, the first capital of the Kingdom of Siam, and the current capital of the north is ideal for visiting in winter. At this time the northern regions have the most favorable temperature and humidity levels, ranging from +18-27 ° C .

Price category: medium, budget.


The second most visited resort of Thailand, is beautiful in winter. All three months there will be cloudless, dry and windless weather. The average air temperature tends to increase by one degree every month, from +27 ° C in December, to +32 ° C in February.

The unpleasant things: problems with cleanliness of the streets and beaches, crowds and overpriced everything.

Price category: average, high-budget.


The Andaman Sea coast is a little hotter in winter than other parts of the country. However, on the party island this heat is perceived more easily, thanks to the brisk sea wind that blows through the resort from all sides. The average air temperature is +27-32 ° C.

The only unpleasant thing is the high prices on everything, except for the flight.

Price category: average, high-budget.


Krabi province is located 50 km to the east of Phuket and is famous for its islands, forest reserves and cheap resorts. The weather and temperatures are similar to Phuket’s, and the prices are lower.

Price category: medium, budget.


Go to Koh Samui in winter is not recommended. From November to March here is the rainy season, which prevents a normal holiday. However, if you really want to, you can try. Especially since it will be very cheap, given the small number of tourists on the island. The average temperature ranges from +25 to 32 ° C.

Price category: budget.


It makes sense to stay in the capital of Thailand to explore the local attractions for a couple of days, but no more. The weather here is similar to that in Pattaya, but the heat is felt more acutely, due to pollution and an abundance of concrete buildings, which heats the air in the city.

Price category: average, high-budget.

TIP! The water temperature in the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand, during the whole winter is almost the same – 26-29 ° C.

Prices for holidays

The cost of flying in the winter is very cheap because of the huge number of passengers who actively buy tickets, thereby increasing the profitability of the destination and reducing prices. However, everything else in Thailand (except food) at this time is more expensive.

NOTE: Prices are translated at the current exchange rate of 2 rubles per 1 baht.

Prices for hotels

We recommend to rent lodging on safe web-sites:

    – The world’s leading hotel rentals – compare hotel prices in 70 booking agencies
Ayutthaya: travel guide, tours, directions, reviews and tips

The average cost of daily rent of a standard double room:

  • 1-2* hotels – from 600 rubles;
  • Hotels 3* – from 1000 rubles
  • 4* hotels – from 3000 rubles
  • 5* hotels – from 5000 rubles;
  • Bungalows at the hotel – from 1,000 rubles.

Apartments start at 2,000 rubles, cottages at 3,500 rubles (cheaper sometimes), and private bungalows at 500 rubles. If you rent for a month or more the price can be lowered a little.

Nutrition .

Prices for food are the same at any time of year.

In markets and supermarkets

Prices for basic products in Thailand are almost the same as in major cities of the Russian Federation, such as Moscow or St. Petersburg. The only things that will be cheaper are seafood and fruits.

The average cost of a full food basket for a week for two people is about 6000 rubles.

In cafes and restaurants

Average bill for a three-course dinner for one person:

  • at a makashnitsa (street food tray) – from 170 rubles;
  • at a cheap restaurant or cafe – from 500 rubles;
  • in an elite restaurant – from 800 rubles;
  • a set at a MacDonald’s or KFC fast food restaurant – from 350 rubles.

Price of drinks:

  • coffee – from 50 rubles;
  • a can of soda – from 40 rubles;
  • A glass of local beer (detailed prices for alcohol here) – from 70 rubles;
  • A bottle of local wine – from 800 rubles.
Examples of meals at a makashnitsa
  • Noodles or rice with meat – from 80 rubles;
  • Tom Yum soup – from 100 rubles;
  • barbeque – from 60 rubles.


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  • a ticket to a cabaret show of transvestites – from 1500 rubles; – from 1500 rubles;
  • one-day boat tour around the islands – from 2000 rubles
  • Two hour rafting on the mangrove river – from 1000 rubles;
  • Excursions through the canals of Bangkok – from 2000 rubles;
  • Half-hour elephant ride – from 1000 rubles;
  • One-day tour of the national reserve – from 1500 rubles;
  • self-admission to the reserve – from 400 rubles;
  • Overnight in a disco or night club – from 600 rubles for the entrance and 300 rubles for a cocktail;
  • Two-day tour in Cambodia – from 6000 rubles.

Where is the best place to spend the winter according to tourist reviews?

The cheapest and most attractive places for a long vacation are in the less popular resorts in the south of the country, as well as on the islands on the border with Malaysia and Cambodia.

A brief list:

  • Ko Libong (Trang);
  • Ko Muk (Trang);
  • Ko Sukon (Trang);
  • Ko Ngai (Krabi); (Krabi); (Trat); (Trat);
  • Ko Tau (Surrathani (near Samui Island));
  • A special feature is the cities in the north of the country; Chiang Mai, Pai, Mae Hong Son. There is no sea, but it’s very cheap and pleasant climate (in winter it’s like summer in central Russia).

There are few tourists, low food prices, and the locals can rent a bungalow for $ 100-150 per month.

To summarize

Winter in Thailand is the most comfortable weather for recreation. Flight costs are cheap, but the prices of accommodation and services are inflated due to the influx of tourists.

Cabs, tuk-tuks and buses in Pattaya: which is more convenient?

The minimum budget per person should be:

  • 10 days – from $600;
  • 20 days – from $1000;
  • 30 days – from $1,500.

This amount includes such daily expenses:

  • rental of a standard room in a 3-4* hotel;
  • 3 meals a day in a cafe;
  • 2 trips by public transport;
  • 1 excursion;
  • additional expenses.

The price also includes the purchase of souvenirs, alcohol and a small (once a trip), shopping .

Winter holidays in Thailand

Holidays in Thailand in winter.

All about winter holidays 2021-2022 in Thailand! Where is the best place to go on vacation? What is the weather like in December, January and February? What are the prices of the tours? How much for food and accommodation? Tips and reviews.

As of May 1, 2022 Thailand is fully open to vaccinated tourists (“Sputnik V” is recognized). Only the unvaccinated need to do a PCR test before departure from now on. In addition, all tourists must buy insurance and obtain ThailandPass. Tour from Moscow now costs from 120,000 ₽ for two people for 7 nights. Here are the optional prices for stays and flights. Information on flights and other aspects of holidays in Thailand may not be up to date now, check with official resources. Check the list of open countries.

A land of exotic fruits and blooming orchids, picturesque Thailand is most popular with tourists in winter time. In November, the rainy season ends and the weather is dry and warm with a warm sea and a comfortable air temperature of +30°C. Thai winter is just perfect for a full beach holiday and excursions – without the exhausting heat and sudden downpours. Therefore, we will tell you where to rest in Thailand in December, January and February, what to do and what the weather is like there, we will tell you about the prices of accommodation, food and tourist packages, and share reviews and tips from tourists.


Thailand Winter 2021-2022

(photo © Paul D’Ambra – Australia /

Where to go for a winter vacation in Thailand

Conventionally, Thailand can be divided into several tourist zones.

The noisy and lively Pattaya is very popular with our compatriots: the wild nightlife with go-go dancing and shows for adults attracts people looking for adventure. Here the tourist season lasts almost all year round, however, the water in the bay a bit muddy, but the greatest concentration of bars and nightclubs on the coast. Tourists have fun diving, surfing, riding scooters, bananas, pellets, etc. Families with children love to visit the parks and animal shows, gardens and orchid greenhouses. A few kilometers from Pattaya are islands with amazing postcard beaches and clear water, where tourists go swimming (eg, Ko Lan).

Where is the best place to rest in the Land of Smiles – in Pattaya or Phuket?

В Бангкоке всегда приятная погода, легкий бриз днем не дает жаре превратиться в изнуряющую. В тайской столице уникальные дворцы и три сотни храмов со статуями Будды, национальные парки и сады – все посмотреть за одну поездку просто невозможно. Пятого декабря тайцы отмечают именины правителя короля Рамы IX. Празднования ведутся на широкую ногу – с концертами и яркой иллюминацией, это зрелище стоит того, чтобы его увидеть. Метро, автобусы, такси в Бангкоке >>

Many people choose the Andaman coast (Phuket, Krabi province, Phi Phi, Khao Lak, etc.) for a winter vacation in Thailand. Phuket is loved by divers and lovers of boat trips. On the beaches of Phuket has a good infrastructure, hotels and bungalows of different price segments. Krabi province is more suitable for a relaxing beach holiday. The water here is clean and clear, there are almost no precipitation and winds, it’s warm and sunny, the water temperature in the Andaman Sea +28. +29°С. In addition, tourists can visit local temples, see the process of growing pearls, visit butterfly farms, snakes and crocodiles, the nearby islands.

The 13 best beaches in Pattaya: how to get there on your own

Samui resort pleases its guests with beautiful beaches, fresh tropical fruits and seafood, it is an ideal place for a relaxing holiday. But during the winter months, Koh Samui and other Gulf of Thailand resorts experience heavy rains and storms, especially in December and January. Only by the end of February is the weather clear and hot.

The northern part of the country and the cities of Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai are ideal for tourists who can not tolerate the tropical heat and humidity. Winters are mild and comfortable, and December and January are considered the coldest months of the year, with temperatures of +28°C during the day and +10. +15°С. In Chiang Mai, nature comes alive in the winter. On the first Friday in February, there is a festival of flowers every year. During this time, Chiang Mai is transformed, there are tropical flowers everywhere, and smart people walk the streets. There is a beauty contest, where the most beautiful girl receives the title of Queen of Flowers.

Our tips for those who want to save on flights: how to get to Bangkok and how to fly cheap to Phuket. Also check the list of low-cost airlines in Thailand – with their help you can fly cheaply around the country and to other Asian countries. About how to find a last minute tour at the best price, read below.

Thailand winter tours

(Photo: mick62 / / CC BY 2.0 license)

New Year in Thailand

If you are planning a trip for the New Year and want something bright and unusual, it is better to choose major cities for recreation, there will be a large-scale festivities – Bangkok, Hua Hin, Pattaya. The streets are walking “dragons” and decorated with garlands palm trees temporarily perform the duties of the Christmas tree. Thais celebrate New Year’s Eve three times: January 1, the Chinese New Year (late January – early February) and their holiday Songkran in April.

In Pattaya, from December 25 to December 31, opens fair, the whole Beach Road is busy with stalls with various goods, souvenirs and food. On New Year’s Eve is a concert-festival, which brings together local musical groups and performers. Well, the most vibrant celebrations unfold on the waterfront in Bangkok’s Naton and Menam Beach. At midnight on January 1 is obligatory holiday fireworks.

Weather in Thailand in winter

Winter is the best time for recreation and excursions in the north, in the cities of Chiang Mai or Chiang Rai: it is dry, warm (and even cool by Thai standards), the average daily air temperature is +27. +28°C during the day and +14. +15°С. It rains a little.

On the island of Samui high temperature of +30 ° C, the water is warm, up to +28 ° C, but about half of December and January is cloudy weather, it may rain not only at night but also during the day, so guess with the trip is difficult. In February it gets hotter +32. +33°C, the high humidity goes away, and the number of rainy days is reduced to 5.

Weather in December

Thailand in December is recovering from the rainy season: the average temperature is in the range of +25. The average temperature is in the range of +25°C and precipitation stops. Gradually the temperature increases, and in February it becomes a little hot – up to +35 ° C, although some tourists feel comfortable at these values. Most importantly, in winter there is no excessive humidity, because of which travelers often call tropical countries steam or sauna. The exception – the island of Samui, from December to February there is humid and can be quite heavy rains.

January Weather

January is an ideal time to travel to Phuket. The temperature rarely drops below +30 ° C, usually +31. +32 ° C, complete calm, the sea +28 ° C. It gets hotter in February. In Pattaya – no precipitation, sunny and warm +30 ° C. In January in Pattaya, the average temperature is about +27. +30 ° C, no precipitation, bright sunshine.

Where to rest in Phuket - 2022. Top 15 beaches.

February Weather

The weather in Thailand in February is still good. You can easily get a bronze tan, the air temperature is +32 ° C and it may rain a couple of times. Slightly hotter in Bangkok and Krabi province – about +31. +32 ° C all winter.

See also an article about the weather in Thailand in spring: we describe water and air temperatures and advise which resort is better to visit.

Thailand in December

(photo © melenama /

Prices in Thailand in 2021-2022

Food prices

In Thailand in 2022, even despite the ruble exchange rate, democratic prices . Thai cuisine abounds with tropical fruits, vegetables and seafood, and you can get a good meal at a diner for locals or makashnitsa for 30-60 baht per person (noodle soup, pad Thai or a box of rice and some toppings), a variety of kebabs cost 10-20 baht apiece. In tourist cafes, of course, more expensive – sometimes the price can be up to 10 times higher (especially Patong in Phuket). Those who are afraid of exotic food and plenty of spices, you can eat at European restaurants or food courts, where the food is more oriented to tourists. And in general Thais are trying to put Europeans little pepper and are well aware of the word no spicy.

Fruit is quite cheap, especially in the season. When buying you can bargain, if you take a lot. It’s better to do it at markets, farmers’ vans (jeeps) or in supermarkets – sometimes in the stalls on the tourist streets the cost is clearly overpriced.

The cost of food and accommodation in Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket are different – here you can compare them and choose the best place to stay. Read about prices in the Land of Smiles and our expenses on two trips in winter and spring here.

Hotel costs in winter

With lodging is also not bad: hotels and hostels in different price categories are plentiful, you can search for them on the site Roomguru – it finds the best options by comparing prices among popular booking systems.

In Thailand in December, January, February and March prices are at their peak (high season), and in April they begin to fall. Below we list the prices for double rooms in hotels in resorts in Thailand for the winter 2021-2022.

In downtown Bangkok, near the Grand Palace, a room for two can be rented for $ 24 and above, a simple room on Kaosan Road – from $ 8, good rooms can be found for $ 10-13.

In Pattaya, there are many good options in the $16-$25 range, about 500-1000 meters from the beach. Rooms with a sea view in four-star hotels average $37-70. Rooms at five-star hotels are usually expensive, but the action on Roomguru sometimes you can find fabulously cheap rooms (especially if you look in advance) – for example, we found offers from $ 28 for a double room at Pattaya Hiso Hotel and from $ 44 in Jomtien Beach Penthouses Pattaya. On Ko Lana there are also many interesting hotels – rooms starting at $ 16 per night for two people.

In Phuket, hotels cost about the same as in Pattaya. Hostel – from $14, double rooms – from $18. A night in a three-star hotel for two near the beach will cost on average $21-37, in a 4* hotel – from $40 to $80, in a 5-star hotel – from $75. See our review of the best hotels in Phuket.

Thailand Winter price

(photo © themillersofliverpool /

Tours to Thailand in Winter 2021-2022

Last minute tours at the best prices can be searched for on services Travelata and Level.Travel – they compare the offers of 120 tour operators and therefore are able to find the best option. You can buy tours online, which is very convenient. Do you want to spend a minimum amount on vacation? Our tips for finding cheap tours will help you save money.

Holidays in Phuket - 2022. Travel information, prices and reviews.

In early December the prices for tours to Thailand are still at the level of November. But by the middle of the month they increase by 15-20%, and by the Catholic Christmas season by 50-60% compared to November. Obviously, many want to escape from winter, to splash in the warm waves and laze on the sand. The cost of tours peaks on January 1 (70-80% more expensive than at the beginning of December) and keeps falling slightly by 10-20% until the end of February.

But all these statistics absolutely do not exclude the possibility of catching cheap hot deals (for example, for 40-50 thousand rubles for two). These hot deals in Thailand may even be cheaper than the airfare alone on regular flights. In this case the price of the tour includes a flight, accommodation, transfers, insurance and meals of your choice. We write about the cheapest tour packages in a special section – follow the news!

Approximate prices for tours for two people . Tours from Moscow to Thailand in December, January and February 2021-2022 cost from 52 thousand rubles (7 nights rest). The cost of tours from St. Petersburg, Ekaterinburg, Rostov-on-Don and other major cities in Russia usually starts at 80 thousand rubles, but on some dates you can find tours and for 70 thousand.

Take a look at: What to bring from Thailand as a gift to your friends and relatives.

As a side note:

  • As a rule, the cost of tours to Phuket and Pattaya is about the same.
  • The price of tours for 10-12 nights is not much higher than the cost of tours for 7 nights.
  • Closer to the departure date the cost of tours may decrease significantly, for example, to 50-60 thousand rubles, and sometimes even lower. Stay tuned at and travel cheap!

Reviews and tips for tourists

Judging by the reviews of tourists who went to Thailand in the winter months, they were satisfied with their trip to a warm sunny country: the beautiful beaches, unique architecture, exotic flora and fauna, unusual cuisine. The only thing is that the rates for medical care in the Land of Smiles are very high, so we recommend buying travel insurance before the trip – still unfamiliar food, active sun, mosquitoes and other insects, and even a primary consultation or a doctor may cost 200-250 dollars. When going on vacation to Thailand and other countries, we always take out an insurance policy.

Thais give the impression of being friendly and welcoming people, but there are also those who make money off gullible foreigners. We’re talking about so-called “helpers,” who extort money for their services and entice tourists to buy goods and services. It’s easy to be persuaded in the Land of Smiles, so you can never be too vigilant. However, Thais are not as pushy in this regard as the Arabs in Egypt.

According to travelers’ reviews, to buy souvenirs and jewelry experienced travelers recommend in large shopping centers or proven stores, very much overpriced on coral islands, where tourists are taken on excursions.

And in general, Thailand in winter is extremely attractive in terms of weather conditions, it’s a good time to have a good rest, do sports or travel on excursions. The disadvantage of winter holidays in this country – high prices and a large influx of tourists, but if you want to save money, you can go in early December.

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