The cost of travel to Israel. Prices – 2022

How much does it cost to go to Israel?

traveling to israel on your own

How much money do I need to take to Israel? Let’s do the math! This article is an overview of the prices of food, hotels, tickets and travel in 2022, based on which we will calculate the cost of a trip to Israel for 3, 5, 7 and 10 days for two people.

Israel only accepts vaccinated travelers, Sputnik V qualifies. No direct flights yet, tours are not on sale (extra-pandemic prices are listed). Check the list of open countries.


Exchange rate: 1 Israeli shekel (ILS) ≈ 17 RUB.

Cost of visa

Russians do not need a visa to Israel in 2022. It is only necessary to have some documents – read more about this in the article “Visa to Israel. The cost of this article for most tourists will be zero.


For the sake of safety and security we recommend taking out insurance at the sites or Cherehapa – they compare the prices of all major insurance companies. You can choose a policy on the desired parameters and the best price. You will pay from 400 rubles per week.

How much airfare to Israel

The cost is for a round trip flight. Prices are current at the time this article was updated.

Going on an independent trip to Israel, be prepared for a large expenditure. Try to save on flights by catching cheap airline tickets.

  • The cheapest tickets to Israel from Moscow to Tel Aviv cost from 8590 rubles round trip (connecting flights in Belgrade with Air Serbia). The direct flights from Moscow to Tel Aviv cost from 14000 rubles (by Pegas Fly).
  • Flights to Tel Aviv from other Russian cities are a bit more expensive: for example, from St. Petersburg – from 10 thousand rubles, from Rostov-on-Don, Ekaterinburg, Samara, Novosibirsk – from 15 thousand rubles round trip.
  • The cheapest way to Eilat is again from Moscow – the flight costs from 15,000 rubles.

Take a look at how to get from Ben-Gurion airport to Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

Where to find cheap tickets? Use the Aviasales search engine – it compares prices of all airlines. Learn the secrets of finding cheap airline tickets.

trip to Israel

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Food prices in Israel in 2022

Where to eat cheaply

Israel has a huge number of different cafes, restaurants, eateries and bakeries – finding food is not a problem. But how to find cheap food – a different matter, because the cost of food constitute a significant part of the cost of travel to Israel.

As in any country, tourists recommend eating in establishments for the locals and turn to cheap street food to save money and try the local cuisine. Restaurants serving European and other cuisines will have high prices (starting at $15 per dish).

Visa to Israel for Russians in 2022

Budget travelers should note coffeeshops, bars and supermarkets called Cofix, where everything costs 5 shekels ($ 1.3): pastries, coffee, etc. And this in expensive Tel Aviv! Cofix is gradually conquering the country: in addition to the capital, there is a network of these places in other cities. Gradually, there are competitors, too.

A similar café, where all menus cost 5 shekels, is called Coffee Express. Travelers and locals love these places, because they can save a lot of money. They have a take away system and there is always a queue.

According to tourist reviews, you can eat cheap falafel in Tel Aviv at Falafix (Allenby St 95) and Falafel Ratzon (King George 17). The cost of falafel is 6 shekels (5-6 pieces), the other dishes are a bit more expensive. You can get a full meal for 15-20 shekels at Foodix (Herzl St 102): meat, veggies, etc.

Approximate prices for food in supermarkets in Israel in 2022: a liter of milk costs $ 1.5, a loaf of bread – $ 2, local cheese (1 kg) – $ 13, apples (kg) – $ 2.5, bananas – $ 2, 1.5 liters of water – about $ 1.3, a bottle of wine – about $ 12. The prices are indicative and subject to change. In tourist towns and areas they are higher. Inexpensive products can be purchased at Cofix supermarkets. Vegetables and fruits are better to buy in the markets.

What to try in Israel

Tourists recommend not to eat the usual foods and immerse yourself in the Middle Eastern cuisine, trying the following traditional dishes:

  • Falafel – balls of chopped beans fried with spices and garlic. Served with salad and sauce, potatoes and tortillas, it all depends on the chef. How much does a falafel cost? Usually 6 to 20 shekels ($1.5 to $5 per dish), with an average price of about 12 shekels ($3).
  • Hummus – needs no introduction.
  • Shakshuka – scrambled eggs with tomatoes and spices.
  • Sabih – pita with stuffing (eggplant, peppers, egg, hummus, etc.).
  • Shwarma – flatbread with meat, salad, sauces.
  • Rogalakh – croissants with stuffing.

trip to Israel cost

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A trip to Israel: hotel prices in 2022

A significant amount of the budget when traveling to Israel by yourself will be spent on accommodations, because the hotels are not cheap. Prices depend on the season and popularity of the place among tourists. During the holidays the cost of hotels increases significantly. Let’s find out how much it costs to stay here.

Reviews of tourists in Israel. Holiday tips - 2022

On Roomguru, a hotel finder, you can find hotel deals in Tel Aviv from $ 58 for a double standard. Prices for 3* hotels start at about $100 per night, although if you book early it is possible to find special offers starting at $70. A place in a shared room at a hostel starts at $20. Five-star hotels, of course, are expensive – an average room starting at $200. For example, a night in a double room at The Rothschild Hotel 5 * in downtown Tel Aviv costs from $ 185 (rating – 9.6 out of 10). Roughly the same price in Jerusalem.

In Eilat, the cheapest hotel – from $ 65, three-star – from $ 100, five-star hotels are prohibitively expensive – from $ 410 for two.

You can save if the family or the company to rent an apartment or house. In Tel Aviv, prices start at $ 60 a day, in Eilat there are options from $ 40, but many offers for $ 70-80 dollars.

Another option is to catch a last minute tour or an inexpensive trip on the services of Travelata or Level.Travel. Sometimes this is much cheaper than an independent trip to Israel, since the cost includes a flight, transfers, accommodation, insurance and often meals.

Prices for transport in Israel

  • Travel on city buses costs about 7 shekels.
  • A liter of gasoline – from 7.5 shekels.
  • Rent a small car (per day) – $ 34-37.
  • Toll road #6 – from 11 shekels.
  • Paid parking – from 10 shekels per hour.
  • Cab from the airport to the center of Tel Aviv – from $36 to $46.
  • Train from the airport to Tel Aviv – $4.16.

Monthly pass (Rav Kav) – from 213 shekels, weekly pass – from 64 shekels. The cost of the pass depends on which zones in the metropolitan area you choose. The wider the zone, the more expensive it is. You can read more about this on the website of the carrier “Eged”.

According to reviews, when traveling in Israel it is best to rent a car, but there are also disadvantages: traffic jams in cities, lack of parking space (both paid and free), as well as in some places narrow roads. But the full freedom of movement! Learn all the nuances of renting a car abroad.

How much is a trip to Israel

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Sightseeing Prices

Search for interesting tours on Tripster. Individual and group, without crowds and in Russian.

Here are the prices for some attractions:

  • Eretz Israel Museum – $13.5.
  • Tel Aviv Museum of Art – $13,5.
  • Admission to the Spa at the Dead Sea – about $20 per person.
  • Comprehensive ticket to Masada Fortress – $25 per person.
Resorts in Israel - 2022. Where to rest on the sea

How much does it cost to travel to Israel in 2022

Let’s calculate how much an independent trip to Israel for 3, 5, 7 and 10 days for two people costs. It is clear that it is very difficult to do this, because it is impossible to take into account all factors and preferences. Let’s take as a basis the minimum prices for food, accommodation and transportation in Tel Aviv, and only you in the calculations, start from that amount.

The cost of a trip to Israel (Tel Aviv) for two people for 7 days consists of the following items:

  • Flight Moscow – Tel Aviv 25400 rubles for two people round trip ($ 373);
  • Three meals a day (including one at a cheap Cofix) – a minimum of 130 shekels per day for two ($ 34), that is $238 per week;
  • Lodging in the cheapest hotel in Tel Aviv – $58 per night for two people, i.e. $406 per week (bed in a shared room in a hostel: $140 per week per person and $280 for two people);
  • Bus fares – 7 shekels per person one way, i.e. a minimum of $7.3 per day ($51 per week for two people) + the trip to and from the airport by shuttle bus – $42, for a total of $93 per week.

Thus, the minimum spending in Tel Aviv would be $1110 for two people for 7 days. This did not include trips to Jerusalem and other cities, visits to attractions, car rental, insurance, buying souvenirs and so on – something that depends on the preferences of the traveler.

Now calculate the price of a trip to Israel for 10 days for two: 373 + 340 + 580 + 115 = $1408.

A trip to Israel for 3 days will cost $713 for two people, for 5 days – $911 .

We hope that these calculations of the cost of the holiday will help you in organizing your trip to Israel.

Tours in Israel 2022.

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Tours in Israel 2022 – a bright holiday in the Holy Land.

Despite the fact that Israel is a small country, it is very attractive to tourists from all over the world. And no wonder, because tours to Israel allows you to touch the ancient history, rich culture, incredible nature, health tourism and delicious food.

Tel Aviv Airport: How to get there

If you are interested in rest in this country, read our material next.

Why is it worth to go to Israel?

Go to this country is worthwhile for a variety of reasons:

  1. A great concentration of spiritual life. Jerusalem is the Holy Land, which for many people is of great importance. Christians, Muslims, Jews are eager to come to this city. And even atheists don’t mind walking through the holy land at all. Every tourist has the opportunity to see many Biblical sites, visit the Temple of the Holy Sepulcher, Goliath, look at the Wailing Wall and other unique places.
  2. The Dead Sea. This unique body of water is one of the most salty on our planet. Its water and mud are sources of valuable minerals and trace elements, which can cure various diseases, heal, improve mood and well-being. Every year a lot of people from different countries come here to get away from everyday life and heal from a lot of diseases. Especially interested in recreation at the Dead Sea elderly people.
  3. Israel – the country-museum. Every traveler can literally touch history, because in this country, almost every stone – evidence of historical events. In Israel, there are 10 sites that are included in the World Heritage List of UNESCO.
  4. Beaches and great opportunities for diving. Tours to Israel are much more than a vacation at the Dead Sea. Tourists have the opportunity to swim in other seas: the Red Sea, the Mediterranean and the Sea of Galilee. Everyone will find the beach in accordance with their needs: there is always room for families with children, couples in love, single tourists, fun companies. On many beaches, you can dive and explore the beautiful world.
  5. Picturesque Nature. Connoisseurs of natural sights will be delighted with the rest in this country. After all, Israel is a beautiful country, decorated with mountains, amazing flowers, hills, valuable springs, charming deserts, valleys and reservoirs. It is very cool to go here with children, because you can show how beautiful and rich our planet is.
  6. Local flavor. It is worth to come to Israel for the snow-white walls of ancient Jerusalem, the narrow streets, cozy, oriental bazaars, amazing locals and incredibly delicious food. In this country you will be filled with positive emotions and vivid impressions.

As you can see, there can be many reasons to travel to Israel, and that is not all.

Resorts of Israel

This is truly a wonderful country that attracts beach holidays, health opportunities, valuable attractions. Consider the best resorts in Israel, which certainly deserve your attention:

  • Tel Aviv. It is a beautiful and vibrant city, located on the Mediterranean Sea. Active people are always welcome: almost nonstop working restaurants, cafes, nightclubs. Beach holidays in the region – at the highest level. 14 kilometers of colorful coastline will impress even the most discerning tourist. In Tel Aviv, modern well-groomed beaches that delight in purity, availability of everything necessary for a pleasant stay. There are centers for diving and surfing.
  • Netanya. This is another resort located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. The city is considered one of the most beautiful in Israel. Tours here are bought by fans of comfortable and attractive beaches, greenery, national parks, beautiful scenery and a cool holiday. In Netanya will love all the lovers of various sports, because there are tennis courts, an extreme bike park, opportunities for windsurfing and other activities.
  • Nazareth. This is a holy city that is built in the same place where the Virgin Mary once received the news that she would soon become a mother and gave birth to Jesus. Not only believers should come here, but also those who like beautiful architecture – the city has many magnificent cathedrals, such as the Church of the Archangel Gabriel. Nature lovers will also love it – Nazareth has a national park and other natural sites.
  • Eilat. It is a key resort in Israel, located on the Red Sea coast. At the same time it is a seaport, which is close to Jordan. It attracts beautiful beaches, calm waters and the opportunity to see fascinating marine animals. There are reserves there that are suitable for diving. Tourists will also be impressed by the mountains, the Red Canyon, and the Timna National Park. At this resort will be very interesting for adults and children.
Weather and seasons in Eilat by month. When is the best time to relax

Decent resorts in Israel is quite a lot and our list simply can not contain them all. If you are interested in a particular city, please contact our managers. They will tell you about its advantages and opportunities for tourists.

Tours in Israel: Prices

The cost of tours in Israel is the cost of a set of services:

  • airfare (it is cheaper to fly out of Moscow);
  • transfer;
  • The stardom of the selected hotel;
  • the number of people;
  • type of food;
  • others.

In our company you can order a tour at a bargain price. We will analyze your needs and financial capabilities, and then help you choose the best option. We offer sightseeing tours, beach, as well as youth and active recreation.

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