The Crimea or Abkhazia – where to have a better holiday

The Crimea or Abkhazia – where to have a better holiday

A comparison of holidays in the Crimea and Abkhazia.

What better to choose for a holiday in 2022 – the Crimea or Abkhazia? We compare the weather, beaches and sea, prices for tours and accommodation. How much is food and excursions and where are the most interesting sights?

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Where is cheaper vacation – in the Crimea or Abkhazia? Package tours cost about the same. Look at the prices for two for 7 days with a flight from Moscow in high season:

Abkhazia Crimea
Hotel 1-2* 27 000 ₽ – Amina Beach 23 000 ₽ – Kara-Dag
Hotel 3* 33,000 ₽ – Assir 36,000 ₽ – Eclipse
Hotel 4-5* 41,000 ₽ – Kiaraz Arena 41,000 ₽ – Kaffa

Beaches & Sea

Crimea. The coastline is more than 750 km long. There are sandy, pebbly, mixed, and rocky beaches in the Crimea. In any part of the region can easily find beaches with shallow entrance to the water and fine sand, which is convenient for recreation with children. In summer there are always lots of people on the main beaches of the peninsula – in Yalta, Evpatoria, Sudak, Koktebel and Alushta. If you want a secluded vacation, choose smaller resorts.

Where is the best beach in the Crimea or Abkhazia?

This beach “Miami” in Olenevka – wide and almost deserted.

Abkhazia. The coastline of the small republic stretches for 210 km and is covered with pebbles. There are few sandy beaches. For a holiday with children people usually choose Sinop beach in Sukhum, the Central beach in New Gagra and wind-protected Pitsundskaya bay.

Where is better to have a rest – in the Crimea or Abkhazia? There are not many rivers and streams on the peninsula. The Black Sea is not polluted by emissions, and the water is much more transparent. At small resorts in the Eastern Crimea, the sea looks just perfect. The bottom can be seen at a depth of 5-7 meters.

In Abkhazia, the situation is different. Rivers flow down from the Caucasus Mountains, which carry sedimentary rocks into the sea. Despite the coastal currents, the water in the resorts is not as clear as in the Crimea. In addition, many beaches are not equipped for recreation by the sea.

Where to go on holiday in Abkhazia or Crimea

Gagra. Photo: Dmitriy Kirilin /

Weather and climate

The Crimea. The peninsula is located in the zone of the warm Mediterranean climate and dry steppe climate. In summer, the air warms up to +28. +32 ° C and the sea water reaches +25. +26°С. Weather in the Crimea in summer →

Abkhazia. Humid subtropical climate prevails on the territory of the republic. At the peak of the tourist season the air temperature rises to +30. +34°С. Water in the Black Sea is also warm +26. +28°С. Caucasian mountains close the coast from the strong winds. However, due to the proximity of the mountains, the difference between day and night temperatures is greater than in the Crimea.

Where is it warmer – in the Crimea or Abkhazia? The Crimea is located to the north, so in the summer months is 2-3 ° C colder there. The velvet season ends earlier. In Abkhazia the humidity is high and it rains more often. The bathing season lasts long – from late May to early November.

The truth about Gagra. Reviews about rest and prices - 2022

Where is it warmer in Abkhazia or the Crimea

The beach in Pitsunda. Photo: Hons084 / / CC BY-SA 4.0.

Prices for recreation

Accommodation prices. The hotel base in the Crimea is several times larger than in Abkhazia. In addition, there are many sanatoriums, boarding houses, children’s camps and private accommodation on the peninsula. In Abkhazian resorts there are several luxury hotels, but none of them has a 5 *. In Crimea excellent 5* hotels take tourists in Sevastopol, Yalta, Feodosia, Gaspra, Alushta and Foros. The main tourist accommodation is small guest houses and mini-hotels by the sea.

Prices for a double room in the Crimea and Abkhazia in the peak tourist season:

Food Prices . According to tourist reviews, food on the peninsula is more expensive than on the mainland. The average check in the dining room for two – 600 rubles, and dinner in a budget restaurant – 1000-1200 rubles. In Abkhazia you can have a hearty meal for two for 500-600 rubles. Prices for food in Abkhazia →

Prices for excursions . The cost of excursions is about the same. Bus tours for half a day cost 500-800 rubles, and for a full day -1000-1500 rubles. In the Crimea the distance is greater, so the prices for tours in remote corners of the peninsula higher.

Prices for rent of transport . Rent a car costs almost the same. Compact cars offer for 1400-1800 rubles per day, medium-class cars – for 1800-2400 rubles, and roomy SUVs – for 2500-3200 rubles.

Where is more profitable to go on vacation – to the Crimea or Abkhazia? Accommodation will cost approximately the same, but on the peninsula there is a greater choice of private housing and hotels. In Abkhazia you can save a little money on food.

Where is the best beach in the Crimea or Abkhazia?

Hotel base in the Crimea is several times larger than in Abkhazia. Photo: Givaga /

Attractions .

Crimea is famous for its unique natural and architectural monuments. The pearls of the peninsula are considered to be Nikitsky Botanical Garden, the Grand Canyon of Crimea, Ai-Petri cliffs, Chatyr-Dag caves, Swallow’s Nest, Livadia and Vorontsov Palaces.

Comparison of resorts of Abkhazia and the Crimea

Vorontsov Palace, Alupka.

Abkhazia. People come to this republic to see the New Athos Monastery, New Athos Cave, Lake Ritsa and mountain waterfalls. On its territory there are preserved dolmens, ancient fortresses and cathedrals. In the capital of Abkhazia there are botanical gardens and interesting museums.

Where to spend your vacation more interesting – in the Crimea or Abkhazia? If you are a fan of sightseeing tourism and like to travel yourself, go to the Crimea. The peninsula is rich with cave towns, antique monuments, medieval forts, monasteries, magnificent palaces and parks. There are a lot of picturesque caves, canyons and waterfalls in the Crimea. To visit all these interesting places will take more than one year! The main attractions of Abkhazia can easily be covered in a couple of weeks.

Where is better – in the Crimea or Abkhazia?

Where is better to go in 2022 – to the Crimea or Abkhazia? Each region has its own advantages and disadvantages.

According to reviews of tourists, the mild and dry climate of the Crimea is ideal for recreation with babies, elderly travelers and tourists who have high blood pressure, heart and vascular disease. In the humid subtropics of Abkhazia is harder to breathe and endure the summer heat.

Beach holidays in the Crimea are better. There are many sandy bays, and most beaches are equipped. Abkhazia is chosen by those who like wild recreation by the sea.

How to get to Lake Ritsa in Abkhazia

Where is the cleaner and better beaches in Abkhazia or the Crimea?

Dolphins in Novy Svet, Crimea

The Crimea has a more developed tourist infrastructure and road network. The peninsula has more entertainment for children and young people. Many believe that the level of service in the Crimea is also higher.

However, there are those who like to come to Abkhazia year after year. Tourists like Abkhazian hospitality, relaxed atmosphere, delicious homemade wine and bright subtropical greenery.

Abkhazia or the Crimea – where to vacation

It is possible to spend your vacation in comfort not only abroad. In the season 2022 tourists hospitably meet and domestic resorts. It remains only to decide where to rest better in Abkhazia or in the Crimea. These are the top regions where millions of people annually sent to change the environment and get new experiences. Some prefer the mountain rivers of the Caucasus, others like the azure waters of the Black Sea. It is hard to make a choice, so it is worth weighing the pros and cons.

Where is it warmer?

In both regions there is access to the Black Sea, but the weather conditions are fundamentally different. In Abkhazia the holiday season lasts from May to October and in the summer it is especially hot and stuffy with high humidity. The average air temperature in the hottest month exceeds 30 degrees and absence of a breeze, alas, is not refreshing.

Weather in Gagra

Weather in Gagra by months

It is warmer in Abkhazia, but the weather borders on such concepts as sweltering and hot. The Crimea is also hot, but the reduced humidity and sea breeze help to escape the summer heat, to rest comfortably not only under the air conditioner. The season lasts from May to September . In contrast to Abkhazia in October in the Crimea is already cool, the water temperature drops to 16 degrees, swim mostly locals. If vacation is the last month of autumn, we advise to book a tour of Abkhazia, and in the Crimea to go in August and September.

Weather in Alushta

Weather in Alushta by month

Answer: Warm and pleasant weather in the Crimea, while in Abkhazia in the summer months is unbearable and the heat from morning till evening. Rest on the Black Sea in winter with children is recommended to plan in Gagra or Sukhum, here is the mildest climate and easy acclimatization.

Where are the best beaches?

It doesn’t matter if it’s Abkhazia or Crimea, everywhere you can find beaches of the Black Sea. And in summer it’s so nice to cool off in the azure waters and relax on the comfortable beach. If we talk about the Crimean peninsula, the beaches are more diverse: pebble or sand – in the north-west, stone, concrete and rock – in the south. So tourists have a lot to choose from. In addition, in the Crimea beaches are better equipped, regularly cleaned and more approached to the concept of “civilization”.

In Abkhazia you can also relax on the Black Sea coast, but the range of resorts and entertainment is limited. The best beaches are in Gudauta, Gagra, New Athos, Pitsunda and Mussere. The ground is strewn with fine pebbles, the entrance to the sea is gentle and the water is clear and azure. On the readiness and comfort of beach rest is better to go to the Crimea. If you want to enjoy the pristine nature and exotic, you can order a tour to the picturesque Abkhazia.

  • Video review of the best beaches in Abkhazia.

Answer : unequivocally in the Crimea, the more so, you can choose a more comfortable terrain on your own.

Where is easier to get?

If before tourists did not want to mess with the Kerch crossing to get to the Crimea, since last year, this problem has been solved. Now the road to the peninsula takes less time and costs less, because the famous Crimean bridge was put into operation. This increased the flow of tourists to the Crimea, but demand for tours in Abkhazia is still not reduced. Besides in Simferopol airport operates, and trains from Moscow are not only to the capital of Crimea, but also the legendary Sevastopol.

Private sector in Abkhazia. Prices - 2022. How to choose.

All the nuances of travel and prices for planning a trip to the Crimea on their own, we laid out in a separate article.

Getting to Abkhazia is much more difficult. Airplanes do not fly, and if you travel in a private vehicle, you will have to go through the border. The procedure can drag on for an hour, spoil your mood for the upcoming vacation. You can get to Abkhazia by train or regular bus. In the first case there is a Moscow-Sukhumi route, and you will have to spend more than 2 days on the road. An alternative – a bus ride from Sochi, Krasnodar, Volgograd and Rostov. From Adler there is a daily train to Abkhazia, travel time is just under an hour, and it is not expensive.

Ticket prices, train timetable, bus routes – a separate article on how to get to Abkhazia on your own.

Answer : Of course to the Crimea, especially after the opening of the Crimean bridge for cars and trains and thus unloading the Kerch crossing.

Prices for recreation

In anticipation of travel tourists often can not decide Abkhazia or the Crimea, where is better? Prices for holidays – an important criterion for choosing where to spend your next vacation. Want to rest inexpensively and comfortably, and then leave positive feedback on the trip. According to the comments rested more expensive rest in the Crimea, and every year the prices are growing dynamically.

The cost of tours

Before you decide where best to go to Abkhazia or the Crimea, it is important to get acquainted with the rates of tours. Journey to the Crimean peninsula is more expensive, especially if you vacation with the whole family. The price of the tour depends on living conditions, month of arrival, the range of services provided. For example, for three days on the cliff of Alushta in “Oliva-Art” will have to pay 9,000 rubles. Airfare is not included in the price tag, but the food is organized by the system “All Inclusive”. In Evpatoria the price is about the same. At the “Wave” in the village of Rybachie, the vacation is more expensive – from 15,000 rubles for 3 days.

In Gagra you can spend 3 days for 10,000 rubles, and in New Athos from 10,000 rubles for the same period. A 5-day vacation with a flight from Krasnodar, but without food in White Panama (Gagra) will cost from 15 000 rubles. During the season in the Crimea and Abkhazia prices may vary depending on the flow of tourists.

Resorts of Abkhazia. Where and when it is better to have a rest.

Photos of the Black Sea

Cape Fiolent in the Crimea

Prices for dwelling near the sea

The cost of living in the Crimea is much higher. The most expensive are in Sevastopol, Yalta, Massandra, Sudak and Foros. The price depends on the distance to the coastline, traffic access, conditions and length of stay. For instance, a bed-place in the private sector costs from 500 rubles per day. And in Sevastopol you can rent an apartment for 1 500-2 000 rubles. More decent hotels cost tourists from 3 000 rubles per day and above.

The prices for housing in Abkhazia are lower. For double room in a one-star hotel will have to pay from 1000 rubles per night for two. If it is a guest house in the private sector, the cost starts at 500 rubles (depending on the conditions and month of arrival).

Prices for air tickets

The Crimea or Abkhazia in September, where to plan your vacation? A trip to the Crimean peninsula will be more expensive, the cost of an air ticket from Moscow starts at 5,000 – 6,000 rubles per person and higher. There are plane tickets and for 12,000 rubles, depending on the day of the week and the airline.

Airplanes don’t go to Abkhazia, and you can get to the resort by bus or car. The trip will be much cheaper, but it will take longer to get there and you mustn’t forget about border control.

Food and meal prices

The cuisine of Crimea and Abkhazia is different. In the first case, the emphasis is on fresh fruits and vegetables, in the second – meat and dairy dishes. On the Crimean peninsula you can taste dishes of Tatar, Greek and Russian cuisine. In Abkhazia you can feel the Caucasian hospitality. We advise to choose what you like best.

In the Crimea in September, cheap fruits and vegetables, it is time to enrich the body with natural vitamins. Otherwise, the prices for products are not lower than inland. The average price for a complex dinner in different regions is 200 rubles. In Abkhazia, food is cheaper, in addition, locals are always happy tourists and do bargain discounts on everything. So that the rates are order of magnitude lower and in the service sector.

As for cafes and restaurants, there is enough of this good everywhere. Only in the Crimea such public catering establishments are more developed, established tourist infrastructure. In Abkhazia they are more like “sovdepovskie” canteens, but the prices are much lower. The average price tag in a supermarket in the Crimea – from 1,000 rubles, in Abkhazia – 500-600 rubles.

Lake Ritsa in spring

Lake Ritsa (Ritza Relict National Park)

What to do and what to see?

In search of where to relax, you should not ignore the local attractions. The Crimean peninsula offers picturesque landscapes, historical and architectural monuments, and nature reserves all year round. In Gaspra and Saki you can feel the benefits of curative mud and even relax in the sanatorium. To look at Sevastopol and personally visit the place of battles, learn the history of the formation of the Russian state. In Bakhchisarai to book an excursion to the Khan’s Palace and the unique park of miniatures. And in Massandra to visit the champagne factory. And what’s worth a gorgeous view of the sea from the notorious Swallow’s Nest or the rock Sail on Foros.

How to get to Abkhazia

No less exciting visit to Sudak, Kerch, the village Rybachie and Laspi. In the Crimea, there are several viewing platforms, which offer picturesque views of the sea. If you are planning a vacation with kids, you should definitely visit:

  • Alushta Aquarium;
  • Yalta crocodilarium;
  • Avangard park in Evpatoria;
  • Safari park “Taigan” in Belogorsk;
  • “Glade of fairy tales” and the zoo in Yalta;
  • Circus in Simferopol;
  • crocodile farm in Evpatoria;
  • climbing Ai-Petri.

Abkhazia has changed little since the Soviet Union. Here the level of service is three to three, and to look at sights not particularly on what to see. Worth seeing are Stalin and Gorbachev’s dacha, the ruins of Dioscuria, Blue Lake and Ritza, numerous churches and cathedrals.

The answer: we recommend choosing the Crimea, especially if you have to vacation with children. There is more comfort, “bread and circuses” for tourists of all ages.

Where to rest on the reviews?

If you ask tourists, the Crimea or Abkhazia, what is better, opinions are divided. It all depends on preferences. Choosing where it is warmer – in the Crimea or Abkhazia, the second option is considered correct. In November in Crimea begins the rainy season, while in Abkhazia the weather is still warm and with moderate precipitation.

From the point of view of tourist infrastructure, the choice of holidaymakers in favor of the Crimea. The peninsula has a large number of fashionable hotels and comfortable resorts, convenient transportation, a large number of local attractions. If you want to be nostalgic for the Soviet Union, then go straight to Abkhazia.

All tourists come to the conclusion that in September it is equally pleasant to visit the Crimea and Abkhazia. If you have both resorts in mind, it is better to visit the Crimean peninsula first, and then stay in hospitable Abkhazia.

Having studied all the pros and cons, it remains only to make the right choice and recharge positive from a wonderful vacation at the Black Sea.

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