The season in Goa: when it’s best to go on holiday. Weather by month

The best months for holidays in Goa.

For vacationers, the tropical climate is endless sunshine and gentle sea. The season in Goa opens and closes tour operators. Their reality is almost no different from the glossy pictures of brochures. Another thing is if you fly to India on your own. In this case it is very important to decide on the priorities and to match the season.

Is it worth to go to Goa?

Seasons in India have a pronounced character. The mass flow of tourists to Goa begins in October and ends in February. During this time, everything works for the holidaymakers. The weather is good, resort entertainment is available in full, and the load on the airport of Dabolim increases many times because of the charters from all over the world. During high season a holiday in India turns into a colorful kaleidoscope of Eastern culture with a stunning eclecticism of informal currents and esoteric practices.

The rainy season falls in the summer months. At this time there are almost no holidaymakers. The state of Goa becomes difficult to reach, there are very few direct flights. You have to fly with multiple transfers. And rest in the classical sense is not possible: the rainy weather does not leave a chance to swim and tan, flooded towns and villages are not available for tours.

To fly to Goa for a month or more is possible only for the purpose of recovery. Indian fruits, ayurvedic centers, meditation and yoga also have their fans.

Between the dry season and the rainy season there is a period of not as comfortable climate as in winter, but already more predictable and relaxed, compared to summer. In September-October and from March to May have all the conditions for a beach holiday, the infrastructure works, but the flow of tourists is much smaller.

When best to go to Goa.

Depending on your preferences, everyone chooses for himself when it is better and in what season to rest in Goa. For beach holidays, excursions, nightlife, of course, the period from October to May is suitable. It should be borne in mind that the weather in Goa by months can vary greatly, even within the same month. Especially the transitional periods: the closer to the monsoon, the higher the humidity and the greater the chance of rainfall.


The season in Goa opens as early as October. The temperature regime is +31.6 … +32 degrees during the day, and +24 degrees – at night. It feels higher because of the relative humidity of about 75%. The waves are not the calmest, but there are few obstacles for beach holidays, the water gets warm up to +29 degrees. There is a chance of rain and cloudiness.


In November, there are few holidaymakers and prices are far from their peak values, but the weather is already stable. It may not rain, but on average it lasts no more than three days. If you wonder when it’s best to go to Goa, November is one of the best options.

During the day you can expect +33 … +34 degrees, and at night +22 … +23 degrees, the air is dry – no more than 65-70%. It takes less time to acclimatize.

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December in Goa is the peak season. Flow of holidaymakers overwhelms the coast in a dense wave, literally from the beginning of the month. The climate is smooth and predictable. The sea is gentle and clear, all conditions for a beach holiday: +28 degrees and 100 km of sand. Daytime it is +32 … +33 degrees. It can be cool at night: +20 degrees. The humidity is not more than 65%. The rainfall is 16 mm.

January and February

With the end of the New Year holidays in Goa, the season in India does not end. On the contrary. In January and February there is no rain at all. The height of the dry season (up to 60% moisture in the atmosphere). At the end of winter rises to 65%. Daytime +32 degrees, night +19 … +20 degrees. A great opportunity to relax on the beach and have a good rest. The ocean warms up to +28 degrees. The climate creates the perfect conditions for winter in Goa. The variety of fruits and the magnificent landscape attracts many vacationers.

March and April

As spring begins, the climate changes. It becomes less predictable. The infrastructure still works, but a trip to Goa with cardiovascular or respiratory problems is not advisable. The humidity increases to 73-75%. The heat is getting harder to bear. Package tourists are very few, mostly holidaymakers on a long term basis or those who have not yet come off the winter camps.

Nevertheless, it is quite possible to relax, especially if the lodging has air conditioning.

In March the temperature range is +23 degrees at night and +33 degrees during the day. In April it’s +25 and +33 degrees, respectively. Deviations on average 2-3 degrees. The water temperature rises to 29 degrees. The sun shines for up to 10 hours out of 12, but sometimes clouds come over. There is almost no precipitation – 1-12 mm.

The toughest of Goa’s transitional months. Humidity can be between 75-85%. At the end of the month begins the rainy season. During the day +33 … +35 degrees, at night – up to 27 degrees. The sea temperature is +30 degrees. Wind gusts up to 9 km / h.

The resort infrastructure of Goa is hastily phased out at the beginning of the month. Prices plummet. The number of vacationers gradually comes to naught. The heat and sweltering heat drives away even the people who come to stay for the winter.

The rainy season in Goa by months

A completely different question, whether it is worth to go to Goa in the rainy season. Tour operators unanimously reduce prices to a minimum and for a time “forget” about the western resorts of India. This is largely justified by natural phenomena. If from October to May the weather is relatively predictable, the climate in Goa from June to September is changing quite dramatically and not for the better. No forecast is able to give accurate information.

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In summer there is a minimum temperature difference, high humidity – up to 85% and strong wind gusts – about 10-13 km / h. Otherwise, the differences are only in the amount of precipitation and overcast days. Holidays in Goa in the summer are good for meditation, yoga and ayurvedic treatments. If you’re not particularly keen on a beach holiday and can bear the heat, then the question of when to go, for you should not stand.

In June, Goa gets the real element – the rainy season. The rain falls 800-900 mm. A total of 22 days will be overcast and rainy. Humidity reaches up to 85%. The coast turns into a real sauna. The daytime temperature is +29 … +30 degrees. At twilight there is no relief: +24 … +25 degrees. The ocean is warm: +28 … +29 degrees, but the beach rest is simply dangerous.

July practically does not differ from the previous month. The precipitation is a little more. Their level reaches 1000 mm. It pours on average up to 28 days. Sunshine in such conditions can not be expected. The rainy season is in full swing. Goa is deserted and the time stretches to infinity.


It rains for at least half a month in Goa, true rainfall of about 500 mm, but the holiday season is still very far away. The sun does not appear for more than 4 to 5 hours, as in the other months of summer.


Winter in Goa is better to start in September because of the lowest prices for rent. Vacationers almost no, the season is far away, so it is possible to choose a house to your liking and means.

The climate at the beginning and end of the month is very different. In the first half of September it rains at night. Goa has cloudy weather. It is +29 … +30 degrees during the day and +23 … +24 degrees at night. Beach season is closed, but the sea is warm +28 degrees. Without air conditioning it will be hard.

The best time to rest in Goa.

When to vacation in Goa depends on personal preferences:

  1. Few holidaymakers, working sheks, markets, restaurants and discos, the opportunity to admire the beauty and culture in a relaxed atmosphere are guaranteed in October, March and April. The climate creates a slight discomfort, the prices are pleasant.
  2. Weak infrastructure, stuffiness and heat, but the prices dropped to a limit and a minimum of people. A pleasant bonus in the form of a full range of exotic fruits are provided in September and May.
  3. Endless kaleidoscope of crowded entertainment, festivals and holidays. Great climate and all the available joys of Goa, thanks to the season from November to February. In addition, the load comes with the highest prices.
  4. Wellness, yoga, meditation and total immersion are perfectly combined with the low prices of the summer months. It is not the season in Goa: vacationers are dispersed, the elements rage on the coast, but its variety pleases with exotic fruits and a touch of the ancient practices of Ayurveda.

Many people mistakenly think that the rest on the island of Goa, always looks like a vanilla picture with snow-white beaches and bright blue sea. Holidaymakers are in for a bit of a disappointment. It’s not just the contrast of climate in different seasons.

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There are islands in Goa, but very small. The sea is more of a turquoise hue and not always happy with the transparency. Most importantly: there are no white beaches in Goa. In the south of the coast lies a very light sand, and in the north even darker, of volcanic origin.

Seasons and weather in Goa

About the weather in Goa by months: what is the temperature, humidity and amount of rainfall, the time of rainy season and dry season. Let’s find out when it’s best to go on holiday to India!

The climate of the Indian state of Goa can be divided into two main periods – the dry season and the rainy season. The dry season – aka high season – lasts from October to May inclusive. The rainy season takes place in the summer and the first month of autumn. The hottest month is May and the coolest month is January. Below we look at the weather in Goa by months and conclude when it is best to go to Goa for a holiday.

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Season in Goa: weather by months

The period from November to March is considered the best for holidays in Goa. It is at this time of the state like to visit tourists from Europe, our compatriots in Goa season opens in October and rests here until April – beginning of May. There is little or no rainfall, the humidity level is normalized to 60-70%, which is the most optimal indicator for the well-being of the person. The sea is warm all the time +28. +29°С.

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The weather in October is predominantly sunny and windless: the air temperature during the day +33. +At night it is +34°C, and sometimes slightly cloudy. The rains may be short with about 70 mm of precipitation which corresponds to 4-5 rainy days during the whole month.

In mid-October the sea finally calms down, becomes transparent and suitable for diving. Visibility on the coast of the Arabian Sea is not too high – no more than 12 m, so most local schools are aimed at beginners.


In November, the beaches of Goa slowly fill up with holidaymakers: it rains very little – no more than 1-2 days of rain, the temperatures are kept at the level of October, the water in the sea of +29 ° C, wind is weak. The daylight hours rise up to 10 hours, almost all days are clear and sunny. Humidity is 67%.

To go on vacation in Goa

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December is the height of the holiday season in Goa: Dabolim airport begins to work intensively, receiving tourists. The sun shines all day long, it is clear, dry and windless outside. The temperature is +34°C during the day and +22°C at night. Humidity index drops to 62%.

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January and February

The winter months of January and February are the driest in Goa, with rainfall approaching zero. The air temperature is +33 ° C, at night +21. +22 ° C, blows a light refreshing breeze. This period is very popular with our compatriots, on New Year’s and Christmas holidays there is a real tourist boom. Many go with their children: a number of world-famous hotels have opened in Goa, which significantly increased tourists’ confidence in the local service. In January the nights may be a little colder than usual, the temperature can drop to +18. +16 ° C, so tourists are advised to bring clothes with long sleeves. This is the best time to rest in Goa, only if you are not embarrassed by the high prices and lots of tourists.

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When to rest in Goa

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March and April

In March and April, daytime and nighttime temperatures continue to rise and are +34 ° C during the day and +24 ° C at night, the water in the sea is +29 ° C. There is no rain, the sun shines all day, the wind can become quite strong and cause small storms at sea. There are no or very few cloudy days.

The nights are even hotter in May – +25. +26 ° C, daytime temperatures are at least +34. +35 ° C. This heat can be endured only by the most thermophilic tourists. The sun is still strong, but the wind increases, often causing a storm, the number of overcast days increases. The humidity rises to 75% and sometimes it rains. This month is the last one before the rainy season, and tourists begin to leave the resorts.

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Goa weather by month

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The rainy season in Goa.

In summer, the monsoons begin to blow, the sea becomes rough and the rainy season in Goa begins. It can rain for days on end, the temperature is +30°C during the day and +26°C at night, it is very humid – the humidity reaches a maximum of 85-87%. This is the worst period for a beach holiday in Goa – better not to go there at this time if you are only interested in a traditional beach holiday.

Many establishments close during this period, because there are almost no tourists, prices for rentals and services reach their lowest point. With all the desire to save money on a trip will be almost impossible to guess the weather during the summer months.

The rainfall between June and August increases by a factor of 8, with rain falling for up to 22-25 days a month. During the summer and September 90% of the total annual rainfall falls. The sea is warm, but it gets too rough and murky for bathing to be enjoyable. In addition, strong winds make waves that bring piles of trash and algae to the shore.

when to goa

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It rains for one and a half to two hours as early as June. It becomes difficult to breathe because of the high humidity and the small difference between night and day temperatures. Unusual tourist will be difficult to adapt to these conditions. There are about as many sunny days as there are cloudy ones.

July is the wettest and windiest month of the year with the heaviest rainfall and therefore with even less sunny days than in June. It rains almost every day. The humidity is 87% during the daytime, increasing at night.


August has more cloudy days than sunny ones and the monsoons are still strong, but there is less rainfall than in July. Daytime temperatures are +29°C and nighttime temperatures are +25°C. Humidity reaches 88%.


The heat at night begins to decrease in September while the daytime temperatures are higher – up to +31 °С, the humidity is still very high – 86%. Towards October the weather improves gradually, the sunshine hours increase, the sunny days become common and the clouds give a glimpse of a clear sky.

sri lanka rainy season

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When is the best time to vacation in Goa

So when is the best time to vacation in Goa? The temperature of the Arabian Sea never drops below +25°C, but the real bathing season here begins in November. This is the best time for water fun and excursions, as there is clear, cloudless and windless weather.

It is believed that October opens the beach season in Goa, but it is a transitional month, the beaches are not crowded yet, they are cleaned up after heavy rains, the coastal strip is cleared of seaweed and debris. Beach shacks and bungalows also mostly do not work, to open them you need a permit, which the owners get every year.

In April and May it gets too hot, especially at night, the humidity begins to rise, already blowing strong winds, causing a rough sea. But even during this time, there are plenty of tourists on the coast.

The rainy season in Goa begins in the summer. During this time, not only unpleasant to swim in the raging sea, it is just dangerous, because there are strong undercurrents and large waves, and inexperienced swimmers will be difficult to cope with them. In addition, high humidity can tolerate a few, so, despite the tempting offers of travel companies, few people dare to travel to the state in the summer, although the savings are very substantial.

But in the rainy season in India you can recover quite well, the specialists recommend to start Ayurvedic procedures in the wet season, for the minimum course you should leave at least 3 weeks.

Many tourists believe that it is better to go to Goa from mid-December to the end of January, but at this time there are too crowded, and prices reach their peak, so if your main goal – a comfortable beach holiday, it is quietly possible to rest in November and the first half of December, as well as in February and early March.

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