The truth about Feodosia. Leisure reviews and prices – 2022

The truth about Feodosia. Leisure reviews and prices – 2022

My boyfriend and I were in late July at the Sunrise Hotel and were pleasantly surprised by the beach 117. On the photo I certainly saw it, but in reality it was much brighter, cooler, sunnier. The beach is gorgeous, the sand is gorgeous, the water is clean, no strong waves. For entertainment, ten points out of ten, very cool, fun and lively. We had the best bananas here, we rode them every day. Great beach, had a great time.

Great! Second time we come here because of this gorgeous, huge beach. It is perfectly equipped, clean, we walk barefoot without fear. There are enough beach beds, as well as entertainment. This year on bananas and scooters have ridden till the dawn) Safety is also full order – medical office, lifeguards. Here both families with children is comfortable, and groups of youth, and couples, all have something to occupy themselves.

Cool! The most adequate beach in Feodosiya. Here the fine atmosphere of fun, people have a rest on a full roll. To DJs my respect for competent selection of music, it is possible and to dance evenings. The drinks in the bar are very good, there are a lot of snacks and drinks at reasonable prices. And the drive to the beach is not far from the center. I advise, if you will be in Feodosia, not too lazy to reach, just do not be disappointed.

The beach liked it. At me always very strict requirements to beaches – comfort and safety should be in the head. The 117th conforms to all points, there is a doctor on the beach, lifeguards, cleaning during the day. And the bottom here is good, safe with children, no currents, stones or inadequate visitors. Entertainments enough, the prices as everywhere in Crimea.

I’m glad I came here. The second year rested on the beach Sunrise. The impressions always remain only good. The beach is clean and comfortable. Always quiet. There is a place to eat and drink cocktails. I think I will come back here again and more than once.

It will do in the beginning of September 2021. It was 5 years ago the last time I was in this town. Fresh air, beaches on a choice: a pebble or sand. At every corner there are cafes and canteens. Since recently, travels by train (the route will not specify). From the airport you can get on a minibus for 600r +50r luggage, or a cab. It will take about 2.5 hours to get there. IF YOU DON’T KNOW IN ADVANCE, PLEASE CHECK WITH YOUR OPERATOR WHETHER YOU HAVE A CELL PHONE CONNECTION IN THE CRIMEA. Otherwise you will have to buy a local SIM card in town. MONEY SHOULD BE TAKEN IN CASH, AND HALF OF IT ON THE CARD.

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Feodosia the Crimea August 2021 13 nights. 52 thousand for flight for two, 68 for excellent hotel Reiss in the city center and we have started our holiday. In Crimea the second time we travelled by car for the first time and have gone round the skirts. The choice has fallen on Feodosiya because looked for a sandy beach, quay where it is possible to walk in the evening. Advice: choose the good hotel differently the impression from rest will be spoiled because Crimea it is ruin everywhere the thrown half-ruined buildings, wild prices, dirt. It is necessary to walk much therefore rest not for the lazy. The climate of Feodosiya good daytime hot but not stuffy as on a yubk. In the evening comfortably. Beaches sandy and sand – a fine pebble. An input in the sea flat sandy the sea pure. We are satisfied with our stay, we have a good tan for 5 days. There is where to go. Has left about 170 thousand expensive but from lack of an opportunity to go abroad the best variant. By the way for this money in 2019 took a tour to Vietnam for a month. + with itself 50k.

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I visited Beach 117 last year. I liked it. The beach is very spacious and clean, not a single piece of trash. It is nice that the employees make sure that the place is in perfect condition. It is comfortable to rest here.

The rest was perfect: both the beach Golden Sands and hotel Stanitsa and the service and excursions. I was all 9 days which have spent in Feodosiya, in full delight. BUT. On a consequence did not manage without “a spoon of tar”: in 2 days prior to departure from the airport of Simferopol I have called the local cab service (it at them one official) with a question how many there will be a trip to the airport? I was told that 1400.00. The day of departure, I call the same phone number and the same service (which I called two days earlier), and asked to take me from the hotel Stanitsa

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Sometimes I just want to bask on the beach, anywhere not in a hurry, lying around, bezdelnitel. Beach #117 is good in this regard, because it’s vast and even if it’s overcrowded, it’s not particularly felt thanks to the large area. When lying around gets boring, you can do water sports or something more traditional. The beach area is organized cleverly.

Feodosia, Crimea 2022. Beaches, hotels, what to see and food prices

June 2019 (updated: 01.04.2022) 17

The route on the Crimea: a great journey

Feodosia is a cozy resort town on the eastern coast of Crimea and a mile and a half long pebble beach. Feodosia has a beautiful promenade, where to walk and what to see. Rest in Feodosia can be called inexpensive in comparison with other beaches in the Crimea. We tell on our experience, how to go to Feodosia independently, where to live, what interesting in a city from sights to look, where to swim, what prices for food in cafe and dining rooms.


When is the season in Feodosia?

Good weather in the Crimea starts already in June. But the water in this month is still cool, about +20 +23. Therefore optimum time for rest is considered July and August. The water temperature in the sea reaches 25 +26 degrees. In September the sea cools down again, and in the evenings it gets cool.


How to get to Feodosia

  • From the new airport of Simferopol buses go several times a day. A trip costs about 300 rubles and takes just over 2 hours.
  • From the railway station in Simferopol (bus station Kurortnaya) run buses every 30 minutes. All buses are without air conditioning. More about this route in a separate article.
  • Individual transfer will cost about 2500 rubles per car. You can book it here

Where to stay in Feodosiya

You can stop at any place along the seafront. The best location will be between Aivazovsky Avenue and Fedko Street. In Feodosia along the sea everything is developed. Just choose a hotel closer to the sea. Here are some good options:

  • Grand Astoria.
  • New World in Feodosia
  • Hotel Lydia
  • Alye Parusa Hotel


We lived in the Novy Svet Hotel . The modern room with a balcony, air conditioning, hot water and internet rented for 2500 rubles. It was 5-7 minutes walk to the beach. Here in detail have described our habitation.


Beaches Feodosiya

When approaching the beach immediately feel the “smell of the sea”. The same smell that we all remember and love since childhood. The water is blue from afar. Near the shore is transparent in good weather, but if the waves, it can be muddy.

The beach is pebbly, not sandy. It is called the “beach of pebbles”. We advise you to buy swimming shoes so that you do not suffer when entering the water. Barefoot to walk on the rocks is painful, especially with a lack of habit.


The beach is separated from the city by a railroad. It does not cause any inconvenience. Trains run very rarely nowadays. But a couple or three times a day a train passes through. Be careful at the crossing.

The beach is clean. In the sea, too, there is no trash. All tourists neatly throw wrappers in the trash cans, no one leaves garbage on the beach. Clean beach, we were very surprised, because in the internet about the Crimea one horror stories. And in fact it turned out that now everything has changed for the better. At least along the coastline in the city cleanliness is definitely maintained.

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The long coast is divided by breakwaters. There are sun beds at the price of 100 rubles per hour or 300 rubles per day. There are also large umbrellas under which you can spread your towel for free. Most tourists sunbathe on the stones all day long not to spend extra money for deck chairs. This is not prohibited. You are also allowed to put your own umbrella.


On the beach there are changing rooms and lifeguard towers. But the toilets are still a bit of a problem. There are very few toilets and they are rare. In Russia in principle tense with public toilets and the Crimea is no exception. The toilets are paid, they usually cost 15-20 rubles. If so and could not find the nearest, it is possible to ask in dining room, happens let in even free of charge, people kind. Also on the beach there is no shower with fresh water.


Watch video

Watch our short video about the situation on the city beaches:

Is it possible to swim in Feodosiya?

Going into the sea is smooth. The depth is not at once. It is convenient to bathe with children. Waves in the season are usually minimal or there is none at all. Water is transparent, you can see the bottom, but mostly only near the shore.

It is not recommended to bathe at the very beginning of a beach near gallery Ayvazovsky. There the river-stink flows into the sea. Yes, and close to the port.

We caught a time when a lot of algae was washed ashore. They give off a smell and water is slippery in such a place. While seaweed met only in Feodosiya.

It is better to bathe approximately in the center of a beach, around sanatorium of Ministry of Defence (st.Generala Gorbacheva). On the map there is a point “the First city beach”.


Country beaches or a sandy beach in Feodosiya.

There are also sandy beaches in Feodosia. The beach “Golden Sand” is a couple of kilometers east of the city in the direction of the village Beregovoye. You can get there by public transport by bus №4 for 17 rubles (sometimes ask 23 rubles).


The promenade .

There is a wide quay along the beach. It’s nice to take a walk by the sea with a beautiful view or to sit on a bench. The promenade is fully ennobled. Benches, small park areas, a square with a fountain. The embankment in Feodosia is a place of accumulation of tourists both during the day and in the evening.

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From the waterfront leave a few lively streets, where many cafes and restaurants, everywhere you can fry kebabs and chebureks, play music, sell souvenirs and delicious ice cream. We loved it here.

In parallel with the embankment is like a second embankment, separated from the main railroad. Evening stroll with a view of strange dacha palaces on the shore.

What to see in Feodosiya in 1 day.

All tours take you to different parts of the Crimea. And there are few sights in the city itself. Here are the most significant of them:

  • Aivazovsky Gallery . The exhibition of paintings by the famous artist is located on the central embankment directly by the sea. Entrance costs 200 rubles for adults. The Crimeans are now arguing whether there are still original Aivazovsky works in this gallery, or they were sent to Moscow, and here they hung copies. What do you think about it?


  • Genoese fortress . A small fortress in the west of the city, more modest than Sudak, but also interesting to see. Entrance is free. For details, see .


  • The Old Houses – Dacha Stamboli and Milos are on the Aivazovsky Avenue (alternate of the quay).


  • The Museum of Alexander Grin
  • Feodosiya Museum of local lore
  • Aivazovsky fountain
  • The fountain to a Kind Genius


  • Take a walk in parks and squares. In every park you can find the monuments to famous people of Feodosia and Russia
  • St. Catherine Church
  • Mufti Jami Mosque
  • Go with children to the dolphinarium “Nemo”. Shows are held every day at 12, 15 and 18 hours.
  • Relax on the sandy beaches in Beregovoye (“beach 117″)
  • Walk along Gallery Street, take pictures with the fountain “A couple under an umbrella” and the ship “Brigantine” on the wall.


What excursions in Feodosia

In the city itself there is nothing particularly interesting, so on all excursions take to other cities of Crimea, from Koktebel to Sevastopol. On the Eastern Crimea offer only Kerch city and walk on the Crimean bridge on the bus and by sea.

The rest of the tour takes you to the southern coast of the Crimea (South Coast). All the main attractions of the Crimea to see quite realistic.

Prices for tours is now common not to specify, you need to clarify everything with the sellers. Also, the cost of nowhere included entrance fees. For example, an excursion to the park Taigan from Feodosia costs 800 rubles. In addition pay an entrance fee of 1000 rubles. And so on all routes.

Here is a photo of the casual excursion brochure. The prices as always are not present, but it is possible at least to orientate, where to go.

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Where to eat in Feodosiya.

With a food there are no problems. Along the seafront is enough different cafes and canteens. The prices everywhere are about the same. And, in canteens is not cheaper than in cafes. Our average bill for two about 1000 rubles ($ 15) for 2 dishes, 2 side dishes and a drink, no salads, no soup and no dessert.

We ate a couple of times at the “home-style canteen”. Not cheap. Meat, fish steak, potatoes and beer with dubious coffee cost 1070 rubles.


We also had lunch at one of the restaurants on Gorbachev str. A tasty shashlik, two portions of potatoes, eggplants with cheese and beer with juice cost 900 rubles. At the same time, this cafe is practically in the first line. In the “dining room” food can go even more expensive than in the cafe.


Reviews for Feodosia

We did not even expect that we would like it so much in Feo. Clean, cozy and green resort city. Great wide promenade. And a bunch of other places to walk around. We’ve traveled a lot in Asian countries and there we really lacked that kind of space and places to walk.

In Feo, life is boiling. Already in June on the seafront crowds of tourists, everywhere sell ice cream and souvenirs. In air there are aromas of shashliks, the sea and cypresses. Feodosia combines both city and beach vacation. It is very developed here.

Despite the huge number of holidaymakers, there is so much space that there is no sense of crowds. We like this kind of lively city, because people do the very atmosphere of rest and resort mood.


Walking through the city, you feel like you’re back in your childhood. A journey back in time to the Soviet past. It seems to me that for the people born before 1990 it was a plus. The rest will say “sovok.”


The beach is huge and clean, the water in the sea is clean. Terrors in the Internet have read about any plums of the sewerage and dumpsters. There is no garbage for sure. And if something and drain, it is in port area. And where nowadays are the beaches, where something is not discharged? On the right side of the beach there was a smelly river. Maybe everyone thinks it’s a sewer. In other countries, there are such stinky rivers on beaches, too.

There is public transport. The fare around the city is 17 rubles. The buses are small and cramped – Ukrainian Bogdans and our PAZs. Of course without air conditioning. But it is possible to move around the city and suburbs budget.

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