Thermal springs of Stavropol region – 2022

All about “Valley of Geysers” thermal complex in Stavropol

“Valley of Geysers” in Kazminskoe is a famous thermal complex, which includes open-air swimming pools and a hotel. The area is divided into two parts, the first is accessible only to residents of the hotel, the other – for tourists who come for a few hours. Next I will tell you where the thermal spring “Valley of Geysers” is located, how to get there and what the prices are for visiting the complex.

Where is it and how to get to the Valley of Geysers thermal complex in Kazminskoe?

Thermal complex “The Valley of Geysers” is located in Stavropol Territory, in Kochubeyevsky area, in the village Kazminskoe at 72A, Revolutionary Street. GPS coordinates are 44.585025, 41.659092.

You can get to the Valley of Geysers by public transport. From Stavropol (Yuzhnaya bus station) there is a bus to Kazminskoye. The trip takes about 1.5 hours. There are 2 trips a day (in the morning and in the evening).

You can also get there by car, the travel time from Stavropol is a little over 1 hour. You need to go by highway R-216. At the fork near the recreation center “On the Circle” you will follow the signs to turn to the village Kazminskoye. Near the thermal springs there is a guarded parking lot.

About Kazma thermal springs

The underground thermal water in the springs was derived during exploratory drilling in 1991 from a depth of 2.8 km with a temperature at the outlet of +115 ° C in Kazminskoe field. In the basins in the territory it is not heated specifically, but comes from underground. Chemical analysis of the water was carried out by laboratory assistants of the Pyatigorsk State Research Institute.


Thermal complex “Valley of Geysers” in Kazminskoe consists of swimming pools, hotel, cafe. Tourists from different parts of the region come here to take recreational procedures.

Chemical composition of water

Water from the well is a transparent fresh liquid, odorless, without harmful and toxic components, which can be characterized by a stable chemical composition. In terms of temperature, “Valley of Geysers” Kazminka belongs to the group of hot (thermal) springs. Water in the “Valley of Geysers” is medium-mineralized, highly siliceous and includes:

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The latter element (silicic acid) is part of human skin, connective tissue, endocrine glands and bones.


Visiting the hot springs “Valley of Geysers” (Stavropol Territory) is recommended in the presence of such diseases:

  • cardiovascular system;
  • nervous system;
  • musculoskeletal system and connective tissue;
  • gynecological;
  • urogenital organs;
  • metabolic and endocrine system disorders.

IMPORTANT: only use hydrotherapy after consulting your doctor.

Doctors also recommend thermal spring water treatment for people with a mild form of diabetes and thyroid disease. For visitors with skin problems, the Valley of Geysers in Arkhyz is primarily indicated, because it renews the cells.


On the territory of the Valley of Geysers in Kazminskoe, there are 3 large swimming pools at two sites. The water temperature ranges from +33 °C to +38 °C. In a small hot pool, the water temperature is +42 °C. There is also a cold pool, where the temperature ranges from +5 ° C to +20 ° C, but the water is not thermal, but ordinary. The two areas of the complex are joined by an indoor swimming pool (not for recreational purposes), where the water temperature reaches +28 ° C.

What to bring

On a trip to the thermal springs you should prepare. Among tourists “Valley of Geysers” in Kislovodsk and Kazminsky are popular places, but their visit is possible with a bathing suit, towels, a change of non-slip shoes, shower accessories. If you want you can buy bathing suits and other related items in the store in the thermal complex.

What treatments are offered

During their stay, guests can swim in indoor, outdoor pools with thermal or regular water. Massagers are also provided for their use:

  • geysers from the bottom (air cushion);
  • Charcot shower;
  • Jacuzzi on steps.

The hot pool also massages the cervical and lumbar areas thanks to the water currents.

Where to eat

There is a café on the territory of the complex, where you can not only have a snack, but also order a good lunch or dinner. Breakfast (light) is included in the hotel price. The nearest restaurant called “Imperial” (“Valley of Geysers”) in the village of Kazminskoe is 2 km away (half an hour on foot or 5 minutes by car).

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Prices for visiting the Valley of Geysers in 2022

The cost of staying at the spring depends on the number of hours, the age of the visitor. Prices are as follows:

  • adults: 1 hour – 400 ₽, 2 hours – 700 ₽, 3 hours – 900 ₽;
  • children 5-14 years old: 1 hour – 300 ₽, 2 hours – 400 ₽, 3 hours – 500 ₽.

The first 20 minutes for changing are free. If you stay in the pool longer than the time you paid for, each subsequent minute is ₽10. You can also buy a pass for a stay without time limit:

  • adults – 1,000 ₽;
  • Children 5-14 years old – 800 ₽.

Free admission for children under 5 years old, regardless of the length of stay in the pools.

For companies of more than 10 people discounts of 100 ₽ are available for any length of stay. To get it, you should make an application by phone 8-988-700-71-17 at least 1 working day in advance. Rates are as of the end of 2021. To learn more about the prices in the Valley of Geysers in Kazminskoe, visit the official website of the complex.

Working mode

The spring is open to visitors all days of the week, if you look at the official website of the thermal complex “Valley of Geysers” in Kazminskoe, working hours on weekdays – from 11:00 to 22:00, on weekends – from 10:00 to 22:00. Entrance is possible until 21:00. For residents on the territory of the hotel pools are open from 09:00 to 21:30. Swimming is prohibited at night due to maintenance works.

Where to stay

There is no problem with finding a place to stay overnight. Tourists who came to visit the thermal springs “Valley of Geysers” can stay at a hotel located on the territory of the health complex. There are rooms with 1 or 2 rooms which can accommodate up to 4 people. Accommodation prices depend on the number of guests, room category and check-in date. The minimum room rate is 4,000 ₽, an extra bed for an adult is 2,000 ₽, for a child 1,500 ₽. Children under 5 years of age are accommodated without providing a specific place. The room rate includes the following services:

  • parking space;
  • hygiene products for the shower (only for the first day);
  • use of the pools with whirlpools and aerogasers;
  • use of the summer veranda, sports equipment and children’s playground;
  • tea and coffee set;
  • light breakfast;
  • consultation of a medical officer;
  • access to Wi-Fi.
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You can rent a massage chair or NUGA BEST NM-500 bed-massager for a fee. IMPORTANT: It is forbidden to drink alcohol and smoke in the hotel and wellness complex.

What to visit nearby

There are no interesting attractions nearby. You can visit other thermal centers nearby:

  • “Suvorovskaya No. 1”;
  • “Belovsky”;
  • “Voronezhskoe”;
  • Kazminsky hot springs;

In the surrounding area also operates a complex “SPA village”, which has a steam room, a font with thermal water, aero-massage, a room with Himalayan salt, sauna.

The thermal springs are often visited by families, companies for one or two days or for a week. For many people, the Valley of Geysers (Stavropol Territory, Kazminskoye village) is a place where they can not only relax, but also improve their health.

Thermal springs of the Stavropol Territory

Do you want to spend a weekend with health benefits? Learn about four thermal springs of the Stavropol Territory. The composition and temperature of the water, treatment features, prices for bathing and hotels in 2022. Bonus – reviews and tourist tips.

Reliable sites for booking accommodation:

    – holiday bases in Stavropol. – Health resorts, boarding houses and SPA-hotels. – Hotels, tourist bases and guest houses.


Belovsky thermal complex

Khutor Belovsky, st. Cooperativnaya, 55.

Description . Belovsky thermal springs of the Stavropol Territory began to develop in the mid-1980s. The modern complex is divided into three areas. Each of them has outdoor pools with therapeutic water and whirlpools. Tourists can get here any day from 10:00 to 22:00.

Water temperature and composition . Hot water up to +43 ° C comes from a well from a depth of 2720 m. It is rich in silicic acid, compounds of calcium, potassium, sodium, bromine, zinc and iodine.

Thermal springs in the farm Belovsky Stavropol Territory

Charcot shower in the main pool (Photo:

Treatment . Water treatments help those with diabetes, thyroid disease, skin, heart, vascular and musculoskeletal ailments.

Prices . Water treatment for adults costs: 1 hour – 250 rubles, 2 hours – 400 rubles, no time limit – 600 rubles. During the Christmas vacations and Epiphany the prices increase by 150-200 rubles. Tickets for children from 5 to 14 years old are 50-200 rubles less. A double room at a hotel will cost 3,500 rubles. The price includes breakfast and a visit to the springs.

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Thermal and recreation complex “Tsunami

Voronezhskoe village, 100 Lesnaya St.

Description . The thermal spa with three pools in Voronezhskoe is one of the new thermal springs in Stavropol Krai. It received its first visitors in the fall of 2018. The pools are available to tourists any day from 10:00 to 22:00.

Water temperature and composition . The healing water has a lot of silicic and bromic acids. The mineralization level is 25.1 g/l. The well is located at a depth of 2.5 km. The swimming pools are filled with water of different temperatures.

Thermal springs in Voronezhskoe village of Stavropol Territory

The pool has a gentle step downhill (Photo:

Treatment . External hydrotherapy is shown for gynecological diseases, diseases of the skin, circulatory system, digestive organs, nervous system, genitourinary organs, diseases of the bones, joints and respiratory organs.

Prices . 1 hour for adults – 350 rubles, for children 250 rubles; 2 hours for adults – 500 rubles, for children 300 rubles. Unlimited time for adults – 800 roubles, for children – 500 roubles.

Voronezh hot thermal springs in Stavropol region

The water is similar in composition to the mineral from Naftalan, Chartak and Kislovodsk (Photo:

Suvorovskaya thermal spring #1

Suvorovskaya village, Shosseynaya St., 1D.

Description . The hot spring in Suvorovskaya is one of the oldest in the Stavropol Territory. It exists since 1959. There is an indoor swimming pool, outdoor pools, cabins for 4 people and bungalows for 8-10 people. The complex is open seven days a week from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Water temperature and composition . Hot water up to +50 ° C comes from a depth of 1115 m. It is similar to table mineral water in salinity, has high alkalinity and saturated with silicic acid.

Thermal springs in Suvorovskaya village, Stavropol Territory

3 pools with different water temperatures (Photo:

Treatment . Hot mineral water helps with diabetes, diseases of the respiratory and digestive systems, heart and blood vessels, musculoskeletal system, female reproductive organs, urological ailments and metabolic disorders. The thermal water rejuvenates the skin and regenerates tissues.

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Prices . The first hour of bathing is 350 rubles for adults and 200 rubles for children, the extra charge for the second hour is 250 rubles, and for the third hour – 200 rubles. Rental of a cabin – 500 rubles, bungalow – 1000 rubles per hour.

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Suvorovsky hot healing springs in Stavropol Territory

It is recommended to take baths no more than 1 hour, taking into account the preparatory procedures (Photo:

Thermal complex “Valley of Geysers

Kazminskoe village, Revolutsionnaya street, 72A.

Description . Kazmi thermal springs in Stavropol Territory are popular with tourists. The complex consists of 9 swimming pools with hydromassage and aerogeisers. There is a cafe, a hotel and free parking. Visitors are given electronic bracelets. You can rent a gazebo and sun loungers. The springs are open from 11:00 to 22:00 on weekdays and from 10:00 to 22:00 on weekends.

Composition of water . The springs are rich in different microelements, but especially – silicic acid.

Hot springs in the village of Kazminskoye, Stavropol Territory

The complex has 9 pools with water temperature from +10 ° C to +43 ° C (Photo:

Treatment . Bathing in warm water is useful for diabetics, kidney diseases, respiratory organs, high blood pressure and skin diseases. It is recommended for the relief of those who suffer from diseases of the digestive organs, bones and muscles.

Prices . Bathing for adults: 1 hour – 350 rubles, 2 hours – 500 rubles, 3 hours – 700 rubles. For children: 1 hour – 250 rubles, 2 hours – 300 rubles, 3 hours – 400 rubles. Unlimited for adults is 800 rubles, for children 500 rubles. The price for a double room at the hotel is 3000 rubles. The price includes a light breakfast and swimming pools.

Prices for Kazma hot springs in Stavropol Territory

Winter swimming in the outdoor pool (Photo:

Reviews and tips from tourists

The thermal springs of the Stavropol region are popular not only among locals. Tourists from other regions of the country and even from abroad come to the hot water pools. Modern complexes with new pools and good infrastructure are of particular interest.

According to the reviews of tourists, thermal springs of the Stavropol Territory have many advantages :

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