This Must Be My Paradise: 5 Reasons to Go to the Maldives

This Must Be My Paradise: 5 Reasons to Go to the Maldives

Snorkeling in the Maldives

I’ll tell you why the Maldives is impressive and enjoyable. It’s an amazing place to visit at least once. Find out why! And the best part is that all these delights are available not only to the oligarchs, but to any budget tourist.

I do not remember what exactly was howling about the singer Maxim in his hit of the era of zero years, but for most people who have successfully overcome puberty, paradise is quite specific address and is located in the Maldives. Of course, all this is a matter of taste, and for the right to be called a paradise on Earth with the Maldives many other places can compete, but, as it turns out, this archipelago has many reasons to encroach on this status. I have been to the Maldives, and despite its shortcomings, I found five strong reasons to consider the islands a true paradise. I invite you to familiarize yourself with them.

1. The underwater world

This is the main treasure of the Maldives! What impressed and thrilled me the most.

It’s hard to surprise the seasoned traveler, especially in our globalized world when everything becomes the same, but some places can do it. The Maldives with its incredibly rich underwater world will impress anyone. I had my first snorkeling experience here and I was left thrilled!

Nowhere else in the world is there such a variety of marine life in such a small area as in the Maldives. And the best part is that every traveler can see this underwater kingdom. You do not need to have experience in diving and do not need to buy expensive guided tours, because the beauty of the underwater world is available to anyone who takes a few steps off the shore and dive into the azure waters of the Indian Ocean. Already three meters from the shore you will meet the first inhabitants of the sea. Swim a little farther, and you’ll see more. I’ve been to three local islands: Toddu, Rasdu and Ukulas – everywhere, on any beach, you can see fish, coral and other marine life.

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During the week of daily snorkeling along the shore, I saw dozens of fish of all colors and sizes, morays, huge shoals of fish, twice swam with a turtle and four times saw the queen of these waters – the shark. We had a lot of impressions! Especially from the turtle and shark. I was also very impressed by underwater cliff, sharply going deep into blue abyss – tremendous, majestic, grandiose! All in all, I was overwhelmed with emotion. This is very cool! For the sake of it all, it was worth coming to the Maldives, to spend and endure all the difficulties of a budget holiday in the islands.

The beauty of the Malagash night shark! I was lucky enough to meet one on the island of Uqulas and admire it to the full during the hunt. Photo: fishx6 / A sea turtle I swam with on Toddoo Island. Photo: simonesaponetto /

2. azure waters and white sand

This is something incredible! The color of the water in the Maldives and its transparency struck me even late in the evening right after arriving back at the Malé jetty. And what awaited me after, in the morning, when I saw this sea in the sunlight, in all its beauty!

I’ve seen similar water in other places (Mediterranean Sea, Philippines), but even an experienced traveler is blown away by the Maldivian sea. The rich azure color and crystal clarity are all very beautiful. The white powdery sand is also exactly as the tourist booklets promise. It’s good, you can’t say anything about it!

If all these beach and sea pleasures are important and interesting to you, be sure to go to the Maldives – you’ll get a lot of pleasant experiences. And do not listen to those smart guys who argue that the true beauty of the Maldivian sea and beaches can be found only in expensive resorts. Nonsense full! And those who paid $500 for the hotel, and those who paid only $50, get the same water and beaches – these things are the same on all islands.

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Water at Rasdu Island Marina. The water at Rasdu Island Marina. The other side of Rasdu Island is just as beautiful. The famous white sand on Ukulas Island beach, where you can stay in hotels for $50 a night for two.

3. Sunsets and sunrises.

They are very beautiful here! Especially in the run-up to or in the middle of the rainy season.

Not every resort gives vacationers the opportunity to enjoy both sunrises and sunsets at the same time. Not everywhere you can see the sun going down directly into the sea. But in the Maldives, it’s all there! The islands are tiny: if you want to see the sunrise, go to the east shore at 6 am, if you want to enjoy the sunset, be on the west side at 6 pm. Few people get up early in the morning, so we meet dawns all alone. For sunsets, there are more spectators. Both are very beautiful!

Sunset on the island of Ukulas. Admiring the sunset on Toddu Island. It is beautiful when the sun goes straight into the sea.

4 – A break from civilization

In the Maldives, you will live on tiny islands that you can walk around the perimeter in an hour or two, and the big earth and the metropolises with their bustle and noise will remain somewhere very far away. Around you for hundreds and thousands of kilometers will be only the ocean and rare and the same small specks of land. You will breathe the clean air, relax in silence and tranquility, and in the evening admire the gorgeous starry sky. Being in such a place and being aware of these things is a real buzz.

This is what the Maldives looks like: small pieces of land in the middle of the azure waters of the immense ocean. In the photo: uninhabited islands of Madivaru, 1 km from Rasdu, where they go on a tour. Ukulas is one of the islands where we vacationed in the Maldives. Even the inhabited islands are very small.

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5. Quiet, peaceful and safe.

The Maldives doesn’t have that awful atmosphere of the big resort towns, which personally always repulses me. There are no drunks, no nightclubs, no noise, no clingy cab drivers, callers and tour salesmen – all this bacchanalia remains very far away. Even on the local islands, where the locals themselves are completely quiet and comfortable: people live in a quiet rhythm, tourists do not jump on, almost no transport, no entertainment venues, and no one consumes. Well, and on the island-resorts of relaxation and privacy even more – for this most people and go there. No Gelendzhik, no Tagil, no “helo, my Friend! “. How nice that there are territories in our world, free of this outrage.


The Maldives is an island of calm and serenity in our hectic world.

Why is the Maldives in the trend?

A scattering of coral islands lurking in the clear waters of the Indian Ocean. What traveler does not dream of having the Maldives in the bank of his memories … And once been here, can not forget the most elusive and beautiful horizon in the world. Did you know that many tour operators offer tours to the Maldives all year round? I give the floor to Anastasia Usanova, product manager for the Indian Ocean islands of “Carlson Tourism”.

Maldives – the most popular exotic destination

To start with a bit of statistics. Only from January to March of this year, 24 thousand Russians visited the islands – almost a third more than last year. Maldives today is the undisputed leader among exotic island destinations (if we compare it with Seychelles and Mauritius). We explain it by the availability of direct flights and a huge choice of hotels, satisfying the requirements of any, even the most sophisticated traveler.


Moreover, the Maldives is a destination that is convenient to book at the last minute – here you will always find an offer that will meet the request and budget of the tourist. Another plus in the piggy bank is loyalty hotels and ample opportunities for recreation with children.

Thoddoo Island - Anapa in Maldives. Our review, photos and tips

Maldives – a year-round destination

Despite the fact that the climate in the Maldives conventionally divides the calendar year into a dry season and a rainy season, in recent years, these boundaries are erased. Tourists have been able to appreciate the benefits of vacationing on the islands and in the “low” dates. The tropical rains are heavy, but short and thus do not affect the average temperature of air and water – it remains at 32 ° C and 28 ° C, respectively. A bonus of the rainy season – prices for accommodation in some hotels are reduced by up to 50%.


The Maldives is not only a luxury vacation…

… but also an original, unique culture. Many tourists come here for the beautiful shots and romantic holidays in a secluded environment. Others go to the islands where the locals live. For a super atmosphere, it is better to do it on a doni, a traditional Maldivian boat. Hospitable Maldivians always treat kurumba – young juicy coconut and invite you to admire the sunset to the rhythms of traditional boduberu drums.

Away with idleness!

The first association with the islands – is undoubtedly the unbearable ease of life, endless peace and serene idleness, but if you want, any tourist can find something to do for every day. The possibilities of the Maldives are inexhaustible and very original. Take night fishing, for example. In addition to a great catch, you will have a fabulous and full of local legends journey with fishermen.


They will teach you how to determine the path of the stars and catch the best fish. And it’s almost impossible not to, as the Maldives is the world’s number one tuna fishery!

Five proven arguments for the Maldives

Luxurious accommodation. The Maldives is a luxury for all tastes and no limits. Particular attention of discerning travelers deserves picturesque bungalows especially for honeymooners, active couples and stylish families, and villas over water overlooking the vast ocean and the underwater world of the Indian Ocean. Thanks to direct contracts “Carlson Tourism” with hotels you get a perfect holiday at the best price.

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SPA-centers. Amazing nature of the Maldives embodied in the unique procedures that will lift your spirits, relieve fatigue and bring good health and inner peace. This is not just a nice bonus to a relaxing vacation, it is a wellness option, including a wide range of cosmetic programs for rejuvenation, massages, Ayurveda, yoga from the best experts and trainers in the world.

Honeymoon in the Maldives. If marriages are made in heaven, then wedding in the Maldives – this is heaven on earth, about which romantic newlyweds from all over the world dream! White sandy beach, turquoise lagoon, floral arch – a magnificent frame of the wedding. And for the real adventurers – underwater ceremony, where you can say “I do” in a circle of colorful fish and surrounded by beautiful coral.

Hi_ANMVMI_27798282_ANMI_Restaurant_SandBankDining_Couple-Sandbank dining.jpg

Diving. Unique house reefs with coral gardens, whale sharks, giant mantas, stingrays, sea turtles, flute fish, glowing plankton and how much more! The variety of marine fauna amazes even experienced divers, and the water temperature 28 ° C throughout the year and visibility up to 30 m make diving just perfect.


Hotels and accommodation. For the 2018 season we recommend the following hotels, some of which are newly opened after the global renovation:

One&Only Reethi Rah 5* Deluxe The St Regis Maldives Vommuli 5* Deluxe Amilla Fushi 5* Deluxe Niyama Private Islands 5* Deluxe Kanuhura Maldives 5* Deluxe JA Manafaru 5* Deluxe Finolhu 5* Kandima 5* Dhigali 5* Dreamland 4*+

The flight from Moscow to Male’ Airport is performed by Aeroflot direct non-stop flights and lasts 8 hours and 30 minutes. Emirates, Qatar Airways, Turkish Airlines or flydubai can be recommended for tourists who prefer connecting flights. Minimum travel time in this case will be about 12-14 hours.

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