To Cyprus on your own: how to get cheaply

How and by what to reach Cyprus

You can get to Cyprus from Russia and other countries by plane, as well as from neighboring Mediterranean countries by ferry. But let’s say right away that if you think that you can save money if you use water transport instead of a plane, it’s not so.

Bear in mind that the legal way to visit the island from the point of view of the authorities of the Republic of Cyprus and European countries is to arrive at Larnaca and Paphos international airports or seaports in the south (Greek) part of the island. If you arrive at one of the ports in the northern part of the island, you will be a trespasser at the state border, followed by deportation and possible criminal prosecution. To avoid this it is important to remember the following:

  • If you arrive in the Greek part of the island (in the Republic of Cyprus), you can visit the northern part of the island but you have to leave the country strictly from the Greek part.
  • If you arrive to the northern part of the island (the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus), it is better to refrain from visiting the Greek part, as you will not have entry stamps into the Republic and any meeting with the police may result in expulsion and criminal prosecution. And of course it is out of the question to leave in the Greek part.

And now more about each of the ways to get to Cyprus:

By plane.

There are a total of three international airports on the island: Larnaca and Paphos airports on the Greek part; Ercan airport on the northern part. Without a connection you can get only to the first two airports, because Ercan airport has flights only from Turkey.

Recall that in order to enter the Republic of Cyprus with a pro-visa issued online, the arrival flight must be direct, no transfers are allowed. If you find a suitable connecting flight, you’ll need to apply for a paper visa at the embassy, which is also free of charge for Russian citizens. Read more about visa and visa regime in Cyprus here.

Larnaca Airport, Cyprus

Aircraft at Larnaca airport

Via Larnaca airport

Larnaca airport is the most convenient for arrival, both in terms of flights from Russia and in terms of location. It is next to the resort of Larnaca, is also near the most popular resort of Ayia Napa and an hour away is Limassol (Larnaca airport on the map ).

Here are the largest number of direct flights of Russian airlines from Moscow, St. Petersburg and regions. From regions flights are usually available only in high season. You can also buy cheap flights with connections in Europe, but you must be careful, because you have to check the visa requirements for transit. If you don’t book your trip well in advance (2-3 months beforehand) you may notice, for example, that there are always airports in London that do not have a transit visa, and you need to get one on the plane.

We recommend to look for and book the cheapest tickets with the Russian search engine

Minimum prices on tickets from Moscow to Larnaca:

FIND FROM 46218 ₽ 1 change Airline logo 27.09.2022 24.10.2022
FIND FROM 28455 ₽ 1 change Airline logo 20.10.2022 16.11.2022
FIND FROM 24651 ₽ 2 transfers Airline logo 22.11.2022 03.12.2022
FIND FROM 26197 ₽ 2 transfers Airline logo 06.12.2022 20.12.2022
FIND FROM 26008 ₽ 2 transfers Airline logo 11.01.2023 25.01.2023
FIND FROM 26660 ₽ 2 transfers Airline logo 31.01.2023 01.03.2023
Tourist reviews for Protaras 2022. Holiday prices, tips

Minimum ticket prices from Russia to Larnaca:

FIND FROM 25609 ₽ Moscow ⇄ Larnaca 2
FIND FROM 27855 ₽ Saint Petersburg ⇄ Larnaca 2
FIND FROM 21721 ₽ Sochi (Adler) ⇄ Larnaca 1
FIND FROM 31233 ₽ Yekaterinburg ⇄ Larnaca 2
FIND FROM 32764 ₽ Novosibirsk ⇄ Larnaca 2
FIND FROM 29154 ₽ Samara ⇄ Larnaca 2
FIND FROM 22090 ₽ Mineralnye Vody ⇄ Larnaca 1
FIND FROM 28540 ₽ Kazan ⇄ Larnaca 2

Via Paphos airport

Paphos Airport is near the town and resort of Paphos on the west coast of the island (Paphos Airport on map ). There are far fewer direct flights from Russia to it, but if you are going to vacation in one of the western resorts (Paphos, Polis, Peyia, Pissouri), it makes sense to consider tickets here.

Minimum prices for tickets from Moscow to Paphos:

FIND FROM 58354 ₽ 2 transfers Airline logo 30.09.2022 22.10.2022
FIND FROM 44693 ₽ 3 transfers Airline logo 23.10.2022 22.11.2022
FIND FROM 31767 ₽ 3 transfers Airline logo 19.11.2022 29.11.2022
FIND FROM 36604 ₽ 2 transfers Airline logo 06.12.2022 20.12.2022
FIND FROM 40403 ₽ 3 transfers Airline logo 16.01.2023 23.01.2023
FIND FROM 36003 ₽ 3 transfers Airline logo 01.02.2023 09.02.2023

Minimum ticket prices from Russia to Paphos:

Via Ercan Airport

Ercan International Airport is located in the northern part of Cyprus, 15 kilometers from Nicosia / Lefkosia (Ercan Airport on the map). There are flights from Turkey only. However you should remember that from the point of view of the Cyprus authorities it is an illegal way to enter the country, so we recommend using Ercan airport with caution.

Minimal prices for tickets from Moscow to Ercan:

FIND FROM 44144 ₽ 3 transfers Airline logo 19.09.2022 04.10.2022
FIND FROM 38755 ₽ 2 transfers Airline logo 23.10.2022 21.11.2022
FIND FROM 35225 ₽ 2 transfers Airline logo 23.11.2022 28.11.2022
FIND FROM 37592 ₽ 2 transfers Airline logo 11.12.2022 15.12.2022
FIND FROM 35754 ₽ 1 change Airline logo 29.01.2023 06.02.2023
FIND FROM 36345 ₽ 1 change Airline logo 05.02.2023 12.02.2023

Minimum ticket prices from RF to Ercan:

By ferry, by boat.

It is theoretically possible to get to Cyprus by sea from other Mediterranean countries, but the ferry service is very limited and not regular. The only regular flight that hasn’t been interrupted for several years is from Turkey. But it arrives in the northern territory, with all the resulting restrictions for tourists.

  • Port of Kyrenia (Girne), Northern Cyprus – Taşucu, Turkey. A large passenger and cargo ferry with 6 trips a week (does not operate on Saturdays). One way cost from 50 euros.

Also in theory there are passenger services to Italy, Greece, Israel, and Egypt, but at the time of writing (2020) there are none. It may be restored during the high tourist season, but there is no guarantee.

If you certainly want to get to Cyprus by sea, then a great option would be sea cruises, which you can pick up here. Also Cyprus is popular with independent travelers on yachts.

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How do I travel to Cyprus on my own?

An independent travel to Cyprus without a travel agency is more convenient, because there is no need to pay for their services. In addition, once you arrive, it’s easier to find interesting places outside of the tourist itinerary. How to organize an independent holiday in Cyprus? In order not to miscalculate, you need to plan everything in advance: from buying tickets to going to a restaurant.

To Cyprus on your own

Independent travel in Cyprus on your own: step by step instructions

Now you need to consider everything in order, to study every aspect of the trip.

Air tickets .

First, you need to get to the island. Since it is a popular tourist destination, there are 2 airports, which cooperate with many Russian airlines. For flights from CIS mainly Larnaca is used, because it is cheaper.

to Cyprus on your own

As a standard, from late spring to early fall, tickets cost between 11,000 and 20,000 rubles round trip. If you fly during the off-season, the price drops sharply to 6,000 round trip. Therefore, if the purpose of the trip is hiking and sightseeing, you can fly even in winter. Taking into account the weather conditions of the island, it is quite possible, because from fall to spring the temperature does not fall below 15 degrees.

to Cyprus on your own forum

From airlines are popular: Pobeda, UralAvia, Azur Air, S7. If the trip is economical, there are also low-cost airlines. The following airlines regularly fly to the island: WizAir and Alitalia. They are suitable if you were in transit in European countries.

Hotels and Apartments

How to rest on your own in Cyprus? You need to choose between hotels and apartments. Which of these is cheaper? Most often, the savages choose apartments, as they are 10-20% cheaper. You can find a house far from the sea, but it is cheaper. But there are discounts for hotels. During the peak season and in mid-winter prices often fall by 50-60%. On average, for a room for 2 with a child, prices range from 70 to 90 euros per night.

trip to Cyprus reviews

As for the apartments, in season, the price ranges from 40 to 100 euros, depending on the location. At the same time, this price does not include:

  1. Swimming pool and relaxation area.
  2. 3 meals a day, buffet, room cleaning and other things.
  3. The house will not be by the sea.

Living conditions can also be worse, so it is recommended to look for hotels through the appropriate services. They are easier to find a discount, get extra days.

Holidays in Cyprus on their own is definitely better in terms of accommodation in a hotel, even if not the highest flight. The island has a lot of inexpensive hotels with good conditions in the relative proximity of the sea.

Going to Polis! Tips for travel, prices and reviews.

Resorts and Beaches of Cyprus

Travelling to Cyprus involves visiting specific places. In total, there are only a few large cities that are suitable for holidays. There are many tourist spots, attractions and infrastructure for recreation.

solo holiday in Cyprus


A very large port city. Essentially the quietest place to rest, so it is recommended to go here for 1-2 days. The main contingent of holidaymakers are pensioners and couples. There are rarely noisy parties, so for fans of loud rest it is not suitable.

go to cyprus by yourself

But the city is very picturesque, ennobled with beautiful palm trees, lots of plants. There are major attractions, restaurants, cafes. Especially popular is the local church, built in the 9th century. Those who have had a trip to Cyprus, reviews leave positive about this place. It has preserved the spirit of medieval Europe.

solo trip to Cyprus

Ayia Napa .

Opposite is a very noisy and fun city. There are a lot of restaurants and bars, clubs for recreation. But you need to go here in season, because in the off-season they simply do not work. In Cyprus, a self-trip to the town of Ayia Napa goes mainly to young people. It gathers all the infrastructure for active entertainment and parties.

Famous for its clean beaches, beautiful views. Ayia Napa is very similar to the Maldives, including the prices. A week for two will cost 100,000 rubles or more.

go to Cyprus

Protaras .

The city is located next to the previous one, but very different from it. Here the same clean beaches, beautiful views, a lot of bays. But the prices are much lower and Protaras itself quieter. Suitable for family holidays, long walks with children.

tour or independent travel

It differs practically a total absence of sights. The only place where you must go – Magic Dancing Waters. The show of dancing fountains is a must-see tourist spot. It is inexpensive – 23 euros for a visit. You can add another 15 for a ticket with a buffet dinner. Tourists say everyone should do it. Without it, it makes no sense even to plan a trip to Cyprus.

independent travel to Cyprus


A trip to Cyprus on your own with children can be planned in Limassol. This town is especially popular among the Russian-speaking population, which strongly resembles Sochi. There are a lot of Russians here, both visitors and locals.

self-drive reviews

The beaches have a characteristic gray color. This is due to a large amount of volcanic ash. There are a lot of interesting attractions, like parks, zoos, amusement rides, water parks, and at the same time inexpensive. For example, a ticket to the very large Watermania Waterpark Limassol costs only 30 euros for adults and 15 for children. There is also a museum of Middle Ages, the pass to which costs only 4 euros. Those who traveled to Cyprus on their own reviews leave positive. The whole city as one tourist area.

Travelling in Cyprus by Car. Where to go? What to see?

Cyprus travel

Children will seem interesting kitesurfing school. The price, on average, 4,000 rubles per hour. 10 hours costs 28,000 rubles.

self holiday to Cyprus


According to many people it is the most beautiful city on the island. It’s surrounded by nature reserves and mountains. The Mediterranean Sea is clean and blue. It’s pleasant to be here just for fun.

independent holiday in Cyprus reviews

According to legend, this is where Aphrodite first appeared. This legend literally pervades Paphos. Almost every signboard flashes this name.

self-drive to Cyprus

The beaches are mostly covered with stones and pebbles. For lovers of sand, there is a separate section of “Coral Bay”. In Cyprus on your own should fly here, because it is an unmistakable option. Here there is everything for recreation and entertainment.

Independently holiday in Cyprus

Visa .

In order to go to Cyprus on your own, you need to apply for a visa. There are 2 visa systems on the island:

  1. Schengen. It is issued once for several countries of the European Union. The simplest documents are required for its issuance. If there is no criminal record, serious criminal or administrative violations – it will be given.
  2. Internal visa. It is issued via the Internet. Totally free, valid for 90 days.

You may start applying for the visa a month before you are due to travel to Cyprus on your own.

Insurance .

Here, too, it’s easier to travel independently to Cyprus than to many other countries. You don’t need insurance for 100,000 thousand euros and more. It costs only 0.5 euros per day. So, you won’t have to spend much on it. It can also be filled out independently via the Internet. It is valid on the whole island, so in case of injury or illness, you can always go to the hospital.

Independently holiday in Cyprus


Apart from going to Cyprus, you also need to get to your resort. You can do this with the help of a transfer. On the territory of the island, there is a service KiwiTaxi. On average, the price ranges from 40 to 70 euros. If it is expensive, it is always possible to get by city bus. The price for it is only 1.5 euros. For children there is a discount of half the cost or even free. About vacation in Cyprus on your own reviews of tourists say that it’s better to use public transport. It’s clean, inexpensive, people are friendly and helpful. Local people will gladly tell you about interesting places, restaurants, parks.

Rent a car

Those who went to holiday in Cyprus on their own, reviews leave very positive. But for full entertainment you need a car. The island is small, and by car it can be covered in a day.

Self-drive to Cyprus

With wheels you can visit every beach and town, no need to stay at the hotel for a long time. This is a unique way to explore a new country in just two weeks. Moreover, you can go to Cyprus by yourself, without booking a hotel – just a car is enough.

trip to Cyprus

But remember, the traffic is left-handed, and the cars are right-handed.

Cyprus by yourself

What to See

All trips to Cyprus are about sightseeing and there are enough of them. First of all, you will need to visit the following places:

  1. Greco. This cape is a piece of history of old Greece. Here you can find a lot of bumps, caves, cliffs, a huge national park. There is an old Greek Orthodox Church. In the Protaras area there is the Church of St. Elias.
  2. Monasteries. On the territory of the island there are scattered ancient monasteries. Must visit the monasteries: Trooditias, Kikkos and Ivan Lampadistos.
  3. Villages. Small settlements, very reminiscent of medieval. It is quiet and peaceful, you can always relax with your family or on your own. Traveling on your own in Cyprus, you must visit Kokopetria, Lofu, Platres. A must-visit is Lefkara. It is a village in the interior of the island, located near Olympos (Olymbos in the local dialect).
  4. Anglelectic and Svyatolazar churches.
  5. Kurionov ruins.
10 Best 4-5 Star First Line Hotels in Protaras

Prices for vacations

Reviews of tourists, about rest in Cyprus on their own, say that the trip is not budgetary. He is not as cheap as in his neighbor – Turkey. Prices are similar to Egypt, Tunisia, Bulgaria.

how to go to Cyprus by yourself from Russia

They vary greatly, depending on the specific resort, so you need to look for a place based on that. During the season they especially increase, so many go in the off-season.

Cyprus by yourself

Food and restaurants

On travel forums about traveling to Cyprus on your own, they say that it is a must to visit the island’s family restaurants. Depending on the region, the diet is different, but the set of products is similar. Restaurants and cafes focus on Greek, Mediterranean, Italian cuisine. Sometimes you can also find Turkish places.

travel to cyprus

Most of the dishes are not spicy, have a delicate taste, so suitable for children and adults. Chefs add a lot of seafood, cheeses, olives and their oil. They cost a lot – 10 euros per serving. But the size of the dishes are such that one is enough for 2 adults. This is especially true for local burgers and other fast food.

Cyprus by yourself

To Cyprus with Kids

If you go to Cyprus on your own with children, the reviews of tourists speak of good conditions for this. Despite the high prices and the abundance of visitors, there is a lot of ready infrastructure for the kids. Parks, recreation areas, attractions and water parks are good for entertainment and recreation. Almost every restaurant has a special children’s menu, and public transportation offers discounted fares.

holiday in Cyprus on your own reviews

Going to Cyprus on an independent trip it is worth knowing that there are enough places for recreation with children and each hotel has swimming slides, simple areas for entertainment.

solo trip to Cyprus

Some of the pitfalls of buying a tour and traveling on your own:

  1. The question of “tour or independent travel” is often resolved by considering inconvenient flights. If buying a ticket goes without a deadline, it doesn’t matter when the flight leaves. But tour operators often sell “inconvenient flights,” when in the end the tourist loses 1-2 days of vacation.
  2. Changing airports is also not uncommon. For example, when the ticket says Larnaca, and the plane lands in Paphos.
  3. With booking accommodation can be a problem. It is better to do it half a year before the planned trip. It is so much easier to find an apartment. But this has a downside. For example, when a villa was booked six months in advance, and it was sold in that time without informing the tenants.

With the exception of these complications, Cyprus is the best place to vacation. There are delicious restaurants, lots of attractions, a rich history and plenty of activities for adults and children.

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