Travel to Georgia by car – 2022: tips and reviews

Trip to Georgia by car in 2022

For those who go to Georgia by car, it is worth to understand a lot of little things, starting from the conditions of the checkpoints, to the correct construction of routes and finding the most popular places where you can eat good food. And in this article were specially collected the most useful tips that will be useful to those who are going to travel to this wonderful country by their own car from Russia.

Are the borders open?

Starting from March 1, 2022 in order to cross the border between Russia (via Vladikavkaz) and Georgia you have to show a negative PCR test, the whole text of which should be in English. The general rule will remain, that entry will be allowed if the test is completed within 3 days from taking the sample to crossing the border directly, regardless of whether it is by air or by land.

In addition to this, the following points may still be considered in order for the road to Georgia to be open:

  1. A certificate that the person has contracted the disease in conjunction with a completed vaccination – but in this case, at least one component of the vaccine is sufficient. The official certificate of the disease must not be more than 100 days old at the time of crossing the border.
  2. If the visitor is not vaccinated, then his sequence of actions will be as follows – first you need to go through the registration process on the website of the state registration. It is mandatory to indicate the entire route planned by the tourist for 15 days. After that, just before leaving home to take PCR testing. It is important to calculate the correct timing, so that at the time of crossing the border this document does not exceed 3 days. Children under the age of 10 may not perform this test.

Fulfilling these conditions is sufficient to cross the border between Russia and Georgia without any problems.

upper Lars

There are no other restrictions in terms of crossing checkpoints or customs control areas related to today’s geopolitical instability.

Quarantine and vaccinations

To enter Georgia by car or any other way is possible in the following ways:

  1. Either present a vaccination certificate – valid for 6 months.
  2. Demonstrate at the border a certificate of illness with 1 component of vaccination performed. Deadline: 100 days at the latest.
  3. Perform PCR test no more than 3 days before crossing the border.
  4. If you do not meet any of these conditions, you will have to take a PCR test at the airport in Georgia or at the border crossing on foot. And if the test is positive, then the tourist will be required to undergo this procedure again. If the test is positive a second time, then the visitor is obliged to be quarantined for 12 days.

Roads of Georgia

Going not only to Georgia, but also to any other country by car it is always worth considering the situation with the roads. It is important not only to evaluate the possible and most convenient routes, but also to assess the situation with the quality of the roads. Here is what can be important for auto travelers for the period of 2022:

  1. In terms of importance, only two highways in Georgia can be compared with federal highways in Russia. It is the Military-Georgian Road and the second one stretches from the capital of Tbilisi to the resort town of Batumi.
  2. The first above-mentioned highway is actually the only possible highway between Russia (from Vladikavkaz) and Georgia, since other options of road connections have become impossible due to the situation with Ossetia and Abkhazia. But the quality of the road is not very high in some places. This is due to two factors – insufficient funding and the complexity of the local terrain. The mountainous road in some places did not allow laying a wide enough roadbed = so motorists should behave very carefully at the wheel, so as not to get into trouble, because the route is locally quite complex.
  3. As for the sections of the highway closer to the major cities, the situation here looks quite decent. This also applies to additional infrastructure and the coverage itself.
Where to go from Batumi: ancient fortresses, bridges, waterfalls and canyons

The best routes for travel

The second point, which should be studied in detail before you go on a trip by car to Georgia, is the correct compilation of the route. To make the trip at the same time interesting, safe and as informative as possible, you should use one of the following ways:

  1. On your own in Georgia, you can make a car trip along the Roundabout route. In order to quality rest and see everything that deserves the most attention, it is desirable to count on 1 week at a time. Although, along this route you can make a trip in 3 days. But the rest will not be as bright and colorful as a longer stay in this country. As for the actual road trip, the tourist will need to travel through the Cross Pass from the territory of Vladikavkaz. Then it is recommended to go straight to Tbilisi, because here is the greatest concentration of interesting places, both in terms of history, architecture, and cuisine and other features, which will fully disclose Georgia to foreign tourists. After that you should go to Batumi, which can be reached by one of the most well-equipped roads. Here is the best place for tourists to combine the traditional vacation on the Black Sea coast in the summer months, along with sightseeing. After Batumi, the route should be directed to Kutaisi, then to Tskaltubo and through Chiatura to the Racha region.
  2. Another interesting option, how to get to the most interesting locations in the country on your own by car is to include in your route Kazbegi and Mtskheta. In Kazbegi, you can see Mount Kazbek, the magnificent views of the Truso Valley, visit the Gvelet waterfall and the Arch of Friendship. Admire the mirror-like clarity of Lake Archvebistba, the Betlem Cave and visit the Trinity Church in Gergeti. And getting to Mtskheta – the ancient capital of Georgia, the tourist will be able to see Jvari monastery, Svetitskhoveli Cathedral, as well as magnificent natural views, which were formed at the confluence of two rivers Aragva and Kura.

The above tips, in terms of building a route when traveling by own or rented car, are not the only ones. Roads in Georgia can lead auto-travelers to the most abandoned, but no less interesting and unique corners. If you want to get to the places where the main masses of tourists rarely appear, it is better to ask the experienced locals. Although it will not be easy to get to the medieval town of Vardzija, the unique valley Artsivis Khioba, the Georgian Petra, the cave Bethlehem Grotto – but to get here is really worthwhile, at least for those travelers who appreciate the unique places, the stories about which carry an almost mystical character.

But when making a trip by car to Georgia, travelers should be guided primarily by what type of vacation is preferred. And consider the seasonality, as it will dictate its own conditions.

Recreation in the mountains.

Road to Georgia by car can pass from the territory of the following states:

  • Russia via Vladikavkaz.
  • Azerbaijan.
  • Armenia.
  • Turkey.

But, regardless of which side of the road, many tourists dream of visiting this Caucasian country with one single purpose – to see the unique mountain scenery, skiing or visiting unimaginable rocky temple complexes and monasteries.

If you decide to go to Georgia in summer or winter, it is worth considering the following tips for auto-travelers on the most key places:

    Passes in the eastern mountainous part of Georgia are Khevsureti and Tusheti. Visiting these places will be a vivid and unforgettable period. Here are collected unique fortresses and mountain landscapes will shock even the most experienced travelers. But you should take care of booking a hotel room in advance, so that then do not look for shelter among the local population. Worthy of special attention are the fortress Keselo, Abarno and Temernitskiy passes, Kvetera fortress, Tskhrakara monastery complex. And to get acquainted with the life of local residents you should visit the villages of Dartlo, Parsma, Girevi, Kvavlo, Diklo. These are small villages, but they have unique architecture, some of which can be several centuries old, which is interesting in itself. In Tusheti it is worth approaching the crater lake Treti and riding horses around the pass. As for settlement, the area offers a wide variety of hotels, both for discerning visitors and for customers who need to save money.

Love Batumi: what to see and where to go - 40 places

Holidays by the Sea

But going to Georgia by car, however, most tourists prefer it to sea vacation. And this is facilitated by the comfortable climate of the Black Sea coast. Therefore, it is worth considering the most popular and comfortable ways to rest by the sea in Georgia in the summer months and the lower, but still warm season.

Here is a list of resort towns and villages in Georgia in close proximity to the sea:

The resort city of Batumi, which is famous for the quality of rest, the ability to choose any hotel, regardless of the level of service, cost and complexity of services. But due to the rather bustling life, this option will not suit everyone. After all, this tourist Georgian Mecca attracts large crowds of people here in the high season.


Elderly people, families with children or those who simply value maximum comfort, it is better to consider the villages of urban type – Chakvi, Goni, Kobuleti, Grigoleti, Ureki. Beaches everywhere are quite gentle, shallow, equipped with everything you need. But just in the village of Gonio shores are covered quite large pebbles, which is not always comfortable and convenient, especially for people who are not used to such textures underfoot. In all other locations on the beach are either very fine pebbles or comfortable clean sand.

Popular attractions

But the road to this country lies not only for those who want to ski or bask under the southern sun on the shores of the Black Sea. Tourists come here to get acquainted with the history of Georgia and its capital Tbilisi, to hear the stories of the locals, try the national cuisine and bring something interesting and memorable to yourself from this state. And there is a lot to see here.

Therefore, those who go to Georgia by car have a unique opportunity to cover the maximum number of settlements and tourist locations. And it is necessary to start with the most popular among the local and foreign tourists:

    For those who have the road to Georgia lies from the territory of Russia by own car, it is always possible to stop in the area of Kazbegi. This is the location where you can admire the unique views of the stratovolcano Kazbek. Its cone-shaped peak rises to a height of more than 5 km. And for fans of extreme sports can try their hand at climbing, but only in tandem with experienced guides.

Costs of the trip, how much money and what currency to take with you

Before you go on a trip it is necessary to prepare everything you need. And it’s not just documents, because you need to have enough money to cover all expenses. And here it all depends on individual needs, because everyone is guided by their own needs. But if we average expenses, the following examples can be given:

  1. 1000 rubles will be approximately 42 Georgian GEL.
  2. To rent an apartment for 1 day in Georgia is about 1.500 rubles.
  3. Eating in an average-class restaurant for 1 person a day will have to pay about 1,200 rubles.
  4. Average cost for public transportation for 1 day is around 200 rubles.
Georgian Military Road: What to See, Our Route

Further expenses will depend on how much tourist can afford.


But going by car on the territory of another state, it is worth finding out the cost of fuel. So, for gasoline:

  1. Brand 92 will have to pay 1.14 euros/liter.
  2. 95 brand – 1,2 €/l.
  3. 98 brand – 1,23 €/liter.
  4. Diesel will cost 1,14 €/liter.
  5. If you fill up your car with gas, it costs €0.68.

A trip to Georgia by car is comfortable and gives an opportunity to see and taste maximum. Here it is important to join the national cuisine – an unacceptable mistake. But to better prepare for the trip, you should be guided by the following price tags, which are current at the beginning of 2022:

  1. A 0.5 liter bottle of local beer costs about 48 rubles.
  2. The same volume of a bottle of beer, but already imported will cost 60 rubles.
  3. For a standard cup of cappuccino in an average cafe it will be necessary to pay from 50 to 60 rubles.
  4. But a 0.5 L plastic bottle of water will cost you 15-16 rubles.
  5. A loaf of fresh bread weighing 0.5 kg costs about 20 rubles.
  6. Fresh Georgian apples per kilo are around 60 rubles.
  7. For a local pomegranate you have to pay from 100 to 110 rubles per kilo.
  8. The average price for Georgian grapes is 50 rubles per kilo.
  9. An average lunch for 1 person will cost about 300-400 rubles. But here the price list can be quite relative since everything depends on the level of the restaurant and the number of the ordered dishes as well as their complexity and composition.


Another expenditure item when traveling abroad is the visit of various excursions. The most expensive in this regard is Tbilisi, although even here you can find free locations, where everyone can visit without spending a single ruble.

More forgiving price tags will be on the periphery and in small towns. Although, it is necessary to be guided to visit the most interesting, in terms of tourist preferences, locations can not be free. This applies to unique temple complexes of monasteries, which are located in rock caves or on pillars. But simple Georgian churches can be entered, in the vast majority of cases, unimpeded.

If we talk about the prices of different types of entertainment and centrally organized tours, the price tags are as follows:

    For those who want to go to Georgia by car, it is worth to visit the monastery on Kazbek, will have to pay about 25 euros per person.



The above list of excursions is not the only opportunity to enjoy all the unique places of this country. To learn more, you can search for information on a variety of online resources, or go to the tourist centers. Their maximum number is located in the capital, although it is not necessary to specify this information here. You can ask experienced people, who will be happy to point out the places that not every guide suspects.

The best time of the year to travel

Georgia is a southern country, so you can go here at almost any time of year. There will always be the right climate to have a great time, not only visiting the historical and architectural monuments, but also natural reserves.

But still, for the winter kinds of recreation is better to go here from November to April. While for the warm sea and gentle sun is better to go to the territory of Georgia from May to mid-October.


Have visited Georgia several times, and each time the reviews are exceptionally positive. Tbilisi makes a very strong impression – we even wrote video reports for our friends in Europe, after which they wanted to come here too.

It’s a unique place with everything – hospitable people, wonderful national cuisine, many historical monuments and interesting culture. You can come to absolutely any city – but it is in Tbilisi where you can feel the true spirit of Georgians. It is here that you get the most beautiful videos and photos.

All Inclusive Holidays in Batumi - Hotel Prices 2022

Many friends advised me to visit this country long ago, they even sent me their reports and photos from Georgia. But I didn’t get around to it until last summer. And finally I decided to come to Georgia, taking my girlfriend with me. The two of us were completely delighted with this country, because it is so colorful, and literally every corner has unique views and genuine in its hospitality people.

How to go to Georgia by car: a complete guide

Is it worth to go to Georgia by car and how much will it cost? What are the sights worth visiting by car in Georgia, and where is the best place to stay? What do tourists write about traveling by car from Russia in Georgia and how safe is it? All about personal experience of travellers to this amazing mountainous country read in Tour-Calendar!

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Georgia is, in my opinion, an ambiguous country, but certainly curious and beautiful. Every year the interest in it among Russian tourists is growing, and this despite all sorts of obstacles. There are many reasons for this, mainly the low cost of recreation, delicious food and, of course, the incredible scenery and Georgian coloring.

Travelling to Georgia by car is an unforgettable journey along the Georgian Military Highway, which was many times recognized as the most beautiful mountain road in the world. If you have not yet driven along it, it is definitely time. Read the article, and then hit the road!

You can get to Georgia by plane (air tickets cost from 6000-8000 rubles one way per person) or by land. One of the most popular way among tourists from Russia is by car. And on May 18, 2022 it is one of the most popular, as there is no air communication with Georgia at the moment.

But since May 18 train travel is again available – check the availability and cost of train tickets on

Can Russians enter Georgia now?

Until recently, the rules of entry into Georgia for the Russians were not so simple – to cross the land border was required to prove that the purpose of the trip to the country is work, study, medical treatment or other significant reasons.

However, since May 17, 2022, according to the order published on the Internet portal of legal information, no more any justification is needed to travel to Georgia through the land border.

Video: Georgia is open, but not to everyone. Release on May 18

A visa is not needed for a tourist trip or for visiting relatives. At entry you only need to show a valid passport. The period of stay is not longer than 1 year.

Coronavirus in Georgia today and restrictions

A certificate of complete vaccination (with any two-component vaccine) or a negative PCR test (72 hours before travel) will be required to enter Georgia.

On the third day after entry, unvaccinated citizens must have a repeat PCR test at their own expense. Children under 10 years of age do not need this test to enter Georgia and on the third day.

No later than 48 hours before arrival everyone (excluding Georgian citizens) must fill out a special form.

In Georgia, hotels, museums are open… buses, subway and shuttle buses have resumed their work. Restaurants and cafes fully accept visitors, including those in closed rooms, not only on weekdays, but also on weekends.

Until recently, masks in Georgia had to be worn almost everywhere, now only in transport and in medical institutions.

In general, is it worth to go: the pros and cons

For most tourists a trip to Georgia by car leaves the most favorable impression, but in addition to the pluses, there are, of course, and minuses:

  • Beautiful views and picturesque nature
  • National flavor
  • Inexpensive food and accommodation
Holidays at Sea in Georgia - 2022. Best resorts and prices

The main advantage of traveling to Georgia is incredibly beautiful scenery and national coloring (Photo © Alexx Malev /

The main advantage of traveling to Georgia is incredibly beautiful scenery and national flavor (Photo © Alexx Malev /

  • If you drive your own car, it takes about 4 days to get to Georgia and back
  • In the mountains there are serpentines, so you need to drive carefully, moreover, in Georgia there is a disgusting way of driving
  • Petrol is expensive – on average a liter of 95 gasoline costs about 55 rubles
  • Delays at the border are possible (up to 7-10 hours), sometimes they go much faster
  • You should not go deliberately on a beach holiday, unless at the same time
  • In winter there is a risk to get stuck in the passes
  • It is better to drive a cross-country vehicle to see all the beauties of the mountains, but many tourists drive ordinary cars as well.
  • In Stavropol Region, Kabardino-Balkaria and North Ossetia, many tourists face unconcealed extortion by traffic police.

At first glance, there are many more disadvantages, but in fact most of them can be identified in one group: the drawbacks associated with the road.

I constantly go to Georgia by car.

In general, if I am asked to give a brief answer to the question “Is it worth it to go to Georgia by car”, I answer – yes, it is definitely worth it. Beautiful views, beautiful nature, sea and mountains and people have always been friendly! In general, Georgia is a small and compact country, it is close to everything and there are so many wonderful and beautiful places that one can’t help but wonder! For most of the trips will be suitable for an economy class car, so that you do not need any super SUVs! In Georgia you will not be able to drive fast, because most of the roads are in the mountains, and the traffic is very chaotic. Nobody pays much attention to traffic lights, overtaking through a solid line or even two – no problem. So relax at the wheel and enjoy the views is unlikely to work. Some tourists are in the cities and even leave the car in the parking lot and use a cheap cab, somehow ))

With their own or rented. Counting!

You can travel around Georgia by your car, having got here from Russia, as well as by rented car. But you will have to get to Georgia somehow: by train or by plane.

Which option is better? Everything is individual. If you are going for a long time, there are a few of you and your car is roomy, and also has low gasoline consumption… then of course it will be very profitable by car! If you are traveling alone for a week, it may be more sensible and convenient to rent a car in Georgia.

Here is a rough calculation for one person, for a week trip to Georgia for three people, by own car and by rented car. We will not calculate the costs of food, tours and accommodation in Georgia, as they are the same in both cases.

  • Toll road from Moscow to Rostov: 1000 rubles.
  • Car insurance: about 300 rubles (for 15 days).
  • Expenses on the way to Georgia (food and overnight stay): 4500 rubles.
  • Gasoline to Georgia and back (from Moscow): 10000 rubles.
  • Gasoline in Georgia: 5000 rubles.
  • Travel time to Georgia: 5 days round trip
  • Air tickets: 15000-20000 rubles. * 3 = 45000 roubles.
  • Travel time to Georgia: 5 hours by plane in both directions
  • Car rent per person – from 2700 rubles per day * 7 days = 19000 rubles
  • Car insurance: included
  • Gasoline in Georgia: 5000 rubles.

Thus, it is much more profitable to travel in Georgia with your car for three people, and, of course, it will be more comfortable with a rented car, as it is much faster to get there by plane.

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