Traveler reviews for Kazan, Russia. Leisure tips – 2022

Traveler reviews for Kazan, Russia. Leisure tips – 2022

Go and see, thinking man! Just go to see and understand with your own eyes. This is an unusual creation! In terms of architecture – here and Gaudi, and Hundertwasser, the temples of Vietnam and India, a synagogue and a mosque, the tombs of Egypt. I saw all the places I wanted to visit again! It fascinates and awakens interest to learn more. Take your time, look and think! This is the museum and exhibition of paintings by Nicholas Roerich. Kudos to the creators and continuators of this project!

It’s good, but it’s very noticeable how enormous amounts of money are siphoning out of the treasury. Houses, streets and parks are gradually falling into disrepair. Kazan is certainly a beautiful city. But why do you have to pay for the services of travel agencies either in cash or by personal telephone? In this case, no checks or receipts you will not get.

  • to rest for children and young people
  • to rest for the elderly

There are two screens on the central maidan. What are they for? The images of the artists performing on the stage are smaller than in real life. Apparently the operator does not know their purpose, can not put at least one professional who would understand that the purpose of these screens is not duplication, but to increase the image?

Kazan is only Bauman and Kremlin Disappointed. Was passing through the central bus station for 3 hours. Cleanliness and beauty ends behind the bus station in the area the tourist has nothing to do and it is dirty. The city does not end with Bauman Street. I am familiar with the city since childhood. Respectfully, a passenger and a guest of the city, I. L. Kraeva.

  • to rest for children and young people

Relatively There were in this city earlier, very much liked, cleanliness, order, everything is beautiful, a lot of attractions. However having arrived after some years my opinion of the city has not changed, but having got in a difficult situation in the city, I understood that all beauty of the city is only a cover, as people living in it were not friendly to put it mildly. I will tell a story, in general we have arrived and have decided to have a bite in one of cafe, having approached to cafe parking places did not appear, as it was territory of a court yard, we have left.

  • We left to go on excursions.
Island-town Sviyazhsk: guidebook

Only for a tick. Go back here does not want to! Someone here wrote this: “my wildest dream come true”! I agree with 10000000%. It is a dirty city, zero service, although we stayed in a good hotel on Bauman, Nogay is called. The Kazan Kremlin is worth seeing in pictures or on youtube, so I don’t see any point in spending money for it. The city is filthy, untended and poor. Separate horror water park Riviera, which is one of the top 10 water parks in Russia. There are plastic seats in the steam room, common male and female areas. All old and shabby. Slides are nothing! We visited Sviyazhsk island. What can I say … Read and look on the internet, if anyone is interested in the history of these temples of the 15th century. The energy is sad … there were colonies, a mental hospital and a colony for the repressed. I don’t even want to comment anymore. I don’t want to go back to Kazan. I don’t understand the people who were happy with the city.

It is a waste of time and money. The delusional dream of less cultured people, plus an attempt to cash in on the natural interest in iconic, advertised structures is realized. Hence the internal squabbles of the “creators” and the native uncultivation, including the smelly toilet in the garden. There is much to see in Kazan without that.

The third capital of Russia. Kazan. General impression – I want to go there again. Hello. They closed the borders. And we finally have a great opportunity to travel around our country. I was very curious about a city like Kazan. So we decided to buy a tour together, which included a flight, a hotel and a full package of excursions for six days of stay in the city. On the first day we got a call from a representative of the company, gave us a brief overview of the city, coordinated the schedule of excursions, told us about the order of excursions in the first

Kazan airport: how to get there

What do tourists think about Kazan?

Tourist reviews of Kazan

Read tourist reviews of a trip to Kazan in 2021. What do they write about the weather, hotels, excursions and attractions of the capital of Tatarstan? Pros and cons of vacationing in Kazan in 2022. Tips of tourists.


Reviews of the weather in Kazan

The ancient colorful city welcomes guests all year round. Winter in Tatarstan is cold and snowy. Frosts of -25. The frosts of -30°C alternate with brief thaws. In the cold season, visitors come here for excursions and the residence of Tatar Grandfather Frost – Kysh Babai. Tourists like skating and alpine skiing.

Irina Korsina: “In January, Kazan greeted us with -24°C temperatures. The whole city was just covered with snow. The snowplows and wipers were working, but they were definitely not enough.

Snow begins to melt at the beginning of April. If you come to Kazan in spring, you will see the first flowers and young leaves. On May holidays it is +12. +18°C, and at night +7°C.

According to reviews of tourists, most come to Kazan in summer. Bathing season opens in early June. In the middle of summer during the day the thermometer rises to +30. +35 ° C, and the water warms up to +22. +24°С. To escape the heat, many locals and tourists go to the countryside or rest by the lakes. They gladly spend time at the beaches “Locomotive”, “Lower Zarechye”, Komsomolsky and Gluboky lakes.

Arina Kupina: “July is a hot month, precipitation is extremely rare, the sun was nice the whole vacation. The temperature reaches +30 ° C during the day and drops to +20 ° C at night. Sometimes less, so sweaters with long sleeves, cardigans, jeans do not hurt. ,

In September, it gets noticeably colder in Kazan. In the evenings you may get the first frosts. In October the weather turns nasty and there are a lot of overcast days. The first snow usually falls in mid-November.

What to bring from Kazan: prices of gifts and souvenirs

Reviews of vacations in Kazan

Kul Sharif Mosque.

Reviews of hotels in Kazan

Look for discounted hotels on Here are the main rules of the hotel search.

The capital city with a million of people is focused on visitors, so there are a lot of hotels. According to tourists’ reviews, there are good hotels for family holidays in Kazan – from 5* luxury hotels to inexpensive mid-range hotels. Prices for rooms in nice hotels 2-3* start from 1300 rubles per night. You can also rent a studio apartment for the same price. Take a look at our selection: where to stay cheaply in the center of Kazan.

To make sure that your stay in Kazan in 2022 will not disappoint you, study tourists’ reviews of hotels. They will help you to make the right choice.

Anastasia : “Hotel Nogai 3* is perfectly located, in the heart of the city. The apartments are spacious, clean and modern. The windows overlook the central walking street of Bauman.”

Siarhei : “Riviera 4* has an excellent breakfast, large outdoor pool, and sauna. I felt like I was in a resort.

Julia : “At Ibis Kazan 3* breakfast is very decent for a three star hotel, every day something new! Close to the center! I will come here again next time.

Hotel reviews for hotels in Kazan

Design apartment in the center of Kazan. Photo:

Tourist reviews of excursions in Kazan

Travel agencies offer interesting tours of the city and its surroundings. According to reviews, in 2021 tourists liked sightseeing tours of Kazan with a visit to the Kremlin and the highest mosque in Europe – Kul-Sharif, trips to Sviyazhsk, Raif Monastery and Blue Lakes. See 10 most interesting excursions in Kazan.

Look for excursions on Tripster website, where you can find unique author’s tours, which will show you the city from a new side.

Larisa : “A sightseeing tour of the city. The tour guide was Margarita, a person with great knowledge of the history of her city. Our group listened to her fascinating stories about historical and modern Kazan. Read more about the tour →

Where to eat tasty and inexpensive in Kazan

Lyudmila: “Lights of Kazan at night – interesting and informative tour”. Read more about the tour →

Sightseeing reviews

There is never a dull moment in the capital of Tatarstan. There are many interesting sights in the city and its surroundings: the Kazan Kremlin, temples, mosques, museums, Blue Lakes and much more. Take a look at our review guide: what to see in Kazan.

In summer, vacationers are attracted to the beach of the Kremlin Riviera complex. In Kazan, river fishing and walks on motor boats and boats are popular. With a child we advise to have fun in water parks, spend time in the amusement park “Kirlay” and in the “Amazing Zoo”.

Let’s see what reviews tourists have left about the attractions of Kazan:

Alexander Dumas-father : “Seen from the dam, Kazan seems to rise from the depths of a vast lake. It opens up to the eye with its old Kremlin and is a most fantastic sight.

kris: “In the Temple of All Religions you can see a harmonious, but unconventional combination of symbols of all existing world religions: the Christian cross, the Muslim crescent, the Star of David and the Chinese dome.

NellyIvanovna: “Riviera Water Park is a fairy tale, a wonderful recreation, bliss and delight.

Reviews of vacations in Kazan

The temple of all religions. Photo: Maarten / / CC BY 2.0.

Pros and cons of vacationing in Kazan

According to the reviews of tourists who visited the city in 2021, a trip to Kazan left many positive impressions and pleasant emotions. The beautiful clean city has a good infrastructure, and there is a lot of entertainment for tourists.

The pluses of vacationing in Kazan in 2022:

  • Convenient to get to.
  • Rich history.
  • Architectural monuments.
  • Low prices for excursions, food and accommodation.
  • Good hotels.
  • Hospitable locals.
  • Well-maintained parks.
  • Entertainment for children.
  • Tasty national cuisine.

Julia: “I liked Tatar cuisine very much. True, despite the active movements during all 4 days, plus 1.5 kg”.

Visiting Kazan in Winter: 7 Ideas! Worth the trip and what to see

Minuses :

  • A lot of kitsch and novodel.
  • In the summer evenings mosquitoes pester us.
  • Paid toilets.

The nuances of recreation in Kazan and tips for tourists

During school vacations and summer vacations demand for hotels increases. If you are planning a trip to Kazan in summer and for the New Year, book accommodation in advance.

River trips to Bulgar and Sviyazhsk are very popular. Buy tickets 2-3 weeks in advance.

On Kremlin Street is the main information center of Kazan – a real helper for active travelers. Here you can get information about public transport, find out where the main attractions are, and specify the opening hours of exhibition centers and museums.

Many Muslims live in Kazan and special religious traditions are observed. For walks in public places, dress more modestly.

If you want to save money on restaurants and cafes, rent an apartment with a kitchen and cook yourself. Inexpensive food is available at the catering chain “Dobrye canteens”. These budget establishments are located throughout the city and are open from 7:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. on weekdays and from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. on weekends.

Mariya-K: “The food is very tasty and varied, and the price of a set lunch is about 150 rubles.

For Tatar sweets and souvenirs go to the city bazaars. The largest Central Market in Kazan is located at 13 Martyn Mezhlauk Street, near the railway station. It is open any day from 7:00 to 19:00, on Mondays – until 17:00.

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