Truth about Lubimovka. Reviews about rest and prices – 2022

Lubimovka (Crimea) – reviews

In Lyubimovka you can go from lack of money, or through ignorance. The beach is large, sandy and relatively free, but a little dirty. There are no thugs, as in Uchkuevka. The settlement is untended, to put it mildly. The bazaar isn’t present – we bought fruit and vegetables on Northern. In Lyubimovka some rabble under the name Ukrainian army is dislocated – in the morning and in the evening howls are heard – songs are sung! The prices for habitation – we took off a room together on 50 grn with the person. For the budget rest suits, to prepare itself – we nothing decent have not found. Sevastopol nearby – it is possible to spend time there. Looked sanatorium Lubomorye – а*ля Soviet Union – dreary impression.

It’s not a rest, it’s a nightmare. Do not spoil your vacation in this Lubomovka. Go to the South Coast (Alushta, Yalta, Gurzuf, Livadia). In Lubimovka there is nothing good to spend money, and most importantly time. MUD, WIND, STORM, NO VEGETATION, NO PEOPLE, NO ENTERTAINMENT. And after that also to drag children to this hole. It will be good here only for people of art, romantics and simply those people who need privacy and enjoy only each other, but not Lubimovka. Have pity on children B and yourself!

We have been here a week. I read positive reviews on the eve and decided to come here. Categorically I do not like it here. The sea all week is cold and stormy, neither me, nor my husband, nor the little guy (2g.) Never bathed, only a daughter at us Walrus. The sea is very deep – 2 meters from the shore to a depth of 2 meters. Weather bad, when have arrived – it was very cold, then it got warmer, but rains began, every day, today so it pours almost all day.

Lubimovka itself – some hole, I’ve been much where in Crimea, I haven’t seen such. To go in the evening absolutely nowhere, unless to go to Sevastopol, but there on the move with the 2-year old to get there is not convenient.

The market isn’t present (only some trays scattered on settlement are thrown), stores stalls – assortment very sparingly. We also have settled down also extremely unsuccessfully. Us owners have deceived – have told 10 minutes up to the sea, we have not checked (have arrived in the evening very tired, but all the same it is certainly guilty), and it has appeared – 1,5 km up to the sea, and 2 km if to decent beach. To me with a stroller on gullies to go very long (the road down-upper as on the South Coast). And we’re here still two weeks to kukykat, but my husband should go, and I stay with the kids. I wanted to go together with her husband – so the owners refuse to give money. I pay.


99 percent of them.

It so happened that I with 3 children, 15 years, 9 years and 10 months from birth, was lucky enough to spend at sea. The choice was between Sevastopol and its suburbs. Locals actively extoled p. Lyubimovka. Having searched the web, I decided that, in principle, quite all is nice and pretty and started looking for accommodation. A little confused remoteness from the city, because our dad temporarily worked in Sevastopol. Main thing-a good beach and sea.

So, lodging. We rented a two-story “cottage” with all the amenities on the beach. Only on arrival I found out what kind of “cottages” stand on the beach in this village. They are rebuilt garages. It was terribly uncomfortable with a small child. The kitchen was right at the entrance and was a passageway. It was always dirty. Washed the floors five times a day. The room on the first floor terribly stank of damp. the bedding was damp. it was impossible to open the windows at night. as it is always windy here and strong noise of a surf did not give to sleep. the yard was concreted, the child younger to crawl could not. Always had to carry her or lock her in a damp room. Of the pluses was only a beautiful view of the sea and an opportunity to cook kebabs in the evening.

After five days of hell, my husband moved me into an apartment. Here already it became more or less quieter and more comfortable. That’s as far as housing is concerned.

Now about the beach. Went away from the main, where fewer people. Sand with fine pebbles, the sea is clean. But there is a number of minuses that spoil all pleasure from stay on the sea. It’s terribly dangerous descents to it. One descent – a crooked staircase, then just a slope. The second is just a slope down the hill. There are a couple more “goat” trails, more or less gentle. When it rains, everything swells up and turns into clay. Very dangerous.

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The beach. The beach is grainy. Holidaymakers pigs, throwing cigarettes in the sand, bottles. papers and other trash lying under the slopes. On our half of the beach was one garbage bin near the unique changing room. So in it many stupidly did not bring the waste. Cigarette butts in the sand a lot. Just look that the child has not stuck it in the mouth. As always in the second half of day the sea storms, and is frequent and since morning, and on a beach very much a lot of dry seaweed which nobody clears. In short, the beach is dirty.

Now about the village itself. This is something. I do not know, I’m probably spoiled rest, but that I have not seen even in the Crimea. We rested 4 times on the South Coast. But there a fairy tale in comparison with this Lubimovka. I do not understand how here it is possible to want to return. We lived in the former garrison. Everything is in a decaying state. There are mountains of garbage everywhere, the roads are ruined, two and a half streets with killed houses. The infrastructure is a small five grocery stores, two cafes, and a few shops for groceries. Even the pharmacy is closed. Oh, the Tatars come and sell fruit from the cars at crazy prices. There are also some cars selling meat. Mostly in the evening. In general. with the child to walk anywhere. there are two platforms of children. One more or less zaprypannaja, though locals are proud of it, the second is simply a masterpiece of times of the USSR. Brought with itself a stroller-three, so if it remains alive after this rest, I will be very surprised. In general, neither walk, or go to a decent place possible here is not. I took a lot of dresses and heels, and when I arrived and saw the surrounding crap, I realized that was not the fate. Thank God, that we’re moving to Sevastopol in a week. And finally, I concluded that at first. run perhaps once a beautiful place, and now. intercepted this baton, and continue to destroy. So if I’m asked where not to go – I’ll answer unambiguously – to Lyubimovka. It is necessary to see nothing else ever, that would get pleasure from such absolutely not budgetary under the price rest.

Neutral reviews

We rest in Lyubimovka only because good beaches.Last year spent the velvet season in Partenit.Were delighted with accommodation,attitude,prices and entertainment.In Lyubimovka found decent apartments,prices are also decent for this village,Yubki rests. Skuuuuuchnooo, expensive, the stores are not friendly sellers, and ochchchchno dirty everywhere, and in the village, and on the beach.Odnokonno, we choose the South Coast.Children live in Sevas, advised Lyubimovka.Beach good and nothing else.

I want to share my fresh impressions…. September 2018, from 3 to 17 ….. pluses: few people, quiet, close Sevastopol…… Cons: the open sea, which storms 24 hours a day…. in our case all two weeks. with children rest doubtful. children’s playgrounds are absent, little entertainment for them…. deep entrance to the sea….


Beautiful beach, turquoise sea.

The village in one word.

I vacationed here in July 2017 – there were very strong waves, jellyfish and cool water. (I can not guarantee that here so always) would not advise to settle here, no entertainment, to get to Sevastopol will have a minibus + boat. Transport is cheap, but in the rush hour comfort is not enough. I even have not found here a decent meal. The cafe Eve at the bus station in Lyubimovka is a “masterpiece”. The prices break excellent, for this money I in pizzeria Fiesta in Sevastopol was full with goraaaazdo a great pleasure.

Those who want to see Sevastopol, as well as nearby beauty type Fiolent, Cape Aya, Balaclava and beautiful beaches, I would advise to stop in Sevastopol. Buses go anywhere, a bunch of good cafes, musicians perform on the waterfront in the evening.

And, of course, to come a couple of times to this beautiful beach in Lubimovka very much advised!

By the way pay attention that many guest houses are located on a hill, below the photo will understand what I’m talking about. You will be told that to the sea 300 meters, but it’s if you descend through the air))). actually have to look for the nearest staircase down (and they are not at every guest house).

The Crimea or Turkey: where to have a rest in 2022. Our review

One of the advantages of the Crimean beach in Lyubimovka is probably the accessibility for local residents. Especially for the residents of nearby villages. Entrance to this stony beach is absolutely free. But for all comers are available such paid entertainment as a water scooter, “banana”, beach volleyball, cafe-restaurants and more.In general, Lubimovka resembles a traditional Soviet beach with a bunch of vacationing families with children. If you are too lazy to find a more secluded and quiet place on the Black Sea coast, you can relax here.

From minuses of a beach in Lyubimovka I can mark intrusive sellers fish-beer-churkhella which go literally on heads of holiday-makers and bore with the goods. Locals try not to buy anything from them, and tourists in Lyubimovka look rarely. Here and vendors of any stale stuff are impudent. One more minus of a beach contamination I consider. People often do not clean garbage after themselves. And as the beach is free in this case it is possible to hope only on conscientiousness of the holiday-makers.

During a recent trip to the Crimea, we visited a small village near Sevastopol – Lyubimovka. The first impression of this place – it is incredibly beautiful sea and a wide beach. The beach is really very wide and long, there is plenty of room. Half of the beach line is fine sand, closer to the water begins fine pebbles. And the sea itself is very beautiful, saturated color. The color of the water is fascinating!

In September, the beach is free enough, a lot of space, garbage is not lying around, it’s clean. But we didn’t like the village itself.

We rented a room in boarding house Lubomorye, the rooms are so-so. Cramped, although there is an air conditioner, refrigerator, TV and balcony. But any infrastructure is absent absolutely – in the evening you leave from boarding house and at once road, pair stores with the high prices and all. even to walk there is no place. One plus – a cheap dining room at boarding house, there it is possible to eat inexpensively, there is something to feed a small child. And otherwise, except for pure and beautiful sea in Lyubimovka there is nothing. We lived in other small settlements of Crimea, such as Storm. But there we liked it much more – a few dining rooms, stores, market with fruits and vegetables, cafes. And from Lubimovka we almost immediately left, especially since it was a strong wind and it was impossible to swim, immediately blew from all sides.

It is necessary to note almost full absence in Lyubimovka the equipped quay. Yes the beach is excellent, but the quay is not there yet. Though certainly it is just a question of time.

And in general it is possible to have a rest.

We have got to this place because at the kid was one year old and it was very much wanted to have a rest, and to leave wee one with whom it was not. So after much deliberation and, given the absence of passports for small, we decided to go to Ukraine with the whole family by car, and here my friends joined us. It was decided… let’s go.

So. It was at the end of August, the flow of tourists is not, but. And our border guards pleased us, quickly, accurately and even with smiles, but the Ukrainian side met us with a two-hour standstill. And this in total absence of people.

So, Lyubimovka. For the year-old child is perfect, a wide beach, not many people. Oh, how it appeared to be important. The naked child runs, to the sea it has no time to run up, it is caught by parents and to pull away from sunbathing neighbors it is not necessary, they in the distance.The Sea is good, pure.And, it has appeared that a pebble in Lubimovka is ideal for the child. We went once on a sandy beach nearby and . All in sand up to his ears, in a mouth, in a nose, all his food and bottles are unusable. More with pebbles did not leave. She not large, the first day the feet really hurt at first sight, and then all ran barefoot.

And otherwise – boredom and a minimum of service. Well, that we were with friends, so you will go mad with boredom. It gets dark early and the darkness covers all settlement and all. The cafe is so-so, there is no embankment. In general, the infrastructure is minimal, there is everything to survive, but for the rest it is not adapted. For all went to Sevastopol.

Crimea in the spring of 2022. Rest in March, April and May

And so, the child liked, from the sea will not take out. But. next year we do the passport and abroad. The Crimea is good, but a tedious road, customs. Once was enough. Here, if only a strain with money, vacation more than three weeks and certainly with friends.

Positive reviews

Lyubimovka, a great sunny resort of great Sevastopol, is located 30 km from the city center if you get to the center by cab, and an hour from the train station by shuttle bus, then by ferry in the Nakhimovsky district of the city with the change to the public transport. The name has really caught on with love, both the locals of Sevastopol, and many tourists coming to rest in the city of heroes. The resort as an independent began to develop not long ago, but can already compete with many other small villages in the region of Crimea. It has excellent beaches and fairly well-developed tourist infrastructure.

The population of the city of Sevastopol, as well as its areas, speak both Russian and Ukrainian, which makes it comfortable to communicate with tourists all over the former Soviet Union. Come to Ukraine can be both with dollars and Russian rubles, you can always exchange them at a favorable rate or in Simferopol or Sevastopol, but do it in exchange offices away from the station and bus stations, the rate is always better.

Why tourists choose this resort? I think the answer lies in the luxury beaches, the clear sea and lots of natural and architectural sights located within walking distance of Lyubimovka. Just here is quite democratic accommodation prices, compared with many resorts of the Southern coast of Crimea.

I was advised to take an inexpensive holiday Crimea Lyubimovka, which is located in the Nakhimov district. I really liked it there. I do not like the bustle, the huge oskoplenie youth near the local bars and clubs, that’s why I went to Lyubimovka, it’s clean, quiet, fresh air, warm sea. The present paradise for the tourist. I advise this place to those who likes quiet rest, far from vanity. But if you want to go to the disco, you can go to Uchkuevka, not far from Lyubimovka. There are a lot of entertainment venues. I advise to go to Sevastopol in July or August, at this time the sea is very warm and the weather is fine.

The responses are the best. third year in a row we have a rest in Lyubimovka! Other place just do not even imagine.


Beautiful, informative, excellent climate.

In the village Lubimovka were just passing through. This is a place that deserves a separate story. It’s a great resort village with a nice sea and nice beaches. Here a great sea climate and mountain air. But I want to tell you about something else. In the village on a hill there is the legendary 30th coast guard battery of the city, which began to be built back in 1913. It held the defense in World War I. During the Great Patriotic War it also defended Sevastopol. It was in 1941-1942. The battery was surrounded on all sides by the Germans. Soldiers stood bravely in the battle, many of them died (almost all), but the battery was not surrendered. To commemorate the dead soldiers there is a modest monument.

There is also an Orthodox church nearby. On the photo you can see it in the background.

After the war, 30th battery was restored and it provided coastal defense of Sevastopol. And now there is an active military part of the Russian Federation.

From here there is a beautiful view of the village Lyubimovka.

It is not for nothing that this place was chosen for city’s defense. From this high point there is a beautiful view of the city and the coastline is perfectly visible. Now you can just admire these beauties, but in those early years it was a convenient area to defend the city.

After admiring the beauty on one side and the barbed wire fence on the other, we went further.

Here is such a short story I got with an excursion into the history of the resort village Lyubimovka. In the last photo you can see from above the entire village, which is located along the coastline of the sea. Here we also see a large area of vineyards. I think that the rest in this picturesque corner of the Crimea will bring only one pleasure.

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To all I recommend, come to Lyubimovka, for family rest that is necessary, took a small house at the sea so that shashlychok to fry and children in the yard under supervision. In stores there is almost everything from groceries, meat, fish, fruit prices are average. It is possible of course not to reserve in advance, on a place to remove, but from experience you come to offer the house that remained not inhabited, as a rule with the overstated price and living conditions leave much to be desired. We booked a house through this site and did not regret it. I hope my review comes in handy, have a good rest everyone who is planning.

Rest in Lyubimovka with my wife all very much, good sandy beach, to the center of Sevastopol not more than 30 minutes. … booked a place to stay we picked up an excellent room with all the comforts of arrival met, lodged, all at the level. Thank you for your attention.


Lyubimovka part of the Crimean peninsula. It would seem just a normal village, but when you get here, you realize that not at all ordinary. and vice versa. very impressive place. I was very impressed by the diversity of the landscape: the sea, interesting nature, mild climate-all that is needed for a wonderful holiday.

Last year we had a rest there with the child of 1,5 years a place simply fascinating. Here write dirt, dirt the sea for 2 weeks was always transparent, and on beaches really clean up not often, but we for example clean up behind itself garbage. If all do the same, and not just talk about dirt and littering. I saw a picture of a mother on the phone telling someone how dirty the beach is, and after 10 minutes a child ate corn and she began to teach him to bury the ear of pebbles. I understand that we all come to have a rest, but you can not be lazy and get a bag for garbage near the bedspread and the problem is NO!

As to entertainments their really is not present, but we comeВ to the sea, and went some times to walk in Sevastopol. For rest with smallВ children the settlement that that it is necessary! and the prices very much pleased!

Crimea Lyubimovka Sevastopol – reviews

Today I want to tell you about my favorite beach with a warm name – Lyubimovka. The last time on this beach I was just the other day, at the height of the tourist season. it was Sunday July 21.

Mama17 avatar

Many people come to Sevastopol to have a rest, because after all, this is the only city in Crimea, which is really a city, where there is a cultural life (theaters, museums, exhibitions), the huge potential for historical heritage (35th coastal battery, Mikhailovskaya coastal battery, etc.), interesting places, …

Pretty-baby_ avatar

Hello to all who came to look at my review! Today I will tell you about my favorite beach in Sevastopol, where you can stop and eat Lyubimovka Beach is located on the north side of the city-hero of Sevastopol, to get to him from the city center, you must first board a boat (ticket price 23 $) and …

Strunok avatar

Good night, dear reader. For a long time I did not write and did not share my opinion. But during this time I went to the Crimea and accordingly accumulated a lot of new impressions and emotions which I want to share. This year my daughter and I went to vacation in the Crimea in early August.

KssKiss avatar

Hello all! Where in Sevastopol the best sandy beaches? That’s right, on the North side, and that’s Uchkuevka, Lyubimovka and further in that direction. A short excursus: And a little more about that, this is where you can swim in the open sea, enjoying the beach, and it is certainly beautiful and unusual: Here not…

Anita8987 avatar

Hello! Today I visited the beach in Lyubimovka, not far from Sevastopol, and also had a glimpse of the village itself. I want to share my impressions. Parking. The car can park in front of the village or right near the beach. The village. Normal southern village.

Russandol avatar

In the Crimea, we are not the first time we vacationed – before that we visited Kerch and the small village of Shelkino on the Azov Sea. But I wanted to see the famous hero-city – Sevastopol, swim in the Black Sea and here we chose a vacation place near the city – Lyubimovka.

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Binocular avatar

Today I will tell you about my favorite beach. Its beauty is not only in the clean water, but also in small features, but about everything in order. Lyubimovka is a village or neighborhood, as it is considered now, near Sevastopol. It is located on the north side of the city of Sevastopol.

SiberianHusky avatar

Greetings guest! We live in Sevastopol in a residential neighborhood. On the one hand we live on the sea, on the other hand until you get there and the sea will not want. The trolley-bus-cater-bus and we are the sea The road takes an hour.

RedStars avatar

In this piece of paradise, I was by chance and the advice of my friend. We rented a studio apartment very well: five minutes to the sea and two minutes to Perovskaya’s wine store. I must say that there were five other grocery stores, a beer on draft and a very cheap pharmacy nearby.

Magalena avatar

Hello! I have lived in the Crimea for many years, but I keep discovering it for myself. Somehow, not always attractive places for recreation is not always appreciated, tourists often rest in advertised resorts, and then upset that the holiday was not successful.

Simona Swan avatar

This resort village is about 20 km. from Sevastopol. My family and I started coming here in 2008, and we immediately liked it. Huge, compared with urban, beaches, spacious and wide.

Cajote avatar

We came to this place because the baby was one year old and wanted to relax, and leave the baby was not with anyone. So after much deliberation and, given the absence of passports for small, we decided to go to Ukraine with the whole family by car, and here my friends joined us. It was decided.

cryptoslon avatar

Sevastopol as a city to live in. A look without rose-colored glasses. How much has the city changed in 5 years in Russia? Review of the move to Sevastopol, updated!

There are cities that make an unpleasant first impression. Sevastopol is not one of them. Almost everyone who comes to this city falls in love with it in one way or another. I hear a lot of rave reviews from those who had a rest in Sevastopol and dreams to come back again.

Alyono4ka_ya avatar

The chic and expensive five-star complex is a hotel for a holiday with family or friends. Crimea, we’ll be back again this summer!

This year in the spring, our dad and my daughter decided to make a present for our anniversary bought a vacation at the Hotel Aquamarine 5. This huge and modern resort is located in the city of Sevastopol, on the Black Sea coast.

madamNN avatar

We’ve been to Tauric Chersonesos twice, but last time the heat didn’t help us to get to the cathedral and see it from the inside. Now is the perfect time – September with perfect weather to see such sights.

KssKiss avatar

The outrageous state of one of the most beautiful parks of Sevastopol, which is a specially protected natural area of regional importance!

Hello all!) Not all guests of the city of Sevastopol know about the unique place named in honor of Alexei Andreevich Maximov, an honorary citizen and merchant of the first guild, who came once in these parts.

Yulia Igorevna avatar

So, my vacation took place:) I am back and now I will share my impressions:) Reservations . In fact, for the rest of this year, I considered three hotels. But the choice settled on “Omega Club” because of the wonderful booking manager Valerie.

Sevastopol. North side. Paradise climate without sharp temperature drops, unlike the steppe Crimea, clean sea, stone beach, lovers of masks to swim, it’s all the same! The mistress Irina treated guests friendly enough.

Krylova avatar

I want to share my impressions about my vacation in Eski-Kermen Manor last week and warn everyone who wants to spend time there about possible unpleasant moments that might spoil your vacation.

Lady Swan avatar

Good day, dear reader! My husband and I have long been unable to decide on a holiday, or rather to say for a long time, first we were determined in what composition to fly, then where, how much and most importantly, whether it is available funds.

Kaori avatar

Motel Listrigon Balaklava. Hotel average, but relative to the prices of housing in Balaclava, a good option. Prices, living conditions, comparison with other hotels.

In Balaclava to rent a room for a family of 5 people in a decent hotel was impossible. Or very expensive or a dump. Have struck an apartment for 2000 rubles. Sovok, carpets on the walls, shabby furniture. In general, horror. In two, of course, you can find a more decent hotel at a normal price.

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