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You already traveled along the Mediterranean coast up and down? It’s time to discover the Aegean Sea in Turkey and its resorts. The western corner of the country is closer to Europe and the rest here is different from the Antalya. How? I’ll tell you in an article:)

Once I arranged my vacation in Gumbet (district of Bodrum). I was surprised by the small number of Russian tourists, a lot of English-Turkish speech and ocaaan bikes on the roads.

Useful: at Ziraat ATM you can withdraw lira from MIR card. Cash rubles can also be exchanged, but the rate is less favorable.

Why choose resorts in the Aegean Sea?


For the first experience, tourists often stay at the Mediterranean Sea, where the standard all inclusive and the trip is cheaper. The Aegean resorts of Turkey are chosen according to other criteria:

1) it has a drier climate, which makes the summer heat easier to bear.

2) the water is richer, sometimes turquoise in color

3) the location has Greek roots, so you can have a more European rest.

4) the other nature – mountainous terrain, cliffs, a lot of cozy coves, snow-white houses and olive plantations.

5) nearby attractions (Pamukkale, Ephesus, etc.).

6) Mainly sandy and pebbly beaches.

Aegean or Mediterranean Sea – which is better? It is up to you, but I advise to go to both, so as to have something to compare. Southern Turkey seemed a little more homey and comfortable, where a lot of native speech and orientation to Russian tourists. The Aegean coast surprised me with the European species and architecture. Pys. I liked it better on the second one.

There are several air harbors on the west coast. Most often package (on a trip) tourists land at Bodrum-Milas Airport (BJV) and Dalaman (DLM).

Resort Approximate time to the nearest airport
Bodrum 30 min
Kusadasi 1 hr 10 min
Izmir 20-30 min
Icmeler 1,5 ч
Marmaris 1,5-2 ч
Dalaman 10-15 min
Fethiye 50 min
Sarigerme 20 min
Cesme 1,5 ч
Didim 2-3 ч

When is the best time to go?

While no one is watching, taking selfies on Gümbet beach:)

The tourist season at Turkey’s Aegean Sea resorts officially starts in mid-May and lasts until October – shorter than on the Antalya coast. But for a beach holiday I would choose from June to the end of September.

In spring, in May the temperature at the west coast of Turkey becomes comfortable +24 ° C … +25 ° C. The water gradually warms up to +20 ° C on average.

In summer it’s time for sipping smoothies and chilling out on the beach. If in June the weather is still unpredictable, in July and August the thermometer rises above +30 ° C. The sea is warm +25 ° C – you can safely swim.

In September the weather turns colder, so you can’t do without a light sweater. By the end of the month there’s still nothing to stop you from swimming and sunbathing. In October the rains come.

But from May to October in this part of the country the north winds melt. It is not critical, but the hem of the dress in Bodrum I had to tie up :D

The month Air Water
May 24,5 20
June 29 23
July 32 25
August 33 26
September 29 24
What do tourists say – when to go to Turkey?

Prices of tours to the Aegean Sea

My ten-day vacation in Bodrum for two cost 69,000 rubles. For the Aegean Sea is not expensive. For a good 4* – even more so. The trip I bought on Onlinetours, but at the same time I compared prices on:

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These are aggregator sites, where all the tours are collected directly from tour operators – no markup, taking into account all sorts of seasonal discounts and hotel reviews. In my opinion, pretty convenient. You can choose a hotel, sitting at home. And read reviews about them. Another plus is that they have all the tour operators, and there is a big choice.

To illustrate, the prices for tours to Turkey in 2022 all inclusive (in rubles):

Resort for 7 days for 10 days
Bodrum from 65 000 from 85 000
Kusadasi from 70 000 from 85 000
Marmaris from 60 000 from 75 000

The Mediterranean Sea is a more budget-friendly option. The price for a 7-day trip starts at 45,000 rubles on Travelate.


Trips to Lycian Tombs from Marmaris

Trip to Lycian tombs from Marmaris

Basically, the resorts of Turkey on the Aegean Sea with a sandy beach. Although in some places there is a pebble shore, or even a platform. I tell you about the most important ( = popular) areas, plus I have added a couple of my own.

The European resort of Marmaris is a comfortable haven for tourists with children, couples and young people. It consists of the city and small villages (Icmeler, Turunç and Armutalan).

In Marmaris there are discos and parties till morning. All of them are on Bar Street, where there are a number of cafes, restaurants and hotspots. For a calmer pace – choose the neighboring villages.

The resort has clean air with pleasant pine scents. The coast for the most part are narrow pieces of sand and pebble beaches, except Icmeler with a wide coastal strip.

Pros: lots of hotels, clean sea, active nightlife.

Cons: far from the airport, some narrow sections of beaches.


On the road from Marmaris to Icmeler

A beach resort in Turkey, 15 minutes drive from Marmaris. The coast in Icmeler is sandy (has a Blue Flag), the entrance to the sea is comfortable, the depth is not at once. There is a well-equipped beach Nirvana Beach. It is here where the foam parties and discos take place, many cafes. Rental of a sun lounger and an umbrella is paid. A little further away, on the side of Marmaris, there is a free zone.

On the territory of the resort there are two channels, with bridges thrown over them. For this, Icmeler is sometimes called little Venice. In the center there is a comfortable large promenade for strolls. Around a lot of greenery, playgrounds, parks and squares, bike rentals and bikes.

Pros: a cozy, quiet, environmentally friendly village.

Cons: hard to say:)


Beach in Kusadasi

The water in Kusadasi

Ephesus Ephesus

Took an excursion to Ephesus – it was fire, seriously!

Green city with a mild, pleasant climate. It is chosen for its tourist infrastructure, nature and convenient location to attractions (like Ephesus and Pamukkale). The beach is sandy and has a gentle way into the water. But some hotels have private, with platforms.

Pros: a large choice of hotels, entertainment and to the ruins of Ephesus and Selcuk nearby.

Cons : long transfer time.


Fethiye The mountains

Mountains, sea and tiled roofs – romance!

If you choose a location with a lot of greenery, then you should go to Fethiye resort. There are mountains, pine groves, lots of coves and islands, but technically Fethiye is still a resort on the Mediterranean Sea, although they like to list it with the Aegean.

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The water is unreal turquoise color, so I would call the city an improved version of Kemer. Especially since the heat on the west coast is easier to bear, and the air is softer.

The beaches at the resort are different: sandy, pebble, slabs and even platforms. And the bay at Oludeniz is considered one of the most attractive for tourists.

Pros: plenty of attractions nearby: the Lycian tombs, museums, etc. + airport close.

Cons: small selection of all inclusive hotels.


Gumbet Beach near our hotel

Gümbet beach near our hotel

Bodrum is a resort for young people with loud parties, chaotic traffic and white Greek houses. The beaches are narrow and sandy and pebbly, or just plain platforms. In neighboring Gumbet, for example, the sand shimmers and shines with golden chips. Read our article about Bodrum – it’s about prices, beaches, tours and the best hotels.

For all 10 days of rest I have seen almost no tourists from Russia, but I heard a lot of German and English speech.

Pros: own airport and most hotels have private beaches.

Cons: the length of the resort – not very convenient to travel, even to the malls.

From Bodrum is convenient to take excursions, there are many options. Including: a boat ride from Dalyan to Iztuzu beach and the town of Kavn, Pamukkale.

The amphitheater in Cavna

The amphitheater in Kavn


The location is better known for the local international airport, located 6 km from the coast. It is hard to call the place a tourist destination, an ordinary provincial town. There is a spacious wild coast (for 5 km). The choice of hotels is small, budget among them is not present. With entertainment, too, there is not much. But in the neighbouring areas of Sarigerme, Ortaja and Dalyan there are equipped mixed beaches. For the most part, the beaches are paid.

Pros: the proximity to the airport.

Cons : modest choice of hotels and attractions.


A small Turkish village for a quiet holiday. Not long ago Sarigerme was a fishing village, and now a quiet secluded resort. It is chosen because of the clean air, mountains, pine and olive groves. The airport at Dalaman is 12 km away, so it is very convenient. The resort has a mixed beach with sand and pebble. The beach entrance fee is 4 lira, free for guests. The location is suitable for couples rather than active young people.

Pros: less trampled place (in contrast to Kemer, for example) with its unique nature.

Cons: for fans of entertainment will be boring + a nasty wind in the afternoon.


Not the most famous and popular resort in Turkey. It’s a small cozy town with a developed infrastructure. Cesme coast is covered with fine sand and the entrance to the sea is gentle. The water in the resort is clean and clear. It attracts experienced and beginners divers. Moreover, there are many courses and schools for lovers of diving.

You will hardly ever see a Russian tourist at the resort (although there are a few). The locals are usually the northern Turks and Europeans. The location is not cheap.

Pros: sandy beaches and gradually increasing depth.

Cons : sparse entertainment program, few tours to the resort.


The Sea in Didim

Pixabay bails out again: Didim

Area in the province of Aydin, with a decent distance to international airports (at least 100 km). The place is not very popular among package tourists. There are long sandy beaches, ancient sites (like the Temple of Apollo) and spas.

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The main coast Altynkum is a sand with small inclusions of pebbles. The entrance to the sea is gentle and suitable for a holiday with a child.

Pros: there are few tourists and well-developed infrastructure.

Cons: a small selection of hotels and the remoteness of the airport.



Borrowed from Pixabay: Sunset in Izmir

By resort we mean not only the city but also the surrounding areas (like Dikili, Aliaga, Foça, Karaburun, Cesmealtı, etc.). The city itself is one of the largest in the country. There are many museums and attractions, but no beaches. For an even sea tan you have to travel a considerable distance from the city (from 40 km).

Resort Izmir is not about tourist infrastructure and animation. This option is more for independent travelers who don’t mind 2* or 3* hotels, rent a villa or apartment.

The exception is the area of Gyumuldur (as it should be: all-inclusive, entertainment and even its own water park). Plus the resort’s sandy beaches are firm Blue Flag winners. But, as for me, lose to the Mediterranean coast.

Pros: airport + few vacationers on the beaches.

Cons: poor tourist infrastructure.

Holidays with children – where better?

Umbrellas Alley in Marmaris

Umbrella Alley in Marmaris

The Aegean Sea with children is also possible, although more difficult. Hotels for a holiday with a child here is less than on the Antalya coast. As well as an all-inclusive system. A lot of budget half-board hotels or only with breakfasts. Plus the water in the Aegean is 3-4 degrees cooler and lower humidity.

Turkish resorts in the Aegean Sea will be of interest to older children. Judging by the reviews of tourists, sandy and mixed beaches will suit the family vacation:

  • Marmaris
  • Icmeler
  • Fethiye
  • Bodrum villages (Turgutreis, Bitez or Torba).

At the other resorts of the Aegean Sea beaches are common. That is, to the water to go down a ladder, as in the pool – is not too convenient with the kids. So before you buy a trip, ask what nearby entrance to the sea.

As for hotels, I can advise the following (the price is for two + child):

4* Phoenix Sun Hotel – from 112 000 rubles

4* The Holiday Resort – from 120 000 rubles

✓ 4* SunBay Park – from 90 000 rubles

Aegean resorts on the map

For your convenience and representation Aegean resorts on the map:

Tourist reviews of the Aegean Sea

The sea in Gumbet

Caught footage from the shore of Gümbet (Bodrum)

Tourist reviews about beach holidays in Turkey, specifically in its western part, are different. As many people – as many opinions. For some, more elite European Bodrum (for example) is more interesting, and after that Antalya seems analogous to Anapa. And for someone the Mediterranean Sea is warmer, cozier and more sandy.

The Aegean coast of Turkey. Why is it worth choosing to vacation

Family holidays in Turkey are popular without any advertising. Tourists with children have long appreciated the natural benefits and a high level of service in this country. Someone tends to the Turkish resorts in May to quickly plunge into the delights of summer.

In this case, the best place to rest is the Mediterranean coast. However, many people plan their holiday at the resorts of this hot country during the school vacations. In June – August we recommend choosing the Aegean coast for a vacation with children. Our review focuses on the best resorts and children’s activities in the western part of Turkey.

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the aegean coast of turkey. why it's worth to go on vacation photo 1

Climate of the Aegean Coast of Turkey

The west coast of Turkey is washed by the Aegean Sea. Weather conditions in this region as if specially adapted to rest in the summer months: the heat sets in mid-June and lasts until mid-September.

During this time, the average air temperature is +24-26 ° C, and the water is never colder than +23 ° C. The hottest months are July and August, when the thermometers reach +29-34 ° C. The sea during this period warms up to +25-29 ° C.

Weather in Turkey in July and August heat does not prevent planning a vacation in Turkey with children: low humidity and a refreshing breeze from the sea turns the heat into a pleasant warmth.

This allows children to adapt quickly, and parents do not have to worry about the hardships of acclimatization. Note that night temperatures on the Aegean coast fall below +20°C. This is excellent conditions for a good night’s sleep, and you should bring warm clothes for evening walks. This is excellent conditions for a good night’s sleep, and for evening walks it is worth bringing warm clothes.

Resorts in Turkey, located on the shores of the Aegean Sea, have slight differences in climate. The northernmost of them, Kusadasi resort, is characterized by a moderate summer heat. The climate of Bodrum, located to the south, resembles the climate of the Greek island of Kos.

In the southern resort of Fethiye beach season lasts longest: from mid-May to early October. It is slightly hotter here than in Bodrum and Kusadasi. This is not surprising – Fethiye is located to the south of the popular resorts of Turkey on the Mediterranean Sea: Antalya, Belek, Side.

How to choose a resort on the Aegean coast

If you are planning a summer vacation on the west coast of Turkey, clear skies, steady warmth and clear sea are guaranteed to you. And what else do the country’s resorts have to offer?


why is the aegean coast of turkey worth the vacation photo 2

Bodrum is sometimes called a European resort in Asia. It somewhat resembles Greece: white houses, green caps of gardens and bright blue sea. Peninsula, on which is situated this city and its neighboring resort towns, dotted with cozy bays. The sea is warm and calm, the beaches are mainly sandy and pebbly.

Holidays with children in Bodrum can be planned regardless of their age. With kapups easy to arrange a quiet holiday in a small distance from the center of resort life, such as in the villages of Torba or Bitez.

Here are excellent high-level hotels, and small boarding houses and apartments for all tastes. The advantage of country hotels is that they have a larger area than Bodrum hotels.

Rest with preschoolers and primary school children should be more saturated. Here to help parents come to children’s clubs and animators in hotels, water fun on the beaches. One of the items in the holiday program with children of this age, most likely, will be a trip to the water park or dolphinarium. Many children will be interested in the Museum of Underwater Archaeology.

Excellent spending time in this resort region and families with teenagers. With them you can choose an accommodation where there is a buzz of life: in Bodrum itself or in Turgutreis, Ortakent Yaxi. In addition to riding scooters and mastering the wisdom of diving, the teenagers are of interest and attractions of Bodrum.

You can wander for a long time through the ruins of the amphitheater and the castle of St. Peter (this is where the Museum of Underwater Archaeology). Of course, the most famous site on the Turkish coast of the Aegean Sea remains Halicarnassus Mausoleum in Bodrum.

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Even the ruins of the tomb of King Mausolus of Caria impress tourists, and the story of the guide will help to imagine the beauty of the royal tomb, ranked among the Seven Wonders of the World.


the aegean coast of turkey. why is it worth the vacation photo 3

Kusadasi, together with the surrounding villages is a young resort area, so its infrastructure is developing in line with modern requirements.

Its mild climate is ideal for those who are contraindicated to severe heat. The swimming season is relatively short, from late June to late August, at which time Kusadasi is an excellent alternative to the Mediterranean resorts of Turkey, where the hottest period begins.

The trouble with bathing in the region is that the sea can sometimes be cool for babies. In this case it is worth choosing a hotel with a children’s pool.

Kusadasi 5-star hotels usually have a swimming pool with water slides for children. Their advantages also include a large green area, a children’s club and playground, babysitting services, animation for children.

Rest at the northernmost resort of the Aegean Sea will appreciate the families who like to travel a lot. Kusadasi is an easy drive to Denizli Province, where the unique natural monument of Pamukkale is located.

School children can visit the ancient cities of Hieraspolis, Miletus, Didim, Priena, visit the ancient Ephesus. Young children and teenagers will be interested in the museum of steam locomotives in Chamlik. And if you don’t want to leave your vacation spot, you can have all the fun in the three water parks of the region.


the aegean coast of turkey. why it's worth the vacation photo 4

Fethiye is perfect for a passive holiday with children. The main trump cards of the resort are the clean sandy beaches and coniferous forests, which add their touch to the salubrious sea air. The most picturesque coastal strip is located in the village next to Fethiye, Oludeniz.

Oludeniz Lagoon is a nature reserve, and there is one of the few attractions of the region – the Valley of Butterflies, tucked away behind Mount Babadag.

The main children’s activities in the resort are concentrated in the hotels. Here, as nowhere else, it is important to have a children’s mini-club, playground and animation programs. Variety rest will help visit the water park Sultan’s Aquacity.

But you can go on a boat trip from Fethiye and visit the 12 islands surrounding the resort. The ruins of the ancient cities of Telmessos, Xanthos, and Tlos can also be visited with school-age children, and the photos you take during these excursions will be useful in preparing lessons on the history of the Ancient World.

Hotels in Fethiye have a wide variety of services and facilities. The most respectable hotels are located in Oludeniz Bay and the central part of Fethiye. Budget hotels are located in Caeliş and Göcek. Most hotels in the resort do not have their own beaches.

Do you want to know the secret of how to rest in Turkey in the summer and not to melt from the heat? Choose one of the resorts on the Aegean Sea, and then you have another favorite vacation destination. And to save your time, we have gathered a unique collection of family hotels in Turkey, where tourists with children are always welcome.

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