Turkey in May 2022. Where to relax? Weather, prices, reviews

Rest in Turkey in May

Planning a vacation in Turkey in May 2022? Then it is useful for you to know where it is already warm for bathing and what the weather is like, how much hotels and all-inclusive tours are, as well as what you and your children can do on vacation.


Weather in Turkey in May

The weather in May in Turkey is warm and mostly dry. The sun shines the whole day, there are small rainfalls. The winds have weakened markedly compared with the winter and early spring. The sunniest region is Alanya. Here the cloudiness is low and the duration of the sunny day is the highest – nearly 14 hours. Antalya and Side are slightly inferior.

In May in most resorts in Turkey there is a big difference between the night and daytime temperatures. The warmest is in Alanya: +24 ° C during the day, 20 ° C at night. Slightly cooler in Side and Kemer: the daytime temperatures are only 1 degree cooler, but at night there is a noticeable cooler +16. +17°С. In Antalya, the daytime temperature is +25 ° C, at night it’s +16 ° C.

The sea is not yet as warm, but already quite suitable for swimming. At the end of May, it’s safe to swim in the Mediterranean Sea: the water off the coast of Antalya, Alanya, Kemer and Side +21 ° C. The Black Sea coast is cooler, the water +16 ° C.

Where to rest in Turkey in May

Rest in May in the Mediterranean resorts of Turkey. The warmest areas in the south of the country are Antalya, Fethiye and Alanya. Here the air is warmer, and the sea warms up earlier. However, at the end of the month the weather in different regions does not differ much and resembles the Russian summer of the middle zone.

Hotel in Turkey

A Turkish hotel with a swimming pool. Photo: kirahoffmann / pixabay.com.

Rest with children in Turkey in May

In May, dolphinariums and water parks are already open. The sea for children is not warm enough, so you need to choose a hotel with a warm pool. On the service Travelata conveniently look for hotels with a pool, water park, animation and other necessary criteria. The infrastructure of Belek and Antalya is well developed in this regard: the hotels have playgrounds and a children’s club, mini-zoo and pools, animators. You can improve the health of a child in the coniferous Kemer.

If a child is bored with hotel rest, you can go on excursions: in Kemer, there is a dinosaur park, dolphinarium and eco-park, in Antalya – aquarium, dolphinarium and a zoo. Take a trip to the beautiful, powerful waterfalls near Side and Antalya. Do not forget that in Turkey in May, the weather is unstable. Evenings in the spring chill, so take care of warm blouses and windbreakers.

How to have fun on holiday in Turkey

What entertainments Turkey has to offer vacationers in May? Reviews of tourists show that the most popular:

  1. Water entertainment . Almost all popular resorts in the Mediterranean Sea of Turkey have water parks, which in the second half of the month are already open. For the keen, there is diving and snorkeling, and you can take courses and get an international certificate. There are beautiful fish in the region of Side and Antalya, and underwater grottos and caves – in the region of Kaş, Kemer and Fethiye.
  1. Excursions and active entertainment . Holidays in Turkey – it’s not just lying on the beach. Many people like to ride quad bikes or bicycles. It is comfortable to travel: it’s warm, it rains little. You can go to Cappadocia, Pamukkale, ancient cities, Istanbul, visit national parks and waterfalls.
  1. Night clubs and discos . Nightlife in May is modest: the season has just begun and there are few holidaymakers, so we are not talking about full-scale events. In small villages all clubs and discos are opened closer to the end of the month.
  1. Shopping . For the sales is a little early, but the ability to haggle is worth it. In Alanya, Istanbul and Antalya you can buy silk and leather goods, carpets. There are no shopping centers in Side and you have to go to the neighboring village Manavgat for shopping.
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See Tower of Peace, the Houses of Parliament and the Blue Mosque of Istanbul.

(Photo: Trudi90 / pixabay.com)

Tour prices in May 2022

Prices are for tours with a flight from Moscow for 2 adults in the most popular period – the May holidays.

Look for great deals on Level.Travel and Travellata – they will find the best deals among the different tour operators. Do you want to save your money? Find out 7 ways to buy a tour cheaper.

How much do tours to Turkey in May 2022 cost? Tours to a 3* hotel for 7 nights in Kemer, Alanya and Antalya cost from 30 thousand rubles, in Marmaris, Side and Belek – from 35 thousand rubles. Similar tours for 11 nights in Kemer, Side and Antalya cost from 40 thousand rubles, and in Alanya, Belek and Marmaris – from 45 thousand.

Are you used to live in comfortable 5* hotels with an “all inclusive” system? In Turkey, such packages are not expensive. For example, a 1-star hotel for a week in Kemer and Side can go from 40 thousand, in Alanya and Marmaris – from 45 thousand, and in Antalya and Belek – from 50 thousand. Staying 11 nights are only 10-20 thousand rubles more expensive.

The most democratic resorts are Alanya and Marmaris, where there is the smallest difference in prices between the cheapest and most expensive proposal. Belek traditionally retains its status as an expensive place for recreation, and “three-sets” are few here.

Remember that in the last decade of May tour prices in Turkey increase significantly. The greatest price increase (17-20%) is observed in Belek, Alanya, Kemer and Side. Antalya and Marmaris are more modest in their appetites – here the prices increase from 6 to 11%.

Where to go in Turkey in May: weather and tour prices

Reading the reviews of tourists who have visited Turkish resorts, you begin to realize that the possibilities of the country in the field of tourism are limitless. Recreation in Turkey is conventionally divided into beach and educational. But it is in May tourists get both options “in one package”.

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Spring is coming, make way for spring!

Blue mosque tambul park architecture

© adliwahid / unsplash.com / CC BY 2.0

Flights to Turkey are organized from St. Petersburg, Moscow and 20 other cities in Russia.

Before deciding to travel long distances, Russians ask a lot of questions:

  1. Is it worth going to the sea in spring?
  2. What is the weather in Turkey in May?
  3. What clothes to bring?
  4. How many degrees is it in the sea?
  5. Can I go in May with a child?
  6. Where is the warmest resort?

Rest assured – Turkey in May is no less attractive than in the height of summer. The only downside – the prices for the May holidays are rising before your eyes and calm down only by the middle of the month.

The weather varies by region, but nights are fresh and cool everywhere. The end of April and first decade of May are often marred by rains and thunderstorms.

Last year’s reviews assure that May holidays in most cities were warm and dry. But the spring weather is unpredictable and before flying to Turkey to relax, pack an umbrella and warm clothes.

The thermometer in early May stays at 20 ° and above. True, it is still cold to swim, the sea temperature does not exceed 18 °. People relax on the beaches, where you can get a tan without fear of the aggressive sun.

In mid-May it gets even warmer. The flow of tourists arrives. Bars, beach restaurants, nightclubs open. The most impatient are already swimming, the rest are sunbathing.

At the end of May the daytime air temperature rises to 26-28 °. The sea gradually warms up to 21-22 °, you can swim and sunbathe. At the beginning of June, the tourist season is in full swing.

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What sea to choose?

Black sea turkey bay bodrum coast

© kafadar / unsplash.com / CC BY 2.0

So, Turkey in May – where is the best to go? Of the four seas that wash the country, the coldest is the Black Sea – only 16°. Marmara Sea is not much warmer – 16.5 °. Holidays here are exclusively sightseeing, the air temperature in early May – 20 °. The weather is unstable, it rains and winds blow all April. But you can buy cheap plane tickets and book the best hotels.

For the May holidays, tourists go to Istanbul. Precipitation does occur, but it will not spoil your vacation. In a couple of hours the rain reminds about the lush greenery and the fragrance of flowering plants.

Tourists walk around the magnificent city, order special offers from local agencies: an evening stroll along the Bosphorus, a gastronomic tour “street-food in Turkish”, a thematic photo shoot.

On holidays the minimum cost of a tour for two in a 3 * hotel is 49 000 rubles.

Search for last minute trips on the search engines Onlinetours and Travelata. With the help of these sites you can compare the offers of more than 120 tour operators at a time. Read the secrets of finding the best deals on tours.

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The Aegean Sea

Kusadasi Aegean coast

© fein / unsplash.com / CC BY 2.0

The nature on the Aegean coast is very beautiful and the resorts are good for vacation. There are considerably more sunny days here. But come to the Aegean Sea is better in the second half of May when the water temperature rises to 21-22°, you can swim and sunbathe.

The temperature in the resorts of the Aegean Sea:

    , the weather is warm – 23.5 ° by day and 19 ° at night; – weather is clear, the air 23.6 °, the sea 21.9 °; – 25.3 ° during the day, the water 21.5, cloudy; – day 24.9 °, rainy, windy, the water 19.8 °; – surrounded by mountains, the air 24.7 °, the water in late May 22.6 °; – resort at the junction of two seas, where clouds, sun, wind, the air 25 °, the sea 19 °.

While the beach season is on the rise, trips will be inexpensive. You can buy an all-inclusive tour for 15 000 rubles. These prices are per person, per flight from Moscow, with a tour for two people.

    – Unusual excursions from local residents. – Inexpensive group tours.

Only Russian-speaking guides.

Mediterranean Sea

The warmest region in the country is the Mediterranean. Tourist feedback is unanimous: go in May to the southern resorts, especially if you have to vacation with children. In the south there is less rain, the sea gets warm faster, and the air is warmer than in the northern and central regions.

The best resorts in Turkey are located on the south coast. But even here the weather dictates the conditions. The nights are cool, the breeze is fresh and the sea is invigorating. In early May, pampered city dwellers prefer heated pools, and the beaches come to sunbathe. Unprepared tourists are better to rest in the second half of May, when the temperature of the Mediterranean Sea reaches 22 °.

Tour to Turkey in May will be more expensive than in April. But experienced travelers are advised to take tickets for the May holidays in the cheapest hotels. It is unlikely that you will swim in the sea, and will not spend much time in the room. All your free time will be occupied by trips, walks, excursions. And the tours will be much cheaper.

Let’s look for the warmest place on the coast.

Search for good hotels on Hotellook – the site compares prices from many different reservation systems (Booking too) and finds the best one. Read our guide on how to find a good and inexpensive hotel on your own.


Kemer beach bay rock

© sebulllba / unsplash.com / CC BY 2.0

The weather forecast promises plenty of sunshine and 2-3 rainy days, and that in early May. It’s for the beach leisure Russians rush to Kemer, the weather in May:

  • 20° to 28° during the day;
  • At night it can drop to 11 °;
  • The water temperature is 20-22°.

Sunny weather requires protecting the skin: protective creams and sunglasses are mandatory.

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Recreation is possible both beach and sightseeing. In the neighborhood are the ruins of an ancient port city, an ethnographic park, caves with waterfalls in Beldibi.

Prices in May are still democratic, the trip will cost at least 14,000 rubles per person.

Some tourists prefer to buy a tour with accommodation in the vicinity of Kemer. Hotels Beldibi formed a whole resort village with its own sandy beaches, animation, mini zoo. The room rate – from 3 570 rubles. You can buy a trip to a 5* hotel for May 1st for 76 000 roubles for two persons.

It is called a museum in the open air resort town Side. Before the heat comes it is worth visiting the ancient amphitheatre, the Byzantine Basilica and the aqueduct, the Discovery Park and the waterfall in the mountains.

No one refuses and beach entertainment in Side, the weather in May here is variable, but only at the beginning of the month. After the 10th the clouds part, the sun shines from morning till evening. At the end of May, even children swim:

  • The sea is calm, the water temperature is 22-23°;
  • up to 28° during the day;
  • at night from 10 ° to 16 °.

Local beaches are labeled with Blue Flags. The air is filled with the scents of pine and oranges – the trees grow along the coastline.

Prices for tours to a 3* hotel start from 30 000 rubles for two people.


alanya beach view bay of the spit

© kristianklausen / unsplash.com / CC BY 2.0

The warmest resort on the Mediterranean – Alanya, the weather in May is perfect for a full beach vacation. Weather forecast:

  • 18-21° during the day at the beginning of the month;
  • In the middle of May 23-24 °;
  • at the end of May 27-28 °;
  • 23° at night;
  • water temperature 21-22°.

The weather is mostly sunny, it rains rarely.

Alanya is rich in sights – Cleopatra Beach, the Damlatas Cave. There is a folklore show called “1001 nights” in Konakli. People go to Okurcalar for peace and quiet. Useful shopping in Alanya and trips to the bazaar for spices, oils, fresh strawberries.

A ticket for May will cost at least 25 000 rubles per person. If you’re patient, you can get hot deals for 12 000 rubles.


At the resort Belek weather in May capricious – now warms up above 30 °, then lowers to 16 °. Such temperature variations are typical only for May, June – steadily hot (up to 35 °). And while reviews note the absence of heat:

  • 20-25° during the daytime already in early May;
  • At night 16-18 °;
  • Water temperature at the end of May 22-23 °.

When bored lying on the beach, arrange trips to nature and theme parks, caves, waterfalls, hot springs Pamukkale.

Travel agencies offer tours with significant discounts. You can get an all-inclusive vacation for 28,000 rubles.


Marmaris pool children hotel

© miguel_discart / flickr.com / CC BY 2.0

As much as you love Marmaris, the weather in May is not suitable for beach activities:

  • 21° during the day, only 25° towards the end of the month;
  • 18° at night;
  • Water temperature 20 °, closer to June to 22 °.
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Precipitation and gusty winds are likely in the first decade. The weather forecast is not encouraging, and visitors should expect a sightseeing vacation. Be sure to visit Turtle Island, Archaeology Park, and the yachting festival.

Reviews note that the prices here are higher than in Kemer and Alanya. Tours for 3 nights cost from 26 860 rubles. Early booking is offered to help the thrifty tourists.


Whatever the demand for the Fethiye resort, the weather in May is far from ideal. The sky is often covered with clouds, it rains every third day in early May and the thermometer does not rise above 23°. The nights get as cold as 14-15°.

Read the tourists’ reviews and postpone the trip to the last decade of the month. It will not be possible to avoid precipitation, but the air warms up to 26 ° and the water temperature reaches 23 °.

It would be sacrilege to spend your whole vacation on the beach when there are so many amazing cultural monuments and nature reserves. May is a great month to hike the Lycian Trail, check out Butterfly Valley, and meet the sunrise at a campsite at the edge of a pine forest.

Before the high season begins, tours are affordable. A week holiday for two will cost 43 500 roubles.


beach shore antalya kaputas sea

© @atlas_green / unsplash.com / CC BY 2.0

The weather in May in Antalya allows you to combine a beach holiday with walks around the city:

  • 25-26° in the air during the day;
  • at night 17-18 °;
  • water temperature 20-22°.

The clouds in the sky appear rarely, accounting for 2 or 3 rainy days a month. The rest of the time the sun shines and the south wind brings welcome warmth.

In your spare time discover amazing examples of antiquity – palaces, towers and ancient gates. Take a walk through the park alleys and taste the delicious Turkish food. From mid-May water parks and nightclubs open.

Tours at the height of the May holidays become more expensive: a week-long holiday for two costs 56,000 rubles. By the end of the month the price goes down to 32 500 roubles.

May entertainment

What to do in Turkey in May? As long as the scorching summer has not come, you can enjoy all the charms of a combined vacation:

  • at most resorts you can swim;
  • fruits and berries (pomegranates, strawberries) are abundant in the markets;
  • Travels around the country are held in comfortable weather;
  • the poster of each city invites to festivals and concerts.

The holidays in May will be a great addition to your vacation. Istanbul hosts the International Theater Festival on May 5. The whole country celebrates May 19 – Ataturk Day, and May 29 – Capture of Constantinople Day.

The May Fest music festival lasts for nine days. The concerts on May holidays are held with the participation of international and Russian pop stars.

You can organize a full holiday at any resort in Turkey. Buy tickets, book a hotel, buy warm clothes and do not forget the positive mood.

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