Turkey’s top 10 hotels with heated pools

Top 10 hotels in Turkey with heated pools for winter holidays


Hotel with stylishly decorated rooms, a wide range of entertainment and beautiful territory – Limak Lara De Luxe Hotel & Resort 5* is located on the first coastline in Lara. One of the undoubted pluses of this hotel in winter is the warm indoor pool with Jacuzzi and slide, which is a great alternative to summer swimming in the outdoor pools and the sea. In addition to great interiors and activities such as spa, fitness, animation program, Limak Lara De Luxe Hotel & Resort 5* offers guests a good choice of restaurants with thematic and international cuisine.

Aska Lara Resort & Spa 5*


Aska Lara Resort & Spa 5* in Lara is an ideal place to stay in winter and then again in summer. Unusual decoration, style and attractive design of interiors and exteriors will make your vacation memorable. In Aska Lara Resort & Spa 5* fine decorated and cozy rooms in several categories, an indoor game center and several themed restaurants will make your vacation memorable.

Alva Donna Exclusive Hotel & Spa 5*


Alva Donna Exclusive Hotel & Spa 5* in Bogazkent is great and offers a lot of options – from staying in a separate block where there is no animation and the atmosphere of total peace and relaxation to piano nights. Rather rich children’s entertainment program and a spa center with sauna, snow and salt rooms and massage make the hotel attractive for parents with children. Alva Donna Exclusive Hotel & Spa 5* has two indoor swimming pools – one in the spa and one in the Deluxe Suite. The pool in the spa center has a special area for kids.

Akka Antedon Hotel 5*

Akka Antedon Hotel 5* in Beldibi is also well suited for a holiday in winter. Firstly, a part of the beach with all the infrastructure remains active during the cold months, which allows you to fully enjoy the invigorating sea air in comfort. Secondly, there are indoor warm pools for children and adults. Third, Akka Antedon Hotel 5* has a spa center with a mass of warming treatments. Families with children should take a closer look at this option, as there are two categories of family rooms. Cozy interiors, a wide choice of restaurants and entertainment are at the guests’ disposal.

Rixos Premium Belek 5*

Rixos Premium Belek 5* in Belek will please fans of warm water with two indoor swimming pools – for adults (it is necessary to note the spaciousness of the “reservoir”) and for children. The pools are located in the spa center with an extensive “menu” of the most varied useful pleasures. Villas, rooms and suites are beautifully decorated, comfortable and allow you to relax in comfort. Rixos Premium Belek 5* offers a wide variety of restaurants and bars with hearty meals, snacks and delicacies. The hotel area overlooking the sea is attractive and allows you to enjoy walking in the fresh air.

IC Hotels Green Palace 5*

IC Hotels Green Palace 5* in Kundu attracts attention with its elegant appearance and stylish interiors. The beautiful area is elegantly and tastefully decorated, the rooms and common areas have a pleasant atmosphere of relaxation. The room categories range from standard and family rooms to suites and rooms for disabled guests. In addition, the IC Hotels Green Palace 5* has a fairly large indoor pool with a separate area for children. A large selection of restaurants with themed menus, bars and cafes will allow you to get new culinary experiences, which will pleasantly diversify your holiday.

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Club Hotel Sera 5*

Club Hotel Sera 5* in Lara is a great option for lovers of luxury and comfort. Luxurious interiors, well-groomed territory, beaches (by the way, note, there is a separate beach for kids), many restaurants and bars with varied menu, fitness center, sauna, spa, and an indoor pool surrounded by sun loungers with warm water. There is a separate bowl for children. The interiors of the rooms in the three buildings are designed in oriental style and dispose to the most relaxing rest.

Sherwood Dreams Resort 5*

Sherwood Dreams Resort 5* in Bogazkent offers wonderful opportunities for an enriching winter vacation. A spa with a variety of treatments and beauty rituals, which can end with a swim in the warm indoor pool; comfortable beautiful rooms; restaurants and bars (a variety, by the way, there are also for those who prefer exclusively vitaminized healthy drinks). Sherwood Dreams Resort 5* has a kids club, a lunapark, bowling and billiards. You won’t be bored.

Nirvana Dolce Vita 5*

Hotel Amara Dolce Vita Luxury 5 * In Tekirova, with a water park that works in the warm season, is of equal interest in winter. Stylish room interiors, luxurious villas for secluded relaxation, a long beach – the perfect place for long walks in the fresh air, spa – all this allows you to rest and enjoyable, and with benefits. In addition, in Amara Dolce Vita Luxury 5 * a few restaurants and, of course, there is a warm pool, indoor, it is excellent for swimming and swimming.

Spice Hotel & SPA 5*

If you are determined to clean up during your winter vacation, pay attention to the Spice Hotel & SPA 5* in Belek. This spa center offers a grandiose selection of procedures – from mild relaxing to therapeutic. In addition, the spa houses a semi-Olympic-sized swimming pool. Besides, the whole hotel has a nice and peculiar style. Rooms and suites please with stylish details, villas captivate with elegant glamour. The restaurants serve exquisite dishes from around the world.

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10 Best Hotels in Turkey with Warm Pool

Hotels in Turkey with a heated pool

The beach season at Turkish resorts ends in October. For those who want to come to Turkey in winter, have compiled a selection of the best 3-5* hotels with heated pools. Find out how much the rooms and tours for two for 7 nights with a flight from Moscow cost.

Selenium 3* – budget hotel with a heated pool

A small hotel 1.6 km from the center of Side is good for a family vacation at any time of the year. Selenium is one of the most inexpensive hotels in Turkey, which has a pool with warm water. Prices are low, so practical tourists from Germany like to stay here.

Double room with breakfast costs from 1400 rubles per day, the tour with breakfasts and dinners – from 35,000 rubles.

Hotels in Turkey with a heated pool

The pool at the hotel. Photo: Hotel Selenium.

Puding Marina Residence 4* – inexpensive hotel with a heated pool

If you dream of living in the center of the historic Kaleici district in Antalya, choose this cozy hotel with an outdoor pool. The views over the mountains and the Mediterranean Sea are pleasant. The hotel has a bar-restaurant and wellness center.

A double room with a good breakfast costs from 3400 rubles per day, the tour costs from 48 000 rubles.

Hotels in Turkey with a heated pool

Swimming pool at the hotel. Photo: Hotel Puding Marina Residence.

Tac Premier Hotel & Spa 4* – comfortable hotel with a heated pool

Comfortable hotel in Alanya welcomes tourists both in summer and winter. Tourists are delighted by the beautifully decorated rooms, spa center and plenty of entertainment for the whole family. The famous Cleopatra sandy beach is just 100m away! Respectable vacation is suitable for all-inclusive lovers and those who are not used to saving money.

Double room all inclusive in the summer of 2021 costs from 29 000 rubles per day, and in low season – from 5000 rubles. An all-inclusive tour for a week costs from 93,000 rubles.

Hotels in Turkey with a heated pool

Swimming pool at the hotel. Photo: Hotel Tac Premier.

Barut B Suites 4* – apart-hotel with an indoor heated pool

This wonderful hotel with its own sandy beach is located in the resort area of Side, 6 km from the ancient city. In summer you can swim in the sea and the large outdoor pools. For recreation in winter, there is a small indoor pool with warm water. The restaurant cooks gluten- and lactose-free dishes on request. Parents with children are pleased that the rooms have great kitchenettes.

Double room with breakfast costs from 11050 rubles per night, the tour – from 72,000 rubles.

Hotels in Turkey with a heated pool

The pool at the hotel. Photo: Hotel Barut B Suites.

Istanbul Trend 4* – an amazing hotel with a warm pool in the historic district of Istanbul

The offer we found in the ancient city will seduce even the most sophisticated traveler. Excellent hotel located in Laleli district, 50 meters from the streetcar stop and 5 minutes walk from the train station. Nearby are the famous Süleymaniye Mosque and the Grand Bazaar. This is the perfect place for you to relax and discover Istanbul. The heated swimming pool is on the roof of the building. Swim and admire the sights of Istanbul!

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Double room with breakfast costs from 4000 rubles per night, tour costs from 62 000 rubles.

Hotels in Turkey with a heated pool

Swimming pool in the hotel. Photo: Istanbul Trend Hotel.

Sultania 4* – designer hotel with a pool with warm water

Another find in Istanbul will please those who admire the national colors of Turkey. Add a heated pool to all the amenities and you’re in for a treat. The interiors of the lobby, floors and rooms are decorated in intricate Ottoman style. A nice bonus is that the boutique hotel is in a quiet location, within walking distance of many interesting places in the city.

A double room costs from 9,300 rubles per night, the tour costs from 74,000 rubles.

Hotels in Turkey with a heated pool

Swimming pool at the hotel. Photo: Hotel Sultania.

Sunprime C-Lounge 5* – all-inclusive hotel with a heated pool

The upscale hotel near the sand and pebble beach in Alanya accepts guests over 18 years old. Like many 5* hotels in Turkey, there’s a seasonal pool for summer holidays and a heated indoor pool. Tourists noted the pleasant design, comfortable seating areas and coffee machines in the rooms.

Double room with breakfast costs from 5800 rubles per day, all-inclusive tour – from 66,000 rubles.

Hotels in Turkey with a heated pool

The pool at the hotel. Photo: Hotel Sunprime C-Lounge.

FUN&SUN Life Belek 5* – luxury rest in a hotel with an indoor pool

One of the best hotels in Belek is located right on the beach, next to the excellent pebble beach. During the warm season, guests enjoy the spacious outdoor pool, and in the off-season, the indoor pool, which has heated water. Ambrosia Restaurant offers themed nights of Turkish cuisine and delicious fish and seafood specialties. The area is designed so that children can easily find a place to play and adults can find corners for quiet relaxation.

An all-inclusive double room costs from 11,800 rubles per day, a tour – from 50,500 rubles.

Hotels in Turkey with a heated pool

The pool at the hotel. Photo: FUN&SUN Life Hotel Belek.

Sealife Family Resort Hotel 5* – family hotel with a warm pool

The resort hotel in Antalya is loved by parents with small children, elderly tourists and young people. Guests sunbathe on their own beach, use the spa center, beauty salon and enjoy spending evenings in a nightclub. In a cozy hotel rest comfortably at any time of year. Regardless of the temperature of the sea you can always relax in the indoor pool with warm water.

A double room costs from 4100 rubles per day, the tour – from 58,000 rubles.

Hotels in Turkey with a heated pool

The pool at the hotel. Photo: Sealife Family Resort Hotel.

Karmir Resort & Spa 5* – spa resort with a heated pool

If you want to stay in the first line, pay attention to the wonderful spa hotel in the resort village of Goynuk. A large hotel 300 meters from the sandy and pebbly beach offers maximum amenities – cozy rooms, tennis court, modern wellness center, several restaurants and 3 pools, including one with warm water for a holiday in Turkey in winter.

Double room with breakfast costs from 6300 rubles per day, the tour – from 62 000 rubles.

Hotels in Turkey with a heated pool

The pool at the hotel. Photo: Hotel Karmir.

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