UAE in August 2022. Where to relax, weather and reviews

Rest in the UAE in August

In August in the Emirates, you can buy an inexpensive tour, but is it worth it to rest in the UAE in late summer? Find out what reviews leave tourists about the weather and the sea. Where to rest on a budget and whether to take children to the trip.


Air temperature

To understand how strong the heat in the Arab Emirates in the low season, just look at the thermometer. The maximum recorded temperature in the UAE in August is +50.5°C. Usually it’s always above +40°C by midday. Even in cooler Fujairah it’s +36°C. Don’t expect it to change after sunset! In the evening the thermometer will only drop to +33 ° C.

The desert winds blow dry in August and so the humidity is lower. In Fujairah it’s 75% and in Dubai and Abu Dhabi it’s 60%. It doesn’t feel like a steam bath anymore.

Because of the heat there are not many people on the streets. If you need to get somewhere, tourists and locals do not walk, but get to the place by cab, rented cars or public transport.

Air temperature during the day and night in August:

Resort t during the day t water
Dubai +41°С +34°С
Abu Dhabi +41°С +34°С
Sharjah +41°С +34°С
Fujairah +37°С +32°С
Ajman +41°С +33°С
Ras Al Khaimah +40°С +33°С
Umm al-Qaywain +41°С +33°С

Olga: We stayed in Dubai in August. The climate at this time is hot and the heat is so hot that it takes your breath away.

Bibip: “I felt really good in the mall, but it was so hot outside.

Water temperature

The water in the Gulf of Oman warms up to +25. +26 °С, and in the Persian Gulf – up to +32. +33°С. There is no way to freshen up! Some tourists swimming in overheated salt water gives unnecessary stress on the heart, and the blood pressure rises from it.

How to have a cheap vacation in Dubai in 2022 - 10 secrets

Before you go to the UAE in August 2022, look for a hotel with a pool with cooled water. Water treatments at +24. +25 ° C is much healthier!

Regina Kowalczyk: “I managed to swim a couple of times in the bay, but the water was so warm (+33 ° C) that swimming was no fun. It was terribly hot. Fortunately, the hotel had a pool with cooling water.

It seems to me: “My slippers were sticking to the asphalt, no joke. In the sea, I had immediate pressure, after 2 minutes of being there. I jumped out, it was very scary. And I’m the healthiest person myself, I never have that.”

August weather in the UAE

Beach strip in Ajman (Photo: tutanh_blog /

How to dress for the weather

Closet selection for a holiday in the UAE in August has its own peculiarities. In the Arab country, a strong Muslim tradition. For public places, choose clothing that covers the knees and shoulders. Long pants and dresses are more practical than shorts and light tops, as closed clothes do not get burnt in the sun.

In August, the sand on the beaches is hot. Put beach shoes in your luggage. Do not forget a light hat and sunscreen. The malls, under air conditioning, are chilly. Take with you a light sweatshirt or sweatshirt.

Nadezhda Kotlyar: “Dubai is a Muslim city, so it’s better to take restrained outfits on vacation. You can easily visit the beach area in swimsuits, shorts, T-shirts. In the city, on the other hand, it’s better not to put your shoulders and legs out in the open.

Precipitation and hurricanes

The weather in August in the UAE has an undeniable advantage – it is 100% predictable. You will have absolutely cloudless skies. There are no rains, sandstorms and hurricanes.

However, because of the high temperature and active sun a high probability to get heat stroke and burn a lot. So August in the Emirates is not the best time for a beach holiday! In addition, the transition from the hot street under the air conditioning and back can lead to a runny nose and colds.

Food Prices in Dubai - 2022

Holidays in the UAE in August

Burj Khalifa in Dubai

Tour Prices to the UAE in August 2022

Travellata and OnlineTours – tours to the UAE for August.

Because of the intense heat there are not many tourists at the resorts, so the prices of tours to the UAE in August are 30-45% lower than in high season. You can find budget deals in the most comfortable hotels in Dubai, Ras Al Khaimah and Abu Dhabi. The cheapest holidays are in Sharjah and Ajman.

See how much tours to different UAE resorts cost in August 2022. These prices are for a tour from Moscow for two people.

Attention! Not all emirates are still open for tourists, so some of these prices may not be current. Check the links.

Resort Price for two persons Example
Dubai from ₽ 61,000 Найти тур >>
Abu Dhabi From ₽ 70,000 Найти тур >>
Sharjah From 68,000 ₽ Найти тур >>
Fujairah from ₽62,000 Найти тур >>
Ajman from 78,000 ₽ Найти тур >>
Ras Al Khaimah From 68,000 ₽ Найти тур >>
Umm al-Qaywain From 84,000 ₽ Найти тур >>

Holidays with children in August

Most tourists prefer not to take their little ones to the scorching heat, but there are those who are happy with a holiday in the UAE in August with children. Tours are inexpensive, so for relatively small money the whole family can stay in a hotel with a good room, pool, nursery and other amenities.

Going on excursions, sunbathing on the beach and long walks in August in the Arab Emirates is difficult. Plan for air-conditioned entertainment and boat trips! The Lost Chambers, Children’s City and Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo are all excellent places to visit in Dubai.

Holidays in the UAE in August

The famous aquarium can be seen for free, but only partially, from the outside. To get into the tunnel and the underwater zoo, you need to buy a ticket.

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Is it worth a holiday in August in the UAE

Tourists of age, hypertensive and parents with small children is better to rest in a more temperate climate. For example, in the Mediterranean, the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov. If you still want to relax in August 2022 in the UAE, carefully weigh all the risks. In any case, health is always more expensive than the money you save on a cheap tour.

Reviews on holiday in the UAE in August

That’s real, dreamed of going to this hotel from the moment it was built … But! Shortly and in fact – was in April, and promised not to come back, but I had to go for another night in August … room with a view of the Khalifa-. Read more

I liked a lot of things: the efficiency of the staff at the reception, the arrangement of the room, the bed, the cleanliness. The hotel is a great place to stay for a short walk to and from the hotel. Read more

Friendly staff, good breakfasts, pool area on the Persian Gulf! Cons : The cost for breakfast varies depending on where you pay. It’s cheaper at the front desk than in the restaurant. Read more

Aiya thank you so much, we couldn’t have dreamed of a better holiday, everything was super, all the best and good luck in your work, we will definitely come back to you By the way, those abai we bought, the sellers were the wrong size. Read more

Nice area to stay, friendly and helpful staff, especially Baya! Convenient hotel location, walking distance to JBR beach, hypermarket, exchange office ) Tasty food at the hotel, option to choose lunch. Read more

Great breakfasts, you can enjoy the morning either sitting outside or in the restaurant itself inside the hotel. Gym on the 14th floor, great views of Palma and Marina Very cool pool, close to the beach – Read more

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Very nice and friendly hotel I liked everything here – checked in did not take 30 minutes (I note we arrived at 9.30 am), great comfortable rooms, no cigarette smell. Very nice and well maintained. Read more

Access to the hotel directly from the terminal in 5 minutes. Not a bad restaurant downstairs, coffee shop, gym and rooftop pool. For waiting for your flight – perfect. Rooms have an extra couch if you are with a child. Read more

1. great beautiful room with good design 2. There is a safe, fridge, TV, kettle, iron and board on request – all at no extra charge – kudos to the hotel 3. Abundant and delicious. Read more

I was in this hotel in January 2022 and I forgot my winter jackets with my husband. I later contacted a staff member at the hotel I forget his name and he was very helpful in finding and returning them. Read more

It’s time to write my review of the hotel GEVORA. We stayed from 19.08.2022 to 26.08.2022. I will start from the moment of check in. Ostensibly rude Russian speaking female staff, who even when she saw our… Read more

My family had a holiday in August this year. Great hotel, very cool service, very friendly staff, very nice and very customer focused. Read more

We had a couple of different hotels to choose from. We had a great stay and we were absolutely delighted. The staff were friendly and smiling and very helpful, we will always help and our animator Abbas did great work for us. Read more

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