UAE in December 2022. Where to relax, weather and reviews

Holidays in the UAE in December

December in the Emirates is a transitional period from high season to low season. The sea is still comfortable to swim, but to be on the beaches is no longer exhausting hot. The cost of hotels begins to fall (not counting the pre-New Year’s period and the Catholic Christmas), making available the rest in the hotel complexes of higher level. In addition, the flight from Moscow to Dubai takes only 5 hours. Due to these factors, prices for holidays in the UAE in December are more than affordable.

Holidays in the UAE in December will please not only lovers of beach idleness. During this period, Christmas sales start, and sightseeing trips are comfortable, thanks to the mild afternoon sun. Where best to vacation in the UAE in December? Depends on your vacation goals and budget. We offer you an overview of popular resorts with prices of tours to the UAE in December and recommendations for excursions and weather.

Rest in the UAE in December


The most popular resort city in the Arab Emirates is changing so fast that tourists who were here 5-7 years ago will not recognize the city. Winter Dubai is especially nice for exploring the architecture and sights of the emirate. Without the heat and dust the city of glass and concrete looks like a Western-style spectacular. In addition, you can always find something to do in the cool or cloudy weather: go for a ride on the indoor ski center in Dubai Mall, do shopping in the giant malls or atmospheric bazaars, visit galleries, visit a huge aquarium or climb the tallest building in the world – the Burj Khalifa Tower.

Tour packages to Dubai in December 2022 start from 33 900 rub. Pick up a tour to Dubai:

Dubai Marina


Neighbor of Dubai is more modest and authentic. This emirate is often called the “cultural capital”. Being here in December, it is worth diversifying the beach holiday by a visit to the famous Blue (or Golden) Market in Sharjah, as well as visiting the restored fort, archeological and art museums. Cooler evenings are often pleasantly spent strolling around the Al Qasba pedestrian zone with its restaurants, cinemas, amusement rides and Ferris wheel. Hotels are cheaper than in Dubai and many are closer to the beach – no need to use public transport to get to the sea.

Holidays in Sharjah in December 2022 will cost from 30 900 rub. Find tours in Sharjah:


Abu Dhabi

Holidays in Abu Dhabi, the richest emirate, predisposes to a respectable pastime. The beaches are few and bare in December. People come to Abu Dhabi to indulge in nonchalant entertainment of the rich: to play golf, have dinner in a luxury restaurant, visit an exhibition in a branch of the Paris “Louvre”, or go falconry. But outdoor lovers will also have plenty to do. There is a theme park, the Ferrari World, and a Formula 1 track. Also worthy of a visit is the largest mosque of Sheikh Zayed and the Ethnographic Village.

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The cost of a holiday in Abu Dhabi in December 2022 – from 56 100 rubles. Find tours to Abu Dhabi:

The main entrance to Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi


The smallest emirate is considered the coziest place for a family vacation. It is customary here to go for family picnics on the beach, a leisurely stroll along the promenade in the evenings. December mild weather is just conducive to family time outdoors. You can spend your leisure time visiting the local sights: the National History Museum with an interesting archaeological exhibition; the shipyard, where you can see traditional “dhow” boats and ultra-modern sea vessels made of fiberglass; the old fort and the track for the camel race.

Tours to Ajman in December 2022 cost from 36 400 rubles. Find tours to Ajman:

Ajman Museum

Umm Al Quwain

A quiet emirate of Umm Al Quwain in December looks like a seaside village. Holidays here are suitable for lovers of privacy and silence. In the historic part of town (which is rare for the Emirates!) Have survived the monuments of old: the fort, watchtowers, the Old Market. Lovers of dreamy wanderings in the picturesque scenery should visit the luxurious date garden of Falaj al-Muala. For beautiful natural scenery, untouched by the hand of man, you must go to the island of Al-Shar’ah, home to many seabirds. Many beaches are lagoon type, so the water cools down more slowly – you can safely go to Umm Al Quwain with children in December.

Holiday in Umm Al Quwain in December 2022 will cost from 42 500 rub. Find tours to Umm Al Quwain:

Umm Al Kuwait Fort Museum

Ras Al Khaimah

The Emirate is located north of Dubai and is famous for its beautiful nature: the mountains that rise up to the sea coast, palm groves and wild pristine beaches. In December it may be a little cooler here, but the sea is still suitable for swimming – many beaches are in bays. In the old part of town there is a fort and towers; a mosque made of coral blocks. But the main advantage of the emirate is the flora: the ponds with palm groves on the banks in Wadi Azimah. December is one of the best months to visit the desert areas, because nature begins to come alive after a searing summer.

Holiday in Ras Al Khaimah in December 2022 will cost from 43 400 rubles. Find tours to Ras Al Khaimah:

Ras Al Khaimah Fort


Fujairah is quite different from other emirates. It is located on the shores of the Gulf of Oman and the Indian Ocean. Therefore, to bathe in December here will be a little cooler, but the air temperature is not much different. Of the old sites in Fujairah, there are 2 forts and a mosque Al Badia, more than 500 years old. You can see the reconstructed premises of the houses, as well as ancient utensils and jewelry in the Archaeological Museum. Discover the nature of the Arabian Peninsula in the Wadi Wuraya National Park – green oases and wild animals, including leopards, can be found along the river canyon.

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Holiday in Fujairah in December 2022 will cost from 40 400 rubles. Find tours to Fujairah:


Weather in December

In the UAE in December is a pleasant sunny and dry weather. The air temperature is almost the same between the emirates with an average of +25+26°C. But the night-time temperature varies greatly: the coolest in Abu Dhabi is +14°C; in Sharjah and Ajman +15 +16°C; in Fujairah +20°C; in Dubai +22°C. In the desert areas there may be storms and rains – you should check the forecast for the next few days before taking a tour. The daylight hours in the UAE in December is 11 hours.

Beach holidays in December in the UAE are most comfortable in the Gulf resorts. In Dubai, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, Ajman and Umm Al Kuwait, the water in the sea has a temperature of +24°C. In Fujairah it will be cool to swim as the water in the Gulf of Oman is not warmer than +20°C. The water temperature in the UAE in December will vary during the month – by the end of December it drops by 1-2 ° C.

Because of the difference between day and night temperatures, because of the cool nights, it can be foggy in the morning. It is worth bearing this in mind when planning trips by car in the country. But during the day the air is dry, even on the hottest days it is comfortable to be outside. Detailed weather forecast in the Emirates for December.

Rest in the UAE in December

For the hottest weather you should go to Dubai, Sharjah and Umm Al Quwain. Here the average temperature is +26.5 ° C. In other resorts, the temperature is 1-2 ° C cooler.

Holidays with children

In the UAE in December you can have a great holiday with your whole family. Unlike the seasonal resorts, the local amusement parks do not close for the winter. Holidays are suitable for tourists with children of any age. But keep in mind that, unlike Turkey and other beach countries, you will have to entertain your child yourself – there is no animation in the hotels.

The best places for a holiday with a child in the UAE in December:

    . The only park in the world dedicated to Italian racing cars. In the park you can take a ride on the fastest roller coaster in the world, to visit the emulator of the cockpit of “Formula 1” or fly over Italy on the pilots’ simulator. There are more than 30 thousand representatives of the marine world. For an extra fee you can swim with sharks or on a boat with a transparent bottom. It is the largest water amusement park in the Middle East. It is located in the emirate of Umm al-Queen. On the area of the water park of 250,000 square meters, there are not only water slides, but also “dry” rides, as well as a park of tropical plants. . The park is designed in the style of the fairy tale of Sinbad the Sailor. There are unique slides, which are lifted upwards by the pressure of water, glass tunnels, pools with a simulation of storm waves.
  • Sharjah Reserve Zoo . The spacious glass enclosures are home to animals from the Arabian Peninsula. Children especially love the mongoose, the animate character from the cartoon “Ricky-Ticky-Tavi”. There is a petting zoo for the little ones. The new park is completely made of the popular constructor. Legoland is divided into two parts: land and water. Each part has a thematic area. For example, the youngest guests of the park can try themselves as adults – get driving licenses and ride toy cars. There are pirate and knight zones.
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What to bring from the UAE?

December in the UAE is the time of sales. On the eve of the European Christmas according to the Western tradition, shopping centers offer significant discounts on many products. Tourists prefer to buy gold, leather and fur products. In the bazaars you can haggle, but in large shopping malls the prices are fixed.

Fruit in the Emirates is not cheap – because of the climate here do not grow many kinds of fruit. Therefore tourists tend to buy local seasonal fruit. In December you can buy inexpensive tamarind, dates, pomegranates, citrus fruits, physalis, kumquat and strawberries.

Rest in the UAE in December

Reviews of holidays in December

The UAE, according to reviews of tourists, is one of the most affordable countries for holidays in December. Budget tourists choose to stay in city hotels – they like the fact that they can choose their own type of food and not be tied to the place of accommodation. In reviews of the UAE in December tourists note the pleasant sunny weather and refreshing sea. For tourists who can’t stand the heat, this is one of the few comfortable options for recreation in winter.

Tourists note that the holiday in the UAE in December is incredibly diverse. Companies or families with different interests can easily organize a joint vacation. According to tourists, a holiday in December in the UAE is also very profitable – often there are burning tours.

Where is warmer in the UAE in December 2022. Weather, water temperature and reviews of tourists

If you want to change traditions and meet the new year not at home under the blue light and Soviet comedies, then you should fly to Dubai, where it is warm and sunny. The weather in the UAE in December 2022 will be excellent, and the temperature of the sea will allow you to swim a little. Plus, in the Emirates the sale season starts, and you can buy branded things for literally half price. And there is a huge number of attractions and hundreds of different excursions for all tastes. As you can see, December and the new year in this wonderful country is such that will be remembered forever. All that remains is to learn more about the weather and about the prices that are not “biting” here.

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December 2022 UAE weather. Dubai in December

As you know, almost the entire economy of the country relies on oil. And to get away from this dependence the country’s authorities came up with the idea to develop tourism here. They came up with it and began to develop it. Huge new cities appeared in the country. Swanky hotels and buildings. Everything here is artificial, but it all stands where the sand has lain for thousands of years. Dubai even has its own ski resort! And the weather here is always great, and even more so in the last month of the year.

Where to vacation in the UAE in December? Resorts and cities

December 2022 UAE weather. Dubai in December

Much of the country is a sandy desert. Between the cities are roads that are often covered with sand during sandstorms. The most famous resort in the UAE is Dubai. It is here that 95% of tourists fly. But in recent years and other cities have become in demand, such as the resort of Sharjah. Take a look at the summary table to find out where the best holiday in the UAE in December on New Year’s Eve.

December 2022 UAE weather. Dubai in December

As you can see from the table, almost the entire territory of the country warms up evenly. The average temperature in the cities and resorts is +24 to +26 degrees. At night it is also warm, but there are differences. Somewhere at night it is not below +22 degrees and somewhere it is cool by local standards and only +14 degrees. But there are almost no clouds in the whole country. On average, cloudiness is no more than 5% for the whole month, and the sunny hours daily about 11. There is no rain in the Emirates at the beginning of winter. This time refers to the dry season, so vacationers should always carry water to drink. And even if the temperature does not reach the record highs in summer, dry air and grains of sand in it constantly dries the throat and thirsty.

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The water temperature in December in the UAE. Sea, storm.

As for the water temperature in the sea, it has cooled down a little, but still you can swim in the bay. In the beginning of the month the sea temperature is within +24 degrees, and closer to the end of December it may cool down to +21. But this does not stop tourists and many people gather on the beach on New Year’s Eve to celebrate the new year and to bathe. In December, the sea off the coast of the Emirates is calm. There is almost no wind, so the waves are small. Only if there is a sandstorm, but the sea may be some excitement. But in a sandstorm and no one goes out of the buildings, so on the beach no one.

December 2022 UAE weather. Dubai in December

Reviews of tourists about the weather in the UAE in December. The heat, the sea, the excursions

Every year, hundreds of thousands of our compatriots fly to the country, who have fun in the beautiful cities. Here are the reviews of those who have been here in December.

“We vacationed here from December 22 to January 5. We stayed here on December 22 and January 5. The air is always warm, the temperature did not fall below +25. And because of absence of rains air dry and always seems that you in a sauna and it is necessary to open a door and here it is – coolness. The sea also pleased. It is warm and clean. The beaches are spacious. Many excursions and want to visit all, but time is not enough. But the prices are low and it’s cheaper to stay here than in Thailand.

December 2022 UAE weather. Dubai in December

“It’s been a year in Dubai for the new year. Everything suits us: the prices, the weather, the sea. There is no rain at this time, the sun shines all day, but it’s not very hot. It is possible to bathe almost always, but at times on the sea there are waves and in the sea anybody did not allow. But on a coast or at pool it is possible to get a tan quietly. And if you do not want to rest without the sea, you can go to the mall and buy things. It’s just a Christmas sale.

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