UAE in January 2022. Where to relax, weather and reviews

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United Arab Emirates is a unique country, where the East and West are intertwined. The weather throughout the year maintains a plus of +20°C, which allows receiving tourists at any time. The beginning of the year offers beautiful weather, festive fairs, sales and excursions to local attractions. Most tourists wonder which Emirates is best to vacation in January. Here you need to decide the purpose of the trip, but the conditions for recreation and opportunities offered almost everywhere the same.

Air temperature

January is the coldest month of the year in the UAE. The sun is shining with all its might, but not as hot as in summer. The daytime temperature is warm – up to +24 ° C, and in the evenings it never drops below +19 ° C. According to reviews, after the winter chills tourists feel like in a fairy tale. Those who are not used to high temperatures are even hot.

Tanning conditions are good, but under direct rays it is easy to get warm. Do not forget to use sunscreen!

Air temperature by day and night in January:

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Resort t during the day water t
Dubai +24°С +21°С
Abu Dhabi +24°С +21°С
Sharjah +24°С +22°С
Fujairah +23°С +22°С
Ajman +24°С +22°С
Ras Al Khaimah +24°С +22°С
Umm Al Qaywain +23°С +21°С

Alexei: “Upon arriving in Dubai, we realized that this climate would not allow us to walk around the city and its sights without languishing from the heat.

Elvira: “The weather is sunny and warm. It’s best to swim in the pool, as the sea is cool. But it’s hard to resist, and we still went into the sea a few times.

What can’t a tourist like in this month?

Fujairah and Abu Dhabi is considered a less rainy emirate. There is also the risk of catching a sandstorm in the winter, but many tourists find the phenomenon interesting and fascinating. In any case, storms can interfere with the rest, as some days will just have to sit in the room.

Tourists do not need to worry about safety. There are plenty of shelters in the city. In addition, the event is easily predictable. A few hours before the storm, tourists are warned. The lowest probability of sandstorms is in Fujairah.

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Strict laws frustrate many tourists:

  • Dress Code Rule. You must wear a swimsuit on the beach, but you can’t outside. Closed, opaque clothing is allowed to be worn. In an open swimsuit is allowed on the public beach in the emirates – Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Kuwait, Fujairah, Ajman. In Sharjah and Ras Al Khaimah people go to the beach in a closed Muslim bathing suit.
  • The dry law – there is no alcohol anywhere (except hotels and duty-free). In some emirates you can’t even have alcohol with you. If desired, tourists drink alcohol in the hotel. The police do not raid hotels and bars, but it is important to understand that drinking alcoholic beverages on the streets and being in a drunken state is prohibited. The punishment ranges from a fine of AED 600 to 2 years imprisonment. The same punishment applies to smoking, including e-cigarettes.
  • It is forbidden to show feelings between a man and a woman in public. The rule applies to the whole territory of the country. It is allowed to hold hands, but kissing and hugging is strictly forbidden, even for married couples. In the media periodically there are reports that the police detained a couple kissing. Usually, tourists are not detained, but it’s better not to take chances. The penalty is one month in jail.
  • It is forbidden to photograph Arab women and men with their permission.

Water temperature

According to reviews of tourists, the beach holiday in the UAE in January is not very successful. On the beaches a lot of people, but holidaymakers come here to sunbathe and just sit by the sea. The water temperature is +20 ° C. The fresh wind picks up waves, it is chilly to go out on the beach, that’s why only few people swim.

Veronica: “We constantly spend time in Dubai in January. We don’t go swimming in the sea, because it’s cold. But we gladly lounge by the pools, where the water is warm.

Gena: “Holidays in the Emirates are always great. In January there are wonderful New Year fireworks. The only bad thing is that it’s not comfortable to swim in the sea.

Water and Air Temperature in the UAE in January

The beach in Umm Al Qaiwain. Photo: niketa579 /

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Leisure activities in the UAE in January

January is the month of high season in the Emirates, which is marked by a large number of tourists. People come here from countries where it is winter at this time to warm up on the shores of the Gulf. The resort is full of fans of shopping and sales, as it is a time of massive discounts associated with the holidays. It’s a perfect time to experience the exoticism of the orient. Not hot weather allows you to move freely in the city. The Arab Emirates offers a huge range for holidays, which makes it especially popular in recent years.

Precipitation and hurricanes.

In Dubai and the country’s capital, Abu Dhabi, rain is rare in January. Other emirates are also dry. The amount of precipitation per month does not exceed 10 mm. Sandstorms occur in the spring, but sometimes the elements hit Arab resorts in the winter months as well.

Do not be afraid of a sandstorm! Many people come especially to vacation in the UAE to see this natural phenomenon. The wind from the desert brings so much sand that for a couple of days you can’t see the sun. In order not to breathe the dust, during the sandstorm it is better to stay in the hotel.

January Weather in UAE

The desert on the outskirts of Dubai. Photo: connor_jalbert /

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Excursions and entertainment in the UAE

January is a month for fans of shopping and walking around the stores. There are a variety of raffles and fairs in stores throughout the Emirates – there’s a chance to win a chic prize. In Dubai, the season “Dubai Shopping Festival” is held, where discounts in stores reach up to 80%. Tourists during this period buy brand clothing, shoes, interior products, electronics and much more. In the ongoing lotteries you can win very valuable prizes – luxury cars, gold bullion, etc.

You will not be bored in the Emirates. There is a huge amount of entertainment. When visiting the country should visit the following activities:

  • Take a helicopter tour over the city, where the resort opens from a bird’s-eye view;
  • on the beach you can ride a parachute;
  • In one of the largest aquariums of the country Dubai Mall tourists are invited to swim with sharks;
  • You can take a ride on the sand dunes in a jeep;
  • Club Nad Al Sheba, which is located in Dubai, every Thursday and Friday hold a camel race;
  • The laser show held in Dubai at the Dubailand entertainment complex is worth a visit;
  • The most popular place in the UAE is the Ski Duba ski resort, where you can ski or snowboard;
  • for children created a lot of entertainment centers – Wonderland, Wild Wadi, Kidzania and Adventureland.
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If the purpose of the trip is to visit the sales and excursions, it is worth choosing Dubai and Sharjah. In the other cities there is a little less entertainment, but you won’t be bored. Dubai is famous for a lot of entertainment, of which there is a huge amount.

Weather at the resorts

The climatic paradox of the UAE is that the amount of rainfall is so low that even a monthly norm of 6-10mm makes the month one of the rainiest.

The air temperature in the resorts never drops below +18 ˚С and never exceeds +26 ˚С. Evening and night temperatures are 4-5˚ lower, so going on vacation at the end of the month a pair of clothes with long sleeves will not be superfluous. It is a few degrees warmer on the west coast (Palm Jebel Ali, Ajman, Dubai, Um Al Quwain, etc.), so it is best to choose resorts in this region.

The water in the Persian Gulf is warm enough for swimming, but still below the norm. In some years it has even cooled to 21 degrees, but usually you can count on 22-24 degrees, that is quite possible to swim. It is important to note that the water is warmer on the east coast, as closer to the warm Indian Ocean. But the resorts of the Persian Gulf cool down more quickly, and warm up longer. So in January for a beach holiday is better to choose the eastern resorts, although statistics are warmer in the western coast.

Rest in the UAE in January: the eastern fairy tale come to life. Weather and sea temperature in the resorts of Abu Dhabi and Dubai

How it would be nice if you could close your eyes in winter and be in a warm place, where the sun shines and it warms…and there is such a place. And it’s only a 4-5 hour flight away. In addition, this is a beautiful place, and to be here at least once in a lifetime must. We are talking about the Emirates, where the winter is warm and you can enjoy rest for every taste. If you are interested, then look at the data on what the weather in the UAE in January 2022, what the water and air temperature will be. We have also collected reviews of tourists and prepared small tips on how to save money and what to do on vacation.

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Weather in UAE in January 2022 water and air temperature. Reviews, photos, whether to go

Let’s say right away that the first month of the year is the coldest in the country. But do not be frightened, it is a cold month, but the weather is warm here, just by local standards, plus twenty heat is cold. But for people from our latitudes, who come here from minus frosts, it’s just paradise. So what does the paradise look like in the Emirates in January?

Weather in UAE in January 2022 water and air temperature. Reviews, photos, whether to go

It looks like this: in the daytime, when the sun shines, the temperature rises to +22 +24 degrees. Sometimes it can be even higher if the sky is cloudless and the wind is warm. Abu Dhabi and Dubai have about the same climate, with daytime temperatures that are among the highest in the country for the month. Tourists are unlikely to get cold, as it will not be below +23 degrees Celsius.

Weather in UAE in January 2022 water and air temperature. Reviews, photos, whether to go

In the evenings it gets colder, but not significantly. In the same favorite cities at night the temperature drops to +17 +19 degrees. The coldest city at night is Al-Ain, where after sunset it does not get higher than +15 degrees. The wind can blow during the night and if it’s warm during the day, it’s a bit cold at night. Going for an evening stroll, you should bring warm clothes or immediately put on a sweater.

In January in the Emirates in the sea do not bathe. No, they do bathe, but only a few do. There are a lot of people who want to sunbathe on the beach under the gentle sun, but there are few who are ready to go into the sea. The thing is that the sea is not warm and has a temperature of +20 +22 degrees. The sea often has waves caused by the wind. Many would say that the water at this temperature is excellent for swimming, but not here. Here you will immediately feel the cold and do not want to swim in the sea.

Dubai weather in March 2022. Water temperature. Reviews

We recommend to clarify how to get a visa to the Emirates and how much it costs. Also in this article you’ll learn what the laws should be in the UAE and why it is better not to drink alcohol here.

Weather in UAE in January 2022 water and air temperature. Reviews, photos, whether to go

But what you will be lucky with is the dry weather. It almost never rains in the UAE this month. There is some rainfall in some cities but it does not rain much and does not exceed 10 millimeters during the whole month, at that Abu Dhabi and Dubai has no rainfall at all.

Where to go in the UAE in January: resorts

There are not many cities and resorts in the UAE where you can rest. Take a look at the list of places to choose to travel to the country in January.

Weather in UAE in January 2022 water and air temperature. Reviews, photos, whether to go

UAE in January: reviews by tourists

We offer to read some reviews of tourists about what the weather in the Emirates in the middle of winter, how to rest here and what the prices are.

“We decided to celebrate the new year in Dubai. I liked it very much. It was a beautiful city. A lot of interesting places. The weather is sunny and warm. Bathing is best in the pool, as the sea is cool. But it was hard to resist, and we still went into the sea a few times. Prices at this time are not high, plus sales are in full swing. So you can relax and buy things.

Weather in UAE in January 2022 water and air temperature. Reviews, photos, whether to go

“I really like vacationing in the UAE. I fly here very often and try to visit the country on any weekend. In January, there are more excursions than beach holidays. The weather is not conducive to swimming. Although the beaches are not empty and there are a lot of people who want to get a tan. There are not many people go into the sea, but there are a few brave ones. In January, it’s better to go sightseeing and get acquainted with the city. And there are sales, where you can buy nice things at low prices.

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