UAE in July 2022. Where to relax, weather and reviews

Holidays in July in the UAE

At the peak of the Arabian summer it is hot, humid and melting asphalt. So is it worth going to the Emirates in the summer? We have collected reviews of tourists about vacationing in the UAE in July. Find out what they write about the sea and air temperature and where to rest inexpensively.


Air temperature

In the middle of summer in the Arab Emirates is so intense heat that even the locals prefer to rest in countries with a less hot climate. Russian tourists are hard to scare, so they willingly go on vacation in the UAE and in July. The hottest weather is in Dubai and Sharjah.

According to reviews from tourists, the sun rises early, and from 9 am begins a real scorcher. Even if you go to the beach even earlier, don’t expect any comfort. In the morning, afternoon, evening and night, the humidity is high – 85-95%. According to vacationers, the coast is like a sauna. You don’t see many pedestrians during the day. Everyone takes a cab or public transportation. The streets come alive only after sunset.

Because of the high humidity, people feel drowsy and sleepy. It is easy to get sunburned in the sun – lay under shade canopies and sun umbrellas.

Air temperature during the day and night in July:

Resort t daytime water t
Dubai +40°С +33°С
Abu Dhabi +41°С +32°С
Sharjah +40°С +32°С
Fujairah +38°С +33°С
Ajman +41°С +32°С
Ras Al Khaimah +41°С +33°С
Umm Al Qaywain +40°С +33°С

Edward: “If you move around the city during the day, it’s only in the car. After sunset I could walk around and see the sights.

Anton Semenov: “The open spaces of the UAE in July are simply dangerous. The local heat is so hot that an unadapted organism won’t be able to bear it.

Water Parks in Dubai and UAE

Water temperature

The sea is very warm! In July the water temperature in the UAE +32 … +33 ° C. Despite this, the people on the beaches are few. Tourists like to swim in the pools at the hotels, the water in which specifically cooled to +25 ° C.

Most of the swimmers at sea are early in the morning and before sunset. If you want to go to the beach in the afternoon, do not forget to take sunscreen, headgear and plenty of drinking water.

Olga: “It’s very good. The water temperature is +24 … +25 ° C. A lot of different beautiful shells. We found a starfish. There are a lot of small fish in the water.

Eugenia: “We visited La Mer beach, which was very beautiful and well equipped. Gentle entrance to the water, white fine sand, clear transparent water. This beach – artificial, designed so that it has no waves at all.

Tour prices in July in the UAE

Dubai at sunset. Photo: chrumo /

How to dress for the weather

The best clothing options for vacationing in the UAE in the summer of 2022 will not be shorts and light shirts, but long pants, light long dresses, shirts and t-shirts that completely cover the shoulders. Walking barefoot on the hot sand is impossible, so take special shoes for the beaches.

Warm clothes are not necessary, even in the evenings at the sea is hot. A light sweater or sweatshirt are useful only for rooms and transport with air conditioning.

Maria Makarova: “Be sure to wear a hat, wear light clothing made of natural fabrics, which will cover all parts of the body.

Precipitation and hurricanes

No need to worry about rain – there is no rainfall in July in the UAE. Sandstorms usually occur in winter and spring. Count on a quiet holiday without natural disasters.

Temperature in the UAE in July

Dubai in the hot season. Photo: fredrikohlander /

Where should I stay in Dubai? Neighborhoods and Hotels

Prices for tours to the UAE in July 2022

Travelata and OnlineTours – search favorable tours to the UAE in July.

The main advantage of vacationing in the UAE in July is affordable tours. In the midst of the low season, there are few holidaymakers, so tour prices are the lowest of the year. Last minute tours with great discounts are sold at any resort in the country. You can rest cheaply in prestigious hotels in Dubai, Sharjah and Fujairah.

See how much tours to different UAE resorts cost in July 2022. These prices are for a tour from Moscow for two people.

Attention! Not all Emirates are still open for tourists, so some of these prices may not be up to date. Check for links.

Resort Price for two persons Example
Dubai From 72,000 ₽ Найти тур >>
Abu Dhabi From ₽ 64,000 Найти тур >>
Sharjah From 80,000 ₽ Найти тур >>
Fujairah From 68,000 ₽ Найти тур >>
Ajman from 92,000 ₽ Найти тур >>
Ras Al Khaimah from 92,000 ₽ Найти тур >>
Umm Al Qaywain From ₽ 140,000 Найти тур >>

Holidays with kids in July

A summer trip to the Arab Emirates with preschoolers is not a good idea! Babies don’t tolerate the intense heat, high humidity and quickly overheat. Older kids also find it hard to cope with the summer heat.

If you decide to travel, for a holiday with children in July in the UAE 2022, we recommend choosing Fujairah. It’s a little cooler there – the temperature of the sea water is +26 … +29 ° C. In addition, the Arabian resort child can easily master the basics of diving.

Tourism reviews for vacations in Fujairah

One of the six mosques of Sheikh Zayed in Fujairah. Photo: Makalu /

Should you rest in the UAE in July

The weather in July in the UAE 2022 can be a real challenge. In summer, the Arab Emirates will only suit people who can easily tolerate high temperatures and humidity. Families with children, elderly tourists and anyone who suffers from diseases of the heart, blood vessels and respiratory organs, it is better to choose a holiday destination with a mild climate. For example, the Mediterranean resorts of northern Greece, Montenegro or Croatia.

Tourist reviews of Ras Al Khaimah. Do I go on vacation in 2022?

Be prepared that the first 3-5 days will be spent on acclimatization. The body needs time to adjust to the unusual heat. Be careful! Try to stay in the shade or under air conditioning, do not dehydrate and use sunscreen with a high degree of protection. Find out in advance if the hotel has a swimming pool.

Reviews for holidays in the UAE in July

Breakfast was good I did not like it : Dirty,room was old and shabby furniture,the dermantin on the bed was cracked,bathroom window was taped shut,dirty windows,room and grounds. Read more

I stayed here for the second time and really liked it. The room was very comfortable and the bed was huge. The room was very clean and the bed was huge. Overall, I had a great stay at our hotel. Read more at .

The staff at the hotel were amazing the room was luxurious and safe, not only for my taste buds but also for the view of the entire hotel. Did not like : Shame about the bathrobes and slippers. Read more

Very pleasant and helpful staff. We had an early checkout at 6-30am, they packed breakfast for us to take with us. Kids were happy with croissants and fruit on the way to the airport Disliked : Hotel already. Read more

Took a double room with half board. Upon arrival the front desk said breakfast was mandatory and then a choice of lunch or dinner. Breakfast was good, of course not as varied as in 5 star hotels. Read more

The hotel is luxurious – designer interior, delicious food, especially liked the gourmet menu for lunch and pancakes for breakfast, perfect beach (the hotel is on the first line of the trunk of Palma Jumeirah). Read more

I enjoyed my stay at the hotel very much. The hotel is a great place to stay and the staff is always willing to help. We were offered early check in as there were rooms available at the time of our arrival.Breakfast was delicious, choice. Read more

UAE in August 2022. Where to relax, weather and reviews

Breakfast is not too bad, stay at a higher standard and the staff will be very good. Read more

Breakfast was excellent and varied. The hotel is very comfortable, the room is clean, has a hairdryer, bathrobes, slippers, iron, refrigerator, TV, and a comfortable bed. My wife and father are waiting for me on my arrival. Thank you Sadi – very. Read more

Checked out of the hotel early in the morning, forgot our new Air Pods pro headphones. On arrival home wrote to hotels and hotel Instagram, promised to find out and look. Didn’t get an answer. Called the hotel the next day. Read more

Everything was great! We loved the hotel, the staff, and the food in the restaurants was delicious! Receptionist Olga is very friendly, explained everything, helped us get oriented and created a good mood. Read more

Everything was great, great bed and quiet in the room. What was not to like : Can’t say anything bad about it. I recommend it. Read more

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