UAE in October 2022. Where to vacation? Weather and reviews

Holidays in Dubai in October: what the weather and where to go in 2022

Dubai in October 2022 promises to be not just a “hot”, but just a “hot” place on this planet. And it is not just the upcoming holiday season (in the UAE is not expected to get warmer, like on the Black Sea, but colder – by October). The main tourist magnet will be the long-awaited Expo 2020.


Long-awaited in the literal sense – its opening has been awaited since the fall of 2020. Because of the pandemic, the exhibition was postponed for a year. Nobody dared to cancel – not in vain to the ultramodern complex the size of two Principalities of Monaco built a separate branch of the subway. And to change the year in the name did not raise a hand.

Tickets to Dubai from Moscow became cheaper in time. Tour operators say that the pre-pandemic figures are far away, but the prices are significantly lower.

Excursions in Dubai

The most interesting excursions are routes from locals on Tripster. It is interesting to start with a sightseeing tour of Dubai. See the iconic places and viewpoints. And in the heat there is no better guide in his car with air conditioning – “Dubai – the first meeting” (8 hours). Or from Dubai to Abu Dhabi in 7 hours.

The weather in Dubai in October

As someone with 10 years experience in a travel agency, I can say that October is not the most favorable month for a beach holiday in Dubai. The weather in the beginning and middle of the month is still extreme. The air temperature rises up to 32-35 ° by day. By night it drops to 23-27°, but it’s no relief.

September October November
Air temp 37° 33° 29°
Precipitation 0 days 0 days 1 day
Daylight hours 12 hours 11.5 hours 11 hours

But the most unpleasant thing is the water temperature of 31-32°. The effect when the sea is hotter than the air. Strongly on the amateur swimming in the Persian Gulf in October.

To help you can come to hotels with open pools. Or beach clubs, which is even better. But flying to Dubai in the second month of autumn to spend time in a hotel is not a good idea. Add to that the frantic air conditioning in the rooms and shopping malls. And the resulting temperature change.

And only at the end of the month, the temperature “figures” can be reduced by 2-3 degrees. In general, if you answer the question “What is the weather in Dubai in October?” briefly, we can say that it is specific. Softer than in September. But worse than in mid-November, when it is truly a paradise season.

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Dubai in October 2022: what to see

  1. A first look at . Any visit to Dubai begins with a sightseeing tour. If you choose a guide with a car, even the unrelenting heat will not be so terrible. And see the Palm Island Jumeirah, a hotel sailboat, skyscraper Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall with singing fountains will be a breeze and comfort (prices for group tours from $35 per person, individual – from $150).
  2. MotionGate Park for children and adults . A huge area dedicated to Hollywood. A world of familiar from childhood cartoons and popular blockbusters. Recommended for children from 5 years old and their parents.
  3. Wild Wadi Water Park . Where the water in October in Dubai is suitable for swimming is in any place of entertainment for people of all ages. In the Jumeirah Beach Residences area, there is an oasis decorated according to the adventures of Sinbad the Sailor. The 30 rides take at least half a day to complete.
  4. October 26, 2021 Global Village Dubailand opens . Expo 2020 has a competitor – one of the largest fairs in the region. And at the same time a unique cultural project. Under 40 participating countries (each with its own pavilion) will offer to buy modern goods and traditional handicrafts. In addition to trade, there are star performances, circus shows, musicals, attractions for children, gastronomy and more than 20 restaurants in the area (you can visit with a tour of the “Flower Park + Global Village”).
  5. Deep Dive Dubai . The newest attraction, opened on July 7, 2021. And entered the Guinness Book of Records as the deepest (60 m) diving pool. Reminiscent of a sunken city. And it is located in an unusual shell-shaped building with an area of more than 1500m². If you get to Dubai this fall, you can still become a discoverer of the landmark among friends and acquaintances.
  6. The Persian Gulf cruising season starts in October . From Dubai to Abu Dhabi, from Abu Dhabi to Oman. Or Qatar, or even Saudi Arabia (from 2021 the first cruise lines will include a visit to the port of Dammam with a visit to “Itra” – King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture).
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Dive pool, Dubai

Deep Dive Dubai in October

Dubai in October: diving pool

At any time of the year it is worth to visit the Dubai Gold Market, spice market and the area called “Old Dubai”. The latter is almost the only reminder of what the city was like before there was “the tallest skyscraper”, “the biggest mall”, “the deepest diving pool”, etc.

By the way, Old Dubai is surprisingly not hot. But if anything, there is a place to hide from the sun and take a really “Instagram” photos.

Expo 2020 in October.

In fairness, you don’t have to go to Dubai in October to get to Expo 2020. The world-scale event will be held for six months, until March 2022. So there’s plenty of time to buy tickets to Dubai and devote a few days to Expo 2020. Perhaps by February and March there will be fewer people, and it will be easier to consider each of the expositions.

But an opening is an opening. From October 1, 2021 in Dubai expect stars of world magnitude, and a good half of the Forbes list, and other influential people that many of us would like to see “live”.

Expo 2020, Dubai, October

Dubai Expo in October

Russia Pavilion, Expo 2020

Dubai Expo, October

Oman Pavilion, Expo 2020

Italy Pavilion, Expo 2020

All six months of Dubai Expo 2020 are divided into thematic weeks. For example, the period from October 3 to 9 will be dedicated to climate and the preservation of flora and fauna. The week of October 17-23 will introduce guests to the problems and opportunities of space exploration. And from October the Moscow Forum will open at the exhibition in Dubai (from 10:00 to 17:00).

There are three types of admission tickets to Expo 2020 in Dubai:

  • one-day ≈ $27;
  • unlimited for 30 days ≈ $56;
  • for all six months ≈ $142.

The $27 first option is included with FlyDubai and Emirates airlines. Both have launched a “ticket to Expo 2020 as a gift” promotion for the duration of the show. For most tourists flying in for a 7-8 day vacation to Dubai in October, a one-day visit will suffice (off-site).

However, those for whom visiting Expo 2020 is a priority should consider a 30-day unlimited visit. In one day, even just to get around all the “petals” of the complex (and this is not only two Monaco, but also 600 soccer fields), is unrealistic.

Not to mention the thoughtful consideration of at least a third of the expositions presented by more than 200 countries participating in the exhibition.

Question – answer

Is it worth to go to Dubai in October?

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For a beach holiday, no. If you are interested in tours, malls or Expo 2020, like this year, then yes. But keep in mind that our travel agencies in October begins “hot season”, and prices for tours are increasing. Russians do not believe that 34-35 degrees of heat – is a lot. And Dubai is in demand from late September till early October. But of course this applies to “package” tourists.

How much is a flight from Moscow to Dubai in October 2022?

Since September 2021 the number of flights to Dubai from Moscow has been increased sevenfold. And experts of tourist business amicably predict decrease in prices for air tickets. Aeroflot, FlyDubai, Emirates, S7, “Ural Airlines” and even “Pobeda” will fly to Dubai. Aeroflot’s prices range from 35,700 rubles round trip (without luggage) to 37,400 rubles for Emirates (with luggage). The sums may seem pretty high. But if to remember last year’s 50-60 thousand rubles, the decrease is obvious.

Is it comfortable with children in the UAE in October?

It is not comfortable with the little ones. It is hot outdoors, and indoors it is easy to get a cold. Children of school age tolerate high temperatures even better than adults. And in Dubai, and besides the sea so many interesting things, why not with children.

What clothes should I bring?

Summer clothes, bearing in mind that the country is a Muslim country and adheres to strict rules. Outside the hotel, it is best to dress discreetly. Don’t forget hats and something warm for the malls (stoles, cardigans, long sleeve shirts, etc.). The air conditioners are not child’s play.

What are the prices of cruises from Dubai in October 2022?

Tour operator PAC GROUP offers Russian tourists a 7-day program “Oriental Tale” (UAE cities + Oman) and “Pearls of the Persian Gulf” (UAE cities + Qatar + Saudi Arabia). The cost of the first cruise starts at €439 per person in a cabin without a window. The second cruise is a bit more expensive: in a cabin without a window – €449, with a window – €549, with a balcony – €699. And so on to almost €10,000.

Rest and weather in the UAE in October: water temperature, what the weather, the best resorts

Mid-autumn – most of our country is already immersed in the cold, residents wrap up in jackets and put on hats. It looks like it will snow in a few days and we are in for a long and frosty winter… but in the meantime the weather in the UAE in October 2022 is great. During the day in the sunshine the air warms up to +35 degrees and the temperature of the sea water is no lower than +27 heat. And this month is the official start of the beach season in cities and resorts such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. Are you ready to dive back into summer? Then hurry up – tickets to this destination will sell out like hotcakes in the winter in Russia.

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Weather in UAE in October 2022 water and air temperature. Reviews, Photos

The Emirates are known for their hospitality and their luxury. Even three-star hotels look like a million, but their room rates are lower than in the same European. In any city, a lot of fountains, mosques and beautiful buildings that look even more beautiful when you learn that just a dozen years ago, these places were only a sandy desert. Holidays in the UAE is always diverse. There and beaches, and tours, and rally safaris on the endless sand and much, much more. Needless to say, even an ordinary walk will make your day a special and unique. And the weather in the fall will only help.

Weather in UAE in October 2022 water and air temperature. Reviews, Photos

The most popular resort of the country is Dubai. More than thirty million tourists from all over the world come here every year. In October, the flow of tourists is noticeably higher and it is due to the weather. During the day the sun is shining, warming the air to +35 degrees. Some days the temperature can be even higher and reach plus 40, but such days are few, just 2-3. The night temperature is also high and the thermometer columns do not fall below 27 degrees. All hotels have air conditioning, so you have nothing to worry about, you will easily fall asleep in comfort. The best time to go to the beach – morning and evening. At this time of day the sun is not as active, and you can comfortably spend time on the shore of the bay. At lunch time it is better to hide from the sun, otherwise you can get a burn or sunstroke.

Weather in UAE in October 2022 water and air temperature. Reviews, Photos

Emirates is a medium-sized country, so all over its territory the temperature is the same. For example, in the resorts of Abu Dhabi and Sharjah during the day will be up to +34 heat. Nights are warm and not below +25 degrees. The sea will delight its warmth, and it will be about +30 degrees.

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Also find out the following information about a trip to the UAE:

– how to get a visa to the Emirates, and do tourists need it – how many hours to fly to the UAE from Moscow and how to save on a flight to $150

The peculiarity of the climate in this month can be called a complete absence of rain. There is almost no cloudy weather and the sun shines from early morning till evening. Only occasionally there will be a haze on the horizon, through which the sun’s rays will still shine through and hit the ground.

Weather in UAE in October 2022 water and air temperature. Reviews, Photos

The lack of wind will also have a favorable effect on your vacation. No wind: no waves on the sea, no sandstorms. You can safely go out of town on safari and not be afraid that you can not return in time because of the storm, which sweeps away all the sand.

Where best to rest in the UAE in October

There are not many cities in the Emirates, and the resorts are even less. We suggest you look at the summary table that shows what the weather is expected in different cities in the second month of autumn.

Weather in UAE in October 2022 water and air temperature. Reviews, Photos

Reviews of tourists about the weather and recreation in the UAE in October

“From the first time I fell in love with Dubai and every year I fly here for a week. I try to choose October for my trip, as this month is great for traveling to the Emirates. There are not as many tourists as there will be in a month, the prices are average and the rest is top-notch. It is sunny, warm and absolutely all kinds of entertainment is available. You can swim, sunbathe, just walk, go on excursions and admire the views of the city. have plans for October? Change them and visit Dubai!

Weather in UAE in October 2022 water and air temperature. Reviews, Photos

“The weather in the Emirates in October is sunny. It’s hot during the day and warm in the evening. Humidity is high and at first it is not usual at all. To bathe in the sea is possible and even necessary. The water is like fresh milk and it refreshes and invigorates. Entertainments for all tastes and a purse. I liked it better with jeep safari on the sands. It’s just a wonderful adventure. It’s a pity the vacation and the money run out so quickly.

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