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Sri Lanka, Unawatuna – Reviews

Unawatuna is one of the most famous and popular tourist resort towns, on par with Hikkaduwa and Bentota. Unawatuna is considered one of the best beaches on the island, and was even voted one of the top ten beaches in the world by the Discovery Channel.

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Hello! Continuing the theme of vacation telling you about Sri Lanka, it is time to tell you about the tourist town of Unawatuna. This is one of the most famous and popular tourist resort town like Hikkaduwa, Bentota, or Mirissa.

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Hi all! If you are going to visit Sri Lanka soon, namely Unawatuna, I am happy to share my tips with you. Previously I wrote a general review about Sri Lanka , the town of Nuwar Eliya and The Serendipity Hotel Beach 3 in Unawatuna. You may also find these reviews helpful.

January 2020 was my first time in Sri Lanka. And not just Sri Lanka, but real Asia (Turkey doesn’t count, and Egypt is Africa). In order to limit our vacation to just two days, we went there for 8 nights, 6 of which were spent in Unawatuna.

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Good day! Our first impression when we arrived at our hotel was: “I can’t believe we’ll be living in the jungle”, yes, that’s right fresh air, monkeys, varans, warm ocean! All of this you will witness on this miracle island.

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When traveling on the island of Sri Lanka wonderful place Unawatuna – this is in the southern part of the island near the town of Galle.

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Hello everybody! Yesterday we returned from the beautiful Unawatuna in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka has caused us mixed feelings. Beautiful but dirty. Crazy ocean and lots of animals. Lots of emotions! But here’s the hotel. Sri Lanka was my 6th country to visit, before that I had been to both hotels 5 and 2.

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We went to Beruvela as it was one of the most famous detox hotels, to bring the body in order to relieve the stress of the city, etc. I.e. rest was not so much tourist and informative as therapeutic.

Yala Park, Sri Lanka and a $35 safari. Our review

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Review of the most mimish) The most striking impression of a vacation – to hold in the palm of my hand three-day oceanic turtle

I just recently returned from a wedding trip that took place in Sri Lanka. At this time of the year, it was the rainy season on the island, so my husband and I did a lot of sightseeing, most of all we liked the tour of the tortoise farm, located on the southwestern part of the island in the Atlantic Ocean.

Ella, Little Adam’s Peak, Demodara Nine Arch Bridge. Places to visit when visiting Sri Lanka.

If you are planning to visit Sri Lanka, make sure to take a couple of days to visit this place. Stops in the town of Ella to visit attractions such as: Little Adam’s Peak: Nine Arch Bridge (Nine Arch ) And Ella Rock Even if you’re not ready to conquer …

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Hello everyone! I want to share my impressions about the ancient city-museum in the open air – the city of Polonnaruwa, which in the Middle Ages was the capital of the island of Ceylon. Ceylon. Today it is one of the most important centers of the cultural heritage of Sri Lanka.

One of the most beloved beaches in Sri Lanka. Mirissa is the most beautiful beach. Paradise)) great views)

Well Mirissa beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Sri Lanka. In my opinion, this beach is more picturesque and beautiful than the popular Hikkaduwa and even more beautiful than my favorite Una-Watuna. (But in terms of swimming, Una Watuna is still better).

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Hotel Jetwing Blue Negombo is located in a suburb of Colombo – the resort of Negombo, which is very convenient to start or end your acquaintance with the fabulous island of Sri Lanka as the international airport named after Solomon Bandaranaike is only 15 minutes away by cab.

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The “princesses on the pea” will not do, but the undemanding tourist is fine. Room review video, lots of pictures as well as how many Lankans it takes to fix the air conditioning and TV and how the hotel was attacked by zombies!

Bentota, Sri Lanka: vacation reviews. Is it worth the trip?

Hello everyone! Just a few days ago I returned from vacation – the place of escape from the winter-spring mud and slush was Sri Lanka, a paradise island in the Indian Ocean. Therefore, the review will be a hot response, while the memory and impressions of the hotel is still fresh.

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A small modest town about which in 2014 the whole world learned. From humble regional center to the capital of the Republic. Is there life in Lugansk, what to visit in the city, what to bring from the city with you.

Hello! Let me start by saying that I was born in Lugansk region. As a child I’ve been a few times in Lugansk, and at age of 15 I entered college and moved to Lugansk for good. Since then I consider Lugansk my native city. How not to count? I lived in Lugansk for 11 years!

Unawatuna: tips on vacations

Beach vacations in Unawatuna

Do you want to take a break from the overcrowded city and spend your vacation by the warm ocean? Consider Sri Lanka! Check out traveler reviews about the weather, beaches, hotels, and excursions in Unawatuna.

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Season for vacations in Unawatuna

Sri Lanka is washed by the waters of the Indian Ocean, and it is in the subequatorial monsoon climate zone. Winds that blow from the northeast reign from October to March, and from June to October from the southwest. Air and water temperatures do not change much from season to season, so vacationers vacation on the island all year round.

The peculiarity of Unawatuna, unlike other resorts in Sri Lanka, is the microclimate. The weather is a little different: if in bad weather other beaches are closed because of storms, in Unawatuna, tourists swim all year round. Especially a lot of tourists are from November to April. During these months, the air temperature rises to +30. +32 ° C, and the water is heated to +28. +30°С. Rains are rare, and there are almost no storms in the ocean.

Holidays in Sri Lanka with children - 2022. Best Hotels and Resorts

Beaches in Unawatuna, Sri Lanka

(Photo: unsplash.com / @insolitus)

In December, winter begins in Sri Lanka. However, the local “bitter cold” of +27. +29 degrees Celsius for visitors to Sri Lanka. In Unawatuna, the weather is sunny, so vacationers spend a lot of time on the beaches.

The cold season ends in March and April, and the flow of tourists gradually decreases. In May, Unawatuna starts to get really hot. There is almost no wind, and because of the high humidity, the vacation becomes uncomfortable. In early summer comes the rainy season.

Weather in Unawatuna during the high season

Air temperature during the day, °C t water, °C
November +31 +29
December +31 +28
January +31 +28
February +31,5 +28
March +32,5 +29
April +32 +30

Tip . To save money and relax in a more secluded environment, come to Unawatuna from June to September.

Map of resorts and beaches in Sri Lanka

Beach in Unawatuna

According to Discovery Channel, Unawatuna’s coastline is one of the 10 best beaches in the world. The natural barrier of a long coral reef keeps it safe from the big waves from the ocean. Even during the monsoons, there are no storms in the lagoon.

Unawatuna beach attracts tourists to Sri Lanka from all over the world, so privacy is hard to find there. The coast is quite picturesque: it is framed by tall palm trees and covered with clean fine sand. Many people like the fact that in the water surrounded by swarms of curious fish swimmers. Further from the shore, sea turtles swim freely.

According to tourist reviews, the best time to swim in Unawatuna is before lunch. The beach has sun loungers and umbrellas, restaurants, cafes, and there are many vendors of fresh fruit. The quietest area is at the far end of the beach, next to the Buddhist temple. There usually come parents with children.

Going into the water is not always convenient. Some days the surf carries a lot of stones on the sandy coast, so to swim wear special shoes. Tourists swim with caution, as motor boats and jet skis ply near the shore.

What to see in Sri Lanka: Top Sights

Tip . If you like to jump in the waves and enjoy a splash, choose the central part of the lagoon. For a quiet holiday, head toward the Buddhist temple.

Unawatuna’s safe beach and the mysterious Jungle Beach

Unawatuna vacation

Beach in Unawatuna. Photo: kerenby / depositphotos.com.

Holiday prices in Unawatuna

Unawatuna is a former fishing village that has become a fashionable resort. In high season, a tour for two people for 7 days with a flight from Moscow costs from 76000 rubles. Round trip airfare from Moscow for one person starts at 25000 rubles. A room for two in a 3* hotel will cost from 25-35$, and in a 5* hotel from 80$ per night.

The food is more expensive in the coastal restaurants and cafes. For dinner for two with drinks you have to pay $15. For the same meal at restaurants for locals only take $3.

Food prices in Unawatuna are not very different from other resorts in Sri Lanka:

  • coconut – $0.3;
  • pineapple, 1 kg – $0.3;
  • papaya, 1 kg – $0.5-0.7;
  • rice with chicken – $0.8;
  • loaf of bread, $0.3;
  • cola, 2 liters, $0.7;
  • fresh juice, 0.5 L, $0.7-1$.

Tip . To save money, eat at Lankan eateries. Try inexpensive seasonal fruits, roti pancakes, curried rice and grilled fish.

Weather in Sri Lanka Unawatuna

(Photo: unsplash.com / @danielklein)

Hotels in Unawatuna.

Look for discounted hotels on Rumguru. Here are the top rules for finding hotels.

Unawatuna has grown a lot, and the resort has accommodations in a variety of price ranges. According to tourist reviews, the hotels and service are good – as in general in Sri Lanka.

Budget apartments and 1* and 2* hotels have no pools. Rooms with modest furniture, air conditioning, a small refrigerator and water heater in the shower. Many 3* hotels have swimming pools. The 4* and 5* hotels are comfortable, but do not take tourists on an all-inclusive basis, and provide only breakfast.

The most popular beachfront hotels in Unawatuna, Sri Lanka:

  • Sea View Deepal Villa 3*.
  • Rockside Cabanas Hotel 3*
  • Rankaty Residence 3*
  • Thaproban Beach House 4*
  • Rock Fort Hotel & Spa 4*
  • Sayura Beach Hotel 4*
  • Thaproban Pavilion Waves Unawatuna 5*
  • Thaproban Pavilion Resort and Spa 5*
  • Apa Villa Thalpe 5*.
Sri Lanka vacation reviews - 2022

Tip . For a budget vacation, get a room at a 2* or 3* hotel or apartment and eat in those cafes and restaurants where Lankans go for a bite to eat.

Tourist reviews of Unawatuna

Unawatuna at night. Photo: kerenby / depositphotos.com.

Excursions and activities from Unawatuna to Sri Lanka

Look for author interesting excursions on Tripster. Individual and group, without crowds and in Russian.

Unawatuna is primarily a beach resort in Sri Lanka. Tourists enjoy swimming, sunbathing, strolling along the beach, taking a boat ride with a glass bottom, snorkeling and diving. Many people like to do yoga and visit the local spas, where they give excellent Ayurvedic massages. Do you like sea fishing? Rent a motorboat and head beyond the coral reef to the vast ocean!

From Unawatuna there are many interesting excursions in Sri Lanka:

  • turtle farm – $2.50;
  • Yala National Park – $50;
  • Adam’s Peak, tea plantations and Ravanna waterfall – $80; – $25; – $60; – $130.

Tourist reviews of Unawatuna

Vella Devalaya Buddhist Monastery and Temple in Unawatuna. Photo: kslfoto / Depositphotos.com.

Tourist reviews of holidays in Unawatuna

According to tourist reviews, a trip to Unawatuna in Sri Lanka has many pluses :

  • Beautiful warm climate.
  • Clean azure ocean and beautiful sandy coastline.
  • You can swim and sunbathe all year round.
  • A good place to relax with children.
  • Beach activities can easily be combined with boat trips, trips to Buddhist temples, Japanese pagoda, and trips to national parks.

Cons :

  • During high season, the resort gets too crowded.
  • Sometimes the ocean brings rocks to the shore, and you have to wear slippers to swim.
  • No entertainment and shopping.
  • The vacation is marred by beggars.
  • The beaches are full of intrusive vendors and baiters.
  • There are no sidewalks on the roads. The flow of traffic is large, so you have to walk with caution.

Tourist reviews of Unawatuna

Locals on the beach. Photo: kslfoto / Depositphotos.com.

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