Vietnam vacations – 2022: travel reviews, prices, tips

Vietnam vacations: travel reviews – 2022

Looking for travel reviews of vacations in Vietnam in 2022? We tell the impressions of our trips to Vietnam, as well as analyze fresh reviews of vacationers in Nha Trang, Phan Thiet, Mui Ne, Phu Quoc Island.

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Vietnam Vacation Reviews – 2022

There are different reviews about the trip Vietnam 2022: some tourists like the country more than any other Asian destinations, and other vacationers remain not delighted with the trip.

From the pluses of recreation in the reviews most often name the following:

  • beautiful nature: waterfalls, lakes, mountains, caves, islands, dunes, canyons, rice paddies;
  • varied and delicious food, a lot of inexpensive cafes and restaurants;
  • a milder and more comfortable climate compared to other countries in Southeast Asia;
  • Low prices for holidays in Vietnam – food, tours, excursions, rent;
  • good service in most hotels;
  • many attractions, natural and cultural monuments.

Of the disadvantages of vacationing in Vietnam in reviews 2022 tourists note:

  • dangerous and chaotic traffic – the Vietnamese do not follow traffic rules;
  • the local population hardly speaks English;
  • city beaches are not as clean as in Thailand (with the exception of private hotel beaches).
  • The locals are trying to make money on tourists – cheat, overpriced, thefts occur at major resorts.

Our review. We traveled in the south and central Vietnam (Vungtau, Mui Ne, Ho Chi Minh City, Nha Trang, Phu Quoc Island), and were pleased with the trip: low prices, good weather, the Vietnamese are friendly.

We followed basic safety rules (did not leave things unattended, count the change), victims of fraudsters have not become.

Reviews of Vietnam - 2022: Phu Quoc, Mui Ne, Nha Trang

Photo: Bai Sao beach on Phu Quoc island

Rest in Vietnam: reviews on the weather

Many vacationers believe that the climate in Vietnam is much nicer than in Thailand. The country is hot, but there is no stuffiness and high humidity, it is much easier to breathe.

Vietnam can be divided into three climatic zones, the tourist season in which comes at different times. In general, the country can rest comfortably all year round.

On a trip in 2022 can go only in the south and central Vietnam – there are 3 major resorts with package tours – Nha Trang, Mui Ne and Phan Thiet, the island of Phu Quoc.

Below you will find a brief overview of each region.

North Vietnam – Hanoi, Sapa, Halong Bay

The climate of the northern region is characterized by cold winters and humid hot summers.

During the winter months the temperature stays at +18…+20°C. During the summer (in July and August), the temperature reaches +30 … +32 ° C. During this time, the greatest amount of precipitation falls.

The best time to travel to North Vietnam is April, May, October and November. Tourists like that there is almost no rain at this time, and the water in the sea is warm.

Central Vietnam – Nha Trang, Hoi An, Da Nang

The most popular resort in Vietnam – Nha Trang – is located in the central part of the country. For a beach holiday there it is worth going in spring and summer (March to August) – during this time the weather in Nha Trang is excellent: the sun shines brightly, the sea is warm, the rains are rare.

Many tourists go to Nha Trang also in the winter months (December, January), but during this period, the sea has big waves, murky water, possible typhoons and heavy rains. In winter in Nha Trang is better to rest on the beaches outside the city (Zoklet, Bai Dai).

If you are planning a trip to central Vietnam, read about Holiday Reviews in Nha Trang – 2022.

South Vietnam – Mui Ne, Phan Thiet, Phu Quoc

Southern Vietnam has a “classic” climate for Asia: dry and warm in winter and spring, and the rainy season lasts from late spring to fall. The best time to travel to the south is from November to April.

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Vietnam - 2022: travel reviews

Photo: Beach in Mui Ne

Phu Quoc weather by month - 2022. Rainy and Holiday Season.

Sea and beach reviews

In recent reviews about holidays in Vietnam, tourists note that the sea in the country is not as clean and beautiful as in Thailand or Cyprus. The country has almost no snow-white beaches, and the water in the sea is not turquoise, but grayish.

Many vacationers in 2022 complain that public beaches are dirty, they are poorly cleaned. Only the hotel beaches are clean. Tourists are not happy that there are jellyfish and sea urchins in the water.

Travelers leave positive reviews about the beaches of Nachang. The coast is covered with yellow sand and the color of the sea is beautiful. The coastline is wide and long. Nha Trang’s beaches are clean, well equipped, a long, well-appointed promenade is good for evening walks . The beaches have cafes, bars, restaurants, parties are held, you can do water sports.

Tourists also very much like the beaches of Phu Quoc – for the good sand, shallow entrance to the sea, clean and smooth bottom. Particular attention deserves the beaches of Halong Bay. Here come the tourists who love nature and breathtaking scenery.

Our review. Despite the encountered negative reviews about the beaches and the sea in Vietnam, we were satisfied with both. The sea is really not as clear as in Thailand, but about the beaches we can leave only positive reviews.

A good equipped beach in Nha Trang is suitable for swimming, and for walks after sunset. In Mui Ne the beach is worse – not as clean, the sea sometimes has high waves.

On Fukuoka, we can mention the main beach (Long Beach): it is ideal for swimming and sunbathing, close to cafes, restaurants, stores and hotels. But the praised Bai Sao, where we spent 2 days, did not like it: there is really white sand, but there is no infrastructure and prices are overpriced by 2-3 times. You can go there for a day, but do not stay for a long time.

Read our detailed reviews of resorts:

    – Prices, reviews, tourist tips – beaches, attractions, why to go

Vietnam reviews for your vacations in Vietnam 2022

Photo: one of the beaches of Phu Quoc in Vietnam © Mgzkun /

Reviews of prices and food in Vietnam – 2022

Tourists speak very well about the food in Vietnam – the country has a huge selection of fruits, fresh seafood, delicious and inexpensive pastries.

Vacationers advise to pay attention to exotic fruits (durians, mangosteen, sugar apple, rambutans, jackfruit, dragon fruit) and meat dishes – crocodile steaks, frog meat, cobra heart.

In reviews, tourists recommend trying:

  • hot pot hot pot;
  • Vietnamese coffee;
  • Pho soup with beef or chicken;
  • Nem pancakes and rice rolls;

Please note. Prices for food and food in Vietnam are not high. But in popular tourist destinations, as well as in stores and cafes by the sea, the cost can be inflated several times.

Prices for food on the street:

  • Baguettes – 10000-15000 dong (30-45 rubles);
  • meat patties – 12000 VND (36 rubles);
  • ice cream – 5100 dong (15 rubles);
  • Rice cakes – 5900 dong.
  • Soups – 25,000-30000 dong (75-90 rubles);
  • pizza – 40000 dong (120 rubles);
  • burgers – 20,000-25,000 dong (60-75 rubles);
  • tea – 5100 dong (15 rubles);
  • Heiniken beer – 20000-30000 dong (60-90 rubles)

Prices for food in restaurants:

  • hotpot – 80000 dong (240 rubles);
  • Spaghetti with seafood – 120000 VND (360000 rubles);

Before visiting a restaurant or a cafe we recommend checking its reviews on to see what people really like about the food and the atmosphere.

Been there yet? Share your Vietnam vacation reviews in the comments – they’ll be helpful to other tourists!

Vietnam Vacation 2022 – Traveller Reviews

Vietnam reviews for your vacations in Vietnam 2022

The first charter flights from Russia have already flown to Vietnam after a break of almost two years. Now the rest is possible only in a few hotels in the resort of Nha Trang. On the peculiarities of the proposed recreation, and most importantly, about the experiences of tourists and we will talk in this article. Especially for a few days to bits and pieces of the network to collect comments and feedback from tourists about the rest in Vietnam 2022.

Good Phu Quoc: 7 reasons to go to the island

Changes in rules for entering Vietnam:

Tourists from Russia are allowed to visit Vietnam

First, I’ll answer the most popular questions about Vietnam:

  • Yes, the borders with Vietnam are open
  • Yes, you can travel to Vietnam
  • No, children between 12 and 18 years old may not come to Vietnam.

However, take your time to rejoice. As they say, there are nuances. To travel to Vietnam you will have to thoroughly prepare and observe a number of formalities, ranging from compulsory vaccination (and from the last vaccination must be at least 14 days) to strict compliance with quarantine upon arrival (but we’ll talk more about quarantine). It is mandatory to have a PCR test before departure, as well as to do two tests on arrival. But the main thing that many tourists were warned about, but were not taken seriously – tourists from Russia are not allowed to leave the hotel in Vietnam. An exception is made for organized tourist groups from the tour operator. Everyone else will have to sit in the hotels and on the beaches of these hotels.

Attention! As of January 28, 2022, there has been a change in Vietnam! Now after repeated PCR testing on the 3rd day of stay in the country, tourists will be able to leave the hotel, if the test is negative

Briefly about what you need to visit Vietnam in winter 2022

Rules that will have to be followed to visit Vietnam in February 2022

  • Everyone over the age of 12, get a full course of vaccinations (companion V will do) no later than 14 days before departure and have the appropriate certificate. So children from 12 to 18 years old will not be able to go to Vietnam yet
  • Buy a tour to Vietnam. You can find a suitable tour by following this link. The next date you can find a trip to Vietnam from 138,000 rubles for 8 nights, the price for two people.
  • Get a PCR test no earlier than 72 hours before departure.
  • The tour package includes a standard insurance, which is sufficient to visit Vietnam
  • Download and install mobile applications IGOVN, and PC-COVID (the first two applications will be canceled soon)
  • Prepare two 4×6 photos

Meeting tourists from Russia in Vietnam

Meeting the first tourists from Russia at Kamran Airport

What you should know about vacations in Vietnam in winter 2022

I have mentioned several times that at the moment you can buy tours only in Nha Trang, but for people who are not familiar with Vietnam – it does not mean anything. In Nha Trang the high season (when it rains little and the sun is almost always shining) comes in the summer months. In winter the most suitable for a holiday in Vietnam is the island of Phu Quoc, but it is, unfortunately, not yet available for tourists from Russia.

What awaits tourists in Nha Trang:

  • Changeable weather . Probably rains, strong winds and waves. This is how Nha Trang welcomed the first Russian tourists arriving after the long closure of the borders
  • Breaking currents . Bai Gai Beach is characterized by the presence of rip currents, swimming in which is strictly prohibited – you can easily be carried away into the open sea, even if you are an experienced swimmer
  • No leaving the hotel. You can go out of the hotel only to the beach. Any interaction with locals is forbidden: you can not go to a nearby store or cafe, you can not rent a motorcycle, even just buy fruit, not to mention a massage. You can only use what the hotel provides – and the prices in the area, of course, overpriced by three times. Fortunately, this rule is almost abolished, the main thing that PCR test on the third day was negative.
  • Excursions only from the hotel guide. It depends on your luck, but as a rule, excursions from local guides and cheaper and more interesting – but now there is no time to choose.
  • Fruit and sea products in abundance. The main plus is the abundance of fruit and seafood – after the first tourists, the quality of food has improved significantly
  • Restoration of the hotels. For almost two years, the hotels stood idle, the staff forgot the Russian language and the principles of hospitality. So the first tourists may be waiting for surprises.
Best beaches in Phu Quoc : map, reviews, photos

Read an article about vacationing in Nha Trang, back in pre-colonial times

It’s all quite strange: why open Nha Trang, which is out of season, but did not open the completely isolated island of Phu Quoc, where it is now dry and warm. Besides, the island can provide much more isolation without such serious restrictions for tourists. In any case, the first flights are just a resumption of the tourist program, and hopefully very soon the number of charters will increase and the number of restrictions will be reduced.

Best beaches in Phu Quoc Vietnam 2017 - 2018 bai so beach

Phu Quoc Island Beach in January 2017

Briefly about the ban on leaving the hotel grounds in Vietnam

Just below I have attached a video interview with tourists in Vietnam from the channel “Been HERE” . What is important to note is that tourists are still allowed to walk on the beach. At least they walk themselves. Some tourists admitted that they walked to the cafe on the beach and even to the store. And the author of the channel offers his services for the delivery of goods. So directly rigid prohibition all the same there is not.

In general, it is quite strange to see how the author of the channel freely moves around Nha Trang, and tourists are afraid to stick their noses out of the territory. In fact, expats do not differ much from tourists in terms of documents, and how many tourists carry documents? For example, I have friends living on Fukuok Island, and they go to the stores, the market and the beach every day.

Just to think! No one will chase a tourist who ran away from the hotel, and no one would understand that the tourist left the hotel, and not lived in Nha Trang for two years. This is what some tourists take advantage of, to buy goods in local stores, walking along the beach, and then going out into town, as reported by RIA News

Video interview with the first tourists from Russia who visited Vietnam

And now it is time to move directly to the reviews of tourists about the rest in Vietnam 2022. Some of them you could see in the interview above. The main conclusions from the interviews voiced at the beginning of this article.

Tourist reviews about holidays in Vietnam 2022

The most common complaints about holidays in Vietnam

It is forbidden to go outside the hotel. Literally in each of the met comments tourists complain about the ban to leave the territory of the hotel. They are warned about it right before the purchase of the tour, but people do not lose hope for freedom and fly to Nha Trang. This attitude says more about the attempt to earn maximum money on tourists, rather than concern for the population. By the way, some hotels are used to quarantine Vietnamese, only they leave the hotel after three days, and Russian tourists are forced to stay on a limited vacation.

There is a big minus of the whole vacation – it is forbidden to go outside the hotel. It is FORBIDDEN to even cross the road to the store, massage parlor, and even to order food from other cafes. When approaching the gate or crossing the hotel line on the beach, security guards start shouting something hysterically, Referring to ANEX

writes a tourist.

…serious restrictions on leaving the hotel, if briefly leaving the hotel is strictly forbidden. This should be taken for yourself before buying a tour.

comments holidaymaker

If you are ready to come to Asia, to live in four walls, to be completely without the support of your tour operator, and are ready for the hotel to cheat you at every step, velkam.

Writes a tourist in a review of a past vacation

I hope the country will wake up after 2 years of isolation and let tourists go to the city. We are sitting like prisoners!

Another guest of Vietnam complained.

Russians are not allowed to go out of hotels in Vietnam

A lot of overpriced services. Another problem of vacationing is the need to pay for everything. Despite the fact that the tours are offered on an “all-inclusive” program, and some even on “ultra”, in practice, many services and even products were paid. And given that tourists are forbidden to go out into the city to buy everything they need and are forced to buy everything at inflated prices – the vacation does not seem very pleasant.

Babysitting for 8 hours-$115.

Lobby bar, ostensibly a 24 hour bar, open until 5:00 p.m.

Ice cream free for lunch only. In the evening, it’s for money.

At the bar shaking hands pour 5 drops of alcohol.

Told vacationers from Russia

On the territory of the hotel mango you can eat only having paid the price on a markup of the hotel. And the manager Irina, will assure you that this is the average market price. Know this is not true. Prices for shriveled, stale fruit in the hotel, different from the market two or even three times …

…Prepare for the fact that the all-inclusive hotel bars will close at 11:00 p.m. sharp. Then your only consolation may be a paid minibar in the room…

…Departure January 9 we have at 10:00 pm, which means we have to check out of the room at 12 noon, put our stuff outside, after which all hotel services are excluded, except for the pool and the sea. Yes, you can extend the hotel for a few hours for $80. It’s also worth considering that the Duty Free at the airport doesn’t work at all. Get ready to starve and sleep on a chaise longue….

Unhappy tourist.

New Year’s Eve and dinner for 6,000₽. The food was good, finally, and for the only time. But when we pulled out our champagne, we were billed $10 for service! At the same time, the holiday table was served with a glass in hand (and champagne that was impossible to drink). That’s not all (at reception they added $85 to the bill).

Told by guests of one of the hotels

Weather in Nha Trang in winter 2022

Tasteless and undiversified food in hotels in Vietnam. Also quite common complaints. It should be noted that the cuisine of Vietnam in general is peculiar and not everyone likes it. However, the lack of fruit and seafood – in a tropical country seems strange. Remembering the living on the island of Phu Quoc and prices for fruit and local cafes, I want only to pity those who have chosen Nha Trang in winter 2022.

Holidays in Vietnam with children - 2022. Best hotels and resorts

You will be interested:

Here are some fresh and vivid reviews of food in Vietnam 2022. You should agree that you would expect a completely different from a five-star hotel and a vacation at a price above 200,000 rubles. However, now the prices have dropped a little, and knowing the local specifics of stay in Vietnam, it will not seem so depressing.

At the New Year holidays the Vietnamese came like locusts. They took everything away, there was no food, dishes were gone, there was even no place to sit down.

A holidaymaker says

Food – monotonous, Fo bo better to eat at any diner in the Russian Federation. The rest of the dishes are focused on Europeans, there are three types of pasta, a lot of pork, sometimes exotic stuff like crocodile. Desserts are monotonous and very much to your liking, pastries are poor. Fruits, there are bananas, pineapple, dragon fruit, watermelons, and a couple of other types, but if you have been in Thailand, do not expect the same taste. Greens, salads, olives, cheese, but don’t raise your expectations. Drinks, Pepsi, water, and drinks from concentrated syrups, coffee, tea bags. Alcohol, bottled beer (Bia Saigon), whiskey, rum, wine, local is not Ultra All((.

The tourist wrote in the detailed report on a vacation in Vietnam.

The food is canteen. Exactly, so. To be exact even worse, as in Moscow in the dining room can be very tasty. The food is of terrible quality. Buy the cheapest stuff. There was a small selection. We ate soup and pasta three times a day. The rest is impossible to eat. All the salads (there are two of them) are wilted. No local fruits. Apples and oranges. Fish was given a couple of times and that… Stewed. In general, not tasty. Shrimps all tasteless from the package and that… A little. There is a restaurant next door for money, but the quality is not much better than in the hotel.

Roughly the same impression of food in Vietnam 2022 remained with another tourist

Vietnamese food in Phu Quoc

Tour Operator and the organization of the tours during the holidays in Vietnam in January 2022

A lot of complaints about the organization of the first trips. Not ready were all: the receiving party, and meeting hotel guides, and the hotels themselves. It took a long time to meet people, it took a long time to prepare documents, even though we were preparing for the first charter from Russia in advance. The staff at the hotels did not even speak English. And hotel guides as always were aimed at the sale of excursions and this despite the fact that in the current situation they are monopolists. That is, you can only buy an excursion from representatives Anesk.

How to fly cheaply to Vietnam - 7 ideas

Let me remind you why you should not always trust the hotel guides:

I will not give examples of all the reviews, just believe me, there are quite a few. Who is bored can look for reviews of tourists on forums and tourist sites.

The only task of the guide was as much as possible to sell excursions, as well as a separate topic allocated to intimidate people on the way out of town.

Says one of the vacationers in Vietnam

Special thanks to #Anextour who just left us in an inoperable hotel. I don’t understand why I should pay such intermediaries. Haven’t flown through an operator in about 10 years. I had a bad luck.

A guest from Russia complained

Be prepared for the fact that the conditions posted on the official site anekstur does not correspond to reality, the hotel administration when you stay announced new rules for taking PCR, on the website of the tour operator information is not updated. When you take the PCR test, no one will give you the result. Chase from the reception to the guide anexa and back. Get ready to survive on your own.

Warn Russian tourists.

A spoon of honey in a barrel of Vietnamese tourism.

After such reviews yourself involuntarily wonder if there is anything good to rest in Vietnam in the winter of 2022. You should not expect a first-class vacation, if only because Nha Trang is out of season. There are Maldives, there are Caribbean countries ready to welcome tourists, while Vietnam as a representative of affordable exotic only opens international tourism so far.

I recommend reading the following articles:

In any case, the prices of trips to Vietnam are gradually decreasing and there are no more exorbitant 200-thousand-dollar tours. If the experiment with the opening of the borders will be a success, there will be new charters, other hotels will open, other tour operators will come back. And in the competition Vietnam will once again become available to everyone and will welcome its tourists with open arms.

Do not forget that even now you are flying out of the Russian cold to a warm tropical country. Let’s say it’s not the best time for swimming (depending on your luck with the weather), but you can get a tan and get a little warm.

Where to go on vacation in Vietnam nha Trang 2019 2020

Where to go on vacation in Vietnam Nha Trang 2019 2020

Sea, sun, fruit, seafood – you have to wait a little while until the Vietnamese sandbox is run-in. Thailand and India didn’t open right away either. You have to wait a bit and give those tourists who miss Vietnam the most a chance to visit the country.

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