Visiting Kazan in Winter: 7 Ideas! Worth the trip and what to see

Recreation in Kazan in winter 2022-2023: Where to go and what to see

There are almost no severe frosts in Kazan in winter, the temperature stays at -7 … -15 degrees Celsius. Active tourists like to ski and skate in such weather, and fishermen go ice fishing. Near the “Chasha” (also the center of the family – the local registry office) is poured a huge slide, and at the theater “Ekiyat they’re opening an ice town. Mass festivities are traditionally held on New Year, Christmas and Shrovetide.

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Winter recreation in Kazan also means music festivals, most of which will be held in December 2022 and early 2023. You’ll be able to hear Tatar national music or an opera performance.

How to get to the master class on artistic weaving

Masters of the Alekseevskaya factory create natural fabrics and sew from them clothes in folk style and accessories. All production is made only by hand. There are only three such enterprises left in Russia, and one is just in Tatarstan – in Alekseevskoye. Here they regularly organize excursions to the factory and master classes in artistic weaving for tourists. A hostel is open for accommodation of travelers.

Where to walk from one part of the world to another

In the Orenburg region two parts of the world – Europe and Asia, and it is also a land of sandy steppes, mountain peaks and salty lakes. Here they mine jasper, knit the famous Orenburg shawls and grow sweet watermelons. Yuri Gagarin learned to fly here, Vladimir Vysotsky grew up here, and in one of the villages Viktor Chernomyrdin was born. We present a detailed guide to rest in the Orenburg region.

Music festival and light show in December

The holidays in Kazan in winter are opened by the festival “Tatar zhyry”, where Tatar folk music sounds and the best local musicians compete.

Every year at the end of December you can see a light show on the walls of the Spasskaya Tower. Photo: Ramil Galin

The city is actively preparing for the New Year, in early December, Christmas trees, illuminations, ice rinks, ice slides, noisy fairs appear on the streets. On the Kremlin’s embankment they pour an ice rink, one of the longest in Europe. Here also unfolds a winter town with entertainment, master classes and tents with hot drinks.

Walking around the city in December 20s, look into the Kazan Kremlin to see a festive light show on the walls of the Spassky Tower. You can even take part in it: during the show a kiss-camera works, and the viewers caught in its lens will be shown on the facade of the building.

See interesting places in Kazan

Bauman Street

Kazan Kremlin

Kazan Family Center

Downhill skiing and a trip to the Doll’s Castle in January

If you decide to spend Christmas vacations in Kazan, active recreation is guaranteed. There are ski slopes in Gorky Park and Gorki Forest. In addition, there are several ski resorts near the city. The most popular and new one is Sviyazhskie Hills, which always attracts a lot of skiers.

10 best excursions in Kazan in 2022: from Kremlin to Blue Lakes

Not far from the city there are several ski resorts Photo:

For those who don’t like such activities, we suggest going to the theaters. In the high season, many new productions are expected. Take your children to the Ekiyat Puppet Theater; its building looks like a puppet castle. In winter, ice sculptures are installed under its walls, slides are poured and a Christmas tree is put up, around which people dance.

Ice fishing and Maslenitsa celebrations in February

Holiday in Kazan in winter 2022-2023 will please fans of ice fishing: in February the winter fishing season continues. At this time you can catch redfin, roach, ruff, pike.

The Pancake Day is widely celebrated in Tatarstan. Photo: Oleg UKLADOV, “KP”-Barnaul”.

The last month of winter will please connoisseurs of the beautiful: there is a large-scale opera festival named after Chaliapin. Traditionally, the program includes productions in which Fyodor Ivanovich himself once participated. The festival ends with a grand gala concert, which brings together eminent Russian and foreign opera singers and conductors.

Maslenitsa is widely celebrated in Tatarstan. Throughout Kazan, in late February, festivities involving pancakes and the burning of effigies take place. Locals love to go to the Pancake Day in Sviyazhsk, where a historical reconstruction of the holiday takes place. It shows how our ancestors celebrated it – with roundelays, songs, dances, competitions, games and, of course, treats. On the way to Sviyazhsk you can visit a husky farm or Raifa monastery. In winter, there is a special atmosphere here, the domes are covered with snow hats, and in the courtyard the novices are building an ice town.

Choose the best accommodation in Kazan

How to get there

Kazan Airport is located 26 km from the city. You can reach it by Aeroexpress train from the railway station, by shuttle bus #197 or by cab. Website of the airport:

Railway station “Kazan-1” in the city center, 10 minutes walk from the Kazan Kremlin. You can get here by buses number 2, 5, 6, 10/10a, 23, 30, 53, 63, 68, 72, 74/74a, 79, 91; by trolleybus number 7; streetcars number 1, 5. Website of the station:

The bus station “Central” is located on the street Devyataeva, 15, 10 minutes from the city center. From here go buses number 1, 6, 31, 53, 54; trolleybuses number 3, 5. Website of the station:

Kazan in winter: what to see and where to go

Kazan in winter is smartly decorated and ready to meet the New Year fairy tale. At this time start working a lot of ice towns with a wide variety of winter attractions. If you are still wondering if you should go to Kazan in winter, the answer is definitely yes. But before the trip it is worth knowing in advance what places in winter Kazan deserve the most attention, so that your trip was really bright and memorable.

Where to Stay in Kazan: 8 Affordable Apartments

kazan in winter

photo: © Vyacheslav Buharov / / CC BY-SA 2.0

No trip to Kazan is complete without visiting the central sights located on Bauman Street, in the Old Tatar Settlement, the university campus, to which our other article “Sights of Kazan” is devoted. Today we will talk about another Kazan – celebratory, New Year, winter.

Weather in winter in Kazan

Despite the fact that usually winter in Kazan is colder than in central Russia, in recent years Kazan has had unprecedentedly warm winter months of 10-15 degrees Celsius. However, the weather in Kazan is still influenced by the continental air of Siberia and frosty winters are not an exception.

Kazan Kremlin

kazan in winter

photo: ©

The white-stone Kazan Kremlin looks no less spectacular in winter. Kul Sharif Mosque, Annunciation Cathedral, Suyumbike Tower, the Kremlin museums continue to work and receive visitors. In the evening the Kazan Kremlin is illuminated with holiday lights, which creates a good mood. On New Year’s Eve on the Millennium Square near the Kremlin the big Christmas tree lights up.

Khan Yard

kazan in winter

The National Village “Khan’s Yard” on the territory of the Kazan Hippodrome first opened in 2016. Traditionally, one of the main decorations of the “Khan’s Yard” in winter is a non-freezing fountain, changing its color. A beautiful unusual Christmas tree, children’s attractions, slides, merry-go-rounds and other favorite winter fun are also available. Frozen? Time to take a stroll through the shopping aisles inside the Hippodrome building. The stalls feature handicrafts, national toys, valenki, souvenirs and other interesting products.


There are more than 30 museums in Kazan, many of which are unique and one-of-a-kind. There are even museums of chak-chak and happy childhood. If you do not know which museum to choose, you can start with the basics: the museums on the territory of the Kazan Kremlin, the National Museum of the Republic of Tatarstan or the Millennium Museum of Kazan, which are devoted to the history of Tatarstan and Islamic culture.

Museum of Fine Arts of the Republic of Tatarstan

kazan in winter

photo: ©

The former house of General Sandetsky, commander of the troops of the Kazan Military District (a late 19th century monument) in Kazan now houses a magnificent collection of Russian and foreign artists. The richest collection of icons and paintings by Rokotov, Aivazovsky, Bryullov, Kramskoi, Repin, Shishkin, Levitan, Kustodiev and Feshin.

City Panorama Complex

The City Panorama interactive museum opened in a new four-story building on Dzerzhinsky Street, 7, in early 2017. One of the main exhibits is a model of Kazan on an area of 170 square meters, on which there are 7 thousand buildings – exact copies of the originals. This is a great opportunity to learn more about the architecture of the city, at the same time admiring it from a bird’s eye view. Household items and newsreels of the old Kazan plunge into the atmosphere of the past.

Self-trip to Kazan - 2022. Prices and tips

The Museum of E. Baratynsky

Many generations of Baratynskys met winter in this house in the historical center of Kazan. The only museum of the poet in Russia is located here. The exposition of the museum tells about the lives of three generations of descendants of Evgeny Baratynsky. There are items of furniture, personal belongings, books, letters, dishes, manuscripts belonging to the poet and his family. On New Year’s Eve the museum premises are festively decorated. Guests will be told what New Year traditions Baratynskys had, how the nobility celebrated the New Year.

Museum of Socialist Life

kazan in winter

photo: ©

The exposition devoted to the everyday life of the Soviet time occupies a former communal apartment in the center of Kazan near the main pedestrian street Bauman. Adult visitors are inevitably nostalgic and encounter familiar things from the Soviet past. But those who were born at the beginning of the new century also enjoy visiting the museum. The items in the museum are divided into categories, which cover almost all spheres of human life in the second half of the 20th century.

Kremlin Embankment

kazan in winter

The place of attraction for tourists and city residents in winter is the Kremlin embankment sparkling with festive lights. A long skating rink (100 meters), crèche and workshops for children, slides, numerous cafes and restaurants start working on the eve of the winter holidays. On New Year’s Eve Ded Moroz and fairy elves, ice slides, merry-go-rounds and noisy Christmas Fair will be waiting for you there. Entrance to the ice town on the Kremlin embankment is paid.

Puppet theater and skating rink.

kazan in winter

photo: ©

On the square in front of the puppet theater “Ekiyat” Every year an ice town with a New Year tree is installed on the square in front of the Ekiyat Puppet Theater. Winter entertainment area with slides, ice mazes and other winter fun is open to the public every day.

Getting to know Tatar cuisine

Diving into the variety of Tatar gastronomy is an essential part of a trip to Kazan. The menu of most restaurants and cafes in the central part of the city includes national dishes. Several such establishments are located on Bauman Street, also called the Kazan Arbat. The main restaurant of national cuisine – “House of Tatar Cookery” – is located there. It is worth ordering Tatar pastries: gubadii (layered pie with rice, raisins, meat and Tatar cheese), echpochmaki (triangular pie with potatoes and meat) and peremachi (small pie with meat).

Cafe “House of Tea” spoils its visitors with a variety of Tatar delicacies. These are a popular chak-chak, halva talkysh-kaleve, honey pahleve, and kosh-tele – ponytails sprinkled with powdered sugar. The prices in the cafes are pleasantly affordable.

Where to eat tasty and inexpensive in Kazan

The resort town of Sviyazhskie Hills

kazan in winter

A ski resort in Verkhneuslonsky district, 35 km from the city, has been renovated and changed its name. The level of complexity of the slopes will be suitable for both beginners and professionals in skiing. There are several chairlifts, a tow elevator and a baby elevator. Cafes and restaurants of the resort are for all tastes and wallets. Recently a full-fledged children’s entertainment center was opened in Sviyazhskie Hills. After an active day resort guests enjoy spending time in the health complex with swimming pool and sauna, bowling and skating rink.

“Yurkin Park – Ice Age

With the first month of winter in “Yurkin Park” comes the “Ice Age”. The dinosaurs beloved by Kazan residents continue to entertain the public. A huge slide and a skating rink of 7 thousand square meters are also waiting for visitors to the park.


Citizens and guests of Kazan have a great opportunity to skate in different parts of the city in winter.

The most popular ice rinks in Kazan:

  • Open rink on the Kremlin embankment
  • The outdoor rink in the Black Lake Park
  • Open-air skating rink Trudovye resursy (Gorky Park)
  • Raketa Stadium, 1 Stadionnaya Street.
  • Ak Bure Ice Arena (Vagapova Street, 12, Sakharov Street stop)
  • Tatneft Arena (42 Chistopolskaya Street)
  • Field hockey center (Orenburgsky Trakt, 5)
  • Zilant Sports Complex (Mavlyutova Street, 17)
  • Forward Sports Complex (Khimikov, 40)
  • Basco Ice Arena (Khalturina, 3)
  • Triumph” Sports Complex (Koshevogo, 17)

“Iske Kazan.

kazan in winter

During the New Year’s Eve the Iske Kazan State Historical, Cultural and Natural Museum-Reserve turns into a “Guest Residence of Fairy Tales of the World” and holds an interactive program with the participation of children’s favorite cartoon characters.

Museum-reserve “Iske Kazan” is located 38 km from the city. Here children and their parents will meet Santa Claus, the Snow Maiden and their dwarfs, as well as many other fairy tale characters: the Mad Hatter and the Hare, Masha and the Bear, Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, Shrek and his friend the Cat.

The one who can defeat the cunning of the Snow Queen will get a present from Santa Claus. On the way to victory, guests have a lot of tests: snowball games, races in huge sized boots, riding on a snowcone. The program is held several times a day. Pre-booking is required to participate.

Address: Republic of Tatarstan, Vysokogorsky district, Kamaevo village, 1 Tsentralnaya str.

“Kysh Babai and Kar Kyzy”.

kazan in winter

The residence of Tatar Grandfather Frost is located in a spruce forest on the bank of the river Iya, 80 km from the city of Kazan in the village of Yana Kyrlai. Immersion in a fairy tale begins with the forest customs, where guests are greeted by Shaitan. On the way to the house of Kysh Babai the guests will experience a lot of adventures and meet the characters of the fairy tales by the main Tatar poet Gabdulla Tukay. They will have to use Shurale’s map to get there. As a reward – gifts from Kysh Babai and presentation of official letters of visit to the residence of Kysh Babai.

What to bring from Kazan: prices of gifts and souvenirs

In the residence there is an opportunity to ride on ice slides and horses, to visit the restaurant of Tatar cuisine and souvenir shop. The visit must be pre-booked on the website

Hotels in the center of Kazan

Hotels in the center of the city, which earned high ratings and excellent reviews from tourists:

    (5 Moskovskaya Street) is attractive with everything: excellent location with a view of the Kazan Kremlin, modern spacious rooms, large swimming pool with a sauna and a gym, breakfasts. After visiting, tourists leave feedback: not a hotel – a fairy tale! (Bolshaya Krasnaya Street, 50) is located at a distance of 1.6 km from the Kazan Kremlin, Bauman Street (Arbat Street) and other sights of the city center are within walking distance. The hotel leaves pleasant impressions. Guests like cozy bright rooms, responsive staff, good breakfast. An additional plus is the presence of spa, massages. (Chernyshevskogo, 39) is located 500 meters from the main pedestrian street of the city, to the Kazan Kremlin – 20 minutes on foot. The hotel is traditionally loved and demanded for excellent service, large comfortable rooms, delicious breakfasts. Another important factor is comfortable beds. (Kavi Najmi Street 5) is chosen for its good location on Bauman pedestrian street in 15 minutes from the Kazan Kremlin. Nearby – a wide selection of cafes and restaurants for all tastes. The rooms have everything you need to make your stay in Kazan a success. (16 Chernyshevskogo Street) is advantageously located 5 minutes from Kazan Kremlin, Bauman Street, circus and metro stations. Although in Kazan there are enough food outlets for all tastes and wallets, hostel guests can cook their own food in a well-equipped kitchen if they want. Guests appreciated the ergonomics and comfort of beds and a sufficient number of bathrooms. (Galaktionova Street 3B) is located near Kazan Federal University and Freedom Square, the main pedestrian street and metro station is 700 meters away. Guests leave good reviews about the friendly staff, cleanliness, comfortable beds, soft pillows, tasty breakfasts.
  • 17-storey Grand Hotel Kazan**** (1 Peterburgskaya St.) is one of the notable buildings of the city center.
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