Weather and seasons in Bulgaria by month. When to go

When is the best time to relax in Bulgaria?

When to relax in Bulgaria

Compiled an overview of the weather and seasons in Bulgaria by month. Learn about the air and water temperature in the Black Sea, precipitation and nuances of the climate. When best to go Bulgaria to vacation and what reviews leave tourists.

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When is the best time to relax in Bulgaria?

Bulgaria has many historical and natural attractions, so tour lovers come to this country all year round. The colder months – from late December to early March – are popular with fans of alpine skiing. At the seaside resorts are very beautiful in April and May.

When is the swimming season in Bulgaria? Beach vacation begins in late May – early June and lasts until the end of September.

Weather in Bulgaria by Months


Water and Air Temperature. In mid-winter, the temperature ranges from 0 ° C to +6 ° C during the day and from -7 ° C to +3 ° C at night. The sea water temperature is only +7 ° C. About bathing and beach vacation is not a question!

Weather conditions. January is the coldest month of the year. Sunny days alternate with cloudy days. The rainfall does not exceed 52 mm.

Tourist feedback. In January in Bulgaria, the ski season is in full swing. Lovers of skiing and snowboarding choose Bansko, Panichishte, Vitosha, Borovets, and Pamporovo. According to tourist reviews, most of the holidaymakers come for the New Year vacations. From late December to early January, the prices for Bulgarian holidays are the highest.


Water and air temperature. In February, it gets a little warmer. The air temperature during the daytime is +6 … +7°C and sea water +6°C.

Weather conditions. The middle of winter in Bulgaria is snowy. Abundant snowfalls are not too happy for the locals, but very popular with tourists. There is a lot of fresh snow at the ski resorts!

Tourist feedback. In late winter the wind is not as strong as in January, but you can’t do without windproof clothes, gloves, a hat and a scarf. If you like warmer weather, plan your vacation in the last decade of February. According to tourist reports, in the end of the month there are often thaws and the thermometer rises to +10 ° C.

Weather in Bulgaria by Month

Rila Lakes (Photo: / @liammartens)

Water and air temperature. In March, the air temperature is +7 … +11°C. Water in the Black Sea is still cold +6…+7°C.

Weather conditions. The daylight hours are increasing up to 12.7 hours. It is noticeably warmer. There is still a lot of snow on the peaks, so the ski season continues. The thickness of snow cover in some places reaches 2 meters.

Reviews of tourists. Early spring is a perfect time to travel to Bulgaria! The streams of melt water run down the valleys, the slopes turn green and the first flowers appear. Tourists love the almond blossoms, strolls along the promenades and the Spring Festival, which Bulgarians celebrate on the first day of March.


Water and Air Temperatures. In April the air gets even warmer – up to +14 … +16 ° C. The sea also gets warmer +9 … +10 °С.

Weather conditions. In mid-spring the number of sunny days rises to 16. It rains a little, but you can’t do without umbrella and raincoat!

Tourist reviews. The skiing season in Bulgaria is over, but the beaches are still empty. At this time it is better to rest in Bulgaria for lovers of hiking and biking, hiking in the mountains and excursions. In April, when there is no heat and crowds of tourists, it is nice to walk through the streets of Varna, get acquainted with the historical monuments of Burgas and Nessebar.

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Air and Water Temperature in Bulgaria.

Avenue in Sofia (Photo: deense /

Water and air temperature. In late spring the air temperature is +18 … +22°C. Water in the Black Sea warms up to +16 … +17 ° C. It is still cool to swim but it is high time to sunbathe!

Weather conditions. At sea resorts it’s as warm as in summer. The number of sunny days rises up to 20. Sometimes the weather turns bad and it rains in the spring.

Reviews of tourists. In May, the resort season in Bulgaria is gaining momentum. Hotels, coastal restaurants, bars and cafes open. The last month of spring is suitable for a relaxing vacation, pleasant promenades by the sea, exploring the sights and traditional Bulgarian cuisine. Many tourists come to Bulgaria to participate in the Festival of Roses in Kazanlak.

Water and air temperature. In June the air temperature is +24 … +25 ° C. The water in the Black Sea is already comfortable for swimming +22 ° C.

Weather conditions. The sun is shining brighter, the daylight hours rise to 15.5 hours. In the streets of cities and seaside resorts there are a lot of flowers. The rains are short.

Tourist reviews. June is the time when it is better to vacation in Bulgaria with children. In early summer there is no strong heat, the sea is warm enough, and in the markets there are fresh cherries and apricots. A big plus – the tours are not as expensive as in July and August. For a trip with the kids we recommend choosing the second half of the month.

When to relax in Bulgaria

The beach in Albena, Bulgaria (Photo: Balcon del Mundo / / License CC BY-SA 2.0)

Water and air temperature. In mid-summer the air temperature is +27 … +29 ° C. Water in the Black Sea is very warm +25 ° C.

Weather conditions. The number of sunny days rises to 26. Overcast weather almost never happens. It rains no more than 2-3 times a month.

The feedback from tourists. Beach season in Bulgaria pleases with warm sea and sunny weather. According to the reviews of tourists, in the summer there is a lot of fresh fruit: there are pears, apples, watermelons and plums. If you like cooler weather, choose a resort on the northern coast. Here fresh sea breezes blow, and they make the heat easier to bear.


Water and Air Temperatures. August in Bulgaria is one of the hottest months of the year. The air temperature is +28 … +29 ° C and the sea water +25 … +26 ° C.

Weather conditions. All resorts are hot, and only easterly and southerly winds bring a little coolness. Short rains occur at the beginning of the month.

Reviews of tourists. August weather in Bulgaria is ideal for beach holidays. Many people come to the seaside resorts, so the beaches and hotels are filled to capacity. The tourists like the fact that at the end of summer there are countryside festivals of watermelons, parades of ships, jazz concerts and folklore festivals.

When to have a rest at the sea in Bulgaria

The beach at St. Constantine and Helena. Photo: /


Water and Air Temperature. The beginning of autumn in Bulgaria is warm. The air temperature is +24…+25°C and sea water +23°C.

Weather conditions. Summer does not want to cede its rights, so the weather in September is happy with the sun and the warm sea. In the south of the country the thermometer column can rise up to +27 … +28 ° C, but for hiking in the mountains warm clothes are already needed.

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Tourist Reviews. For the beach vacation it is better to go to Bulgaria during the Velvet season – it’s though not long, but very pleasant. Tourists like the fact that there are less holidaymakers. Even in such overcrowded cities like Varna you can enjoy a relaxing vacation and see the sights without fuss and queues.


Temperature of water and air. It gets colder in the mid-autumn. The air temperature is +17 … +18 ° C and the sea water +18 … +19 ° C. Bathing is uncomfortable!

Weather conditions. In October in Bulgaria is golden autumn. The number of sunny days is reduced to 17, nights are already cool. It rains little – for a month falls 33-35 mm of precipitation.

Tourist feedback. The swimming season in Bulgaria is ending. Tourists switch to excursions and health tourism. Autumn tours are inexpensive, so many go to be treated at the balneological resorts of Banya, Velingrad, Devin, Sandarski and Hisarya.

When to go to Bulgaria

The Buzludzha Monument at the Buzludzha peak (Photo: / @bormot)


Water and air temperatures. In the last month of autumn the air temperature at the sea resorts is +13 … +14 ° C. In the central part of the country is colder. The Black Sea cools down to +14°C. Swimming gear and sunscreen are not useful!

Weather conditions. November in Bulgaria is wet and windy. Sunny days bring warmth, but there is a lot of rain. Take an umbrella, a warm sweater and a windproof jacket.

Tourist reviews. Late fall is not too pleasant to freeze on the shore, so there are few vacationers at the resorts. According to tourist reviews, in the low season it is better to go to Bulgaria for walks in the beautiful Bulgarian cities, visits to museums and shopping, as well as pilgrimage tours.


Water and Air Temperature. In December, the air temperature is +3 … +9°C and the water in the Black Sea is +10°C.

Weather conditions. The first month of winter is fickle. It snows but not for long. In the beginning of the month there can be inclement weather and the rains quickly wash away the snow cover. The real winter comes closer to the New Year.

Reviews of tourists. Since the end of December in Bulgaria the ski season begins, but tourists come not only to winter resorts. The mild weather is good for sightseeing, family vacations and meeting the New Year holidays. The demand for winter vacations in Bulgaria is high, so buy tours in advance.

When to relax in Bulgaria

Bansko, the Pirin Mountains (Photo: / @ratsk1)

Climate and weather in Bulgaria by month

Climate in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a country with distinct seasonality: dry and hot summer, cold winter, rainy autumn and spring. The country can be divided into three climatic zones: the northern (temperate continental climate), the central steppe zone and the Black Sea coast with a climate close to the Mediterranean.

The weather in Bulgaria in each month: January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December.

Beach season

May-September. Air +31°C, water +24°C, rains 6 days.

You can sunbathe completely from the end of April, swim from the middle of June. The temperature of water and air reaches its peak in July and August. The temperature difference between the beach resorts in the north (Albena, Balchik, Golden Sands, Saint Constantine) and the south (Nesebar, Saint Vlas, Sunny Beach, Pomorie, Sozopol) is 1-2 degrees.

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Velvet season

The “Golden Autumn” is not long – 2-3 weeks in September. The air +24°C, water +22°C, rains 8 days.

At this time, the resorts are abandoned by families with children of school age, students, and they are replaced by tourists from Western Europe – lovers of quiet, warm sea and mild weather.

Ski season

End of November – beginning of April. Air -5°C, humidity 85%, snow/rain 12 days.

Borovets, Pamporovo, Bansko start from late November to March, although each year this time varies depending on weather conditions and the time when the mountain slopes are covered with permanent snow. The peak of the ski season is January, which coincides with school vacations and New Year’s holidays, and therefore the highest prices possible. In the mountain resorts is well designed infrastructure, so you can come with small children, for which work kindergarten, animation and skiing and snowboarding courses.

Excursion season

End of spring-beginning of fall – for bus tours, all year round – to visit the buried institutions (museums, art galleries, theaters). Summer tends to exclude tours because of the hot weather, which makes long journeys particularly tedious. In winter, moving in the ice becomes dangerous because of rain, snow and ice.

The clothes you can’t do without

Bulgaria is different from Turkey and Egypt, because here you should take warm clothes even in the peak beach season. At the Black Sea coast at night the temperature can drop to a temperature that is impossible to do without sweaters. For vacationers in the mountains in the summer you may need boots, warm pants and down jackets at night and sunglasses, sunscreen during the day.

In Sofia in the summer daytime it is unbearably hot, tourists need light closed clothes so as not to get burned, but in the evening will have to wear closed shoes and a windbreaker.

Without comfortable shoes you can not do during excursions, because most of the old cities are covered with paved streets (Nessebar) or located on the hills (Veliko Tarnovo).

At any time of the year in Bulgaria you need an umbrella or raincoat, and in the autumn-spring period – waterproof shoes and clothes.


The country has four types of tourism: beach, ski, medical and sightseeing, so there is no low season. Each year the country is visited by about 8 million tourists from Eastern Europe, Germany, Britain, Scandinavia and the CIS countries. This is one of the cheapest European resorts, which explains its popularity among our tourists. Similar mentality and language allow you to find a common language with the locals.

Bulgaria positions itself as a place for family holidays.

Weather by Months


The water at seaside resorts is heated to +7°C, wind from the sea and storms make it unpleasant to be near the water. The air temperature is +6°C, falling to zero at night.

In Varna and Sofia at night frosts, on sunny days the temperature is below zero. The ice makes it difficult to travel on the roads, so long trips by bus are not the best option for excursions.

January is time for shopping (discount season starts) and visiting ski resorts. Stable snow cover is established in the mountains, overcast skies and snowstorms lead to minimal visibility on the slopes. The temperature in Bansko, Pamporovo and Borovets is -7°C, and at night the thermometer reaches -12°C.


February – snowfalls may continue for several days in the mountains, then change to sunny days. The temperature in Pamporovo and Bansko is 6°C during the day and -10°C at night. This is the peak of the ski season, but tourists come not only to ski and snowboard, but also to breathe the fresh air.

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It rains in the seaside resorts (Albena, Golden Sands, Varna). During the day the air heats up to + 6 ° C, at night it gets colder to zero. It is impossible to approach the water because the coastal area is covered with ice. At this time the country is visited only by people who love museums, shopping and night clubs, for which the cities of Sofia, Nessebar and Veliko Tarnovo are ideal. Excursions between the cities are complicated by icy roads and precipitation.

The snow is beginning to fall on the slopes of the Pirin and Rhodope mountains, but the ski resorts will continue to operate at full capacity.

At the seaside the sunny days are getting longer and the sea is calming down, but it’s still cold +8°C. The wind slows down, the first tourists start arriving, for whom the most important thing is the sea air. The sudden changes in temperature can lead to the fact that during the day you can walk around in a T-shirt, in the evening wear a down jacket and a hat.

In Sofia the weather is dry with temperatures of +9 ° C. In mountainous areas of Pamporovo and Bansko the daytime temperature is -4°C and at night it is -9°C. You can get burnt when skiing in the sunny weather, so sunblock and sunglasses are recommended. The prices for trips go down, which attracts students.


The beach season has not yet begun, the ski season is not over. This is the time for sightseeing trips to Nessebar or Veliko Tarnovo. The prices of accommodation, air tickets, and services are affordable.

The temperature in the mountains is close to zero, frosts at night. The sun alternates with rain, so there is almost no snow on the ground, and meltwater flows from the mountains.

The Black Sea coast is watered with rain, and there is much more rain than in March. In Burgas and Nessebar the temperature is +16°C during the day, +7°C at night, the water is warm up to +12°C. The sea is calm and available for walks.

April is time for rest in sanatoriums with mineral springs.

The temperature in the south of the country (Sozopol, Nessebar) is +17°C, in Albena and Varna it is a little bit cooler because of the northern location and greater depth of the sea near the coast. Sometimes the air heats up to +25 ° C, but in the evening the thermometer goes down to +12 ° C, so along with swimwear should not forget to take sweaters and waterproof shoes. The beach season is not officially open, but there are already many holidaymakers, including those from the CIS countries who prefer to come for the May holidays.

It is cool in Sofia, as the city is located in the highlands. It is the highest European capital.

In Sozopol, Sunny Beach, Nessebar the air is heated to +25 ° C sea up to +20 ° C. On the beaches is comfortable only after 11 am and until 16:00, the evening is cool. With small children is better to rest on the south coast.

In the first half of the month it often rains, accompanied by thunderstorms. By the end of June comes the full beach season with high temperatures of water and air, prices for packages increase.

The high temperatures in the beach resorts are easily tolerated, because there is no high humidity. In Varna, Albena +30 ° C, the water is heated to +24 ° C. In the evening the temperature drops to +20 ° C, which makes for comfortable nighttime swimming. Short showers are typical for all resorts.

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In Sofia during the day +27 ° C and in the evening +13 ° C, so you can’t forget the warm clothes. In the mountains it’s only +10°C during the day and +4°C at night.


Peak beach season. The water in Golden Sands warms up to +23 ° C, in Sunny Beach up to +26 ° C. The afternoon wind sometimes brings waves. It’s better to leave the beaches during the day, as there is a chance to get burnt.

Only in the mountainous areas tourists may need jackets and warm shoes: here during the day it’s +12 ° C and at night it’s +5 ° C. In the central part of Bulgaria (Sofia, Plovdiv) the heat is +28 ° C, there is almost no wind, so August is not the best time to visit the capital. At night the temperature can fall to +13 ° C.


At the seaside resorts the temperature is +24°C during the day and +14°C at night. The water cools down to +21°C. In the northern resorts, the wind makes the sea swell.

In the mountainous areas in the morning there is heavy fog, making visibility difficult. In the area of Pamporovo and Bansko the temperature is +8 ° C during the day, +2 ° C at night. This is not a hindrance for the tourists who come for eco vacations near the mountain rivers and in the forests.

To combine sightseeing and beach holidays, September is the best time.


In the south (Sozopol, Burgas, Nessebar) the temperature is +18 ° C during the day and +13 ° C at night. The constant wind complicates swimming, and the waves are understandable, it is cold to get out of the water. The sea cooled down to 17 ° C. This is the last month when you can go on boat trips, as the strong rocking makes it uncomfortable to travel on the water.

For a holiday in the mountains in October is not the best time. It is cold, humid, freezing at night, and almost no sunny days. With equal probability it can rain or snow.

October is a good time for active holidays (sightseeing, biking) and passive stays at balneotherapy resorts (Velingrad, Sandanski, Sapareva Banya).


The worst month to visit the country in terms of weather, and the most profitable for financial reasons. It may snow in the mountainous areas and the thermometer goes down to -6 ° C. By the end of the month there is permanent snow. By the end of the month there is permanent snow cover, but the high cloudiness and overcast make skiing impossible.

In the central part the rains are prolonged. The Black Sea resorts are characterized by windy weather. Daytime temperatures are +13°C, nighttime temperatures are +5°C.

In Varna rainy and windy weather, night frosts can occur.


The icy winds, the impossibility to approach the coastline and the constant storms completely deprive the seaside resorts of tourists. Only those who want to celebrate the New Year away from home can come here, but they will have to look at the sea from the hotel window, and swim in the heated pools.

Rainy weather over the whole territory of Bulgaria turns to snow only in the mountains, where the thermometer keeps the minus line even during the day. By the end of the month tourists with skis and snowboards arrive, as well as those who want to celebrate the New Year holidays in Sofia.

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