Weather and seasons in Corfu by month. When is the best time to go?

When is the best time to travel to Corfu?

Corfu is a small green island, nestled in the Ionian Sea, between Italy and mainland Greece. For Corfu is characterized by special climatic conditions that make it different from all the other Greek islands. Its territory is bathed not only in bright sunlight, but also in three million crowns of olive trees, slender cypresses, grape groves and thickets of wild flowers. The natural treasures of the island are spectacularly complemented by endless beaches, where the main “artery” of outdoor activities pulsates. Corfu hospitably welcomes both travelers with children and young people who are not indifferent to partying.

The holiday season lasts from the beginning of May to the end of October.

Weather in Corfu in winter

When to holiday in Corfu: in winter the island is 12-18C.

When to holiday in Corfu: In winter the island is 12-18 C.

Corfu winter is characterized by low cloudiness and frequent rainfall. In December the number of rainy days ranges from 7 to 16. At this time, the Azores cyclone clouds fill with moisture from the Mediterranean waters and literally flood Corfu, maximizing the groundwater level. Daytime temperatures are only five degrees higher than nighttime temperatures. The average daytime fluctuations do not exceed the amplitude of 12-18 °C above zero. In January, there is partly a positive trend: the rainfall is not so heavy, but its intensity is still high. Rural roads are washed out at this time, so long journeys should be forgotten.

In February the sun does shine through the swollen clouds, giving Corfu’s winter weather a bit of cheer. However, the squall of the winds that sweeps over the coast with a roar of high waves, distorts the perception of the briefly cleared skies.

Holidays in Corfu in winter will appeal only to those who are not dispirited by inclement weather. And those who love to walk along the deserted streets and ancient monuments to see, even if it’s pouring with rain, but in the proud solitude.

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Holidays in Corfu in spring

When is the high season in Corfu, Greece?

The beginning of the season in Corfu – spring!

The equinox comes in March and the sun is beating down on Corfu. The mercury thermometer is +21 ° C during the day. During the nights, the air cools down to +14 °C. With the arrival of April, the number of overcast days decreases significantly and the daytime temperature rises to +24 °C. At this time, the island is covered with bright greenery, flowers bloom, and the nature seems to start a new life. Already in the first days of May the turquoise water of the Ionian Sea warms up to +20 ° C, which is the starting point for the opening of the beach season.

Tours in Corfu in May are much cheaper than at any other time of year. This is due to the fact that the sea is still cool, the studies of students have not yet completed, and the vacation season has not yet come. During this period, the sea cruises, as well as excursions to the various shrines of the island are in demand.

The weather in Corfu in summer

Corfu is experiencing a lack of rain in June. The high position of the sun in the sky means that the temperatures are rapidly “creeping up”. At midday it is not uncommon for the thermometer to “jump” over the 30 degrees Celsius mark. This is when the high season begins, which lasts until September.

Corfu is dry in July and the Ionian Sea warms up to +25 °C. There are many gurgling springs in the coastal bays of the island, which cool the water down a bit during this period. The dry weather in Corfu does not stop in August. The daytime temperature is +34 °C, but the northwest humid winds, blowing in the afternoon, mitigate the heat.

Should I go to Corfu in summer? Many travelers, without even thinking about it, answer yes. In fact – it is not the best season to vacation in Corfu.

Weather in Corfu in the fall

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In September the air temperature in Corfu drops to +28 °C, the velvet season starts. The rains fall in the second half of the month, but they are brief and do not interfere with the rest. The water surface of the Ionian Sea is heated to +24 ° C in autumn, so you can swim without restrictions. In October, the rains are more frequent and the air cools down to +21 ° C. If you decide to go to Corfu in mid-autumn, you must be prepared for the unpredictability of the weather. When choosing a place to stay, it is better to stay on the eastern coast, as the heat usually stays until the last days of October.

The largest amount of precipitation falls in Corfu in November. The heaviest downpours occur in the mountainous areas in the northeast of the island. Another unpleasant feature of this month are sudden storms, which can force vacationers to cancel all vacation plans.

To summarize

When is the best time to vacation in Corfu?

For our taste, in late May – early June, or in the first half of September. This is the rare period when the water in the sea is still warm, and the flow of tourists has already evaporated along with the exhausting heat. In fact, the classic vacation period (July-August), when the high season starts in Corfu, is a real test for the cardiovascular system and our nerves. And in winter, autumn and early spring we would hardly think of going to Greece. If only because there are no charter flights and “package” tours yet.

Weather in Corfu by month

In high season, the air is warm up to +29 ° C and the sea +24.9 ° C. In the low season, the air is +13.8°C, the water +15.3°C, rainfall 117.5 mm, 8 rainy days, and 10 sunny days. This is a popular city for travels in Greece. Weather in Corfu by month, winter and summer is presented in the chart below. The beach season here lasts at least 5 months.

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The best months to travel

July, August, September is the best time to vacation. It is a nice warm weather from +26.6 ° C to +31.2 ° C. It rains less than 0 days per month with an average rainfall of 9.3 to 65.7 mm. Corfu has also a warm sea with temperatures ranging from +24.0°C to +25.6°C, making bathing a pleasure. The sunny days are maximum for the whole year – 28 to 31 days. The climate by months and the temperatures in Corfu are calculated on the basis of the last years.

Air temperature in Corfu by month

The difference in daytime temperature during the year is 17.8°C, but because of the sea Corfu weather and climate during the months is fairly mild. The coldest month is December, when the temperature reaches 13.4°C. The warmest month is August with +31.2°C.

Water temperature in Corfu

The beach season here lasts 5 months: October, June, September, July and August. The temperature of the sea during this time of year ranges from +22 ° C to +25.6 ° C, for a pleasant swim. The worst weather and water temperatures in Corfu are recorded in February at +15.3°C.

Number of rainy days and precipitation

February is not a good month for travel, it rains on average 8 days. The maximum monthly rainfall is 123.8 mm.

Recreation comfort rating

Rating is calculated by months, taking into account the average air temperature, rainfall and other indicators. For the year in Corfu, the rating ranges from 2.8 in February to 5.0 in July, out of a possible five.

Climate summary

Month Air temperature during daytime Water temperature Sunny days Rainy days (precipitation)
January +13.8°C +16.1°C 16 7 days (109.3 mm)
February +14.8°C +15.3°C 10 8 days (117.5 mm)
March +16°C +15.6°C 17 5 days (87.2 mm)
April +18.8°C +16.5°C 22 5 days (50.6mm)
May +21.6°C +19.2°C 25 3 days (39.4mm)
June +26.4°C +22.1°C 30 2 days (9.7mm)
July +29.3°C +25°C 31 0 days (9.3 mm)
August +31.2°C +25.6°C 29 1 day (10.9mm)
September +26.6°C +24°C 28 2 days (65.7mm)
October +22.6°C +22°C 22 7 days (98.6mm)
November +19°C +20°C 20 7 days (123.8mm)
December +13.4°C +18°C 18 6 days (99.6mm)
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Number of sunny days

Beautiful sunny weather in July with 31 sunny days. Perfect time for holidays in Corfu.

Wind speed

Maximum wind speed in Corfu in February is 4.9 m/s with gusts up to 7.5 m/s.

Things to do in Corfu in good weather

Beaches in Corfu

The resort village of Paleokastritsa is located on the west coast of Corfu, 25 km from Corfu town. It is considered the pearl of Corfu: tall cliffs covered with green trees and bushes sit next to small bays and coves. Because of this amazing natural scenery (you don’t see so much forest and greenery on the slopes of the island in Greece) the village has gained a reputation as one of the most beautiful places of the island, where locals and tourists alike love to spend their holidays.

Several semicircular capes of the island, protruding into the Ionian Sea, form three bays with clear turquoise water and sandy beaches (the water here is a few degrees lower than on the other beaches of Corfu). There are a few small hotels overlooking the sea, and if you can’t stay in one, the sightseeing platform at Bella Vista, accessible on foot or by car, offers wonderful views.

The tourist infrastructure is well-developed here: near the beaches there are cafes and snack bars, rental of sports equipment, rentals for sun loungers and umbrellas from the sun. One of the favorite activities of tourists: walks on snow-white boats and yachts, of which there are a lot of local berths. Local guides lead tours to picturesque grottoes and secluded and inaccessible corners of the sea coast. Another popular tourist activity: underwater diving and watching the inhabitants of the sea depths.

Monasteries and real Greek life

Theotokou Monastery

One of the attractions of Corfu is the monastery of Theotokou (Theotokou Monastery), which traces its history back to the 13th century. The neighboring area has a beautiful view of the resort and the Adriatic Sea. No matter what the weather is like in Corfu during your visit month, you must also visit the small villages of Lakones, Makrades and Kryni, where you can experience the real Greek life – calm, quiet, facing the sea and the bright colors of the stunning natural surroundings, when the weather is fine in Corfu!

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The Byzantine defensive castle of Angelokastro, built on a high rock in the 13th century, has more than once served as a refuge for locals during enemy raids. Nowadays, this silent stone gatekeeper opens its gates to tourists and sightseeing groups.

It is said that in Corfu restaurants they cook the most delicious lobsters in Corfu. And after eating the famous dishes of the Mediterranean, you can continue with a great mood to know Greece!

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