Weather and seasons in Mauritius by month. When is the best time to relax?

Weather in Mauritius. When is the season for holidays?

The island of Mauritius is located at the southernmost latitude, in the Tropic of Capricorn. This gives it a warm climate, which almost does not change with the seasons. The year in Mauritius is divided into summer (wet season) and winter (dry season), but the temperature difference between them is not too great. The seasons differ only in the amount of rainfall. So it is important to know when it is best to holiday in Mauritius, and whether the cyclone season can interfere with your holiday? I tell you about the weather in Mauritius by month, to understand when it is better to go to Mauritius. By the way, all the new rules for entering the island because of the coronavirus are collected in this article →

When is the best time to vacation in Mauritius? Seasons and weather by month

  • When is the best time to vacation in Mauritius?
  • Mauritius in December and January: is it worth planning a New Year on the island?
  • Weather by month in Mauritius

When is the best time to vacation in Mauritius?

Fun fact: hotels in Mauritius welcome holidaymakers all year round, and there is no consensus on when it is the best holiday season in Mauritius. The island is almost always a comfortable temperature, but you can adjust the time of your arrival depending on what you are going to do on the island.

For swimming in the sea more suitable summer months, for active tourism – winter months. Bear in mind that winter and summer in Mauritius fall on very different months than in Europe:

  • The winter season is from May to October (with an average temperature of +22 ºC on the coast).
  • Summer generally lasts from November to April (average temperatures on the coast +27ºC).

The central part of the island is always 3-5 ºC colder than the coast.

March to June and September to November are the best, since the humidity is not too high and the temperatures are suitable for every kind of holiday. At the same time, in May-June and September, hotel rates go down, so these months can be doubly favorable.

When is the holiday season in Mauritius?

One day in February on the west coast of Mauritius

Water temperatures in Mauritius average around +26 ºC, rising a couple of degrees in summer and dropping as low as +23 ºC in winter. Sometimes, under adverse conditions – e.g. under the influence of the anticyclone – it can drop to 20 ºC during winter and should be taken into account when planning a trip. In this case, July, the coldest month of Mauritian winter, will be the least optimal.

When planning a holiday in Mauritius, pay attention to the part of the island where the hotel is located:

  • The western and northern parts of the island are usually warmer and drier – primarily because they are protected by mountains from winds blowing from the east. In winter, these parts of the island have more favorable conditions for a beach holiday, but during the summer months it can be a bit hot.

Mauritius in December and January: is it worth planning a New Year on the island?

December and January are the peak season in Mauritius, but they coincide with the cyclone season. It sounds scary, but it’s really not that bad: you just have to choose the right coast for your holiday.

The west of the island always has less precipitation in the winter than the east of the island. And it’s the northwest of Moorcock that I recommend for New Year’s vacations. These are the beaches of Tru-Ox-Bish, Grand Bay, Pereber, Mont Choisy, etc.

One of the best beaches on the island, Le Morne, will have a little more rain because of Mount Le Morne Brabant.

The temperature in December and January on the island fluctuates at +29-31 ºC in coastal areas, sometimes rising to +34 ºC. The water can reach up to +27 ºC.

Holidays in Mauritius - 2022. Prices, reviews, seasons.

Cyclone season in Mauritius

The cyclone season in Mauritius officially runs from 1st November to 15th May but the heaviest cyclones really hit the island in January and February. Nevertheless, they do not interfere with vacationers. Strong winds hardly ever reach Mauritius, and downpours rarely last more than a couple of hours. At the same time, the weather can vary a lot from place to place – you can have rain, and a couple of kilometers away, it won’t be any more.

Weather in Mauritius. When best to rest on the island

In the center of the island it’s raining with a thunderstorm, and on the coast it’s sunny.

Also the weather varies from year to year, so it can be hard to predict how many days of sun you’ll get in a tropical downpour. In any case, the likelihood that bad weather will completely ruin your vacation is small.

Thunderstorms on the island usually start after 2 p.m., so it’s worth planning sea bathing and vacations outside the four walls for the first half of the day. It also makes sense during the cyclone season to settle in the western part of the island, where the rains are less frequent and end faster.

Really strong cyclones hit Mauritius once every 5 years, and dangerous cyclones even rarer. I was lucky enough to be on the island during Cyclone Emnati in 2022. This cyclone received the highest hazard class on the cyclone scale, Cyclone 4. The hotel staff asked me to stock up on food and water for the next two days. It was impossible to go outside because of strong wind gusts up to 200 km/h and downpours.

In some parts of Mauritius there were waves 7-10 meters high. My hotel was in the front line on Mont Choisy beach, but there were no such waves. Here are some pictures from the cyclone:

Weather by month in Mauritius

To plan your vacation more carefully, it’s important to find out what the weather in Mauritius will be in the month you decide to go to the island. Below, you can check the weather in Mauritius by month, look at the water and air temperatures, and decide when is the best time for you to travel to Mauritius in 2022.

Mauritius in January

January in Mauritius brings even hotter weather and more rainfall. The cyclone season is a little less pronounced in the west of the island than in other parts, but there is still very high humidity and the danger of getting caught in torrential rain. Hotel rooms are very stuffy at night, so you’ll have to turn on the air conditioning.

The temperature in January in Mauritius fluctuates at +29-31 ºC in coastal areas, sometimes rising to +34 ºC. The water temperature is about one degree warmer than in December with an average of +27.4 ºC.

Mauritius in February

February in Mauritius is the peak of the cyclone season and does not bring the best weather. This is the month when you can expect the heaviest rainfall and the highest humidity. The central part of the island is the most affected by downpours. On the coast much less rain.

The water temperature in Mauritius in February will reach +28 ºC, while the air temperature stays at the same level as in January.

Weather by Months in Mauritius

Flick ‘n’ Flack beach in the second half of February

Mauritius in March

The weather in March in Mauritius is broadly similar to that of February – rainfall is still abundant and humidity is high. The water temperature also remains the same. In terms of air temperature, however, there is some relief, albeit slight.

Holidays in Mauritius - 2022. Prices, reviews, seasons.

The best area for holidays in Mauritius in March is the northwest coast, which includes Flic en Flac, Grand Bay, Mont Choisy, Troux Ox Biche. There is two to three times less rainfall here than in other parts of the island.

Weather in March in Mauritius

Early March in Mauritius. Enjoying a glass of cool wine with a view of a downpour

Mauritius in April

It is in April that Mauritius experiences a noticeable turning point in weather patterns. The first two weeks of April are still considered part of the cyclone season, and you can expect afternoon showers during them, but in the second half of the month they are much less likely. The water temperature is still high, around +27.2 ºC, and the air temperature drops to a comfortable +27-28 ºC towards the end of the month. During the night, you can expect the temperature to drop to +20-21 ºC.

Mauritius in May

May is a great month for holidays in Mauritius. There is some rainfall, but it quickly stops and you can’t ruin your day. Moreover, it mostly occurs in the mountainous areas in the center of the island, so there is nothing to worry about on the coast.

The sunniest weather awaits on the west coast and the warmest sea is on the north coast where the water temperature in May sometimes exceeds +27 ºC. The average temperature in these two regions will be around +28ºC. Temperatures are about a degree lower in the south and a further degree lower in the east.

Mauritius in June

If you go to Mauritius in June, the weather will be sunny and warm, especially on the west coast. Bear in mind, however, that it is June when winter sets in on the island, so some parts of Mauritius can be windy and cool. The winds on the south and east coasts can lead to average daytime temperatures of 24-25ºC and night-time fall to 14ºC. The north and west of the island, the temperature will be a couple of degrees higher.

As in May, the warmest water in Mauritius is on the north coast. Here, it can exceed 27 ºC. Other parts of the island will be cooler, especially in the south.

What to know about holidays in Mauritius

It’s hard to believe that the color of the water in the photo is real and not photoshopped, until you see it with your own eyes.

Mauritius in July and August

The weather in July and August in Mauritius is the coldest and windiest. These months are the height of winter here. Because of the constant winds, it is during July and August that people come to Mauritius planning to go windsurfing. If you don’t want to take extreme air baths, you can choose a hotel on the west coast near the beach Flick en Flack, where the conditions are calmer. Here, as in the north of the island, the temperature during the day is around +25-26 ºC. Other parts of Mauritius are cooler, reaching as much as +18-22 ºC in the center of the island.

Water temperatures during these months will drop along the entire coast, and while in early July you can hope for +24.2 ºC, in late August it may drop to +23.2 ºC.

Mauritius in September

The weather in Mauritius in September is still cool but the winds die down considerably, especially in the second half of the month. Rainfall is also very low, so September can be considered the height of the dry season.

Daytime temperatures will rise to a comfortable +27 ºC in the west and north of the island. The south is a little cooler, averaging +25 ºC and temperatures are a degree lower in the east.

Holidays in Mauritius - 2022. Prices, reviews, seasons.

Unfortunately, the water temperature in Mauritius in September is almost the lowest of the year. It is only a little over +23 ºC. But despite this, September is considered one of the most favorable months to vacation in Mauritius.

Mauritius in October

October is regarded as the sunniest month in Mauritius, so you should take care to protect yourself from the sun’s rays. You won’t need protection from the rain though, as it shares the title of the driest month of the year with September. Temperatures are rising steadily across Mauritius and by the end of October, temperatures start to reach +25-28 ºC depending on the area. The water in October also gets slightly warmer and reaches temperatures of +24.2 ºC.

Mauritius in November

November is a great month for holidays in Mauritius. The weather in November is still sunny and windless, although the humidity begins to increase. Heavy rains start to fall in the mountainous regions from the middle of the month, and by the end of November, they spread all over the island. So if you’re planning a trip inland, it’s best to arrive in the first two weeks of November.

November is at its hottest in the north of the island – temperatures can reach up to +30 ºC. The west coast is also quite hot, while the east coast feels a balmy 27 ºC. The water temperature ranges from +25-25,5 ºC.

Mauritius in December

The weather in Mauritius in December is warm and humid and the days are particularly hot in the northern and western parts of the island where temperatures can reach 32-33 ºC. The usual temperature will be around +28-31 ºC on the coast and around +20 ºC at night. The water temperature in Mauritius varies little during the month of December with an average of +26.6 ºC.

Short showers can be expected in early December. Towards the end of December, rainfall increases and becomes longer.

Weather and seasons in Mauritius by month. When is the best time to relax?

When to vacation in Mauritius

What are the weather and seasons in Mauritius by month? Find out when it’s best to vacation on the emerald island. An overview of air temperatures, water and climate features. What tourists say about rest in different seasons.

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When is the holiday season in Mauritius

The picturesque island in the Southern Hemisphere is close to the equator, so it’s always warm. The weather varies little by season in Mauritius. The thermometer rarely falls below +17 ° C and rises above +31 ° C. Winter on the island lasts from June to September. During this time, southeasterly winds blow, and the weather at the resorts is drier.

When is the best time to visit Mauritius? For beach holidays, most tourists come from November to January and April to May.

When is the rainy season in Mauritius?

There is no distinct rainy season in Mauritius. There is a higher humidity during the summer, from November to April. However, during these months, too, the south-easterly trade winds dampen the humid climate.

January, February and March are the wettest months. Tropical cyclones are brief, and bad weather rarely lasts more than 2-3 days.

The rains in Mauritius are localized. If you travel around the island by car, you are very likely to get caught in the rain. Tourists who don’t travel outside the resorts can spend an entire vacation without rain.

Weather by Months in Mauritius

Boat caught in cyclone (Photo: / @johnnyabroad)

When is the surfing and kitesurfing season in Mauritius

Lovers of riding the waves come to the island all year round. However, February and March are not the best time. During these months there are strong winds and tropical storms. For kite surfers is more suitable period from September to November.

Holidays in Mauritius - 2022. Prices, reviews, seasons.

The water off the coast of Mauritius is warm. Shorts and Lycra are sufficient for surfing. From July to October, when the Indian Ocean cools to +24 ° C, some surfers wear a short wetsuit.

Weather in Mauritius by Month


Water and Air Temperature. Mauritius is in the midst of a tropical summer in January. The temperatures range from 26 degrees Fahrenheit to 31 degrees Fahrenheit. +31 ° C and the water +27. +28°С.

Weather conditions. Sunny days are few – only 7, the rest of the time, the sky is covered with clouds. The skies are covered with clouds the rest of the time. Short showers are possible in the afternoons. The annual rainfall is 216 mm.

Tourist feedback. Humidity is high – 80%, so it’s a little hot during the day. Tourists escape the heat in air-conditioned cafes, restaurants and in the sea. Despite the overcast weather, the insolation level is high. Don’t forget to put sunscreen in your luggage!

Air and Water Temperature in Mauritius

Flick en Flac beach in Mauritius (Photo: / @danfreemanphoto)


Water and air temperatures. In terms of weather conditions, February is similar to January. The air is warm to +27. +30°C, and water up to +28°C.

Weather conditions. The number of sunny days decreases to 5 and rainy days to 11. Precipitation is more – 240 mm.

Tourist feedback. The rainy season in Mauritius continues. Because of the heat and high humidity, it is sometimes difficult to breathe. According to reviews, the east coast of the island is cooler than the west coast.

Water and air temperature. In March, the air temperature is +27. +30 ° C and sea water +28 ° C.

Weather conditions. Short showers are very frequent, often cloudy. Humidity rises to 84%. Daylight hours are shortened to 12 hours. Sometimes there are tropical storms with violent thunderstorms over the island.

Tourist feedback. Holidays in Mauritius like all tourists. You can swim all day long! In addition to beach holidays, popular diving, deep sea fishing, excursions to nature reserves and trekking.

When to have the best time in Mauritius

Shiva statue at Grand Bassin Lake (Photo: / @smik)


Water and air temperatures. It gets a little cooler in April. The air temperature is +25. +29°C and water +27°C. Very comfortable for a long bath!

Weather conditions. It still rains a lot – 20 days in a month, but they are not long. Daylight hours decrease to 11.4 hours.

Tourist reviews. In April, holidays in Mauritius are very comfortable. According to reviews, the weather is variable. Several times a day there are blue skies, light clouds and thunderstorm clouds overhead. Tourists recommend a ride on the cable car Chasal’s Cables and see the picturesque cascades of Tamarin Falls.

Water and air temperature. In May, the wet season on the island ends. The air temperature is +25. +28 ° C and the water +26. +27°С.

Weather conditions. The amount of precipitation is reduced to 130 mm and the humidity to 81%. The rains are on the plateau, the coast is dry. Daylight hours are reduced to 11 hours.

Tourist reviews. There comes a month when it is better to come to Mauritius for a beach holiday. In addition to swimming in the sea and sunbathing, tourists go on excursions, surfing, diving and sea fishing. If you are vacationing with a child, check out the crocodiles and turtles at Vanilla Park!

Weather in Mauritius by Month

Turtle Bay (Photo: / @kasturi09)

Water and air temperature. At the beginning of the tropical winter the air temperature drops to +22. +26°C during the day and +17°C at night. The sea water is warm to +25°C.

Holidays in Mauritius - 2022. Prices, reviews, seasons.

Weather conditions. The number of sunny days rises to 11. The rainfall is rare – only 90 mm of precipitation per month.

Tourist reviews. From June to August, there are few tourists vacationing in Mauritius. The reason is not in the climate. Residents of Europe prefer to spend the calendar summer on the beaches of the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic, and the Russians – on the Black Sea and Azov resorts.

Water and air temperature. In July the air temperature is +21. +25 ° C and sea water +24. +25°С. By local standards it is bitter cold!

Weather conditions. The weather is mostly overcast. The number of sunny days decreases to 9. There are fewer rainy days compared to June. Humidity is 78%.

Tourist feedback. The low season in Mauritius has its advantages. There are not many tourists, and the prices for trips go down. Vacationers are happy with the unhot weather, low humidity and not strong winds.

When to vacation in Mauritius

Flick en Flac beach in Mauritius (Photo: / @teodorpk)


Water and air temperature. In August, the air temperature is +21. +24°C and water +24°C. An annual low for Mauritius!

Weather conditions . There are brief drizzle showers, but it is drier than in July. The amount of rainfall decreases to 80 mm.

Tourist feedback. August in Mauritius is sunnier. There are 12 clear days. The mild, non-hot weather is ideal for beach activities, diving, surfing and wellness in spa hotels.


Water and air temperature. The temperature in September is +21. +25 ° C and the water +24 ° C. Swimming is wonderfully refreshing!

Weather conditions. The weather on the island is relatively cool. Daylight hours rise to 12.3 hours. The humidity is 78% and the amount of precipitation is 50 mm.

Tourist feedback. Because of the dry weather, September in Mauritius is popular with tourists. Winds blow on the east and south coasts of the island, so kitesurfing season is in full swing in Mauritius.

When to go on holiday to Mauritius

Blue Bay, Mauritius (Photo: / @smik)


Water and air temperature. In October, the air temperature is +23. +26°C and the sea water +24. +25°С.

Weather conditions. October is one of the driest months in Mauritius. Rainfall does not exceed 50 mm and daylight hours rise to 12.8 hours. Very good for sunbathing!

Traveller feedback. In September, conditions for surfing are excellent. At night hours it’s quite cool +17. +19°С. For evening walks by the sea we recommend to take closed clothes.


Water and air temperature. During late autumn, southern summer begins in Mauritius. The air temperature rises to +24. +28°C and water temperatures to +25. +26°С.

Weather conditions. The number of sunny days is reduced to 9. Although there is only 70 mm of rainfall per month, the island is becoming increasingly hot and humid.

Feedback from tourists. The sea has already warmed up to comfortable temperatures, so the tourist flow increases. In Mauritius, the high season begins. According to reviews, in November it is better to go for a lazy beach vacation, water sports and active tourism.

Weather in Mauritius by Month

Mauritius (Photo: / @petefogden)


Water and air temperature. In December, the air temperature is +25. +30 ° C and the water +27. +28°С.

Weather conditions. During the month falls 170 mm of precipitation, the humidity rises to 80%. The daylight hours increase to 13,5 hours.

Tourist reviews. Hot weather with warm short-term showers attracts many vacationers to the tropical island. December is the month of high season in Mauritius. Tourists come to relax on the beaches, meet Christmas and New Year’s holidays. At this time of year, tour prices are highest.

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