Weather in Israel by month

Israel’s climate and weather by month

The climate of Israel

The territory of Israel consists of several climatic zones. In this regard, the weather conditions in different parts of the country at the same time of year can differ significantly from each other, thus making a region attractive or not for tourists to visit. Conventionally, the climatic zones of Israel can be divided into the following types:

  • Red Sea coast;
  • Mediterranean Sea coast;
  • Dead Sea coast;
  • central part;
  • mountainous areas.

Red Sea Coast

Weather conditions on the Red Sea coast in Israel allow tourists to enjoy sun, water and diving almost all year round. Even in January the coastal waters of Eilat (the most famous resort on the coast) are not below +20 degrees and the air warms up to +15 degrees. The best time to visit the resort are from April to May or from September to October, because in those months there is no exhausting heat. In the autumn of prices for accommodation in hotels of Eilat significantly increase. The increase in price is due to the fact that during this period on the beaches of the city enjoy lounging not only foreign tourists, but also locals from other parts of the country. But in the summer months to go on holiday in this part of Israel is not recommended. From June to August the sun heats the air up to +40 degrees, so the situation on the beaches is simply unbearable. Even swimming in the sea do not bring a refreshing effect, as the sea water heats up to +28.

Mediterranean coast

Swimming season on the beaches of Herzliya, Netanya, Tel Aviv, Haifa and other Mediterranean resorts in Israel begins in May and lasts until the end of September. Sea water temperature in late spring warms up to 21 degrees, and every day it gets warmer and warmer. The peak season is in the last month of summer, when daytime air temperatures reach 30 degrees and the water becomes like fresh milk. If you’re lucky, even in late October you can get a nice bronze tan under the mild Mediterranean sun and a lot of swimming in the warm sea. In winter on the Mediterranean coast of the country the air temperature drops to +20 and the water temperature drops to +17. In the resorts begins the rainy season and beach hotels are empty.

Advice. It is not desirable to go on vacation at the Mediterranean resorts of Israel in early summer and fall. During these periods of the year the beaches are a large accumulation of jellyfish, which not only prevent tourists to enjoy swimming, but also very painful sting vacationers.

Dead Sea Coast

The climatic conditions at the Dead Sea resort of Ein Bokek are consistently favorable for therapeutic treatments. The healing properties of the mud, water and air do not change with the seasons. In January and February there is a small amount of rainfall in the form of small and brief rains. During these months, the few vacationers move from the beaches to the indoor pools and mud baths of the coastal hotels. Midsummer is also not attractive for a vacation in this part of Israel. The salty waters of the Dead Sea heats up to +35 and combined with hot air makes therapeutic procedures are not very comfortable, so most tourists come to improve their health in the waters of the Dead Sea in the spring and autumn. At these times of the year in the water is problematic to go because of fans of reading the press lying on the sea surface.

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An interesting fact . In winter the temperature of the Dead Sea water exceeds the air temperature by several degrees, and vice versa in summer.

Mountain areas of Israel.

Snow in most areas of Israel is a very rare natural phenomenon, so residents of many parts of the country have seen a snowy winter only on TV or in pictures. But there is a place where from late fall to early spring the ground is abundantly covered with snow drifts. This is a ski resort, located at the foot of Mount Hermon . Lovers of all kinds of skiing come here from November to March. This is mainly local tourists from Tel Aviv, Haifa and other parts of the country, as among Europeans this resort is not very popular (and few people know anything about it). They associate Israel more with pilgrimage, beach or medical vacation. And perhaps travelers from other countries are scared away by the local prices for recreation. In the tourist season, the cost of accommodation and other tourist services are not at all lower than in the resorts of Switzerland.

By the way, Mount Hermon is located in a nature reserve, so in the warm season, too, a lot of tourists.

Weather in Israel by month

Winter in Israel

During the winter, the temperature in the country can drop to +5 degrees and a lot of precipitation in the form of rain, so when traveling to Israel in your bag should be an umbrella, gloves and a warm autumn jacket. Many native Israelis complain about the cold winter weather. Eh, they have not yet seen the Russian winter with frosts of minus 30 degrees and snow drifts of meters :). Minus temperatures and precipitation in the form of snow during the winter are typical only for the ski resort Hermon.

Weather in the winter months

December is a cloudy and rainy month. In the center of the country and in the mountainous areas may be light frosts. Swim in the sea and sunbathing is possible only on the coast of Eilat, where the temperature of air and water are kept at around 20 degrees. At the beaches of the Mediterranean Sea in this month there is nothing to do as the water has cooled to +17.

January – the weather conditions are similar to the first month of winter. Overcast skies, rain and cold. Even on the beaches of Eilat there are almost no tourists.

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February is also a very rainy month. But the temperature rises every day, and the weather in different regions of the country can be very different. For example, on the Red Sea coast the weather is warm and dry, and the Mediterranean region at the same time the rain pours.

Spring in Israel

This period of the year in Israel is very specific. In March the weather reminds something of our spring, and in April it is already summer :). This time of year is the best for excursions and travels around the country, because the nature around fascinates with its beauty. That’s just blooming almond and citrus orchards.

March – a month that can safely be called the beginning of the beach season in Israel, as in Eilat and Ein Boker already a lot of tourists. In the central part of the country is still rainy.

April – the thermometer rises several degrees daily, and by the end of the month the temperature in some parts of the country is approaching 30 degrees. There is almost no rain in the month, except for the mountainous areas with thunderstorms.

May – this is one of the best months for recreation in Israel. Moreover, the weather is warm and comfortable throughout the country. In May, the full season opens in the resorts of the Mediterranean Sea, where the water has already warmed up to +24.

Summer in Israel

Summer in the country is characterized by a grueling heat (average temperature of +45). European tourists do not like to vacation during this period in resorts of Israel, which can not be said about tourists from Russia.

June – in this month from the desert comes scalding heat. At lunchtime stay on the street becomes unbearable, and the streets of cities stand still waiting for the evening chill. Holidays in the first month of summer are best on the beaches of the Mediterranean Sea, where there is not yet such a scorching heat.

July – the heat is unbearable. The thermometer in this month often reaches forty degrees. At most resorts there is only buzzing nightlife, as on the beaches in the daytime tanned only extreme tourists.

August is the last month of the exhausting heat. During the daytime, even in large cities, many stores and shops are closed, and people go out only in the evening. In hotels, tourists sit back in cool bars with air conditioning, as the sea and outdoor pools water heats up to 30 degrees and not saving from the heat.

Autumn in Israel.

Autumn at all beach resorts begins a tourist “boom”. The heat at this time of year goes into the desert, and the seashores at this period is the most comfortable time for sun and sea baths.

September – the beginning of the “velvet” season on the coasts of all seas of Israel. On the beaches of resorts is very crowded. This is due not only to comfortable weather, but also the beginning of vacations in schools around the country. This month is also the most favorable for guided tours to the various attractions of Israel.

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October – the “velvet” season is in full swing, as water and air temperatures continue to be comfortable for recreation. At night, the air temperature drops slightly and short rains are possible.

November – the last month of autumn in Israel still allows you to sunbathe at the resorts of the Mediterranean and Red Sea. Small and short rains are possible in the center and north of the country. In general, the average air temperature stays at 20 degrees Celsius.

In conclusion.

The weather in Israel is truly unique. In the winter, tourists can go skiing in the morning on the slopes of Mount Hermon, and in the evening to dive scuba diving in the warm waters of the Red Sea :).

When best to vacation in Israel

weather in israel

When is it better to go to Israel? Weather in Israel in different months of 2022 at different resorts.

There is a perception that in Israel, you can vacation all year round. But every vacation – its time. For excursions is ideal in March, September and October, as in winter it is too wet because of the rains, and in summer there is a debilitating heat. In addition, during the major holidays – Passover, Christmas, Rosh Hashanah, Sukkot and others – the little country is overcrowded with a flood of tourists and pilgrims.

For a beach holiday at the resorts of the Mediterranean and Red Sea in April-May and September-October are most suitable. The Dead Sea resorts are good all year round, but in winter the water is cool and in June, July and August it is too hot, so spring and autumn would be the optimal seasons to travel. Below we give information about the weather in Israel by month: water and air temperature, precipitation, as well as tips for tourists on vacation.

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Weather in Israel in winter


In December, the indoor heated swimming pools start working. Come rainy season, a beautiful Mediterranean tan is unlikely to get, but nice discounts in hotels. However, before the holidays the prices go up again – the country is visited by pilgrims.

January – February

Weather in Israel in January and February is warm and wet. In Haifa, Tel Aviv, Netanya and other Mediterranean resorts during the day +17 ° C, at night +5. +10 ° C at night, the sea +18 ° C. Even sunny Eilat receives occasional rainfall.

The warmest weather is on the Red Sea coast: the air temperature is +20°C and the water +21. +22°С. During the day in Eilat you can walk around lightly dressed, at night it is cool (about +10 ° C), so for evening promenades need warm clothes.

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In winter you can relax at the Dead Sea resorts: the temperature of water and air is the same +19. +20 ° C, but the bathing in the sea is pleasant except at lunch time. People chilly prefer to warm up in the pools. The rains are rare and brief.

In the winter season, the country goes boisterous celebrations: Christian Christmas, Hanukkah, then Purim with processions and traditional refreshments. After the December and January influx of pilgrims access to holy sites becomes free, and tourists can safely visit all the attractions. By March, the weather improves and the rains pour down less and less.

Israel weather 2022

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Weather in Israel in Spring

The weather in Israel in March is conducive to travel and long walks in the fresh air. The big religious holidays are over, the pilgrimage has temporarily subsided before Passover. The weather in most of the Mediterranean resorts is mild and sunny: +19. +20 ° C during the day and +13 ° C at night, the water +17. +18°С. At the beginning of the month there may still be winds and short showers, so jackets and umbrellas are nice. The resorts at the Dead Sea are very good in March: the water is +22. +25 ° C, air temperature +24 ° C.

In Eilat it is dry and precipitation tends to zero. Daytime +25 ° C and above, Red Sea +21 ° C. Sometimes the wind blows, and then swimming in the sea a little refreshing. Vacationers go windsurfing, jet skis, bananas, water skis and paragliders. This is one of the rare times when in Eilat you can comfortably go on excursions. The most popular trips are to the ancient fortress of Masada, the Red Canyon, the Dolphin Reef, Timna Park, and the Nature Reserve.


In April, Christian pilgrims arrive on the eve of Easter, Jews celebrate the Jewish Passover – Pesach. The beach season officially opens, the weather in Israel in April favors lovers of “seal” recreation. The warmest in Eilat and Ein Bokek: the water in the Red Sea +23 ° C, Dead Sea +25 ° C, daytime temperatures reach +29 ° C. The Mediterranean resorts are cooler: in Tel Aviv, Haifa, Ashdod and other resorts +23 ° C, sea water +18 ° C. +19°С.

But in May on the shores of the Red and Dead Sea is already hot: daytime +32 ° C and above. The water in the Dead Sea +28 ° C, the Red Sea +24 ° C. In Eilat it is hot and stuffy at night +23 ° C, so you can rest properly only indoors with air conditioning. Since the middle of May is good weather in Israel on the Mediterranean Sea: Day +27. Daytime +28 ° C, water +22 ° C. You can swim, sunbathe, go on excursions to Jerusalem, Bethlehem and other places, sail on a yacht in the open sea, do water sports.

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Israel weather in March

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Weather in Israel in summer

June, July and August are hot in Israel. The highest temperatures are in Ein Bokek and Eilat: +35. +40 ° C and above. In Tel Aviv, Netanya, Haifa +30. +35°С. The heat does not abate even at night: +23. +25 ° C, no rain, periodically blowing dry winds, bringing dust and sand, worsening visibility and making breathing difficult. Recreation by the sea against the backdrop of such extreme temperatures and natural phenomena can hardly bring pleasure, although some tourists go to this time.

Weather in Israel in the fall

September .

In September in Israel, despite the fact that the temperature is high in summer, the heat is easier to bear. In Tel Aviv, Haifa, Ashdod and other resorts on the Mediterranean Sea during the day above +30 ° C, the water in the sea +28 ° C. In Eilat and Ein Bokek it’s +33. +34 ° C, the water in the Red Sea +27 ° C, +32 ° C in the Dead Sea. It’s a good time for swimming and all kinds of water activities without getting thirsty and risking getting sunstroke every second. There is almost no rain in September, except in the mountains, and the likelihood of dust storms, which are so often rampant in the summer, is also minimal.

weather in israel in april

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In October, Israel is having a velvet season on the Mediterranean coast and the weather is perfect. The daytime temperature is +28 ° C, at night it is +22. The weather is +28°C during the day and +22-23 ° C at night, the water is +26. +27°С. You can enjoy beach activities and go on excursions. At the Dead Sea resorts it’s +30°C during the day and water +26°C, and it’s getting a bit windy.

Around the middle of the month begins to rain, and although in October it is not so much (1-2 days per month), most tourists prefer to vacation in Eilat, where the weather is characterized by stability and complete absence of precipitation.

In Eilat it’s +29. +32 ° C, the sea +25 ° C, it gets a little cool at night +15 ° C. It’s possible to dive or go on excursions, this period is optimal for holidays with small children.

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The flow of tourists decreases, although the sea with the air is almost the same temperature (+23. +25 ° C). But the weather in Israel in November becomes unpredictable, with rain and thunderstorms, with a sharp cooling by 5-8 degrees. It rains most in Tel Aviv and Haifa, less in Eilat and Ein Bokeh. This period is more suitable for travel than for a beach holiday, although the latter is not excluded.

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