Weather in Prague by month. When is the best time to go and how to dress?

When to go on vacation to Prague

Prague – the pearl of Europe, which is worth seeing at least once in a lifetime. It is beautiful at any time of year, each season colors the city in its own unique way. It’s up to you to decide when you should visit Prague. Our review will help you decide on the date of your trip.

Choosing according to the time of year

Most travelers hit the road during the summer vacation season. For Prague, this pattern does not work. A fabulous city at any time is comfortable for guests largely due to the mild climate without drastic fluctuations in temperature and complete absence of wind.

Prague in Spring

Many seasoned tourists believe that May is the most suitable time to visit the capital of the Czech Republic. At the end of spring there are a lot of sunny days and the sun makes the spires of cathedrals and multi-colored roofs shine. The average temperature in May is +13 ° C, allowing you to comfortably travel on foot and have a picnic in the many parks. But in March in Prague can be cool and overcast (on average +3 ° C), so on trips you must take raincoats and warm blouses. But it usually does not reach the frosts, so even March is considered a favorable month for travel, especially due to the relatively low prices for all entertainment.

Prague is the city of romantics and lovers. For them spring is the perfect time to travel. The first greenery and blossoming flower buds enhance the unique atmosphere of the city.

What is the most interesting thing to see in the spring?

  • The Kříkov Fountains. “The Singing Miracle starts in April. The ticket price is 230 CZK (not including seats). The spectacular spectacle looks more spectacular in the darkness, which comes early enough in the spring. You do not have to wait for the last performance to enjoy the luminous show. This is very convenient for families with children.
  • Easter fairs. The most popular is at the Old Town Square, where there are up to 100 brightly colored pavilions stylized in the old days. Usual time is in April (depending on the time of Easter). There are other fairs: on Wenceslas Square, Peace and Republic Squares, and on Andel. This is a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a medieval city, taste all the national dishes and buy exclusive souvenirs.
  • “Night of the Witches” – the festival is held annually on April 30. The pagan holiday during the Middle Ages was celebrated with secrecy from the Inquisition. Today it is a colorful costume carnival against the backdrop of mystical scenery of Prague at night.
  • “Prague Spring,” a festival of classical music known around the world, opens in May. All the churches play the enchanting melodies of Bach and Beethoven. Tickets are sold right on the streets. This is an ideal way to introduce children to the classics and enjoy the musical masterpieces yourself.

The other attractions of Prague in the spring also open its doors to tourists, begins active navigation on the Vltava (in winter, you can also take a boat ride, but it is not so comfortable). The choice of excursions is huge, find out more and book a tour on the official Sputnik website.

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Autumn charms

Autumn in Prague is a relative concept, because in September the weather is still summer, and in October the temperature stays at a comfortable +18 ° C. Rains are rare and sub-zero temperatures are observed only at the end of November. Autumn Prague offers its guests a unique riot of colors. The green city turns into one huge bonfire of yellow and orange flames.

In the autumn months in the capital of the Czech Republic are traditionally held various holidays and festivals. At this time it is always more interesting to get acquainted with the culture and customs of another country:

  • Wine festival is held in September at Prague Castle. For several days the royal garden is transformed into a huge merry sea of people. Here one can taste several hundred varieties of famous drinks and enjoy the views of the golden autumn.
  • Reconstruction of the Battle of White Mountain. It is held in Belogorskaya Plain in the twentieth days of September. This is a great event with real knightly tournaments, fairs and folk amusements. It will be very interesting for children.
  • Day of Czech statehood and St. Wenceslas on September 28. On this day it is worth visiting the national theater for the wind music festival “St. Wenceslas Festivities”.
  • The day of foundation of independent Czechoslovakia on 28 October is marked by a grand parade.

Prague in autumn is attractive for shopaholics. From mid-October the traditional season of discounts for summer collections starts, when you can buy real brand goods at half price.

Stobashennaya winter fairy tale

New Year’s holidays in Prague are no less popular than tours to ski resorts. Fluffy snow usually falls in late December, covering tiled roofs and tree branches in parks. Despite the chilly wind, there is plenty to see:

  • Christmas Fairs. In December every square in the city is open. People come here not even for shopping, but for the special atmosphere of fun and the aroma of delicious mulled wine in anticipation of the main holiday of the year.
  • Celebration of the New Year. In the capital of the Czech Republic in any restaurant or cafe this holiday will be unforgettable.

The most grandiose event takes place at the Prague Opera House, tickets are booked here several months in advance.

  • Meat Pass. Two weeks of carnival processions beginning after January 6. The streets are crowded with circus performers and fancy dress actors.

In winter the favorite attraction for tourists is visiting museums. The streets are cool, and the welcoming doors of the various exhibitions and galleries are open at every turn. Fans of more active leisure will not be bored either: ice skating rinks and snow slides will delight children and adults alike.

Summer Fun in Prague

Summer months are traditionally the most popular for trips to Prague. It is not so hot, so you can enjoy endless walks through the old streets of the old city. Museums and theaters work as usual, their schedule is posted on our website. Sputnik managers will help you choose the best tour, which allows you to see most of the sights of the city. There are also cult events in summer:

  • TV festival “Zlata Praha” – end of June.
  • International festival of classical and jazz music – July.
  • Summer Festivities of Early Music Festival – end of July.
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The most popular in the summer months are night walks and quests in Prague. The city is just made for mystical stories and unraveling the sinister mysteries of the past. Cafes and restaurants are open almost around the clock, so the nightlife of the city subsides only at dawn.

When is the best time to fly to Prague

This question bothers most tourists, so we devote a separate section to it. Among the most “budget months” are March, October and November. But while in early spring and late fall the weather can present unpleasant surprises, October is always warm and comfortable. Golden Autumn is in full swing, and seasonal discounts on everything (stores, cafes, museums) make for great savings. Of the winter months February is considered cheap, but the weather at this time is usually cold and windy. December and January on the average check exceeds even the summer season.

An additional advantage of traveling in the off-season is a small number of tourists. After all, in May or January there is literally “nowhere to fall” on the streets of Prague, and tickets to popular museums and theaters you have to buy in advance and at three times the price. Travel experts advise to get to the capital of the Czech Republic on their own, without the help of travel agencies.

Prague is a comfortable and logistically clear city, and the “cultural program” can be ordered on the Sputnik website, depending on your individual preferences.

Weather in Prague by months

What’s the weather like in Prague during each season? When is the best time to visit? How to dress for each season? Are tourists in Prague waiting for a beautiful snowy Christmas and New Year? Read the answers in our article.

And let’s also touch on the financial side of the trip. In which of the seasons airfare and hotels are cheaper, and when more expensive?

General characteristics of the climate in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is located in a continental temperate zone. As well as in the whole central Europe here is no rainy season, winters without severe cold, summer without the exhausting heat. Although in recent years the climate is changing a lot, which we will talk about below.

Weather statistics in the table below, the best months are highlighted in green.

Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Saint October Nov Dec
Average temperature peak during the day 2 4 8 14 18 21 23 23 19 13 6 2
Average temperature peak at night -4 -3 4 8 11 13 12 9 5 1 -2
Precipitation, mm 24 23 28 38 77 66 70 66 40 31 32 26
Average wind speed, m/s 4,2 3,5 3,5 4,2 3,5 3,5 3,5 3,5 3,5 3,5 3,5 4,2
Sunny hours per day 2 3 5 6 8 9 8 8 6 4 2 1

Will rain spoil the tour?

Not likely. In a year in Prague falls 450-500 millimeters of precipitation. For comparison, in Moscow it is 730-780 millimeters. Prague is well protected from the arrival of rain clouds by the Sudetes Mountains from the north, the Šumava Mountains from the south and the Czech Forest from the west.

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It rains a lot in Prague, especially in the summer, but the ground dries up very quickly. In the summer, there are showers and thunderstorms, but very short-lived. Just in case, it is advisable at any time of year to take to Prague a raincoat or an umbrella, preferably a folding compact.

Winter is not a reason to refuse excursions

Will the wind spoil the excursion?

I don’t think so. Winds in Prague rarely exceed 5 meters per second. However, in some areas of the city it can be very windy, especially on the embankments of the Vltava River and on the Charles Bridge. In summer the breeze is very pleasant, but in late autumn, winter and early spring it can chill.

Humidity and the feeling of temperature

The relative humidity in the Czech Republic is almost exactly the same as in the middle belt of Russia. The cold and heat can be experienced in the same way.

Summer in Prague

Is it worth the trip? Yes, if you can’t come in September or May.

How to dress? For daytime walks wear your normal summer clothes that you would wear at home. For evening walks something warm. A folding umbrella or raincoat is a must.

Summer is the height of the tourist season, a time of vacations, children’s and student vacations. In summer there are always a lot of people on the sights, queues everywhere, pubs are jammed. The problem is especially acute on holidays – Cyril and Methodius Day (July 5) and Jan Hus Day (July 6). Read more about it in our article “National Holidays in the Czech Republic.

In summer, airfares and hotel room rates are at their highest. If you want to save money and not have to wait in lines, it is better to come in early fall or late spring. It’s a pity that few tourists have such freedom of choice.

Summer weather in Prague

Usually summer in the Czech Republic is very mild, the temperature rises no higher than 25-27 in the daytime. In the evening can be quite cool, for evening walks be sure to take a sweater or other warm clothing. In the photo next to you can see how people dress in summer in Prague, click on the photo to enlarge.

However, not every summer is so pleasant, there are very unpleasant exceptions.

Summer 2018.

In August, a warm front from Africa came to the Czech Republic. This summer was the hottest in the country in the history of weather observation. The temperature record of 40.4 degrees Celsius in Dobryšovice (near Prague) was updated. The record was registered on August 20.

The Prague police have mobilized, police officers have been inspecting cars and looking for children and animals left in their cabins. Some employers ordered cold drinks and ice cream for their employees at their own expense. Just at that time a circus festival was taking place in the city center, and tents were poured over the roofs with water to avoid overheating inside.

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According to Radim Tolas, deputy head of the Czech Meteorological Institute, such extreme weather is unlikely related to global warming processes. We’ll have to wait and see. We hope that in the future summers in the Czech Republic will not present such surprises to Czechs and tourists.

Winter in the Czech Republic

Is it worth the trip? If you want to see the Christmas fairs and celebrations, go ahead. If you want to have a good New Year, go. If you just want to see the sights, winter is not the best time.

How to dress? Dress the way you walk in Russia (in the central strip), then you will not freeze even on long walks around Prague Castle, Vysehrad or Wenceslas Square.

Snow-covered Prague Castle

Many tourists have probably seen beautiful pictures of snow-covered St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague Castle and Charles Bridge, snow-covered houses of the city. Unfortunately, such snowy moments in Prague are the exception rather than the rule.

It does not snow every day in Prague. For example, here’s a statistic: Over the past 40 years of observations, only 9 times at Christmas time there has been snow. The rest of the time outside there is a very unpleasant slush. Be sure to take waterproof warm boots in winter. A cold during the vacations – you couldn’t wish for anything worse.

Christmas Eve is the peak time for airfares and hotel rooms in Prague. And higher than even in the summer. Seeing Christmas in the Czech Republic is interesting, but not cheap. On New Year’s Eve, prices are also inflated.

If you do not want to overpay, then buy tickets and book a hotel for the holidays in advance, the best ones are still in October.

For Russians there is one nuance. Around Christmas time airfares from Russia do not go up much. This is quite logical, because not so many Russians can and want to come to the Czech Republic for the Catholic Christmas, demand is not so high. But on the other hand, hotels are going up, as Europeans celebrate Christmas, people come to the Czech Republic with pleasure, and hotels are free for everyone.

Christmas Days

By New Year, on the contrary, airfares from Russia to the Czech Republic are usually 2-3 times more expensive. After all, our New Year is a major holiday, and the demand for airline tickets is gigantic and prices are inflated. But the prices for hotel rooms are not much higher. For Europeans, New Year’s Eve is of secondary importance, they are not particularly keen on Prague.

If you just want to see the sights, winter is not a good time. Of course, there are no bitter cold winters in the Czech Republic, but autumn and spring are clearly better suited.

In winter, Prague is overcast, you hardly see the sun, in January, the sun shines here for about 60 hours during the whole month, the rest of the time the sky is covered with clouds. The weather is variable, frosts rarely occur, for example, in 2017, January 11 recorded a temperature of -18 Celsius. The absolute cold record was registered in 1785, then it was -27.6 degrees Celsius.

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Autumn in Prague

Is it worth the trip? At the beginning of autumn without a doubt, at the end it is already doubtful.

How to dress? At the beginning of autumn, dress for summer. Just for evening walks stock up on a sweater and windbreaker. In the second half of fall, dress roughly as you would in the central part of Russia in October. In the photo below you can see how people dress in Prague in late autumn, click on the photo to enlarge.

Spring, style, Charles Bridge

The beginning of autumn in Prague is almost the same as summer. The weather is pleasant, not hot, almost no rain. That said, the peak tourist season is behind us, hotel room prices are lower and airfares are cheaper.

September and early October are the best months for walking around Prague. Around mid-October the weather turns bad, comes a “lighter” version of winter.

Spring in Prague

Is it worth to go? In the second half of spring no doubt, at the beginning is doubtful.

How to dress? Dress the way you’re used to dress in spring in Russia.

The weather in Prague is very nice from the middle of April. The period from mid-April to the end of May is a great time to travel.

However, do not forget about the May holidays. Just like in our country, in the Czech Republic they celebrate May 1, here it is a holiday with all the ensuing consequences. At the beginning of May in Prague there are always a lot of tourists, always queues at the ticket office, always crowded cafes and restaurants. The Czechs have a holiday on May 1 (Labor Day), May 8 (Liberation Day) and there are also celebrated Mother’s Day (2nd Sunday of May). These days are the most inconvenient for tourists.

Conclusions .

The best time to travel to Prague – September and the first half of October, the second half of April and May. However, do not forget about the May holidays, when prices are inflated, and the attractions are overcrowded, and the tables in the catering establishments can all be busy.

2. there is no such thing as bad weather in Prague. There is no month when we would not strongly recommend a trip.

3 The summer in the Czech Republic is usually mild, there is no severe heat (not counting the last abnormal summer in 2018). But summer is peak season – prices are higher, there are a lot of people on tourist routes.

4. The period from November to March is not very good. It is often slushy, cool, overcast.

5. At New Year and Christmas do not expect to see snowy white Prague, snow is rare here. If you dare to spend New Year in Prague, then get ready to splurge on very expensive airfare. If you decide to spend Christmas in Prague, get ready to overpay for a hotel room if you don’t book in advance.

Have a great time in Prague, and read our interesting articles about the Czech Republic and the Czechs (list of articles below).

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