When is the best time to go to the Seychelles. Weather by Months and Seasons

When to vacation in the Seychelles

When to vacation in Seychelles

Holidays in the paradisiacal Seychelles are good in any month, but there are dry and wet seasons. Learn all about the tropical weather – when it’s best to fly to Seychelles, rainfall, air and sea water temperatures.

When to go to Seychelles

The Seychelles is a small archipelago in the Indian Ocean with great weather year-round. They are 1,500 kilometers from Madagascar, almost to the equator. In the zone of subequatorial sea climate bathing season never ends!

The wettest months are December, January, July and September, when it rains 20-22 days. However, precipitation does not spoil the impression of a luxurious vacation. It is a short and heavy downpour, after which the sky appears bright tropical sunshine.

From December to May is hot, humid weather. The temperature is +29. +35°С. In the summer and autumn it is cooler and drier, +24. +25°С. According to tourists, the beaches are good to relax in April-May and from October to December. The best time for windsurfing is from June to September. For diving, the second half of spring and late fall are ideal. Fly to paradise as soon as you can, and the weather won’t get in the way!

When best to vacation in Seychelles

The second half of spring and late fall are ideal for diving. Photo: MassimilianoFinzi / Depositphotos.com.


The weather in Seychelles in January is the rainiest. In the middle of winter, 393 mm of rain falls in a month. The air is warm up to +30°C, because of the humidity it is quite sweltering. The water in the Indian Ocean is warm at +28. +30°С. You can swim all day long! The sun shines in the sky for two thirds of January. The weather can be changeable – it rained heavily one day and it’s cloudless the next.


The temperature in Seychelles in February is the same as in January – the air +30 ° C and sea water +29. +30°С. The northwest monsoon is still strong, but the humidity drops to 80%. The last month of winter has 14 rainy days with 235 mm of rainfall. Usually short showers occur after nightfall and in the first half of the day.

In early spring, temperatures rise to +29. +31°С. Humidity remains the same and the water in the Indian Ocean is warm +29. 30°С. Real steamy milk!

The rainy season in Seychelles continues. Rainy days are about 15 and the total rainfall is 183 mm. The character of the weather does not change. There are the same short showers, and the same generous sunshine. After the heavy rains the vegetation is in full bloom, so the tropical landscapes look great. It’s a good time to go sightseeing!

When is the heat in Seychelles?

After the heavy rains, the vegetation blooms lushly, so the tropical landscapes look great. Photo: galeja / Depositphotos.com.


During the hottest month of the year, the temperature in the Seychelles rises to +32 degrees Celsius. The Indian Ocean warms up to +30°C. It’s nice to swim, but you can’t get a refreshing dip! During the 16 rainy days, 186mm of rain falls.

Where to stay in the Seychelles: resorts and beaches

The monsoons start to recede, the winds change to southwest and the ocean calms down. In fact, the winds are weak, so the heat is felt more. April in Seychelles is good for beach holidays, diving and sea fishing.

In late calendar spring, southeasterly winds bring drier weather. Although it rains for 18 days, the rainfall does not exceed 160 mm. The average air temperature in the Seychelles in May is +28.7°C and sea water +28°C. In the southern hemisphere, a comfortable “cool” winter sets in.

After the end of the rainy season, the Seychelles begins the high season, and tourists enjoy warm sea water, sunny weather and pleasant breezes from the ocean.

In June, Seychelles is truly a tropical winter, but don’t expect much cold! The average air temperature drops just one degree to +27.5 ° C. At night, the temperature reaches +25 ° C. Water in the Indian Ocean is also becoming cooler +26 ° C. During the month there is 100 mm of precipitation and 22 sunny days. Wonderful time for a luxurious vacation in the islands!

When to vacation in Seychelles

June is a great time for a luxury island holiday! Photo: lrphotographies / Depositphotos.com.

If you compare the weather in Seychelles by month, it’s clear that the tropical “cold weather” is not much different from the usual summer. At the peak of Seychelles’ winter, the average temperature drops to. +26°С.

Bathing is very comfortable, the water temperature is +26 ° C. Although the rains are frequent – 20 days per month – they are short, so the amount of precipitation does not exceed 95 mm. It will drizzle and then no clouds in the sky!


The last month of tropical winter temperatures in Seychelles is similar to July – the air and water are +26 ° C. Rainy days are quite scarce – 9, and the amount of rainfall is not much – 85 mm. Locals talk about the cold, dry season, but by our standards it’s a beautiful warm summer, suitable for lazy relaxation on the beaches, excursions and water sports. A wonderful time for anyone who can’t stand the intense heat!


The weather in Seychelles changes in autumn. The south-easterly winds gradually give way to the north-westerly. September is dry, there are as few rainy days as in August, and the water temperature is about +27°C. It is a great time for tourists who are contraindicated to high humidity.

In early autumn it is good to swim in the ocean, go on excursions, surfing and bertwoing. Mass bird migrations begin, and this spectacular sight can surprise even experienced birdwatchers.


At the peak of Seychelles spring temperatures rise to +27. +29°С. The Indian Ocean has the same temperature. As long as the water element is calm, it’s good to go scuba diving and snorkeling. Although it rains more, there is no humidity. It’s nice to walk along the coast and relax on the beaches!

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Seychelles Weather by Month

It’s nice to walk along the coast and relax on the beaches in October! Photo: @mece / unsplash.com.


November marks the beginning of the monsoon season in Seychelles. Southwest winds change to northwest winds. Air and sea water temperatures are the same +28°C. The humidity increases and the amount of rainfall already exceeds 200mm. Heavy downpours hit the ground almost daily. There are also a lot of sunny days – 23, it increases the feeling of heat. The ocean breezes save tourists from overheating.


The last month of the year is the time when it is best to go to the Seychelles for those who are not afraid of heat and stuffiness. In the early tropical summer, the air temperature is +30 ° C, and the water temperature is +28 ° C. To cool off while swimming is not possible, because the ocean is like a warm bath. It rains for two-thirds of the month, with more than 300 mm of precipitation. The humidity reaches 90-95%. Only January is wetter.

When is the Seychelles Holiday Season?

Two-thirds of the month it rains, the amount of precipitation exceeds 300 mm. Photo: @darya_kraplak / unsplash.com.

When is the best time to vacation in the Seychelles: weather by month

Seychelles are ranked as such unique places, where you can enjoy eternal summer all year round. Yes, the season in Seychelles really does not stop all year round. And if we take into account the excellent service, exotic flora and fauna, it is quite clear why the rest on the archipelago millions of tourists from all over the world consider the best of all possible.

Seychelles Scenery

Climatic features

The climate in the Seychelles is tropical, so pronounced features of winter and summer there. Also due to the fact that the territory is located in the ocean, all the aggressive characteristics of tropical climate are significantly mitigated.

Temperature by Months

The archipelago is almost never visited by cyclones, accordingly there are almost no temperature jumps: the air is never colder than +23°C or warmer than +35°C.

In Seychelles there are two main seasons – humid hot and dry cold.

Important: Do not forget that the Seychelles archipelago is located in the southern hemisphere. That is, when it is winter there, in Europe it is summer, and vice versa, when it is winter in Europe, it is summer there.

By the way, this division by season is very arbitrary, because it is equally comfortable to rest in Seychelles in any month. But still, to choose the most optimal season for a holiday in the Seychelles, it makes sense to know more about the weather in this area by month.

Wet hot season

With December comes the wet season in the archipelago: northwest trade winds and heavy rains. But the swift downpours are immediately replaced by hot sunshine. Because of the powerful winds, the Indian Ocean is almost never calm.

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The temperature during this period rises to +28 … +35 ° C during the day and drops to +25 … +27 ° C at night. Water in the ocean is warm: +28 … +30°C.

Rainfall by Months

Learn more about the weather in Seychelles during the rainy season by months:

  • December is the hottest month of the year, because the heat is understood up to +30 … +35 °C. It rains for 2/3 of the month, the humidity is 95%.
  • January. In this month it rains the most – nearly 400 mm. Humidity is almost 100%. However, 2/3 of the month – sunny days.
  • February. Only half of the days of this month are rainy, the humidity drops to 80%.

The first off-season.

Of course, between the Seychelles winter and summer there is still an interseason: autumn and spring.

When spring begins in European countries, Seychelles still has a rainy season for a while. But the showers are much less frequent, the air is not so hot – during the day the thermometer stops at +30 … +31 ° C, and at night it’s +24 … +26 ° C. Water is warm and suitable for swimming +29 … 30 ° C. The wind becomes weaker with each month and gradually calms down. Briefly about each month of this time of year can be said the following:

  • March – humidity remains at 80%, about 15 days with rain, total rainfall of 183 mm.
  • April is considered a transitional month, when the monsoon gradually recedes and winds from the southwest come in. Because of the weak winds, not only does the ocean subside, but the heat is felt more strongly. In 13-16 days there is 186mm of rainfall.
  • May. Although it rains almost half the month, rainfall is usually less than 160 mm. The air and water temperature is the same: +28°C.

The dry cold season.

Along with June comes winter in Seychelles – tropical and very comfortable when the southeastern monsoon reigns. The average temperature during the day is around +27 … +29 °C, at night +25 °C. Humidity drops to 70%, precipitation is no more than 100 mm per month. In each month there are at least 22 clear days. Water for bathing is quite comfortable: +26 … +28 °C.

  • June is the driest month of the year. But it is also the most windy, when big waves rise.
  • July is the peak of tropical winter, when it never gets hotter than +26°C.
  • August. This month has the least number of rainy days.

Second off-season.

After the tropical winter, the weather in the Seychelles changes. Winds from the southeast are replaced by winds from the northwest, and the dry calm is replaced by rains. The water in the ocean during this period warms up to +26 … +29 °C, the average air temperature reaches +31 °C during the day and +27 °C at night.

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Briefly about the months of this transition period can be said as follows:

  • September. The weather in this month is almost the same as in August: the days are not hot, with minimal rain and moderate humidity.
  • October. The ocean is quiet, the water and air are warm to +27 … +29 ° C.
  • November is the month when the rains come: more than 200 mm of precipitation. The air also gets hotter and the humidity increases. The feeling of heat is amplified by the large number of sunny days – 23 during the month.
When best to vacation in the Seychelles

It is generally believed that the high season in Seychelles, when it is best to rest, lasts from May to late October. Especially comfortable are considered May and October, when it’s only +27 … +29 ° C, and the ocean is calm. The low season lasts from the beginning of November to the end of March, when the humidity is high and heavy downpours are frequent.

When to go on holiday to Mahé

Still, which month it’s best to go to Seychelles largely depends on what kind of vacation is planned: lazy time on the beach, surfing or diving, or sightseeing excursions. To determine the time of travel, it makes sense to know for what holiday in the Seychelles is best suited a particular season by month.

Beach Holiday

Swimming season lasts all year, because the lowest water temperature is kept at +26 ° C, and the maximum temperature reaches up to +32 ° C. But still the best season to go to Seychelles for a beach holiday is from April to the end of May. In general, lying on the sand by the water is good from April to early October, but the calm sea surface can be replaced by high waves. Since the water and air are often the same temperature, bathing is not very pleasant for tourists.

It is worth saying separately that the best time to vacation in the Seychelles with children is the month of June, when strong winds are not blowing, and the water is calm. If holiday is scheduled for July or August, then you need to choose a quieter bay, because there are already often waves.

Surfing and diving

Fish in Seychelles

The state of Seychelles includes 15 atolls, so you can always choose the most suitable place for marine sports. Many travelers come to this country for surfing and windsurfing, which are some of the best opportunities in the world. The best time to go surfing in Seychelles is from late May to late September, when the south-easterly wind picks up huge waves. On the coast of the island of Mahe the best surfing season is from November to early May.

Seychelles is rich in a variety of underwater flora, so diving is also quite popular here. The best times for diving are April, May, September and October.

Important: The waters around the islands are inhabited by many sharks, so you can do water sports in specially designated areas.


Seychelles has almost no historical and architectural monuments, but these islands are rich in unique natural sights – there is nothing like it anywhere else in the world. This explains why sightseeing tours are very popular, and all year round.

Where to stay in the Seychelles: resorts and beaches

The time when it is better to go to the Seychelles for this kind of recreation, we must choose, guided only by personal preferences. For example, people who can not stand high humidity, guided tours are better to be in the following months: the middle of March – beginning of May, June – end of September.

Man Feeding a Turtle

Those who like to engage in ornithological observations, it is better to visit the Seychelles from March to October. This is when large colonies of black terns nest, lay eggs and raise chicks on Bird Island.

Some travelers go to this state specifically to observe the rare species of giant tortoises. The period when it is best to go to the Seychelles to watch turtles is long enough: a few months from November until the end of March.


When is the best time to go to Seychelles for people who like to devote time to fishing? Deep sea fishing is possible all year round, and fly fishing is possible from November to June.

Catches here can vary: tuna can be caught in June and August, marlin are good from October through March, and swordfish are usually caught from December through May.

Wedding and Honeymoon

Weddings in Seychelles

Seychelles is often chosen for weddings and honeymoons. The most popular season for exotic wedding ceremonies lasts several months, to be exact, from late May to October-November. As a consequence, it is at this time that all wedding services will be as expensive as possible. If you consider the financial issue, it is better to choose a different season for the ceremony – then it will cost much cheaper. But you need to be prepared that the weather can fail at any time.

Since the comfortable season in the Seychelles lasts all year round, it’s safe to say: whichever month you choose to vacation, you will not be disappointed.

Video: how to rest in the Seychelles on your own, the most photographed beach in the world and a lot of other useful information. look for sure!

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