When to go to Thailand? Weather by month. Holiday and Rainy Seasons.

The season for holidays in Thailand. When is the best time to go to 2022?


We orient on the months most favorable for a trip to Thailand. All business: weather, tour prices in 2022, features of the resorts.

Season for holidays in Thailand. When is the best time to go to 2022?

Tourist season in Thailand lasts all year round. Nevertheless, the question of where and when it is better to go on vacation is always relevant:

  • when the beach season in Thailand begins and ends
  • Where is the warmer sea
  • how prices for packages differ depending on the season
  • when to go for cheap fruit
  • and if the low season is better to rest than the high season?

For more interest note that in the winter of 2021-2022 tour to Thailand for two people can be found from 110 000 rubles for 10 days. Where to look for such favorable options? We tell you two sections below.

Update-2022: information about attractions, resorts and weather in Thailand remains relevant. We’ve fixed everything you need – and we’ve written a separate text about the rules of entry, which are constantly changing. In brief, you can enter Thailand (Phuket, Krabi, Pattaya, Samui) if you are vaccinated with Sputnik – in addition you must pass PCR tests (before the flight / at the airport and on the 5th day) and live in the same hotel (and resort, of course) 7 days, but you can go to the beach and the street! After a week and a negative test, you can legally move around the country.

Today we will share information based on personal experience of 3 trips:

– Phuket in May and January-February.

– Bangkok, Pattaya and Krabi in December


Beginning and end of the holiday season in Thailand

The beach in Pattaya. Cape Phuket

Ko Lan Island in Pattaya with beautiful beaches and clear sea / The extremity of Phuket – Cape Promthep

In general, in Thailand the season for recreation is an ambiguous concept. In December you bask in the sun on Phuket, and on Samui the less lucky on the fingers count “dry” days. In April you conclude with regret that you did not have time for the hot season at the Andaman Sea, and in Pattaya – the Gulf of Thailand – at this time do not get out of the water.

The best months to vacation in Thailand are those when it rains the least, there is moderate humidity, and the sea is calm and warm, up to +30°C. The high season is:

May, June, July, August, September and October are considered the low season. And although the high season in Thailand starts in late fall and ends in spring, you should not be categorical about a trip in summer.

Search for cheap tours by yourself. Best services

You should not wait for a tasty offer from above and rely on third parties, you need to take matters into your own hands and look for trips yourself! It’s not difficult and even more interesting .

There are three cool and proven by us (and tens of thousands of other travelers):

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When is the cheapest time to go on vacation to Thailand? Is it worth buying a tour in the off season?

Please note that all prices listed in the article are current at the time of publication and are indicative.

Phuket view Beach in Krabi

View of Phuket’s beaches – Katu and Karon / And such views on the beaches of Krabi (Raleigh Beach)

If you are determined to spend your vacation during the tourist season in Thailand, then democratic dates fall in late November / early December and March / April.

The “package” boom on the beaches subsides only when Thailand’s rainy season is in full swing. However, the planes continue to deliver vacationers who are either a little more sophisticated or driven by the low cost of the tour The rainy season in Thailand is not the only time when the rainy season is in full swing.

During the rainy season in Thailand, tours do come at a lower cost – the prices of trips collapse from 55,000 rubles per person in January to 41,000 rubles in May. The same story and with independent recreation. Taking into consideration how long it takes to get to Thailand, a ticket can’t be superchip, but still prices tend to go down during the off-season: from 23,000 to 25,000 rubles Moscow-Bangkok-Moscow (we recommend searching through Skayscanner and Aviasales).

We advise to save wisely and not to sacrifice relaxation and choose the beginning and the end of the bad weather period. Namely, April-May and the second half of October.


Went for a cocktail at Kata Rocks Resort

Is it worth going in the off-season? The answer from our own experience – we were in Phuket in April and May – is yes, definitely worth it! Recommended to read the top 10 best places in Thailand.

  • We were not flooded with rain (rather, refreshed a couple of times for 20 minutes),
  • We were not upset by the desire of the locals to make a profit on the white man (willingly go to the bargain, because there is what to sell, and who – no )
  • We did not suffer from a lack of fruit (in April ripe yellow mangoes) and an overabundance of people (having been for the first time in Thailand in the low season, we were stunned by the number of tourists in the high season!)
  • Moreover, last minute tours were at a time or two and for a very favorable amount (our 2 weeks cost 62 000 rubles for two).
Where to Eat Tasty and Cheap in Pattaya

When is the rainy season in Thailand? Features

The Sea in Pattaya

Sailing on the ferry to the island of Ko Lan – the only closest to Pattaya, suitable for a beach holiday

The weather in different resorts during the rainy season in Thailand varies in the amount of rainfall by month, so even at this time a full beach vacation is available.

  • Phuket: The wet season comes in late May, and the rains come until mid-October. On the sea there are big waves, and those few who spend time on the island in the summer are surfers.
  • Pattaya: The rainy months are September and October.
  • Krabi: Tourists escape the downpours for the June-September period
  • Koh Samui: The island gets watered from October to December

Why does the rainy season vary by region? It’s all tied up with the monsoon winds, which bring a change of climate periods. Because of their different locations (the first two near the Andaman Sea, the second in the Gulf of Thailand), the winds don’t arrive on the same schedule.

By the way, are you still dreading the loud name – rainy season? Then we come to you with this fact: we got more rain in January than we did in May! About 9 days versus 3 (a sampling of 2 weeks ). Plus, the water from the sky usually pours for no more than half an hour during the day or for 1-2 hours after sunset. The rest of the time, Thai resorts are definitely comfortable temperatures, but high humidity.

Season at popular resorts in Thailand

A clear idea (but not guaranteed, because this is an unpredictable tropics) of the weather in different resorts and islands in Thailand by month gives a summary table.

Season in Phuket

Kata Beach Phuket

Kata Beach, one of our favorites in Phuket (at the far end is a water equipment rental and a good inexpensive cafe with a view)

The most popular tourist destination is the pearl of Thailand – Phuket (at the link – our guide to the island). The season for recreation in this truly beachy corner of the country lasts a long time and is interrupted only for a few especially wet months.

The resort season starts in November and ends in March. The hottest period falls in April and May, but in these months of vacation is still allowed. In late spring, the rainy season begins, and like most places to vacation in Thailand, Phuket becomes less crowded. High waves and muddy water in June will not please the beachgoers, but the surfing season in Thailand in Phuket is only heating up. Beginning in the second half of October, the island is regaining its status as the most visited resort.

  • On average, the prices for tours in Phuket in 2022 during the season start from 85,000 rubles for 10 days for two people

Season in Pattaya

Quay in Thailand

Ko Lan Island (next to Pattaya)

The city-resort is located in a bay on the Gulf of Thailand, less susceptible to monsoons, and therefore the tourist season here does not calm down. In Thailand, Pattaya is the center of entertainment and sightseeing trails. Go-go bars, night discos, massage parlors and shows for adults – the first thing that attracts tourists here, but also the beach season is the longest here. Because of its geographical location, the city has the driest summers, and short-term downpours do not cause discomfort.

Season in Thailand in Pattaya lasts from November to mid-August. The summer is relatively dry and still warm, making the resort suitable for travel to Thailand from June to August.

Are there a few of you? Take a bargain KiwiTaxi transfer to Pattaya from Bangkok airport

Interestingly, there are times in Pattaya when it’s cold for everyone – really cold! A couple of years ago, the temperature in January (seemingly the sunniest) dropped to +15°C! Speaking of unpredictable weather

  • 10-day trip to Pattaya for two people cost from 90 000 rubles

The season on Koh Samui

On the islands of the Gulf of Thailand, which includes Samui (Thailand), the season, best suited for recreation, begins in January and lasts until late September. Beginning in October, the swimming season can be considered closed due to heavy rains and storms. Rainfall begins to fall noticeably in January, and in February, Samui becomes a blooming paradise. Spring on Koh Samui – not only low prices, but also an abundance of exotic fruits. In April, the mango season, and in May you can try durian, mangosteen, rambutan and other exotics, not available in our latitudes.

  • The cost of tours to the island starts from 150,000 rubles for 10 nights for two.
Kata Beach in Phuket - 2022. Is it worth the vacation?

Weather in Thailand by month

Boardwalk in Pattaya The Central Festival Mall in Pattaya

On our second trip to Thailand, we got to Christmas, there is no special holiday atmosphere, but they put up a Christmas tree for tourists The weather in Thailand is very hot.

Having figured out the seasons, hot and humid, let’s look at the weather in Thailand by month. Although the temperature values may vary slightly within the same time of year, there is still a difference in the feeling.

Thailand in December, January and February

Thailand in winter is rave reviews of tourists who have been in paradise. In the coldest months in Russia is the height of the bathing season in Thailand, the weather stabilizes, there is almost no precipitation. The sea is calm and clear, the water gets up to +26°C … +27°C.

The average daytime air temperature during the winter months:

  • December – +29°C
  • January – +30°C
  • in February – +32°C

Winter is the highest season, peaking in late December and early January. Read more about holidays in Thailand in winter.

Thailand in March, April and May

Kayak excursion in the mangrove forests (Krabi)

Kayaking in the mangrove forests of Krabi – we loved it

Thailand in the spring beckons vacationers with more favorable tours and an abundance of fruit. At this time the weather is conducive to both beach holidays and sightseeing programs.

The water temperature on the coast is +29°C … +30°C.

During the daytime the air temperature is:

  • in March – +33°C
  • April – +35°C
  • May – +35°C

In March, the swimming season is in full swing, but in April in Thailand it gets hotter and the humidity increases.

Thailand in summer (June, July, August)

Walking Street in Thailand in the evening

The famous Walking Street in Pattaya – noisy, dirty, and crowded.

If your plans include going surfing, it is better to go to Thailand in summer. The low price for packages in the summer months attracts athletes from all over the world, although in some resorts there are enough sunny days and for beach goers.

  • in June – +33°C
  • July – +33°C
  • August – +32°C

The sea at this time is often restless, the weather is variable, but tropical showers are short-lived and followed by bright sunshine.

Thailand in September, October and November

Thailand in the fall, especially in September, can not boast of great weather, but remains just as attractive to tourists.

The water temperature during the autumn months is +27°C … +28°C.

The average air temperature in the fall during the daytime:

  • September – +31°C
  • October – +32°C
  • November – +31°C

Already in late fall it’s the velvet season, and a trip to Thailand is much more expensive. If you want to save money, the second half of October-early November is a good time to do it.

Fruit season in Thailand

The fruit season in Thailand

In season (from March) mango costs 50 baht per kilo

  • Mango: March to September
  • Rambutan: May to August
  • Mangosteen: March to November
  • Longan: June to September
  • Papaya: All year round
  • Durian: May to October
  • Dragonfruit: all year
  • Passion fruit: January to April

And when to go on vacation in …:

This material may not be copied without providing a direct, active and open to indexing hyperlink to howtrip.ru.

Climate and weather in Thailand by month

Thai Climate

Land of smiling people, colorful culture, millions of sky lanterns, great diving and a sleepy strip of golden beaches in cozy bays of huge boulders – is Thailand . Kingdom of huge metropolises and secluded islands – here you can find your own paradise – a kind of “sanuk and sabai”, which means “good and fun”. It’s a country where no one is in a hurry anywhere, all live in the rhythm of Buddhist serenity. But not the climate – a knowledge of the peculiarities of the weather will come in handy!

Climatic zones in Thailand

Thailand is a country with a tropical climate (hot and humid), with all its advantages and disadvantages. The season, in fact, is one – it is eternal summer. Sometimes dry, sometimes very humid. The change of seasons is determined by the change of the winter trade wind to the summer monsoon . Traditionally, it is considered that in the central and northeastern regions there are three seasons, and in the southern resorts – two. The main news for tourists is that in Thailand qualitatively and comfortably to rest all year round. The main thing is to decide what you expect, what you are willing to sacrifice, and how much money to rest “pull” your wallet.

In Thailand the summer is March and May when the heat is +35. Winter is in November and February when the weather is warm, comfortable and a bit humid.

The rainy season is the most active from July to September.

Ocean water temperature off the coast of Thailand – all year round does not fall below +26!

Bangkok - Pattaya: How to get there

Tourist seasons of Thailand

Thailand is lucky: here the tourist can choose a vacation to his taste, and in any variant will not go wrong. This is why Thailand is loved – for the year-round season, scenic nature and service. You can go to the chic beaches, which can boast the south and center of the country – this resort of Phuket, Samui, Krabi, Pattaya, Samet. The most beautiful nature of the true tropical jungle, untouched by man, as well as the villages of native tribes are in the national parks in the north of Thailand.

By the way, there is an interesting place – Khong Son – this is on the border with Burma. It is inhabited by a tribe whose necks are lengthened by an incredible number of rings.

Thailand has two climatic periods: the dry season and the rainy season. The rainy season is when the tropical rains come pouring down for hours on end, and then the sun comes out, and the cloudy weather is replaced by unbelievably high humidity. This period lasts from May to November. The rainy season depends on the cyclones, which means that the period is very approximate. With 90% probability it will definitely happen, but nobody cancelled a share of luck. The rainy season is most pronounced at different times in different resorts:

  • Co-Chang – June-July – August-September – September-October – November-December

The downsides of rainy season are jellyfish in the sea, high humidity and heavy rainfall. However, the latter occur either in the early morning, or already before nightfall, or even exclusively in the dark. It lasts for an hour or two, after which everything dries up fast. In this case, the air temperature does not fall below +26 +28 degrees. To have a rest on the beach, for a walk, to go on excursions is possible, the rain should wait in a hotel or cafe. The main “plus” – is the prices, which are many times reduced compared to the high season, especially it is noticeable on the flight costs.

When is the best time to visit different regions:

  • The center, east and northeast of Thailand – in winter and early spring (the ideal time is considered the period in December – March, when there is warm, dry weather)
  • Phuket – November to February – nice weather in November and April.
  • Samui: December to April.

What to bring

Farangs, as Thais call foreigners, visit Thailand with enviable popularity – it is more than 35 million tourists a year. One-third of them are Chinese. Thailand is also popular among Europeans – about 20 million annually choose Thailand as a country for vacations. Considering not very expensive tour packages more and more tourists from Russia and Ukraine go on a trip exactly to Thailand. This country of South-East Asia is the most developed precisely because here are the most heavily invested in the tourism sector.

Thais are very hospitable and welcoming people. Depending on the status of the interlocutor and the purpose of the dialogue, they know how to smile in 12 different ways.

If your trip to Thailand is planned in high season, then in addition to swimwear and things for excursions, be sure to take sunscreen, sunglasses and hats. For trekking in the jungle – closed shoes and clothes with long sleeves, the same “equipment” will be useful for visiting caves and mountain climbing.

For the winter season – do not forget a few warm jackets if you plan to go to the ski centers. You will be able to rent all the necessary clothing and equipment on the spot.

For the spring and summer rainy season – a raincoat and an umbrella. Waterproof boots are unlikely to be useful, better to take rubber flip-flops.

Anti-mosquito products are best purchased locally.

It is worth to be tolerant and do not forget the local rules of decency: before entering the temple, take off your shoes, you can not swear, speak loudly even in the street. It is forbidden to touch the head of a Thai, even the idea of a friendly stroke on the head of a Thai child will be perceived as an insult.

Weather in Thailand by Months

Winter in Thailand

In winter in Thailand it is hot, dry and windless. Ideal weather for vacations. The thermometer reads about +30 during the day, about +20 at night, which contributes to the optimal comfort of tourists. Precipitation – minzero, so you do not need to worry about the high humidity.

Thai winter heat attracts mass tourists just for the Christmas holidays. Lovers to bask in the warmth on a sunny beach, while receiving a European service and a quality entertainment program, not in vain choose Christmas tours to Thailand. The hottest weather in January will be in the capital of the kingdom, Bangkok. The huge metropolis must see, but to celebrate the New Year is better on the islands.

December 31 and January 1 in Thailand organize New Year celebrations for Europeans – tourists play one of the first roles in the revenue of the Thai budget. Therefore, even the non-native traditions, cheerful Thais are happy to apply to themselves. Young people usually celebrate the European New Year in the party places – clubs and bars. At the same time the streets are decorated with garlands, balloons, fairs are held everywhere and New Year’s sales are organized on the type of European capitals. The biggest scale of celebrations is held in hotels, where tourists are organized large-scale shows and banquets with the obligatory fireworks on the beach. And what else does the European tourist need!

Weather and seasons in Pattaya by month. When it's better to rest?
December .

It is the perfect balance between the weather and the amount of entertainment on offer. Of the “minuses” – only exorbitant prices. But it is the high season and you have to pay for a great holiday. What to do? We offer tourists a beach holiday on a quiet Koh Samui, active nightlife in the resort of Phuket and Pattaya, exciting tours to the caves and mountains in Krabi. For those who like to combine different combinations – your holiday on the warm sea coast of Thailand can be successfully combined with skiing entertainment. Yes, in Thailand there is such a possibility. Ski resorts are just beginning to develop, but in the area of Chiang Mai you can already successfully realize the true December holidays.


The warmest water in January off the coast of Pattaya is about +28. Comfortable temperatures persist throughout the country – on average, +28+30 degrees during the day, +20 – at night. There is not much precipitation. Prices are gradually decreasing by the end of the month.

The third largest city in Thailand – the resort of Pattaya was once a simple fishing village. The Vietnam War, during which U.S. soldiers traveled to Pattaya for vacation, provided it with a tourist boom.


In February, the average temperature in the country begins to rise. Daytime – about +32 degrees, at night – about +23. But at the same time is not yet stuffy – the humidity remains at a low level, the rains are rare. All this allows you to go to the beach and on excursions with comfort.

Worth visiting in February at the Festival of flowers in Chiang Mai – a very colorful spectacle, especially the parade of cars decorated with thousands of flowering plants.

Spring in Thailand

In spring, a gradual but steady rise in average daily temperatures begins. Along with it the level of humidity increases. The locals do not really like this weather, unlike many tourists who want to save money on vacation.

The islands of Thailand are its biggest natural attraction, pride and budget “feeder”. And especially one of the most famous resorts – Phuket, which has the best beaches in Thailand – Patong, Karon, Kata Noi, Bang Tao, Nai Harn.

The hottest region – is the area of the capital of Thailand. It is up to +34 and very hot. Throughout Thailand, tropical downpours begin to occur. But they are short-lived, and yet do not cause so uncomfortable feeling because of the stuffiness, as it happens in the summer. Prices drop almost immediately (compared to winter) – the low season begins.

Did you know how to translate the name of Bangkok? It is considered the longest in the world. It’s a 38-word praise of the city, including “great”, “impregnable”, “endowed with stones”, “happy” and other epithets the generous Thais didn’t skimp on.


The average local temperature is +32+34. It is very hot during the day, especially in Bangkok and Pattaya. Because of the high humidity, during the day it is difficult to get out on excursions. However, you can successfully plan the beach vacation and evening walks. The water temperature along the coast is kept at around +28.

Local New Year Songkran Thais celebrate April 13. It is an unofficial celebration, more of a tribute to tradition. Instead of saying “Happy New Year,” here it is customary to generously throw water on each other. In 2019, Thais are celebrating the year 2562. In order to calculate what “light” the country is in, you should add 543 to our usual year. Thus, we get a year according to the Buddhist calendar. The Thais live by their own calendar, the Gregorian calendar is applied only by the international necessity – in the passports, for example, the European date is put.

The lowest season in Thailand begins. Even at night it becomes unbearably hot and stuffy. The only thing that saves you is the air conditioner, but you don’t want to spend the whole vacation paying a considerable sum for a flight.

Given the hot climate of the kingdom, do not skimp on air conditioning. They are everywhere – in public transport, all municipal institutions and entertainment centers, stores, offices and hotels. Therefore, the premises will not be hot, but you can easily catch a cold because of the sudden change in ambient temperature.

The period of active tropical downpours begins. But they are concentrated more in the central part of Thailand, the coast is still more or less comfortable to rest, if you do not bother the heat and humidity. The highest temperature in Pattaya – up to +34 +35. Prices – low, as it is the off-season period. But a small jump can be seen at the beginning of the month, as tourists from Russia and neighboring countries are rarely frightened by the hot weather, they are more appreciative of the significant advantages of saving on vacation during this period.

Thailand or Vietnam: where to vacation?

Thailand is a country of tropical heat and eternal summer. But even here there are weather anomalies. Something like this happens about once every 80-100 years, such as when it snows (1955, 2016 and 2018).

Summer in Thailand

Summer weather in Thailand is characterized by relatively low temperatures but high precipitation. It is one of the least visited periods of the year.

Tropical cyclones come to the Andaman Sea coast, bringing heavy rains. Krabi and Phuket are not worth planning a trip at that time. But there is also a solution for those who have a vacation in June – you can go to Pangangan, Ko Chang and Samui, where it’s relatively dry.

Daylight in Thailand lasts about 12 hours. Beautiful sunrises, as well as equally colorful sunsets can be seen respectively between 6 and 7 am, and after 6 pm. Thailand not only has its own special calendar, but also its own calculation of the time in a day. Generally accepted 24 hours are too complicated life, think Thais, and therefore they divide the day into four quarters of six hours.

Perhaps the month of the most unstable and unpredictable weather. There are tropical downpours in the north and echoes of storms in the south. The most typical day in Thailand in July is bright sun, warm sea, and lightning flashing on the sea horizon. A strong wind rises, bending the palm trees to the sand, and in ten minutes you are caught in a heavy tropical downpour. An hour later, the sun peeks out again and the thunderstorm continues to flash in the distance.

The largest amount of rainfall is on Ko Chang. The further south and closer to Samui, the less rain. But good weather can often hide a sudden change in wind strength, and the clouds bring heavy rainfall, and even tornadoes.


There is a lot of rainfall along the Andaman Sea coast, much less in the Gulf of Thailand. The water temperature everywhere is high – up to +29.

Until 1939, Thailand was called Siam and the country’s present name is ‘Land of the Free People’, which is what Thailand means in translation.

Autumn in Thailand


September enters the rainy season. Tropical downpours come every day. It is hot and steamy outside because of the high humidity. But there is no wind. There are few tourists on the coast, and most of them are surfers, as the surge wind creates good waves. On Koh Samui in September is better to rest in the first half of the month. The water warms up to +27+29. A good tan can be obtained in Phuket – there are more sunny days, and the showers are mainly at night. Do not go to Pattaya in September – it rains a lot, and the muddy sea is unlikely to add romance in view of the bad weather. In Thailand, September – a time when prices are as low as possible, as before the start of the season for at least a month.

Briefly about September by region:

  • southwest Thailand – high likelihood of storms
  • southeast – low rainfall
  • north – precipitation ends, and towards the end of the month there is a dry season
  • East – short rains every day.
  • center of Thailand and Bangkok – peak rainy season

In October it is worth to visit Phuket – there is an extraordinary festival dedicated to vegetarianism. This festival where people drive swords through their bodies is not for the faint-hearted, but those who like cultural extremes will enjoy it.


The rainy season ends and the weather is finally warm and dry. Tour prices start to rise, as does the number of tourists. The average daytime temperature will be around +30 and night-time temperatures will be around +20. The humidity gradually decreases. The water temperature is +28 degrees. There comes the optimum time for all kinds of recreation. The most expensive holiday is in Phuket and a bit cheaper in Pattaya.


The dry season continues to set in, bringing with it the perfect weather conditions for holidays in Thailand. There is almost no rain, the weather is warm but not hot, there is no wind and high humidity. The temperature on the coast – “steamed milk” about +28.

One of the most colorful festivals, which are traditionally held in Thailand and have become its indispensable calling card – is the launching of thousands of sky lanterns. The tradition came to Thailand from Burma and is called Yi Peng. Festival, the purpose of which is considered the reverence of the spirits held in the northern Thai city of Chiang Mai in November. It is an incredibly colorful spectacle, which attracts Thais from all over the country, as well as many tourists.

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