Where to eat tasty and cheap in Kaliningrad – 7 places

Where to eat tasty and inexpensive in Kaliningrad

Where to eat in Kaliningrad

Find out where to eat tasty and inexpensive in Kaliningrad. A selection of budget cafes, restaurants and canteens in the city center that locals and tourists are delighted with.


A stylish brasserie restaurant welcomes guests with a pleasant ambience – brutal brick walls, large steel beams and soft lighting. The place is popular, so there are a lot of people. Excellent beer costs 120-174 rubles, a glass of wine – from 195 rubles, freshly squeezed juices – from 175 rubles. We advise to try the cold beet soup, which costs 196 rubles, and dumplings with cherries – 215 rubles.

An average bill. A three-course lunch for two will cost 700-1200 rubles.

Address . Clover shopping center, 2nd floor, Victory Square, 10.

Website : Hop.

Prices for the summer menu. Photo: restaurant “Hop”. Inside the restaurant. Photo: restaurant “Hopel”.

Borsch and Salo.

This colorful tavern in Kaliningrad is a place where you can eat tasty and inexpensive Ukrainian food. Homemade sausages – 200-500 rubles, vareniki – from 240 rubles, potato pancakes – 165 rubles, borscht – 245 rubles, and the second course with meat – 300-500 rubles. Smiling waiters in gorgeous vyshyvankas and red sleeves are beyond praise!

An average bill. Dinner for two without alcohol costs 700-1000 rubles.

Address . Clover shopping center, 10 Victory Square.

Where to eat tasty and inexpensive in Kaliningrad

Pancakes with apple. Photo: “Borsch and Salo” tavern

Where to eat nicely in Kaliningrad

Example dishes. Photo: “Borsch and Salo”.

Gastrobar “Salt”.

Tourists who like to eat not only tasty, but also with a beautiful serving of dishes, choose an atmospheric restaurant with author’s cuisine. Stylish interior, helpful waiters and perfectly cooked food guarantee a real gastronomic pleasure. Regulars recommend the homemade bread with smoked cream cheese and salmon for 175 rubles and the poultry liver pate with plum for 245 rubles.

Average check . A hearty meal for two without alcohol costs 800-1500 rubles.

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Address . Cosmonaut Leonov St., 55.

Gastrobar inside. Photo: “Salt”. Gastrobar inside. Photo: “Salt”.


The honest-price restaurant is the first place in Kaliningrad where you pay 240 rubles for entrance and order food at cost price, without extra charges. Chicken noodle soup is 83 rubles, pike-perch fillet with vegetable risotto is 267 rubles, boiled rice is 18 rubles, French fries are 35 rubles, and julienne with chicken and mushrooms is 190 rubles. Lovers of tasty and plenty of food are in for a treat!

The average check . Dinner for two will cost 600-900 rubles.

Address . Gorky Street, 162.

Website : Garlic.

Menu of dishes on an open fire. Photo: restaurant “Garlic”. Red wine list. Photo: “Garlic” restaurant. Photo: Garlic Restaurant.


If you are looking for a good and inexpensive place to eat in Kaliningrad, you can have a look at the canteen located near “Bunker” museum, 1 km away from the Northern Railway Station. The place with an unassuming name is clean and cozy. There are old posters on the walls advertising the Soviet catering industry, and the windows offer a view of the busy avenue. The prices are probably the lowest in the city: vinaigrette – 39 rubles, herring under a fur coat – 49 rubles, holodets – 59 rubles, liver stroganoff – 62 rubles, pirozhka with potatoes – 17 rubles.

The average bill. A hearty lunch for two costs 350-450 rubles.

Address. Leninsky avenue, 18.


Next door to the cheap “Stolovka” is an excellent cafe-buffet, a replica of the famous Blutgericht restaurant in Kaliningrad. You can eat here inexpensively and deliciously. According to reviews there are a lot of pleasant offers on the menu: mushroom cream soup – 70 rubles, mackerel roll – 250 rubles, smørrebrod with sprat – 95 rubles, roll with beef – 155 rubles, bottled craft beer – 110-120 rubles. Visitors really like lunch for 260 rubles, which includes hot soup, fried chicken, fries, bread, and coffee.

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The average bill. For lunch for two you will pay 700-1000 rubles.

Address. Leninsky avenue, 18.

Koenigsberg clops and salad “Mimosa”. Photo: cafe “Blutgericht”. Wine offerings. Photo: cafe “Blutgericht”.


Kaliningrad canteen with pleasant interiors pleases with large portions and low food prices. Simple tasty dishes and a cozy atmosphere are waiting for you – just what you need for tired and hungry tourists! Try the chicken fillet in cheese for 99 rubles, stewed vegetables for 89 rubles or fried chicken for 99 rubles. You can take food to go.

The average check . A hearty breakfast for two costs in the range of 300-400 rubles, and lunch – 500-750 rubles.

Address . Leninsky Prospekt, 6-8.

Cheap canteens in the center of Kaliningrad

Garnish with meat dishes. Photo: cafe “Povareshka”.

Where to eat in Kaliningrad – 6 places where you should go for sure

Königsberg cuisine is, first of all, German cuisine. These are sausages, and knuckles, and local beer. So, where to eat if you are traveling in Kaliningrad?

Since the sea is nearby, there is always fresh seafood in Kaliningrad, and the proximity of Europe gives fresh ideas in cooking.

And we also found a place where you can have a tasty meal for 200-300 rubles in the center.

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Here are the best places in Kaliningrad where you can eat tasty and inexpensive food:

Gastrobar Sol

Eat in Kaliningrad is worthwhile in the restaurant “Sol”. Come here for new gastronomic sensations and unusual food.

The prices are higher than in chain cafes, but the quality corresponds to it. Meat and fish dishes are 400-500 rubles, soups 300-400 rubles. You’ll try bao with Kamchatka crab meat, poke with pickled salmon and tofu cheese, salmon ceviche and scallops with foie gras sauce.

Where to eat in Kaliningrad: Sol Gastrobar

You can order beef tataki for the kid – it’s similar to potatoes and meat.

The only drawback – the restaurant “Salt” is far from the center.

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Phone: +7 4012 33 10 10

Borsch and Salo.

Have a Ukrainian-style dinner at the restaurant “Borsch and Salo.

You’ll find hearty borsch with pampushki and salo, gorilka, Ukrainian sausages and cutlets on Kiev. You won’t stay hungry. Try here the homemade alcohol: khrenovukha and cherry brandy.

Where to eat in Kaliningrad: Borsch and Salo Restaurant

Prices are medium: borscht 230 rubles, meat and sausages 200-500 rubles, second course with meat 300-500 rubles.

You can find “Borsch and Salo” not far from the center – at Victory Square.

Address: 10, Pobedy sq.

Phone: +7 (4012) 35 76 76

Kaiser Wurst

If you want to feel the atmosphere of German Koenigsberg, you are in for it.

Sausages, sausages, sausage and beer is a guarantee of a good evening with friends. Every Friday at 19:30 there is live music and all Koenigsberg menus (dishes of East Prussia) have a 10% discount.

Where to eat in Kaliningrad: Restaurant Kaiser Wurst

The restaurant has delivery with further discount.

Prices: soups 250-450 rubles, meat dishes from 400 rubles. You can order half portions.

“Kaiser Wurst is not far from Victory Square in the shopping mall Europe.

Address: 30 Teatralnaya str. 3, mall Europe

Phone: +7 (4012) 52 61 26

Khmel restaurant

“Khmel” is a restaurant and a brewery.

Here you can not only taste the locally brewed beer, but also have lunch. There are a lot of hearty snacks on the menu, especially the cheese croutons and burgers are good. The main courses are hearty and nutritious, and there are business lunches.

You can eat in Kaliningrad in the restaurant Khmel

I liked the atmosphere in this restaurant – as in a real factory: brick walls, big steel beams, air ducts, pleasant lighting. The waiters work fast, but the restaurant is very popular and crowded, it is better to book a table in advance.

“Khmel” is located not far from the center of Kaliningrad – on Victory Square.

The prices are medium: meat dishes – from 400 rubles, hot appetizers – 300-400 rubles, desserts – 200-250 rubles, soups – 250-500 rubles.

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Address: Clover mall, 10 Victory Square, 2nd floor.

Phone: 8 401 259 33 77

We will help you to find a vacation apartment in Kaliningrad. Fill out the form and we will send you options where to stay.


If you want to eat a lot and pay little.

The restaurant is unusual: you pay for admission (on weekdays from 12:00 to 16:00 – 240 rubles for two), but you order food at low prices.

Where to Eat in Kaliningrad - 6 Definitely Worth Going


  • pizza – 100-200 rubles,
  • hot meat appetizers – up to 200 rubles
  • soup – up to 150 rubles,
  • side dishes – 30 rubles
  • desserts – 100 rubles
  • meat dishes – up to 300 rubles.

If you like to eat a lot of delicious food – you’ll like it.

The restaurant is not situated in the center.

Entrance cost (prices can change, check on the site):

  • 12:00-16:00 – 240 rubles for two
  • 16:01-22:00 – 355 rubles
  • 22:01-01:00 – 195 rubles

Children under 9 years old (accompanied by adults) – free of charge.

Address: 162 Gorky str.

Phone: 8 4012 320 320

Fast and cheap eatery

Where to eat tasty and inexpensive food in Kaliningrad?

The food is simple and cheap. You can have a hearty lunch for 200-250 rubles and at the same time the food is homemade with high quality and big portions. Everything is simple here – no fancy interior, but neat and tidy.

If you want to have a quick and inexpensive meal and continue walking along the center – this is the best place to go.

Try the meat dumplings and desserts.

The dining room accepts payment cards.

Address: Leninsky Ave. Leninsky, 18

Found your option, where to eat in Kaliningrad? Do not forget to tell about it in comments.

And read our guide to Kaliningrad for more things to see and taste

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