Where to eat tasty and inexpensive in Moscow city center – 12 places

Cheap restaurants in Central Administrative District.

Cozy little anticafé, with lots of table games, great staff, and free coffee and cookies The coolest rooms are sometimes busy, but that basically means they’re really cool


Good service, everything was delicious. Everything is super!!! Ordered cocktails and hookah. I liked the politeness and speed of the service.

Tutta la Vita

Very nice cabbage steak: well cooked, interesting sauce. All very tasty! Met up with friends, had a great time for three hours.

London Beer & Grill

I liked everything, especially the beer. I ordered a specialty beer, “London”, it was delicious and of high quality. The atmosphere in the restaurant is warm.

Cabaret Le Rouge

Was looking for a place to celebrate a stag party. A colleague from work suggested looking at a strip club Cabaret Le Rouge. I came, looked at the club, discussed all the nuances with the manager and came back on Friday with my friends. We had a fascinating …

My Place

Went to this wonderful place today! We couldn’t say we loved it! The staff was friendly and welcoming. The service was at a high level, thanks a lot to our waiter Artem. Very polite and attentive! Music and DJ…

Balzi Rossi

I visited our relatives in Moscow and they advised us to visit this restaurant. And we didn’t regret it even once! Everything on the highest level. Service, environment, cuisine – everything is thought out in details and captivates even during the first minutes of visiting.

Good service, delicious food and a great concert Cozy atmosphere, interesting interior. Went to a concert, everything was great.


I love Georgian food and this is an atmospheric place with delicious dishes. Very good service, waiters are not intrusive) We celebrated our birthday here, everything is great!


This place has great music, nice atmosphere and you can’t believe the striptease that takes place there. I was very impressed with the high quality of the music and the overall aesthetic experience. This club has never made up its popularity, but. When we did visit it, I …

Villa Pasta

We visited this restaurant many times. We liked the service, food and setting. Pasta and pizza we’ve had and we liked it all.

O2 Lounge by Genesis.

The view is cool, the food is delicious. We had the fish, the octopus and squid were good too. Had a reservation for two. Service is fast, waiters are consultative and the atmosphere is friendly.

I visited the cafe twice. Very positive impression of the staff, friendly and client-oriented. Staff helped me decide on the menu. The food at the cafe is delicious. I chose the restaurant because of a recommendation from a friend. The atmosphere is friendly.

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Mint Lounge

Ugly Coyote

Everything was cool! Love the bar. Like the modern music, the atmosphere, the staff is polite. No scandals, no swearing. Order cocktails, tasty.

Music Point.

The club is good, I visit it regularly. I like the service, sound, friendly vibe. Booked a table for 5 people.

High Ground

16 tons

Everything is great! I liked the service and the new kind of beer. I like wheat beer, light, unfiltered. The cuisine is not bad. Background music is fine, normal. Specialists are treated perfectly. I choose this club because it is close to my home, and…

Villa della Pasta

I often go to this restaurant, I always like it there, it’s always good. The waitress was very good, I liked her, polite, brought everything quickly. The salads came in about 10 minutes. Serving of a table is usual. My overall impression of the hotel was that it was very well made.


I liked the service, the quality of dishes and the personal approach. We ordered what was prepared. There was a promotion event. It was not our first time at the restaurant. The quality is good, we would recommend it and keep it in mind for the future. The atmosphere was…


I liked the atmosphere and the food. We had various springrolls and some of the appetizers. The service was great and everything was brought in quickly.

WowMoscow Lounge

WowMoscow Lounge was really good and great. I had hookah and drinks, mostly cocktails. I ordered a hookah on a regular bowl with a berry flavor that had a chill in it. I smoked it for 2 hours. The quality of the hookah is excellent, I’m good at that. The cocktails I …


We visit the restaurant on family holidays. There were four of us, we spent 2-3 hours in the institution. Each time we take an amazing salad with warm cheese. All meals are tasty. We drank milkshakes and tea with mandarin. The staff are polite and friendly, looking…


Very cozy, soft sofas, mesmerizing pictures, nostalgic music. Nice waitresses. Very tasty khachapuri, also liked the other food. Just don’t take the beer, it resembles the cheapest “Klinskoye”. It was the only …

Doctor on the Roof

Good afternoon everyone. Celebrated my son’s wedding at this restaurant yesterday. Many thanks to the receptionist Elena and the entire team. All the guests were happy with the restaurant itself and the cuisine. The waiters are very friendly. We were all satisfied.

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Very attentive and friendly staff! Good sound, good food! Been visiting this place for many years, and recently organized and celebrated a Birthday! All the wishes were taken into account, in spite of the fact that we had a lot of delicate…

Magnus Locus

Had a great time on 11/22/2019. The sound was tuned up almost perfectly. Had a great meal and a nice time


Went for the first time on 19.06.22, we wanted to go for a long time, we made it to a friend’s birthday party. The menu had 3 cuisines and at first we thought that the food we had was not very good, because there were 3 of them. But no. We ordered mostly Georgian, and children’s potatoes…

Sabor de la Vida

Good day to the reader of this review. Nice, pleasant atmosphere envelops from the very entrance: you open the door, friendly and welcoming waiters, live music and reasonable prices, the average price of a dish is 1000 rub. I can’t say anything about the alcohol.


I had a meeting at this restaurant. Provided an interesting menu. I ordered some kind of leg with broth and a salad with cheese, very tasty. No questions about the food. The waiters worked without any problems. The restaurant was advised to us in another place and they said that it’s not bad here.

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Where to eat cheap in Moscow: from cafeterias to haute cuisine

Where to eat in Moscow

It is not easy to get a meal for not much money in the capital city! However, we have found stylish diners, bars and cafes where you can eat tasty and inexpensive in the center of Moscow. Bonus for gourmets – author’s cuisine restaurants with budget menu.

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Canteens and fast food


Chain pastry shops with inexpensive food and wonderful pastries. Decorated in a pleasant loft style. The menu includes more than 250 dishes: breakfasts from 120 rubles, soups from 85 rubles, hot dishes from 85 rubles (per 100 g or 1 unit), side dishes from 65 rubles per 100 g, and pies with toppings from 45-60 rubles.

The average bill is 300 rubles.

You can find the following addresses in the city center: 7, B. Bronnaya St.; 5, Ukrainian Blvd. 9/1; 15 Chistoprudny Boulevard, Bldg. 1; 6/2 Sivtsev Vrazhek St.; 1/12 Kislovsky lane; 8 Maroseyka St.; 53/25 Plyuschikha St.

Dining places in the center of Moscow

Distribution in the “Brusnika”. Photo: canteen “Brusnika”.

Pan Zapekan.

If you want to have a hearty lunch or a bite to eat on the run, look into any of the café-cookeries in the center of Moscow. Here you can eat and take a delicious shish kebab, cheesecakes, pancakes, casseroles and zrazy. Salads start at 140 rubles, soups at 90 rubles and pilaf with chicken at 200 rubles.

The average bill is 400 rubles.

The addresses are: 10 Kozhevnicheskaya St., bld. 1; ul. Novoslobodskaya, 16; ul. B. Yakimanka, 56.

Where to eat inexpensive in the center of Moscow

Pastries in the cafe. Photo: cafe “Pan Zapekan.

La Carot

A network of cozy canteens with a beautiful design, where you can have a tasty and inexpensive meal in Moscow, is very popular among Muscovites and tourists. The menu includes breakfasts from 120 rubles, cold salads and snacks from 40 rubles, hot dishes from 120 rubles, desserts from 100 rubles and pastries from 50 rubles.

The average bill is 400 rubles.

Addresses: Yakovoapostolsky per. 12; 47, Varshavskoe shosse, 4.

Dining room in the “Newton Plaza”. Photo: canteen “La Carot. Cold salads and appetizers from 40 rubles. Photo: canteen “La Carot”.

Inexpensive cafes and restaurants


You can eat tasty and inexpensive in a bright coffee shop, which is located in the center of Moscow, next to the metro station “Kitay-gorod”. Here they make colorful coffee using turmeric, lavender and blue matcha. The food is also brightly coloured. The cheesecakes cost 210 rubles and a falafel sandwich roll costs 250 rubles. For dessert we recommend taking sweets with colored frosting.

The average bill is 300 rubles.

Address: 8 Pokrovka Street.

You can make colorful coffee with turmeric, lavender, and blue matcha. Photo: cafe “CoffeeColor”. Near the “Kitay-Gorod” metro station. Photo: cafe “CoffeeColor”.

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African hedgehogs live in a funny time-café. Seeing these cute prickly creatures removes all your worries! There is no charge for coffee, tea, cookies, waffles, crackers and peanuts. Cost of admission depends on the day of the week – 6-8 rubles per minute. Buy a stop card for 1000 rubles, relax and eat as much as you want!

Address: Novokuznetskaya street, 11/13 and Anatoly Zhivov street, 10.

There are African hedgehogs in the time cafe. Photo: time cafe “Yegominutka”. Seeing these cute prickly creatures removes all worries! Photo: time-cafe “Yegominutka”.


The themed bar is decorated in the style of an underground army bunker. On the walls there are moulages of weapons, military photos, coats of arms and helmets. “Razvedka” is a place in Moscow where you can eat seafood inexpensively. Visitors praise mussels in tomato sauce for 360 rubles and homemade lemonades for 150 rubles.

The average bill is 600 rubles.

The address is 10 Novaya pl.

The theme bar is decorated in the style of an underground army bunker. Photo: bar Razvedka. There are moulages of weapons, war photos, coats of arms and helmets on the walls. Photo: bar Razvedka.

Wai Me!

This budget eatery is loved for its tasty Georgian cuisine. Eggplant rolls cost 130 rubles, kharcho soup – 160 rubles, chicken satsivi – 150 rubles, Mengrel-style lobio – 150 rubles, ojakhuri with mushrooms – 180 rubles, and matzoni – 80 rubles.

The average bill is 400-500 rubles.

Address: There are three restaurants of this chain in Moscow, in the center – on Pyatnitsky Lane, 8 and on Myasnitskaya Street, 11.

The restaurant is inside. Photo: restaurant “Vai me! Georgian khinkali and khachapuri. Photo: restaurant “Vai Me!

Nice chain cafes with a rustic atmosphere, where you can eat tasty and inexpensive in Moscow. Visitors like complex breakfasts from 53 rubles, business lunches from 199 rubles, children’s dishes, pizzas, salads, pancakes and pies. Vinegret costs 65 rubles, borscht with beef – 129 rubles, and honey cake – 125 rubles.

The average bill is 500 rubles.

There are more than two dozen Moo Moo cafes in Moscow. The addresses in the city center: 9 Karmanitsky per., 3 Taganskaya St., 5/7 Rozhdestvenka St., 10 Klimentovsky per., 4 Arbat St., 1 Koroviy Val St., and 14/2 Myasnitskaya St.

Network canteens and cafes in Moscow

Pastry. Photo: cafe “Moo-moo.

Schrodinger’s Cat.

An unusual bar in the building of a former bomb shelter has no signage, so like a quest, look for a massive door with a steering wheel in the courtyard. The thing about this place is the unusual cocktail serving. Try the crab envelopes and the shrimp with pineapple salsa!

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Average bill without drinks is 700 rubles.

Address: 32 Bolshaya Dmitrovka Street.

A specialty of this place is unusual serving of cocktails. Photo: bar “Schrodinger’s Cat”. Unusual bar in a former bomb shelter. Photo: “Schrodinger’s Cat” bar.

Haute Cuisine

The Mad Cook.

An impeccable Italian restaurant where you can have a relatively inexpensive meal in the center of Moscow. The menu for the institution is created by chef Maxim Volkov who is famous in the capital. The guests are delighted with creative gastronomic masterpieces such as eskimo meatballs, “rolled soup”, handmade tagliatelle with chanterelles, avocado tiramisu and author’s presentation of dishes.

Average bill: 1500 rubles

Address: 2 Tsvetnoy Blvd.

Fried chanterelles with onions. Photo: The Mad Cook restaurant. Tagliatelle in cream sauce with salmon, broccoli and red caviar. Photo: The Mad Cook restaurant. Tar-tar of tender beef tenderloin with truffle espuma on bread toast. Photo: The Mad Cook restaurant.


If you want a taste of Native American food, come to an ethnic restaurant downtown. The walls depict a teepee, fire, sun and weapons, and the bar is decorated in traditional Aztec style. In the kitchen of the restaurant Anton Nesterenko, a well-known in the capital chef of “Kurapie. Visitors enjoy the thick soukkotash stew and Indian mead-based drinks. Order corn soup with turkey for 360 rubles and tender pumpkin mousse for 350 rubles.

The average bill is 1,300 rubles.

Address: Pyatnitskaya str. 3/4, pp. 1.

Ethnic restaurant in the center of the city. Photo: Chinook restaurant. Acorn porridge on smoked cream. Photo: Chinook restaurant.

Sapiens Est.

Brand-chef Alexey Berzin and chef Dmitry Gudkov are not attached to any national cuisine, but offer their guests an author’s menu, delicious food and cozy atmosphere in the heart of Moscow. The main peculiarity of this unique restaurant-bar is experiments in food processing. Served here are dishes with stewed yolks and pickled plums, mushroom espuma, salmon with rice swan and baskets with eel and kimchi sauce. Tapas with beef tartare costs 165 rubles, and chicken with vegetables in cream – 390 rubles.

The average bill is 1,200 rubles.

Address: 4/1 Pushchnaya str.

The interior of the restaurant. Photo: Sapiens Est restaurant. A unique restaurant-bar specialty is experiments with food processing. Photo: Sapiens Est restaurant.

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