Where to go in June in Europe: 6 best places

Where to go in summer in Europe: the best holiday destinations

Where to go this summer in Europe

Summer is a beautiful time, don’t you agree? Some people love this period of the year because of the sunny days, and some because of the opportunity to take a long-awaited vacation. The best way to plan a vacation in advance, especially if you want to buy a ticket on time. We have chosen 10 different cities that can brighten up the summer of the most capricious traveler.

1. Monte Carlo (Monaco)

Monaco is a phenomenal principality. The dwarf state, despite its limited resources, has managed to break into the leaders of tourism. The rich influx of visitors has filled the treasury with impressive revenues, thanks to which Monaco captivates the eye with its cleanliness and glamour. Much of the secret of success lies in the popularity of Monte Carlo.

Because of the prestige of its casino, the city draws many celebrities and bigwigs into its arms, and spending time here automatically confers status on the wealthy and even the profligate. Fortunately gambling isn’t Monte Carlo’s only “thing”: visiting it, you can relax on the Mediterranean Côte d’Azur, getting a delicious tan and an unforgettable experience.

Monte Carlo

2. Nice (France)

If you find yourself in Monaco, why not stop in Nice? It takes less than half an hour to get here from Monte Carlo, and in return you will travel through one of the world’s key tourism centers. The sheer number of museums and art galleries is overwhelming – there are dozens! Exploring them will turn you into an expert in all genres and diversify your cultural life.

As a fashion city, Nice is perfect for shopaholics who like to recharge their closets with stylish brand-name clothes. Modern nightclubs in France with their groovy music can help you forget about everyday problems (or the money spent in Monte Carlo on roulette). Craving for a romantic holiday with the other half of Nice offers luxury spas, elegant hotel rooms with fabulous views and fine restaurants, where you should definitely taste the French wine and cheese. Aren’t we forgetting something? Oh yes, the beaches are great too!


3. Valencia, Spain

Among the tourist countries one of the leading places is Spain, and in the top three most popular resorts are Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia. Just behind its counterparts in the number of tourists, Valencia is able to give an unforgettable vacation, even the most capricious traveler. The city has the right to be considered a sacred place: every year the local cathedral attracts crowds of pilgrims, because it is here that the artifact recognized as the Holy Grail – the one over which scholastic debates continue to this day – is kept.

Valencia skillfully combines both ancient and ultra-modern architecture, presenting residents and visitors with a unique combination of different times. A striking example of modern design is the original complex known as the City of Arts and Sciences, a name that captures the very essence of Valencia. Created at the end of the last century, the complex consists of 5 major buildings, which play an important role in the cultural life of the country. Here you’ll find an opera house, planetarium, cinema, museum and oceanographic park ringed by picturesque bodies of water. There are countless restaurants and cafés in Valencia where you can sample the classic paella and, of course, quench your thirst with a sip of the cool, sweet sangria, a fruity Spanish wine that has become world-famous.


4. London, England

Traditionally, city pickings for summer vacations are limited to hot countries. However, there are many people in the world, for whom a foggy haze is much nicer than the noisy beaches. For the sake of justice we should add a village where you are certainly not threatened to get sunburn. We are talking about the capital of the United Kingdom. If you prefer a refreshing coolness rather than the sultry heat, the climate of London will suit you the best. The weather hovers around 20-25C in the summer and the sun often hides behind clouds, so you don’t need sunscreen, but an umbrella is probably worth bringing. If you’ve always wanted to visit London, we strongly recommend you do it in summer. At other times of the year you can catch a cold.

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The ancient English city plays a key role in the life of Europe. It is worth visiting for travelers whose minds are captivated by British culture with its austere architecture. London has a wealth of ancient monuments: museums, theaters, temples, bridges and more. Therefore, the main attraction here is simply not there. Whether it’s Buckingham Palace, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Tower Bridge, or Westminster Abbey – all parts of London are popular with tourists. In summer, there are a variety of events in the capital. One of the largest – and most popular with young people – is the Great British Beer Festival, which this year takes place from August 7 to 11.


5. Warsaw (Poland)

Warsaw, founded back in the 13th century, is considered one of the most beautiful cities not only in Europe but in the world. Many would call the summer here a warm one, but for the residents of southern regions of the CIS it may seem even cool. It is an ideal holiday destination for those who want to escape the too hot weather of the popular resorts. Old Warsaw will amaze fans of picturesque architecture with its austere beauty. A long and rich history has left its mark on the face of Poland’s capital. Visit the central part, you will find a lot of modern institutions for youth recreation, but the main feature was and remains a variety of palaces, of which there is a great deal. To the credit of Poles, it is worth noting that they are quite careful attitude to the monuments of architecture and old buildings, despite the impressive age, not badly preserved.

There are a lot of interesting sights to see here. The fun-loving group of friends will enjoy Warsaw’s excellent modern clubs. For lovers, it offers beautiful sunsets on the banks of the Vistula and colorful parks. Family vacations will be just as enjoyable! Both adults and children will be captivated by the unusual dollhouse museum. Fans of hiking should visit the Castle Square – the heart of the city. No matter what your preference is, you will definitely have an unforgettable vacation in Warsaw.


6. Cologne, Germany

Germans are known not only for their hard work but also for their passion for folk festivals. Undoubtedly the most popular event is the fall Oktoberfest (which has become the hallmark of Munich), but in the summer in other German cities are also no less exciting festivals. For example, since the early 2000s in Cologne, the annual festival Kölner Lichter (Cologne Lights) is held. The highlight of the program is a fantastic fireworks show, accompanied by concerts. Although the festival is relatively new, it promises to become a tradition, because the colorful fireworks attract more and more guests to the city. In summer 2018, the start of the event is scheduled for July 21.

The scattering of colorful lights is not the last wonder of the homeland of cologne. If you are fascinated by the history of Old Europe, you will find many excursions to the cultural centers of Cologne. At the top of the list of its beauties is the Cathedral of the Virgin Mary and St. Peter in Cologne, whose delicate spires reach high into the sky, striking elegance and grandeur. The extraordinary fusion of architectural styles (including, of course, Gothic and Romanticism) transports you to the pages of chivalrous novels.

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7. Geneva (Switzerland)

Relatively small in population (about 200,000 people), Geneva is the third largest city in Switzerland. Thanks to its ski resorts, Geneva is traditionally considered a popular choice for a winter vacation. However, during the summer it is no less beautiful and is able to amaze its guests with an unforgettable experience. Due to its favorable location the summers are mild and the climate is temperate, and the bathing season is spent by many people on the shores of Lake Geneva. Switzerland has always been famous for its extraordinarily delicious chocolate – it’s a paradise for sweet tooth. In Geneva, you can not only buy local sweets in stores, but also to visit the cozy candy shops, where experienced chocolatiers will create sweet masterpieces in front of your eyes. If you want, take special courses where you will learn the secrets of confectionery recipes. The main “highlight”, which attracts many modern tourists, is the proximity of the Large Hadron Collider. If you admire the world of science, be sure to book a tour of the LHC.

The main event of the summer here is the Geneva Carnival. The festival is celebrated in August and is accompanied by entertainment and a fireworks display (of 30,000 fireworks) that takes place on the beach. Even if you are not lucky enough to see the festival, visit Lake Geneva, because there you will see an amazing spectacle – Geo-Do Fountain (one of the largest in the world). Its water gushes to a height of 147 meters and often painted with special lighting.


8. Athens (Greece)

Named after the great ancient goddess, the Greek capital was the cradle of history, giving the world great figures of art, science and philosophy. In spite of the inexorable current of time (which changes the face of many cities beyond recognition), Athens still honors old traditions, cherishing the culture of the day-old Greeks. The structures of a bygone era stand proudly tall in a breathtaking landscape, enriching the local color scheme.

But Athens does not feel frozen in time, ignoring the whirlpool of modern life. There are plenty of new construction alongside the old, and the design marvelously blends in with the rest of the city. One of Athens’ most popular spots is the National Garden, where you can hide from the southern sun under the canopy of trees. Don’t lounge on benches under cypresses, but explore the city with plenty of seafood restaurants. Then go sailing and admire the view of the coast.


9. Vienna, Austria

The capital of Austria, founded in the first century AD, is undoubtedly a source of inspiration for many famous composers. This amazing city is forever immortalized by Strauss the Elder in his waltz titled “Tales of the Vienna Woods”. As in other European cities, churches and cathedrals, palaces and castles feature prominently among the sights.

Every day on the outskirts of Vienna flock crowds of tourists eager to visit Schönbrunn – the summer residence of the emperors. And it’s not just the indescribable beauty of the huge palace and park complex. On its territory there is a zoo with the same name, which includes a variety of pavilions. Founded in the mid-18th century as a royal menagerie, today Schoenbrunn is considered the oldest zoo in the world. The institution plays a key role in preserving unique animals by promoting the breeding of endangered species. The management instills in visitors an understanding of the beauty of Mother Nature, which has created an amazing variety of life forms. This is one of the few nurseries in the world where pandas live. In addition to them you can see polar bears, tigers, amazing four-horned goats and many other representatives of fauna from all over the world – from the south to the north. Summer vacations in Austria will be the best gift for children. For romantics, a walk through Vienna is enough to make you feel the presence of a fairy tale.

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10. Varna (Bulgaria)

Dreaming of traveling, but can not afford it? Unfortunately, for many people from the CIS, a vacation in the tourist centers of Europe is a pipe dream. A single ride on the public transport can be more expensive than a cab at home. But do not despair, because not in all European countries prices bite. For example, the prices for food, lodging and transportation in Bulgaria are not much different from what we are used to, which allows you to plan a budget vacation. In addition to the capital Sofia, Varna, located in the northeastern part of the country, is very popular.

For many tourists the seashore, the smiling inhabitants and the sunny summers of the Bulgarian resort remind Odessa. By the way, in the old days there was a settlement of Odessos, so these two Black Sea cities do have a lot in common. The history of the origin of Varna goes back many centuries and is approximately seven thousand years – its richness is reflected in the unique buildings, such as the Roman baths. If you’re a fan of architectural masterpieces, be sure to visit the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Assumption Cathedral). Although it is much smaller in size than many other sanctuaries in the world, its massive cast domes, skilful murals, and stained-glass windows will impress any lover of European architecture. But the most important reason to visit Varna is definitely its nice beaches washed by the gentle waves of the Black Sea.


Let your summer be unforgettable no matter where you spend it. Have a nice rest and wonderful weather!

6 ideas for a trip to Europe in June

June Holidays in Europe

Planning a vacation at the beginning of summer? We tell you where to go to Europe in June 2022. Learn about the weather, tour and hotel prices. Where is it warm in June? What to do on holiday?

Coronavirus and quarantine . This review is not about where to fly to vacation in Europe now, but just about the best destinations. See the current list of open countries. The cost of the holiday in the review is for last year. When the borders open, we expect similar or even lower prices.



Weather. Looking for where in Europe is already warm in June? The capital of the Czech Republic is one of those places. The weather is quite comfortable – in the daytime the temperature rises to +21 ° C and above. Summer is humid, so take an umbrella. Daytime summer clothes will come in handy, and for evening promenades you will need warm clothes – a sweater, pants and a light jacket.

What to do. Surprisingly cozy and inexpensive city of Central Europe attracts not only the old architecture, but also modern art objects by sculptor David Cerny.

Prague is recognized as one of the most beautiful cities on the continent. If you are visiting for the first time, take the historic number 91 streetcar through the city center or go for a guided tour. Spend time in the old neighborhoods of Vyšehrad, Jewish Quarter, and Hradčany, and visit Charles Bridge and Malá Strana.

Prices. Prague sells just about the most inexpensive tours to Europe in June 2022. Stay for two for 7 nights with a flight from Moscow costs from 43 thousand rubles. A double room in a 3* hotel in the city center can be taken for 35 €.

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June weather in Europe

Prague bridges (Photo: unsplash.com / @jeshoots)


Weather. Where to go on holiday in Europe in June? Barcelona has a magical effect on tourists. Almost everyone who finds himself in the capital of Catalonia falls in love with it. The first month of summer is pleasingly warm: the temperature during the daytime is +24 ° C and at night it’s +18 ° C.

Things to do. Barcelona is one of the cities where a beach holiday is possible in June in Europe. The sea water is warmed up to +21 ° C, so the beaches are crowded. After swimming and sunbathing, take a walk along the picturesque Las Ramblas, visit the Oceanarium and wander the narrow streets of the Latin Quarter.

The city bears testament to the talented architect Antoni Gaudi. There are 14 buildings by the acknowledged modernist master. Spend pleasant hours in the picturesque Park Guell and stand by the enormous, unfinished Temple of the Holy Family.

During your vacation, try the famous Catalan dishes – bread with Catalan tomatoes, baked cod, fried green onion stalks – calçote and the local version of paella fideua, which is cooked with small noodles. Do you like sweets? Be sure to try the deliciously delicate crema catalana pudding.

In June, the colorful religious holidays of Corpus Christi and the Night of St. Juan are held in the city. There are parades, folk dances, colorful streets and bright fireworks.

Prices. Barcelona is quite an expensive city. A tour for two for 7 days with a flight from Moscow costs from 85 thousand rubles. A room for two in a 3* hotel in the center will cost 100 €.

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In Barcelona the beaches are wide and well maintained. In many places there are children’s play areas and areas for soccer and volleyball. (Photo: unsplash.com / @royalfound)


Weather. In June, the sea in Europe is not warm everywhere. The sea temperature does not rise above +19 ° C in Istanbul, but the air is warm up to +26 ° C. It’s a great weather for hiking and exploring the colorful markets in Turkey! It rains rarely, but an umbrella in your luggage is nice. In the evenings there are cool breezes from the Bosphorus so pack a sweater or jacket.

Things to do. Istanbul is a cozy and hospitable city. Byzantine temples attract Christians and magnificent mosques attract Muslims. Istanbul is good for atheists too, because the beauty of ancient architecture can be admired without belief in God. If you do not have enough time, look at the famous monuments during a sightseeing tour.

In June, Istanbul pleases tourists with festivals. The city hosts the Music Festival and EcoFest, a socio-cultural festival that brings together supporters of healthy eating, yoga and all those who fight for a cleaner environment. During the first month of summer the city hosts a massive shopping festival, so enticing discounts await visitors.

Prices. Turkey – one of the inexpensive holiday destinations in Europe in June 2022. A tour for two for 7 nights with a flight from Moscow costs from 60 thousand rubles. A double room in a 3* hotel in the city center costs about 40 €.

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Dawn over Istanbul (Photo: unsplash.com / @ashta)


Weather. Where is it warm in June in Europe? Greece, of course! In early summer in Thessaloniki, the sea water temperature is +22…+23°C and the air temperature is +29°C. A great choice for those who can stand the heat. For a comfortable beach vacation, you can swim and sunbathe at the beaches in the suburbs of the port city.

Things to do. Thessaloniki is one of the oldest polis of the country. It was founded in the 4th century BC. It is home to many historical monuments, which are included in the list of World Heritage Sites. To learn more about the history of the city, go to the Archaeological Museum.

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The transparent waters of the Aegean Sea attract diving enthusiasts to Greece. There are a dozen and a half interesting dive sites around the resort. Dive to the seabed, admire the play of light in underwater grottoes and ancient sunken ships. Watch cuttlefish, eels, octopus, and seahorses.

Prices. A tour for two for 7 nights with a flight from Moscow costs from 69 thousand rubles. You can rent a double room at a 3* hotel in the city center for 50 €.

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The historical centre of Thessaloniki is the square of Aristotle. It hosts concerts, festivals, various city events and celebrations (Photo: dimitrisvetsikas1969 / pixabay.com)

Weather. If you haven’t decided where to go in June in Europe, look out for Rome! In early summer in Italy’s capital a lot of sun, but not yet a lot of heat. It’s +27 ° C during the day and +15 ° C at night. The weather is warm – no need to stuff your suitcase with sweaters and jackets. Wear a hat with earflaps, sunglasses and a good sunscreen.

The water in the Tyrrhenian Sea is heated to +21 … +23 ° C and is ideal for swimming. Just half an hour by train or cab from Rome, and you can enjoy all the charms of a beach holiday.

Things to do. June is considered the ideal month to visit Rome. Before the heat sets in, tourists are eager to explore the monuments in and around the city, enjoy walks along the Tiber river promenade, and pizza tastings. Enjoy the flowers in the parks and watch the colorful parade held on Republic Day, June 2.

If you want to save money, make your trip to coincide with a day of free museum visits. On June 3, you don’t need to buy tickets to the Colosseum, the Thermae of Caracalla, the Roman Forum and other famous archaeological sites.

Prices. A tour of Europe in June is cheaper than in the second half of summer. Tract for two for 7 nights with a flight from Moscow costs from 66 thousand rubles. A room for two in a 3* hotel in the city center costs 75€.

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The Trevi Fountain is the largest in Rome (photo: unsplash.com / @czermak_photography)


Weather. Where else to go in June 2022 in Europe? Holidays will not disappoint in the French capital. Many people understand this, so with the onset of heat to Paris come crowds of tourists from different countries. During the day in the city is warm +23 ° C. At night it cools to +12 … +13 ° C. In addition to summer clothes, do not forget to take warm clothes. In France in June, it rains a lot. An umbrella will come in handy!

What to do. Paris is a place where you don’t have to look for things to do. On Saturday or Sunday, go see the fountain show at the Palace of Versailles, walk in the Luxembourg Garden and the Bois de Boulogne. The amusement park in the picturesque Tuileries Garden opens in the middle of the month.

In summer it’s nice to sit on the outdoor terrace in a cafe. Enjoy a cup of coffee and a chocolate roll pain au chocolat.

Prices. Paris is one of the European cities, where it is advantageous to buy tours in June. Stay for two for 7 days with a flight from Moscow costs from 76 thousand rubles. The accommodation in Paris is not cheap – a room for two in a 3* hotel in the center rents for 120 €.

Holidays in Europe in June

The Tuileries Garden and the Orsay Museum from the Ferris wheel (Photo: wikimedia.org / Martin Robson)

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