Where to go on New Year’s Eve – 2022 by sea? 7 Warm Countries

New Year’s Eve under a Palm Tree: 7 Warm Countries

Where to vacation at New Year

We’ve already celebrated New Year’s Eve in tropical countries 4 times. Quite a pleasant and interesting experience! Find out where it’s best to go for warm seas and exotics.

Below I will list warm countries, where you can safely go in the New Year for a comfortable beach vacation. We have visited almost all the places personally, and in some of them we even met the main holiday of the year. We found 7 bright and exotic destinations that are sure to banish the winter and autumn melancholy. For each country, we present the prices for holidays on New Year’s Eve. Ticket and tour prices are for departures from Moscow.

Because of the pandemic not all of these countries can fly to holiday. Check the current list of open countries. We hope, more destinations will open soon. For the open countries we updated the prices of the tours and tickets, for the closed countries the prices are based on the pre-pandemic prices.

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The Maldives is the perfect place to go on New Year’s Day 2022 for a beach vacation. The sea is warm, quiet, peaceful, and you do not need a visa to enter. Around you will only palm trees, exotic flowers, beaches with fine white sand and clear blue water. The weather is fine in the winter, the air temperature is +27 ° C, water temperature +24 ° C. Having traveled to the Maldives, we told in detail about what rest there is good and what is bad.

New Year in the Maldives, tourists meet at their hotels, where they arrange a gala evening with a program and a dinner. Remember that it is forbidden to bring alcohol to the island, including duty-free. It is expensive in the hotels: a bottle of wine costs $25-50, champagne – $150. Learn more about New Year’s Eve in the Maldives. See also a selection of the newest hotels.

Current prices for the New Year – 2022:

Tours. Winter holiday prices are higher than usual. But during the pandemic demand is not so great, and you can find tours from only 150 thousand rubles for two. A beautiful holiday in a 4* all-inclusive hotel costs already from 380 thousand rubles, for example, in the hotel Cinnamon Dhonveli. Find Tours →

Airfare. A direct flight for New Year will cost from 65 thousand rubles, flights with a connecting flight will cost about 20 thousand rubles less. Find tickets →

Hotels. You can stay at a hotel on the local island from $ 50 per night if you book in advance. But the cost in the beautiful hotels-resorts starts at $320 per night. Find a hotel →

Where to celebrate the New Year by the sea

These are the uninhabited islands of Madivaru, 1 km from Rasdu. You can come here on an excursion.


The Dominican Republic is a great option to fly to for New Year’s Eve 2022 by the warm sea. We vacationed in the Dominican in winter and appreciated the comfortable weather, warm sea, great beaches, cool hotels and very relaxed atmosphere. The perfect formula for a vacation!

If you celebrate New Year’s Eve in the Dominican Republic in a hotel, the festive night includes a gala dinner with musicians, dancing and a final fireworks display. Then the dancing fans go partying at the club. A New Year’s Eve dinner for two at a hotel restaurant will cost $100-$200. Read more about New Year’s Eve in the Dominican Republic.

Where to go to the sea with children in March 2022

Current prices for the New Year – 2022:

Tours. Rest “all inclusive” in a 4 * hotel on New Year’s holidays costs from 240 thousand rubles for two people for a week, for example, the hotel Whala! Bayahibe. We had a rest there and remained delighted. Find tour →

Airfare. Flight with a connection costs from 55 thousand rubles. Find tickets →

Hotels. New Year’s Eve in a double room at a budget hotel costs $ 20-25, 3 * – from $ 25, 4 * – from $ 40, 5 * – from $ 100. Find hotel →

Where can I go on New Year

Lyosha on the Samaná Peninsula in the Dominican Republic.

Another great option for where to go for New Year’s Eve 2022 abroad to the warm sea. We welcomed the New Year on Liberty Island in a warm “family” circle, in the company of the owner of the cabin we rented in Trinidad, who cooked us a traditional Cuban holiday dinner. We were absolutely delighted with the country! Be sure to read the link, what is so good about Cuba and why every traveler should visit there.

The weather in winter is beautiful: +27 ° C during the day, the water in the sea +25 ° C. At this time it is better to rest on the Caribbean coast. Hotels, of course, organize a holiday program for tourists. In large cities there are celebrations. Learn more about the New Year in Cuba.

Current prices for the New Year – 2022:

Vacations. Holidays “all inclusive” in a 4 * hotel on New Year’s holidays costs from 230-260 thousand rubles for two people for a week, for example, at the Melia Las Antillas hotel. Find tour →

Air tickets. Flying to Havana with a connection costs from 80 thousand rubles. Find tickets →

Where to go on a New Year by the sea

The beach in Varadero – the clearest water and white sand.


Before the pandemic among Russian tourists Thailand was the No. 1 country for New Year celebrations and rest during the winter holidays. Indeed, the conditions are ideal: a warm sea, no visas, comfortable temperature (+30 ° C, sea +28 ° C), exotic and inexpensive. We have also vacationed several times and even lived in Thailand in winter, but we have not celebrated New Year’s Eve there yet.

Some tourists spend New Year’s Eve in hotels or restaurants on a standard program: dinner, dancing, show program. Others party hard at the beach dance floors and nightclubs. Learn more about the New Year in Thailand.

Hopefully Thailand will open soon without quarantine and other strict measures. Here are pre-pandemic vacation prices:

Vacations. Weekly tours “all inclusive” on New Year’s Eve dates in Phuket cost from 190 thousand rubles for two. Holidays in Pattaya (full board, 7 nights) – from 140 thousand. Find tour →

Air tickets. From Moscow to Phuket, you can fly from 45 thousand rubles, to Bangkok – from 33 thousand. Find tickets →

Hotels. In the budget hotel double room economy class costs $ 10-15, 3 * – from $ 20, 4 * – from $ 30, 5 * – from $ 50. Find hotel →

Where better to go on a New Year

Banana Beach in Phuket.


Vietnam is an inexpensive vacation for the New Year by the warm sea! We met the holiday three times in this colorful country. Very much we love Vietnam for its interesting culture, beautiful nature, friendly people, delicious food, lots of exotic fruits and visa-free entry. The best place to celebrate the New Year is in the south, on Phu Quoc Island. It’s +30°C there, the water is +27°C, the sea is calm and the beach is nice and sandy. Read more about the weather in Vietnam in winter and choose a resort.

Rest in October 2022 in Russia: where to go

The Europeans don’t celebrate the European New Year, but the resorts usually offer shows for tourists. Learn more about New Year’s Eve in Vietnam.

Prices before the pandemic:

Tours. Southern Vietnam tours on December 31st cost from 130 thousand rubles for two people (7-10 nights). Find tour →

Airfare. You can fly to Ho Chi Minh City from Moscow (and back) from 50-70 thousand rubles. Find tickets →

Hotels. A night in a double room at a budget hotel starts at $10, at 3* – from $20, at 4* – from $50, at 5* – from $119. Prices may vary from resort to resort, for example on Fukuoka it is a little more expensive. Find hotel →

Where to celebrate the New Year abroad

Long Beach on Fukuok Island. The beach is not called long for the red word – it’s really gigantic.

Indonesia, Bali

Bali is very popular – it is there where many people decide to go on New Year’s Eve to relax by the warm sea abroad. At this time there is no season and it rains, but it’s about +30 ° C and the water is very warm, +28 ° C. The best resorts for a beach holiday are Nusa Dua, Sanur and the Gili Islands. We liked the island of Bali, as well as all of Indonesia. However, we prefer to rest there not on the beach resorts, but in the central part of the country – among the mountains, volcanoes and rice paddies. The buzz is to rent a villa and live in peace in this paradise.

Tourists celebrate the New Year at the beach, a hotel or a club. There are popular clubs in Seminyak, Jimbaran, Kuta. Learn more about New Year’s Eve in Bali.

Prices before the pandemic:

Tours. New Year’s Eve stays cost from 140 thousand for two people for a week in Bali (without meals). Find Tours →

Airfare. You can fly to Denpasar from Moscow on New Year from 50-70 thousand rubles round trip. Find tickets →

Hotels. Double room in an inexpensive hotel can be found from about $ 7, 2 and 3 * – from $ 10, 4 * – from $ 18, 5 * – from $ 33. Prices may vary from resort to resort. Find a hotel →

Where to vacation at New Year

Rice fields near Ubud on the island of Bali.

India, Goa.

This is the only place on the list where we have not yet had a chance to visit. But we can’t leave it without attention, because so many people go to celebrate the New Year in Goa. Sure, it’s warm sea and inexpensive vacation. In the winter daytime +30 ° C, the water +28 ° C. Goa South goes for a quiet and relaxing holiday, and young people choose the northern part of the state – a busy nightlife and much cheaper. Tourists usually celebrate New Year’s Eve in hotels or cafes on the beach. Read more about New Year in Goa.

Prices before the pandemic:

Tours. If you book early, you can save money. Tours for two people cost from 100 thousand rubles. From 150 thousand – “all inclusive”. Find tour →

New Year Holidays - 2022: Inexpensive Destinations

Air tickets. You can fly from Moscow to Goa and back on New Year’s Eve from 40 thousand rubles. Find tickets →

Hotels. Prices vary from resort to resort. So, a holiday night in an inexpensive hotel in Kandolim costs from $40 for two, 3 and 4 * – from $65, in the 5 * – from $260. Find a hotel →

Where to fly on New Year

Kola Beach near Agonda, Goa. Photo: Viraj Rajankar / unsplash.com.

Where else to go for New Year’s Eve

There are several other countries where you can have a great New Year 2022 by the sea:

To vacation in these countries, you either do not need a visa at all, or it is very easy to arrange.

New Year’s Eve 2022 by the Sea

Where to go on New Year’s Eve 2022 by the sea inexpensively? Consider the best destinations for a holiday in January holidays with the whole family, find out the prices for tours.

Harsh Russian winters often cause a desire to spend vacation somewhere by the warm sea. New Year’s vacations – it’s a great excuse to bask in the sun under a palm tree! In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the most popular and favorite resorts for seasoned travelers, and how much it costs. I bet if you read this article to the end, you’ll want to spend this New Year’s Eve 2021 in one of these countries?

A standard tour includes: airfare, hotel transfers, hotel accommodations, meals of your choice and health insurance.

Where to go for the New Year at sea in a warm country?

Below are the prices for tours based on two people and hotel accommodation – 11 nights. Tour operators offer for New Year and Christmas holidays more than a dozen countries. Starting from Russian resorts and as far away as Jamaica.

Turkey in the winter.

The cost of tours in Alanya with accommodation in 3* hotels starts from 50873 rubles, 4* – from 52200 rubles with breakfast. Get tours at such a price can not be earlier than 2.02.2022. Already with 4.01.2022 tour price drops to 45000 rubles. Tours in Turkey can be called conditionally – warm.

Daytime temperature in December in Alanya is on average +17 ° C, and the water temperature is + 12 ° C. At this time, the sea is often stormy and blows a piercing wind. It rains. The positive aspects – a full program of excursions and hotel pools with heated water. Visa is not required.

Holidays in Cyprus

The cost of tours in Cyprus starts with 49532 rubles. Minimum prices on beach tours in Pafos and Larnaca. Accommodation in a hotel 3 * and above, sandy beaches, Wi-Fi. The air temperature during the day and sea water are on average the same +18°C, cold winds.

There are advantages. Hotels are equipped with swimming pools with sea water. For fans of skiing at this time is the opening of the season. The visa is free with a direct flight and the availability of return tickets.

Rest in Vietnam

Tours in Vietnam. The cost of such a tour – from 125 500 rubles. Accommodation in a hotel on the beach with breakfast and internet. If the tour is not more than 15 days, the Russians do not need a visa. Winter in Vietnam is dry and hot. The average air temperature is +32 ° C, and water + 26 ° C.

August 2022: where to go inexpensive trip abroad to the sea

The country is less spoiled by tourists, suitable for family vacations. Diving is probably the cheapest in the world. Rocky islands and caves, mountain trails, Holong Bay, the pristine beaches of Fukuoka, nature reserves, museum cities Hue and Hoi An. The flight from Moscow to Ho Chi Minh City lasts about 10 hours.

New Year’s holiday in Israel

Tours to Israel. The cost of tours to the resort of Netanya with a 2 * hotel on the Mediterranean coast and breakfast – from 87580 rubles. At this time in Israel, the air temperature is about +19 ° C and the water +21 ° C. It takes 4.5 hours to fly from Moscow to Eilat airport. Take a bus or cab to Netanya.

Typically, shuttle service to the hotel is included in the price of the tour. Israel is a small country, but with a rich history. If you like an active holiday, you will be offered tours to Jerusalem, Bethlehem, the mountains, the Red Sea and the Dead Sea. Russians do not need a visa.

Thailand in Winter

Prices for trips to Thailand for New Year’s Eve start from 65833 to 85333 rubles. Minimum prices in Pattaya, Phuket and Bangkok in hotels 2* and 3*. Get tours at such a cost can be from 4.01.2022. In the hotels, free Wi-Fi, 400 meters to the sandy beach, the price includes breakfast. The air at this time warms up to + 30 ° C, the sea +28 ° C. Holiday tours cost from 104000 rubles, “all inclusive” – from 180 thousand rubles. Visa is not required.

Rest in the UAE

The cost of tours to the UAE, with accommodation by the sea – from 97000 rubles. Plus tourist visa costs 4350 rubles. Minimum prices for tours in Sharjah and Dubai. Accommodation in a hotel from 3 * with breakfast, sandy beaches, bus to the beach, Wi-Fi. Weather as in Thailand. Food and transportation in the Emirates is very expensive. It makes sense to take a tour with food and close to the sea. It is worth going to the Emirates for those who appreciate the high level of service, are interested in shopping and beach holidays.

Trip to Sri Lanka

The resorts of the island have a family vacation. The cost of the tour with accommodation on the beach and breakfast – from 98600 rubles. The nature of the island in the Indian Ocean leaves no one indifferent.

You can make excursions to ancient temples, waterfalls in the jungle, on the Lion’s Rock, visit tea plantations and local farms, where they breed turtles.

Well, if you want to get urgent help in processing Canadian citizenship for Russian citizens, we advise you to use the website https://passportforrussians.com/poluchenie-grazhdanstva-kanady/, where you will get quality and fast assistance in this matter.

Comfortable rest in the Maldives

Prices for New Year holidays in the Maldives start from 188400 rubles. Minimum prices in Maafushi and atoll Vaavu. In Maafushi municipal beach and women are advised to wear closed swimwear. Beach recreation in the Maldives supports dry law, you can not bring alcohol. It can only be bought on the islands, and it is very expensive.

As a result, the cost of a trip to the New Year at a warm sea will cost you from 50,000 rubles for two people, plus out-of-pocket expenses. Many tours include a celebratory New Year’s Eve banquet.

July 2022. Where to go for an inexpensive vacation abroad

Where to go at New Year inexpensive in Russia?

Sochi and Adler offer the lowest prices for the holidays by the sea. Unfortunately, or fortunately for some, the average December temperature in Sochi during the day +10°C, and the water + 11 ° C. This implies swimming only in a heated pool. There are such pools in several hotels.

Accommodation in the hotel “Ekodom” 3 * in Adler. The cost of a trip to the New Year at the sea for two – from 35348 rubles. It offers free Wi-Fi. According to reviews, the hotel is clean, good service, the hotel is only 350 meters from the sea. Tour with accommodation at the hotel “U Bocharov Ruche” 3* in Sochi. A tour for two people will cost 39723 rubles with breakfast. The quiet area, 500 meters from the sea, the transfer to the sea.

If you are a fan of skiing, then at your service tours with accommodation in the hotel “Mountain Peaks” in Dombai. A tour for two without meals will cost you 20467 rubles for two. The hotel has a large indoor pool with heated water, rental of mountain equipment, sauna and bowling. The chair lift is within walking distance of the hotel. You can order a shuttle to the hotel from the airport of Mineralnye Vody.

Where to go on New Year’s Eve with children?

You can also find budget options for the vacations in Sochi and Adler.

For example, a tour to the hotel “U Bocharov Creek” 3 * in Sochi. Stay for two with a child will cost from 59760 rubles.

In the winter vacations you can visit the domain of Santa Claus in Finland. Tours by train, plane and ferry. Cost – from 32000 rubles per person.

If you must vacation at the sea with children, the best and cheapest offer would be a trip to Thailand, the cost of travel from Moscow with a child will cost from 125000 rubles, with early booking you can save significantly. Also we recommend to consider dates from January 2, the prices for hotels and tours from this point drop significantly.

Popular now are already considered tours on New Year at the sea with children in China and Vietnam. The cost of tours for two people in China starts from 135885 rubles with breakfast. Chinese resort Sanya on the island of Hainan is rapidly developing. On vacation you can not only have a good rest, but also take advantage of the therapeutic waters of the resort.

Many hotels on the island supply water from mineral springs directly to the rooms. You can take herbal foot baths for free. The tranquil environment of the resorts is conducive to family vacations. The resorts have many activities for children; children’s clubs and swimming pools with water slides, huge well-maintained parks. In the market you can buy cheap fruits and vegetables.

Very close to Sanya Airport. Flights from Moscow fly through Beijing. You can plan an individual tour with a stop in Beijing and visit Disneyland and the Forbidden City with children.

For residents of Siberia and the Far East the price of tours will be much lower because of the cost of the flight.

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