Where to go to the sea with a child in April 2022

Where to go with a child in April

A beach holiday in the tropics or a tour of Europe? How to organize a fun trip for the whole family in April?

In April, spring is finally coming into its own. We throw off our warm clothes and spend more time outdoors. The Russian climate is such that April can not always please us with a steady warmth and juicy fruits. As an adult, it is not too difficult to choose a country and create all the conditions for a great holiday at any time of year. And what if you fly on vacation with a small child? We choose the most successful destination for swimming in the sea and sightseeing.

Of course, children do not really like long excursions and prefer “aesthetic” pleasure diving in the warm sea or shallow pool and castles of sand. So, most likely the best vacation with kids is a vacation on the beach.

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Istanbul Sulaimaniye Mosque

© a_little_brighter / flickr.com / CC BY 2.0

This is the first thing that came to my mind, because every time I go there, I see a bunch of families with children. Except that April is not the best time for beach activities. The temperature during the day is about +22C/+25C. It’s comfortable for walks in the iconic places and markets. Ah, those Turkish markets! The water for kids is still cold, although in Russia in remote regions the water temperature of +20C is considered the norm. The kids are getting hardened there.

For a beach holiday in April is not suitable:

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Greece peloponnese pool children

© foilman / flickr.com / CC BY 2.0

Oddly enough, many people dream of getting there outside the summertime. There’s a lot to see there, to wander through ancient ruins, to remember all the myths and legends about Greek gods and heroes. All these open-air museums and water parks, too, will like little fidgeters.

In general, if you do not care about the whole vacation to “bake” in the sun and dive into the stormy sea, you can go to any country in Europe: France, Finland (by the way, in Finland is still possible to ski), Belgium, Spain, Czech Republic, Italy, England, etc.

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paris miniaturized jardin d'élancourt il de france miniatures triumphal arch eiffel tower

© zigazou76 / flickr.com / CC BY 2.0

France has a warm spring, and the natural beauty of Provence: the Côte d’Azur (Nice, Cannes, Saint-Tropez, Marseille) is especially pleasing. There are far fewer tourists there than in summer: the beaches and promenades are deserted, parties outdoors are not as frequent. In principle, all this will be interesting for tourists without children. And with kids it’s endless walks through parks, cozy candy stores and cafes, olive gardens, etc.

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Czech Republic

Prague architecture

© franganillo / flickr.com / CC BY 2.0

It’s convenient to get to Prague from St. Petersburg and Moscow. It’s a cultural, museum vacation. I don’t know how interesting it will be for children, but you will find a couple of attractions: the Prague Aquapark (the biggest aqua center in Europe), the zoo, the oceanarium, the Botanical Garden, a real island for children (yes! World of fun for kids), etc.

    – unusual excursions from the locals. – Inexpensive group tours.
Where to go on holiday with children abroad in 2022 - 20 ideas

Only Russian-speaking guides.

So, the sea … Already missing the scalding sand, “angels” in the sand and funny sellers with all sorts of “stuff”? Then choose one of the countries below and take a sultry summer in April.


phuket sea baby mama baby

© linvoyage / flickr.com / CC BY 2.0

Thailand is No. 1 among exotic countries where people go to “hang out” or relax in a secluded bungalow as a family. And if you choose a city or an island, it’s definitely Phuket. My own review (and most other travelers on various forums) – it’s cleaner there than in Pattaya, which never sleeps, it’s more expensive and comfortable vacation. My only note: April is the end of the tourist season in Thailand. Temperatures are very high, the sun is merciless: +32C in the shade. By the end of the month there can be high waves, which will spoil your holiday, but in early April you will be delighted by the warm sea water. You won’t be able to drag the kids away by the ears!

What else can you do to entertain a child in Thailand? Water parks, elephant rides and dancing with elephants, visiting the Monkey Island (just be careful when in contact with wild monkeys), crocodile shows, zoos.

Save on lodging by renting apartments from locals with Airbnb. Get 2,100 rubles as a gift on your first booking.


Vietnam Binh Thuan province kite children sea beach

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I know many people who are very passionate about Vietnam. Among yours, I think you’ll find a few too. Along with Thailand, Vietnam welcomes thousands of visitors every season. It is fair to say that it continues to evolve. For a holiday with children there is not much entertainment: again, elephants and monkeys, amusement park, etc.

You should not choose noisy Nha Trang, but quieter places with good service. For example, Phan Thiet and Phu Quoc island. The temperature here is also high +33C, but the climate is mild and the air is easy to breathe. The flight to Vietnam from Moscow takes about 9 hours (like to Thailand), but all resorts in Vietnam are often located far from the airport, so the transfer will also take some time.

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dubai emirates beach

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UAE is also a hot country (up to +38C . ). Let me tell you right away – the vacation will be expensive. One tour to Dubai costs from 65,000 rubles, the prices of products and cabs are high. But this trip the child will remember for a long time. Modern Arabian tale offers a ride on the slides in the amusement park (Dubailand), water parks (in the Emirates their o-very much), visit a safari park and much more. Adults will be interested in visiting exhibitions dedicated to luxury cars. Often such exhibitions are held in shopping malls.

Dominican Republic

Dominica bavaro beach baby

© vik_hotels / flickr.com / CC BY 2.0

The Dominican Republic is one of the few countries where you can vacation almost any time of year. But in April…it’s always cheaper. Already, by the way, in May, travel prices are rising sharply. The comfortable temperature overboard is +25C. The sea is warm, the beaches are as on the picture. The resorts for families: La Romana, Cap Cana. Children love swimming with dolphins at local water parks. How much does a tour to this Caribbean state cost? It costs about 210,000 rubles for a flight across the Atlantic Ocean plus lodging in a not-so-expensive hotel. You don’t need a visa here either. Discounted Tours are to your advantage!

Where to go to the sea with children in March 2022

In the Dominican Republic most hotels are all inclusive. Do not forget to immunize your children for a trip to exotic countries.


Israel eilat pool hotel

© websthatsell / flickr.com / CC BY 2.0

You can rest on the sea in Israel. It is even better to combine with excursions. In this country, it is impossible not to be interested in history. Well suited for children’s recreation port city Eilat. The daytime temperature is hot +28C, and in the evening is quite cool to +12C. The hotels in Israel have excellent service, but how to entertain a child outside it? In general, diving is very developed in Eilat, but it probably does not apply to children’s entertainment. Therefore, it is not superfluous to go to the observatory – there you can get acquainted with the local flora and fauna, learn about the incredible marine animals that are found in South America. By the way, if you’re going on a hike, find a viewpoint overlooking Egypt. There are several amusement parks in Eilat, the largest being the City of Kings.


egypt el cuseir pool children slides hotel

© matlock-photo / flickr.com / CC BY 2.0

In spring, there are not many tourists on the beach. The beaches of Egypt are well equipped with everything you need: there are always free sun loungers, toilet/shower, changing rooms. The resort of Hurghada is in the TOP among family tourists, but in April there are strong winds blowing. At times unbearably hot (up to +35C . ), but no wind on the popular Sharm el-Sheikh. Luxury hotels are not packed to capacity. Catch the moment! Ticket to Hurghada will cost a little over 95,500 rubles, in Sharm el Sheikh about the same …

The entry of Russians into this country is now very difficult, but there is a chance that all bans this year will be lifted (or at least simplified).

Crimea sevastopol khersoness tauride basilica beach

© alexxx-malev / flickr.com / CC BY 2.0

The Crimea is one of the most popular destinations in Russia. Its own is not cheaper, but many people prefer to take their children there. This is a familiar resort area, pebble beaches, familiar prices of food and lodging, and regular flights.

It’s hard to decide where to go for a vacation with kids? Whichever direction you have not chosen, the important criteria that you need to pay attention to: the temperature, the availability of children’s entertainment, the duration of the flight. If you want to sunbathe on the beach and swim in the warm sea, consider Egypt, UAE, Turkey, Vietnam and others. Russia also has interesting places, but in April the weather is unlikely to allow long playing in the sand and diving in the water. If a child does not mind wandering around the sights, go to the Crimea, Sochi or the CIS countries. Think through everything to the smallest detail, then travel with children will not be such a trial, as they say …

Family vacations in April

Holidays with children at sea in April

Find out where to go to the sea with kids in April 2022. What’s the weather like? Where are the good beaches? We tell you where you shouldn’t go with your child in mid-spring.

Rest in May 2022 in Russia: where inexpensive to go

Coronavirus and quarantine . This review is not about where to fly abroad now, but simply about the best beach destinations for this time of year. See the current list of open countries.

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Weather. In April, it’s comfortable to vacation with children in the south of Bali – it’s warm and dry weather. The air temperature during the day is +31. +34 ° C, and at night +21. +24°С. The sea water is warm to +28. +29°С. During the month there are 11 days with precipitations. However, the rains do not have to fear – it is a short and warm showers. Bali Weather →

Why to go. In mid-spring, the wet weather and storms are gone. Families with children enjoy pleasant beach holidays, beautiful landscapes, tropical nature, unusual architecture and the distinctive culture of the islanders.

Beaches and resorts. Where to stay with my child in April 2022? The island has resorts for all tastes. If you dream of an all-inclusive vacation, get a room at a 4-5* hotel in fashionable Nusa Dua. Budget accommodation for parents with children is not difficult to find in Jimbaran and Sanur. These resorts have comfortable beaches, low waves and less pronounced tides. Where to vacation in Bali →

Rest at sea with children in April

Balangan Beach in Bali (Photo: unsplash.com / @wirahadiprd)


Weather. Since the Seychelles are south of the equator, April corresponds to mid-autumn there. The air temperature is +30. +32 ° C, water – about +28. +30°С. Most rain falls over the ocean, and only small showers reach the land. In April, almost all the rain falls in the first half of the month.

Why it’s worth the trip. Seychelles is a wonderful place to vacation with children in April. Tourists enjoy the warm mild climate, swimming in seawater, pristine nature and the absence of urban noise. The child can see the giant turtles, packs of dolphins and green palm forests.

Beaches and resorts. Holidays in Seychelles with children is pleasant on any island. We recommend choosing a hotel in the capital of the country – Victoria or near the city. You’ll enjoy the tropical nature, but you won’t be isolated from the amenities of civilization. Take a walk through the Mont Fleury Botanical Gardens and visit a tea plantation in Mourne National Park.

Where to fly a child in April

Grand Anse Beach (Photo: unsplash.com / @mece)


Weather. April is considered one of the best months to vacation in Jordan with children. The hot Middle Eastern sun doesn’t get too hot, and there are almost no rains or overcast days. The temperatures range from +24. +26°С. It’s considerably warmer at the Red Sea coast at +28. +30 ° C, the water temperature is +22 ° C. At night it is cool +16. +18°С. You’ll need some warm clothes for your evening walks and excursions in the Wadi Rum Desert.

Why visit. Jordan is one of the countries where it is short and cheap to fly with children in April. Your child will rest well after a long winter, breathe healing sea air and get warm in the sun. You will see the beautiful sea, stony desert and archaeological monuments, which are protected by UNESCO.

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Beaches and resorts. At the Dead Sea should go with children over 6 years. There are large resort complexes and excellent recovery centers. Holidays on the Red Sea in Aqaba will appeal to children of all ages. Small and well-appointed resort is loved for its picturesque coastal landscape, clear water, good sand and pebble beaches.

Beach recreation with children in April

Around Petra (Photo: unsplash.com / @mousssssss)


Weather. It is great to vacation with a child in April on the Red Sea. The water temperature is already a comfortable +22. +25°С. In the second half of April, when the dry wind from the desert subsides, the Sinai Peninsula is beautiful. The air during the day warms up to +27 ° C, and at night cools down to +18 ° C. The children do not suffer from the intense heat. Weather in Egypt →

Why it’s worth the trip. It is a short flight to Egypt, so your child will not get tired on the way. The Arabs know how to receive tourists well. At the resorts of many comfortable hotels with meals “all inclusive”, there are children’s pools, special menus and animation. With children of school age, it is interesting to visit the huge pyramids, look at the ancient tombs and go to the archaeological museums of Egypt. Reviews about holidays in Egypt →.

Beaches and resorts. For a holiday with a child on the Red Sea in April suitable Sharm el Sheikh, Hurghada, Dahab, Marsa Alam, El Gouna, Safaga, Soma Bay, Makadi Bay and Nuweiba. Any of these resorts have sandy beaches with gentle entrance to the sea. There’s more entertainment in Hurghada. Take a ride on a boat with a transparent bottom, go to the Red Sea Aquarium Museum and go on excursions to Luxor and Giza.

Where to fly on sea with children in April

Sharm el Sheikh (Photo: Freesally / pixabay.com)


Weather. Beach holidays with kids in April 2022 are good in Mauritius. It rains rarely – there are only two days in a month. Humidity decreases in the spring, but cloud cover is plentiful. The temperature in the resorts is +27. +30°С. The water in the Indian Ocean is warm to +27. +28°С.

Why it’s worth going. People come to Mauritius for the excellent white sand beaches, warm ocean, pristine nature and a quiet, relaxed vacation. Visit Two Coconuts Island and Frederica National Park with children.

Beaches and resorts. Where to vacation with a child in April? We advise to choose the resorts that are located in the south-west and south of Mauritius – Flick en Flac, Sujac and the peninsula of Le Morne. There are wonderful sandy beaches and no strong currents.

Where the warmer sea in April for a holiday with children

Mauritius (Photo: Antoine Debroye / flickr.com)

Weather. Holidays with children in April in Cuba are very comfortable. Trade winds blow over the island and they cool the heated air. The temperature during the day +29 ° C. At night, the thermometer column goes down to +21 ° C. It is warmest in Varadero and Havana, coolest in Santiago de Cuba. Water in the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea is warm +26 ° C, precipitation is very low. Weather in Cuba →

Why to go. In April in Cuba, there is no exhausting heat and heavy rains. You will enjoy mild pleasant weather, wonderful beach vacations, colorful tropical nature and interesting excursions. A rousing dance festival is held in Havana in mid-spring, and an electroacoustic music festival is held in Varadero.

Beach holidays in May 2022. Where to have a better holiday at sea

Beaches and resorts. At sea with a child in April 2022 is good in different parts of Cuba, but most prefer to vacation in Varadero. There are wide sandy beaches, enough entertainment and excellent service. In Cuban hotels there is animation in Russian. Where to vacation in Cuba →

Rest at sea in April with children

Varadero beach (Photo: Gerald La / flickr.com)


Weather. In April it is very warm in the Maldives. The air temperature is +31 ° C and the sea water +28. +30°С. Bathing is not refreshing at all. The amount of rainfall increases to 3-8 rainy days per month, but the downpours pass at night and do not interfere with rest by the sea. Weather in the Maldives →

Why to go. The Maldives is a favorite destination for beach lovers. There are no poisonous snakes and dangerous infections. In April, the high season comes to an end, so the prices for tours are reduced. Children over 10 years old are offered special lessons in diving and surfing schools. Pros and cons of the holiday →

Beaches and resorts. The Maldives have the world’s best sandy beaches, a lot of comfortable hotels 4-5* and there are budget hotels, where it’s convenient to stay with children. All resorts are on islands. Choose atolls, which are located near the archipelago capital – Male. Families with children like North and South Male, Baa, North and South Ari. Where to vacation in Maldives →

Beach recreation with children in April

Water in the Maldives (Photo: unsplash.com / @sotti)


Weather. In April, you can go to Mexico with your child and catch the last month of the high season. In Acapulco and Cancun, the temperature is +30. +32 ° C, and at night +24 ° C. The sea water is warm +27. +28°С.

Why it’s worth going. For the good sandy beaches, clean sea, sunny weather and beautiful nature. Mexico has a rich history and culture. Show your kids the ancient Mayan and Aztec cities. Go to the interactive Museum of Light in Mexico City, visit amusement parks and themed rides. Travelers reviews about Mexico →

Beaches and resorts. Beach holidays with children in April is good in Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Tulum. If you go to Mexico for the first time, we recommend Acapulco. The bustling and fun resort is popular with families. The Mundo Marino Aquarium and water park are located here. There are sandy beaches along the coast where there are no high waves. From Acapulco there are excursions to islands and nature reserves. Animation in the resort hotels is in Spanish and English.

Reviews on vacation with children at sea in April

Tulum (Photo: unsplash.com / @earth)

Where else to go with a child in April at sea

Where not to vacation with a child in April

In April, it’s best not to come to Sri Lanka with children, as the weather is quite capricious. In the south-west of the island from the middle of the month begin storms, and in Hikkaduwa and Bentota – strong winds and rains.

Mid-spring is a very hot time in Thailand. The resorts in the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman Sea are stuffy and humid. The temperature is +33. +35 ° C during the day and +25 ° C at night. Although the main rainy season is still ahead, the humidity rises to 90%. It is difficult for children to bear such heat, so many parents in April, refuse to travel to Thailand.

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