Where to go to the sea with children in August 2022

Where to go with a child in August

Where to go with a child on summer vacation? Most parents choose a beach holiday for their children. But the choice of the resort should be treated responsibly, so that a vacation at sea brought the maximum benefit. Whether it’s a family camp, the private sector or a luxury hotel, the main thing – a good climate and a friendly family vacation.

Russian resorts

Where to go on vacation in August with children in Russia? The Black Sea and its resorts from the Crimea to Sochi do not lose their popularity.

Vacation with a child in Russia in August has certain advantages:

  • You do not need a visa;
  • no problems with the language;
  • fly close;
  • It is easier to endure the change of climate and time zones.

The disadvantages are typical for any resort in the peak season:

  • Active sun and heat;
  • overcrowding of beaches;
  • high prices.

In the last month of summer the water on the Black Sea coast warms up to 26-27 °, sunny weather with a daily temperature of 28-32 °. High humidity in the Sochi area is alarming. Even in Lazarevskoye there are night showers, so the kids and older vacationers are better to fly here in late August or September. Not everyone will like pebble beaches and steep walk into the water.

Reviews that leave holidaymakers, assure that recreation in Anapa with children will be a more sensible solution. Steppe air is beneficial for kids, prone to frequent colds. Considerable argument will be sandy beaches and the ability to inexpensively settle in one of the resort villages. The prices for lodging in Vityazevo pleasantly surprise – from 250 rubles / day per person.

Don’t know where to go with children in August? You won’t be mistaken if you choose the Crimea. Attracts a combination of sea and mountain climate, dry air, warm sea, fresh fruits. Most expensive will be rest in Yalta. The starting price is 1500 rubles for a room away from the sea, more often ask for 2-3 thousand rubles/day. Beaches on the south coast are pebbly, the sight pleases with magnificent nature.

You can find soft golden sand in Feodosia, Sudak, as well as in Saki and Evpatoria. If your priority is a budget holiday, then settle in the suburbs – Morskoye, Rybachiy, Shtormovoye, Olenevka. Here you can stay with your family for 600-1500 rubles per day per person.

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Going to Turkey in August with children – not the best idea. If an adult healthy person can withstand the sizzling heat and stuffiness, the parents with a small child should be more cautious. Where to go to protect young travelers from the scorching sun? After reading reviews, tourists choose Kemer or resorts on the Aegean Sea, where it is traditionally cooler. There is also the Black Sea coast, but the local beaches are fancied by the Turks, and the service leaves much to be desired.

The daytime temperature at the resorts of Turkey does not drop below 30 °. In the sea 28 °, no precipitation is expected, but the humidity is very high. With a child who is 3 years or younger is wiser to come to Turkey in the autumn.

Prices for packages with all inclusions for 7 nights:

  • 1 adult, 2 children – from 49 500 rubles;
  • 2 adults, 2 children – from 64 500 rubles;
  • 2 adults 3 children – from 72 000 rub.

The real life begins at night – discos, live music, street concerts. The streets are noisy and fun, a lot of tipsy young people, so it’s better to rest with the child in small quiet villages such as Aban or Sinop.

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Vacationers with children will have to choose between two popular countries. Tunisia or Turkey? What to prefer: an African fairy tale or oriental exoticism? If you are planning to go to Tunisia with a child in August, be prepared for the scorching heat. During the daytime the thermometer exceeds 30 ° and quite often reaches 40 °. In the sea 29 °, the sun burns the skin even through the thickness of the water. Even sultry Turkey will seem like a cool oasis.

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Is it worth testing the strength of your children? Responsible parents do not advise to vacation with children in early August, preferring the last decade, and even better – the velvet autumn season.

Finances also play a role. If the cost of a package for two in Turkey starts from 45,000 rubles, then a similar tour in Tunisia will cost you more – from 60,000 rubles.

    – Extraordinary excursions from the locals. – Inexpensive group tours.

Only Russian speaking guides.


Bright sun, no precipitation, warm sea (26-27 °), hot air (35 ° and above) – that’s Greece in August, it is more comfortable to rest on islands with a child. The constant sea breeze makes it easier to bear the heat.

Where to go to rest with children was without complications? Tourists leave excellent reviews of Rhodes and Crete, but families with babies recommend the northern island of Corfu. The climate here is milder, the air is cooler, you can choose a beach covered with sand or fine pebbles.

Attractions in Corfu is not much. The older kids will love the horse rides around the island and boat excursions. Take the kids to the water park.

The cost of tours for 2 adults and 1 child – from 69 100 rub.

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Greece or Cyprus? What should you choose if you have a holiday with children? The thermometer in August often reaches 40 °, the water gets as warm as 30 °. And although Cyprus is blown by the winds from all sides, young tourists in the middle of the day should not go out in the open sun. If you follow the regime and stay in a good hotel, you’ll get the most out of the sea air and well-kept beaches. Do not let bored stay animators, ready to entertain your children from morning till night.

Cyprus in August with a child of tender age is preferable:

  • sandy beaches;
  • shallow bottom;
  • good environment;
  • children’s menu;
  • nannies and animators in every hotel.

We study the reviews and draw conclusions. Greece is more suitable for teenagers, with whom you can go on long excursions and see the country.

For a one-week tour for three on the all-inclusive system you will pay 74,000 rubles.


An ideal option would be Bulgaria in August with a child. It is very warm, but not hot – on the thermometer 27-30 °. By the end of the month the air cools down, there are short rains. The sea remains warm – 25-26 °.

Wide sandy beaches with a gentle entrance stretch along the Black Sea coast. The most popular are Varna, Golden Sands or Albena. Here is cooler, more greenery and entertainment. The hotels have very good animation, developed a system of children’s clubs. In the parks and along the promenade there are attractions and playgrounds for children.

Reviews of tourists note the high prices at the Bulgarian resorts. The cost of the tour for a family of 3 people without meals – from 69,000 rubles.


Native Spaniards have adapted to the hot climate. Northern residents will have to get used to the local regime. During the daytime hours, when the temperature exceeds 35°, stores and souvenir shops close for a siesta. But after sunset life is boiling, and temperamental Spaniards do not let you sleep until morning.

Spain in August with children is good if you settle in the quiet suburbs in the north. The sea is warm here – 24-26 °, but not as hot as the southern Mediterranean Sea.

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The pluses are comfort and European service, entertainment for adults and children.

Minuses – visa application, high prices. A week’s stay for three people with breakfast and dinner will cost 114 200 rubles.

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The last month of summer in Italy enjoys a warm sea and beautiful nature. But when the air heats up to 30-35°, the tourists at seaside resorts are joined by locals. Hence the crowds on the beaches, lines, high prices. A family vacation will cost at least 89,000 rubles.

Italy in August with children will leave pleasant impressions, if you choose the right resort. The best place, as parents assure reviews, is in the Venice Riviera. It is a small resort town Lignano, where the golden beaches stretch along the pine forest, and where you can not hear the noise of urban discos.

You can diversify your vacation in a water park, visit the zoo, a nursery of parrots and butterflies.


August in Montenegro is the hottest and sunniest month. The sea warms up to 26-27 ° in the air during the day 29-30 °, at night it cools to 20 °. But even in the hot afternoon there is a cool breeze from the mountains and green forests, and 16 pristine beaches of the country were awarded with the Blue Flag.

Where to go with children? Montenegro in August with a child will not seem boring. The country is rich with sights, beautiful scenery, unique culture. It is worth considering the colorful island of Ada Bojana with an abundance of sunny days, the resort of Ulcinj with sandy basalt beaches.

You can fly to Montenegro without a visa. The minimum price for a week will be 26 100 rubles per person.

To fly with a child on vacation is a laudable and quite feasible desire. You will remember the happy moments more than once in a cold Russian winter.

Family vacations in August

Beach vacation with children in August

In August, the choice of proposals for a beach holiday is huge – where to fly with a child, it is not easy to decide. Get acquainted with a review of 8 countries where it’s best to vacation at the sea with children in 2022. Find out about interesting excursions, climate features and festivals at the end of summer.

Holidays with a child during the peak tourist season are enjoyed by most families. Warm, sunny weather makes it possible for parents with children to travel to many countries. In late summer, there is something to do at the seaside resorts. All attractions and museums are open in coastal towns and villages, travelers are offered interesting tours, and the sea is so warm that children are ready to spend the whole day on the shore.

Coronavirus and quarantine . This review is not about where to fly abroad now, but simply about the best beach destinations for vacations with children. See the current list of open countries. The choice is not much, but at least something! See also where to go in Russia with children.

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In August, the Black Sea and Azov Sea coasts are usually overcrowded. The reasons for the influx of tourists are simple: to vacation in Russia you do not need to apply for a visa, solve language problems and take a long flight by plane. Domestic resorts are attractive to parents with babies, who can hardly tolerate the change of time zones and climates.

Deciding where best to vacation with a child in August 2022, you need to consider the peculiarities of the climate. In late summer the air on the Black Sea and Azov Sea in the daytime warms up to +28. +32 ° C, and the water up to +24. +25°С. The Black Sea coast is very humid, so the rest there is more suitable for children who have no respiratory problems. Azov resorts are recommended for children with allergies and metabolic disorders. In addition, dry steppe air is excellent for children suffering from frequent colds.

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It is equally important to choose a suitable place for a vacation with your child by the sea. Large resort towns – Sochi, Anapa, Gelendzhik and Yeisk – like those who travel with older children. In the city is always easier to solve the problem with food, buy the necessary medicines and arrange a babysitter. In large resort centers are open a lot of interesting attractions and museums. There are dolphinariums and water parks, and children are not bored.

In a seaside town is not necessary to stay in a hotel. At the time of the vacation you can always rent a city apartment or a private house. There are also many proposals in guest houses. The usual amenities, a washing machine and a kitchen greatly facilitate the family vacation!

Small seaside villages are often chosen by parents with kids. They are attracted by the abundance of greenery, secluded beaches, the absence of noisy discos and crowds of people. Villages like Krinitsy, Shakhe, Dederkoi and Peresypi have good transport links with major tourist centers, so a trip to the nearby town is not a big problem.

Holidays with his family at sea in August

Water park “Nemo” in Yeisk.

Where to vacation with children in August

(Photo: rawenergy / pixabay.com)


Fans of Spain’s Mediterranean resorts know the answer to the question of where to fly to the sea with children in August 2022. The infrastructure of Spanish resorts is perfect for a family vacation, and the flight to this country does not take much time.

In August the temperature on the Costa Blanca, Costa Brava, Costa Dorada and Costa de Almeria rises to +32. +34°С. Because of the heat the shopkeepers and souvenir shops stop working during the day and indulge in the traditional siesta. Parents with children follow their example and try to spend the midday hours not near the sea, and at the hotel pools or on excursions.

The Mediterranean sea in August is warm +24. +26 ° C, and children spend a long time swimming and playing near the water. In addition to beach holidays with a child you can go to the amusement park “Port Aventura”, visit Spanish water parks, dolphinariums and zoos. With the older children it is interesting to go on excursions to Barcelona, Girona and Madrid, or go to the grand August holiday – Bilbao Big Week.

August at sea with a child

(Photo: leelive / flickr.com / CC BY-ND 2.0 license)


A great decision for a summer vacation is to fly your child to resorts in France. The end of summer is the most favorable time for beach holidays, so the traditional French vacations are in July and August.

Mediterranean Sea off the coast of France is warm +24. +26 ° C, and in Nice its temperature reaches +27. +28°С. On the beaches of the Atlantic in August it can be cooler, it rains more often, and the sea water is rarely warmer than +20 ° C.

The beaches of the Cote d’Azur are perfect for holidays with children by the sea in August. Nice is chosen by lovers of pebble beaches, and Cannes – by sandy beaches. With a child you can go to Corsica, but keep in mind that in August there are a lot of tourists.

There is a perception that luxurious French resorts are available only to the cream of society. This is partly true. However, even those who can only afford a budget vacation, be sure to find a place on the Cote d’Azur! Enough to know a few secrets: look for inexpensive accommodation away from the sea and book hotels on the French Riviera in advance.

Where to rest with children in August

(Photo: francois.pouzet999 / flickr.com / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 license)

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Where to rest with a child in August

(Photo: BrisVegan Street / flickr.com / License CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)


It’s a great idea to go to the seaside resorts of Poland in August with your child! At the end of summer the air on the Polish beaches warms up to +20. +25°С. Baltic Sea cannot be called warm. Even in high summer, its temperature does not rise above +20 ° C. Such water is too cool for kids, but schoolchildren like it. Mild maritime climate of the Baltic Sea is suitable for children who have chronic illnesses or do not tolerate the heat.

The Baltic coast of Poland stretches for more than 500 km. It is cut by picturesque sand dunes and high cliffs. There are 600 sandy beaches, a third of which are equipped for beach holidays. Almost everywhere the entrance to the water is gentle, which is very convenient for small children. On official beaches are constantly on duty lifeguards and created “paddling” for kids. Find out where to rest in Poland.

Families with children love to come to Sopot, Swinoujscie, Lebe, Krynica Morska, Dabki, Nehoze, Hel, Ustka and Kolobrzeg. These Polish resorts have become popular because of the clean air, beautiful pine-beech forests and the absence of crowds of tourists. In Międzyzdroje, in addition to beach holidays, you can take advantage of mineral springs and visit the picturesque Wolin National Park.

Where to fly a child in August

(Photo: PolandMFA / flickr.com / License CC BY-NC 2.0)

Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia

In August at the sea with a child it is good to swim and sunbathe on the beautiful beaches of the Baltic States – Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. Vacations in the Baltic Sea like tourists who want to vacation in a temperate climate zone and do not like the heat and scorching sun. In August, the air temperature at the Baltic Sea coast reaches +27 ° C and the sea water is about +21. +23°С.

Holidays on the Riga seashore are recommended to children who find it difficult to bear the summer heat. The most popular places for parents with children are Jurmala, Liepaja and the young Latvian resort of Ventspils. There are hotels, boarding houses and guest houses, designed for different tastes and wallets. Baltic service is extremely high, so even in 3* hotels guests will enjoy impeccable service.

In August, parents with children go to Klaipeda, Neringa, Nida, Juodkranta, and Palanga. Lithuanian beaches are open to the public. Many of the beaches, which stretch along the Curonian Spit, were awarded the “Blue Flag” for cleanliness and quality service.

Rest with children by the sea in Estonia is much cheaper than a vacation in the Canary Islands or Cote d’Azur. The most popular Estonian beaches are in Pärnu, Saaremaa, Haapsalu and Narva-Jõesuu. Municipal beaches in Estonian seaside towns are well equipped. There are always playgrounds for children and cosy cafés.

Where to vacation with a child in August

Staldzene beach, Ventspils. Photo: gatisv / unsplash.com.

Where to go on vacation with a child in August

(Photo: gagilas / flickr.com / CC BY-SA 2.0 license)


Tourists who like hot weather like to fly to Greece in August with children. The Greek word philoxenia, which means “love for wanderers”, perfectly conveys the attitude of the inhabitants of this country to all guests, and especially to families with children.

In August the air in mainland Greece and the islands warms up to +30. +35 ° C, and sea water up to +24. +25°С. For a vacation by the sea with a child, most parents choose islands. There is a constant sea breeze that allows you to easily endure the heat of the day.

The most suitable weather is on the island of Corfu. It is located north of the other Greek islands, so the climate there is quite mild. However, in Corfu you need to take precautions. To avoid children get heat stroke, the sea is better to bring them before 11:00 and after 17:00, when the insolation is not as high. Travelers reviews of Greece →

Corfu is not large in size, and travel around it does not tire children. In addition to beach holidays and sea walks, with a child you can admire the historical building of the capital of the island – the city of Kerkyra, look at the ancient fortresses and visit the Museum of seashells. Compared to Rhodes and Crete, Corfu has few attractions. Among the most popular attractions for children are Aqualand water park, exciting boat tours Kalypso Star and horse riding tours around the island.

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At the Sea in August with a Child

(Photo: jarmoluk / pixabay.com)

Where to go with children in August

(Photo: Pexels / pixabay.com)


A great alternative to European and African beaches is a vacation at sea with children in 2022 in India. In August, the Asian country is in peak low season. There are few tourists, and travelers save money on accommodations and excursions.

Is it worth flying on vacation with a child to India in August? Many parents are afraid of monsoons. Indeed, from the clouds that bring southwestern winds to the continent, it rains almost every day. However, warm showers occur mostly at night and do not interfere at all with a pleasant beach holiday. If the storm does rise on the sea, tourists swim in the hotel pools.

When choosing a place to stay with children by the sea, keep in mind that in late summer on the west coast of the Bay of Bengal is less hot than the east. In August, the sea water temperature rises to +27. +29°C in August, and it can be even warmer in the shallow waters.

India is a country with a rich history and colorful traditions, so the child will be curious to see the unusual temples and rituals. In mid-August, India celebrates Independence Day with concerts, fireworks, and lavish parades all over the country.

Where to go on vacation at sea in August with children

(Photo: Daniel Incandela / flickr.com / License CC BY-NC 2.0)


The resorts of Foggy Albion are one of the unusual places to vacation with a child at sea in August. We’re used to associating England with double-decker buses and puddings and don’t know that there are several resorts in the south of the country with excellent pebble and sandy beaches.

The bathing season there lasts until the end of August and the temperature of the sea water is +19. +20°С. Holidays in England are enjoyed by anyone who does not like the hot sun and wants to combine beach pleasures with interesting excursions to the sites of archaeological excavations, ancient forts and castles.

On the shores of the English Channel is a popular expensive resort of Brighton, the beaches of which were awarded the Blue Flag. Many parents with children stay at Newport and Eastbourne, St Helier Resort, or the Torbay resort area, also known as the English Riviera.

Where to go with a Child on Sea in August

(Photo: Torquay Palms / flickr.com / License CC BY-SA 2.0)

Where else to vacation with kids in August 2022

In addition to the countries listed in the review, in August 2022 with a child you can have a good vacation in Georgia. The trip to the Black Sea coast does not take long. Russians do not need a visa to enter Georgia, and the vacation is quite budget-friendly.

If a child can tolerate a long flight, you should pay attention to seaside resorts of Brazil, Venezuela, Peru, Chile, Mexico and Argentina. Vacations in the Western Hemisphere will cost more than in Europe and North Africa. However, the opportunity to experience the culture and traditions of American countries is worth the effort and money!

A great option for a vacation by the sea in August is to go with your child to “Eastern Hawaii.” This is the name of the large tropical island of Hainan, which is located in southern China. August is the rainy season, and over Hainan dominate the monsoons. Despite this, holidays on the island does not lose its appeal. The daytime air temperature reaches +30. +32 ° C, and sea water +28. +30°С. During a vacation in August in Hainan with a baby you can enjoy the warm sea, walk through tropical parks and relax at the healing thermal springs.

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