Where to go to the sea with children in September 2022

Rest with children in September 2022 – where to go to the sea?


To spend a vacation at sea with a child is a serious undertaking. To choose a hotel, to think about entertainment, to decide whether all-inclusive or local cuisine, to find a sandy beach … And the most difficult – to understand where to go in general 🙂 .

We already have a convenient division by seasons. So we start planning by months, and on the turn – vacation with kids in September.

Why September in particular? The high tourist season is hot, crowded and expensive. In late summer, the heat subsides, reduces the excitement on the beaches, prices for housing come back to normal – the velvet season. Hence the fact that vacation with children in September at sea – the most comfortable in terms of weather and pleasant on a budget.


Where to look for cheap tours?

To find a really profitable tour, you need to cover as many tour operators as possible. Because each of them has its own price for hotels and destinations, and the difference on the same option is substantial.

To analyze the bases of offers of all the leading tour operators is a task of aggregators, such as:

They compare the prices of trips and display in ascending order or by hotel rating (by the way, very helpful when choosing). Last minute tours, tips on the best departure dates, saving time – for all this we turn to online search engines.

Look at the price on all three services – this is one of the 10 secrets of buying cheap tours.

Where to go to the sea with a child in September without a visa?

Visa is a frequent stumbling block. Its registration for each member of the family can take a significant amount. Let’s try to save money, and therefore consider the country where to go with a child in September at sea and can be without a visa.

  • In first place is a vacation in Russia. Here, even without further ado, everything is clear.
  • Georgia – the Black Sea, hinkali, churchella and everything is cheap.
  • Tunisia – you can swim, you can sunbathe, and you can leave for two days in the Sahara Desert
  • Montenegro – the hospitable Montenegrins are crazy about children. It seems that in this country, children are allowed to do anything 🙂 Cyprus – visa is needed, but not visas.
  • Cyprus – a visa is needed, but it is free and is done in 1-2 days. Most resorts are ideal for a child.
  • Turkey – a classic beach vacation. As in Cyprus, it is the warmest sea in late September
  • UAE, but only at the end of September, otherwise the vacation will be remembered a hellish heat.

The price is for one person when buying a tour for two

Features vacation with a child

So, what do we take into account?

  1. Good weather and a warm climate are a must! But even quite hot countries – not a place where it’s better to relax with children: acclimatization – a bad thing
  2. Location comfort – a family vacation, spoiled by the daily march-broke uphill from the beach to the hotel, and even with a tired baby in his arms … mm, no
  3. Excursions and entertainments – three-year old child is unlikely to penetrate a trip to ancient ruins, and the teenager of 14-15 years won’t be satisfied with a playground with swings
  4. Beaches – suitable for vacations with small children should be flat and sandy.
  5. Food – focus on “all inclusive” or European cuisine (the availability of special products than to feed an allergic child – this will tell the reviews).
  6. Permission to travel abroad – is required if the child is vacationing without parents.

Where to go inexpensively? Top 5 destinations

Rest with children

We continue to plan a vacation with children in September 2022. In general, thinking about where to go to the sea, usually consider if not the cheapest option, then one of them. We all want to feel first-class service, but inexpensive.

As mentioned above, September is the best period to save money. In early fall, resorts offer the same things as in the middle of summer, but at humane prices (especially closer to the end of the month).

Here are five inexpensive destinations for those who have planned their vacation in September.

Russia (Crimea, Adler, Sochi).

Quite an option for a trip to the sea: in Russia everything is familiar, without a visa, and you can get to any resort not only by plane, but also by train / car.

Already in late August at the Azov Sea (north of Crimea) it gets cool. And even with the onset of Indian summer the water does not warm up. So with children in September is better to go to the Black Sea: the air temperature to +26 ° C; at night not below +17 ° C. Moreover, such figures hold along the Black Sea coast from A to Z (read – from Adler to Yalta). Water temperature – from +22 ° C (on the southern coast of Crimea) to +25 ° C (Adler). Most comfortable in terms of weather is still in Adler.

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Go people and in Anapa, with children in September, a beach vacation can still be arranged, but in the first half of the month. In the Crimea, the most “children’s” resort is Sudak: a lot of entertainment for all ages (for example, water park “Water World”). Sochi and Adler will suit those who do not like to sit still, and want to spend 1-2 days in the mountains or in Abkhazia.

  • What else will motivate you to change your September vacation with children abroad to Russian? Prices for tours! From 40,000 rubles for “mom, dad, me” for a week without meals, from 55,000 rubles for 3 meals a day.


You can not go wrong if your choice – Turkey in September, with a child there will be just fine. Turkish resorts have long established themselves as the best place to relax with children.

In early September, both on the Aegean and the Mediterranean Sea is post-August heat to +32 ° C. But the water is different: from Fethiye to Kusadasi +26 ° C, and by the end slips to +24 ° C; from Alanya to Kemer – from +29 ° to +27 ° C.

Recommended resort for a trip with a child is Side with its sandy beaches and family-oriented hotels. The “all inclusive” system thrives, there are additional “equipment” for the smallest (high chairs, bottle warmers) and their own water parks on the territory. You can also consider Belek (cool hotels), Alanya (budget, sandy, but far from the airport), Kemer (mountains, pine smell and pebble beaches).

  • Tour packages to Turkey in September – from 53,000 rubles for all inclusive of three for 7 nights


Italians play volleyball on the beach in Rhodes

Italians play volleyball on the beach in Rhodes

Greece is good at any time, and Greece in September with the kids even more so: a real living history lesson half-and-half with a great beach holiday 🙂 True, before you need to make a Schengen visa.

Относительно недавно мы съездили на Родос. Написали подробный отчет >> (с фотками и предельно полезной инфой, все как полагается), а также обсудили с друзьями и сравнили, где лучше — может быть на Крите? >> 🙂

Everyone who goes to Greece with a child, we advise the island: Crete and Rhodes. September in Crete – the most comfortable month. The heat goes away, the temperature outside is about +27 ° C, and the chance of rain is negligible. The sea warms up its +25 ° C. In Rhodes, the winds diluting the heat, the water temperature (+27 ° C) is even ahead of the air temperature (+26 ° C).

The most popular places for children’s recreation in Rhodes are Faliraki (water park), Lindos and Tsambika (sandy beaches). Popular resorts in Crete are Rethymno, Bali, Agios Nikolaos (sandy bays, protected from the wind).

  • How much does Greece cost in September? Starting from 47 000 rubles for a 7-day vacation with 3 people


A pebbly beach in Montenegro (Budva)

The first month of autumn is also the last month for a holiday in Montenegro with children, the beach and swimming time is coming to an end.

As well as in many resorts during the velvet season the heat at the coast of Montenegro in September comes down to a pleasant +26 ° C, and at night it drops to +16 ° C … +18 ° C. Water stably keeps about +24 ° C. It can rain, but heavy rainfall is more common after the 20s. The mild climate, clean Adriatic Sea, ripe fruit and friendly locals will not leave anyone indifferent 🙂 The mountains are a place where you must go. Older children will definitely like it there.

Sandy beaches are only a part of the Montenegrin coast. For a holiday with a child best suit the following resorts:

  • Petrovac and Lucice beach: a quiet and peaceful town, in the evenings there are children’s discos on the city beach, the beach is characterized by soft sand
  • Velika Plazha near Ulcinj – white sand and gently sloping sea
  • Becici – Rafailovichi – good beaches and civilization
  • Sutomore is a small town with very nice beaches (about 2.5 km of sand), there are children’s attractions.

Montenegro is not always profitable to visit the tour. On average, the price of a trip – from 68,000 rubles for 3 people for a week without meals; while airfare ≈ 48,000 for three people round trip and apartment ≈ $ 100 for the same date.

In fact, as for the weather: all who are thinking about Cyprus with children in September should go just in the middle of the month. Only by this period the sun is not hot, but warm. The presence of a visa is required, but there are no problems with it, because the one-time visa to Cyprus is processed online and is absolutely free (suitable and ordinary Schengen, who has it). And once almost no visa – the question immediately arises: choose Cyprus or Turkey?

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The average air temperature on the island in September +30 ° C. The water temperature of +28 ° C does not fall almost until November!

First of all, parents, who have already been to Cyprus with children, advise to go to Protaras – a quiet resort with super beaches for a quiet holiday. Of entertainment – Ocean Aquarium. Another resort for family raids – Limassol: beaches with healing sand, a zoo and a water park “Fasouri Watermania”. The area of Ayia Napa is also good, but can be too noisy.

  • Voyages to Cyprus for parents and kids in September cost from 66,000 rubles for 7 days.

Where else to vacation with children in September?

And finally, for those who have not decided where to go with the child at sea, a few more interesting directions. Not all of them are visa-free. Some of them may not be the most expensive. But definitely, these countries are worthy of attention.

So where else can you spend your vacation in September 2022?

Spain .

It’s just perfect for a holiday with children: a warm sea (but only on the Costa Blanca and Dorada and Mallorca), gentle approach to the sea, children’s entertainment, which will please the parents. Which coast to choose and where to fly – depends on the budget: prices on the Costa Blanca and the island are higher than on the Costa Dorada.

The air temperature in September will be +26 ° C and the water temperature +25 ° C. In the second half of September on the Costa Dorada, frequent rainfall is possible and, in general, it gets colder.

Therefore, in the first place, tourists are considering Blanca (Alicante and Benidorm) – chic beaches and water parks – in Benidorm as many as two, zoos, a real castle of knights. Mallorca’s most child-friendly neighborhood – Alcudia: a choice of hotels all inclusive, and apartments, paired with a cool beach and active animation.

  • A tour to a warm place in Spain in September will cost at least 75,000 rubles for three people a week


Tunisia with children in September Tunisia with children in September

An option for those who are planning their vacation in the second half or late September. The beach season lasts almost until November and we advise to avoid the heat. For Tunisia in September with a child will suit the island of Djerba – the southernmost resort, or the mainland Mahdia and Hammamet – with the best beaches.

The average daytime temperature reaches +27 ° C, at night it drops below +25 ° C. The water is heated to the same +27 ° C. The chance of getting caught in the rain in September is extremely small.

The island of Djerba is a quiet and measured beach life, diluted with all inclusiv, priory animation and some entertainment. Djerba Explore Park and its crocodile farm, a trip to the Sahara Desert – a mini-tour from Djerba will take less time than from other resorts (close distance). And for the same reason will come out a little cheaper.

  • You can go to Tunisia in September from 80,000 rubles for three people on 7 days all inclusive


The country has long been almost native to us 🙂 The familiar Black Sea, the familiar climate in the south of Russia, similar to our language and cuisine (even if there is no children’s menu in a cafe or hotel, the child will not go hungry). Bulgarian resorts in September differ from Russian only by the need for a visa.

The climate in Bulgaria is very mild indeed, and even more so during the velvet season. Daytime air temperature +24 ° C … +25 ° C and water temperature +22 ° C … +23 ° C guarantee the absence of any acclimatization.

The best resorts for a holiday with children in Bulgaria are Albena – a semi-closed hotel town, promoting all-inclusive and the cult of the child, Golden Sands and more southern Sunny Beach and St. Konstantin and Elena.

  • A week in Bulgaria from Moscow will cost 45,000 rubles for parents and child (with breakfast)


This place is probably less associated with beach holidays. For many people Georgia is a country of mountains, rich cuisine and noble wine. And how to connect all this with a children’s vacation, little is clear 🙂 And yet, Georgia has beautiful seaside resorts, about which we can not be silent.

The air temperature on the coast in September is about +25 ° C. And the same (+25 ° C) water temperature on Georgian beaches.

The largest resorts are Batumi and Kobuleti. And if the latter, replete with bars and nightclubs, is more suitable for young people, then Batumi is a good option for a holiday with a child. There are water park, dolphinarium and excursions. If you go to Georgia to improve the health of your baby, you should consider the beach Ureki in the village of the same name: the sand here has healing properties, and along the banks grow pines and eucalyptus trees. But as the saying goes, “consult a doctor before using”.

  • A trip to Georgia in September for 7 days starts from 70 000 roubles for three people. It is more profitable to fly on your own
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Family vacations in September

Holidays at sea with a child in September

Determining where to vacation with children during the holiday season can be difficult. We’ve done an overview of eight countries where it’s best to go to the sea with a baby in September 2022. Learn about the weather along the coast and the resorts worth visiting with the whole family in early fall.

Coronavirus and Quarantine . This review is not about where to fly abroad now, but simply about the best beach destinations for this time of year. See the current list of open countries. See also where to go in Russia with children.

Vacation at the sea with a child in September has many advantages. Especially the younger children who do not need to go to school benefit. During the holiday season coastal towns and villages become empty, so the prices for accommodation, food and tours go down. In September, holidaymakers continue to enjoy the southern sun and warm sea, but on the beaches and tourist attractions is no longer a large crowd.

In early autumn there is no heat and stuffiness. Holidays by the sea are pleasant and safe for children who can’t stand the heat of summer. On the coast ripe with a lot of delicious berries and fruits, and during the vacation children have time to get stronger and gain the necessary vitamins.

Search for Last Minute Deals at Level.Travel and Travelate – they will find the best deals among different tour operators. Want to save your money? Explore our 7 rules for buying tours online.



It’s not a bad idea to spend the velvet season on the shores of the Black Sea. Thanks to the sunny weather, the absence of the language barrier and affordable prices, Georgian resorts are very popular among Russians. In early autumn, the Black Sea coast has mild weather, so they try to take children to Georgia, who find it difficult to withstand the sharp change in climate.

The air temperature at the coastal resorts reaches +24. +27°С. The Black Sea cools down slowly after the heat of summer, and in September it is suitable for swimming. For almost all month, the sea water is at a temperature of +23 . +25 ° C.

Where to vacation at sea with a kid in September

The beach and sea in Gonio. Photo: Sigara Icelmez / wikimedia.org / CC BY-SA 4.0.

Deciding where best to vacation with a child by the sea in September, parents choose between large resort centers and small villages. Popular places for family vacations are considered Batumi, Kobuleti and Green Cape, or Mtsvane Kontskhi. The clearest sea is in coastal villages Kvartati and Gonio, which are located to the south of Batumi, near the border with Turkey.

Many parents with children come to the sandy beaches of the beautiful Georgian resort Ureki. The combination of fine velvety sand, warm sea and pine and eucalyptus forest works wonders and helps to restore the health even of children who suffer from chronic diseases.

Where to vacation with his family in September

Beautiful city beach in Batumi. Photo: nika9447 / unsplash.com.


Fans of budget recreation know the answer to the question of where to fly to the sea with a child. In September, Abkhazian resorts fill parents with children of preschool age. There are several reasons for this popularity: in Abkhazia you can always find comfortable and inexpensive accommodation, in early autumn there is a mild climate and an abundance of fresh fruits, it is easy to get to Abkhazia by plane and train. Resorts of Abkhazia →

Where to go with a child in September

(Photo: Dmitriy Kirilin / flickr.com / License CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Crossing the border to Russia takes minimal time. For children under 14 years old one must have a birth certificate with a citizenship stamp, and for children older than 14 years old – an internal or foreign passport. There are no problems with currency – Russian rubles are in circulation in all Abkhazian stores and markets.

In addition to swimming in the sea and sunbathing, during a holiday in Abkhazia with your child can have fun at the water park in Gagra and take a trip to the picturesque mountain lake Ritsa. In addition, with children is interesting to visit the famous monkey nursery and a large botanical garden in Sukhumi.

Where to go on vacation with a child in September

(Photo: Dr Ambiguous / flickr.com / License CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)


In September 2022, it’s not a bad idea to fly to Bulgarian resorts with your child. It doesn’t take long to get to the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria. After this country joined the European Union Bulgarians are trying to follow European standards of service for tourists, so vacationers at sea resorts of the country will have a lot of pleasant surprises.

Countries currently open to Russians - 2022

Almost all 378 km of Bulgarian coast is covered with clean sand. Parents with children love to vacation in Sozopol, Pomorie, Albena, as well as on the beautiful sandy beaches of Sunny Beach and Golden Sands.

Where to go on vacation in September with a child

The beach in Albena. Photo: Balcon del Mundo / flickr.com / CC BY-SA 2.0.

In September, most Bulgarian hotels offer discounts on rooms, so you can save a little money during your vacation with a child by the sea. Apartments at sea resorts are 10-15% cheaper than in August, and rooms in a 4* hotel in early fall cost the same as in a 3* hotel.

From late August to mid-September there is a two-week honey festival in Bulgaria. In every town and at small resorts Bulgarian beekeepers offer fresh honey and bee products for sale. For adults and children, a visit to the honey fairs is a real treat.

Where to go on vacation with a child in September

The beach in Varna. Photo: Złota Bułgaria / flickr.com.


A great idea for a September 2022 vacation is to go to the seaside resorts of Turkey with your child! The sweltering heat is over but the sea near the Turkish coast is still warm. As in the peak tourist season, in early autumn, the resort hotels offer an all-inclusive vacation. If you want to organize a trip with a child yourself, it is not difficult to rent an apartment hotel or a private apartment by the sea.

Where to go in September with a child in Turkey

Kumkoy Beach, next to Side. Photo: marcelstockmann / flickr.com / CC BY-NC 2.0.

When choosing a place to vacation with children in September, pay attention to what beach is nearby and whether there are children’s attractions. Excellent sandy beaches for family vacations are in Side and Belek, and pebble beaches are in Kemer.

All major resorts in September, water parks and aquariums, and an excursion program can easily pick up based on the age of the child. Turkey has many nature parks, ancient cities and ancient ruins. With older children, you can take a trip to Istanbul, go to the amazingly beautiful thermal springs of Pamukkale or organize a trip to the bizarre rock formations in Cappadocia.

Where to go on vacation with a child in September

(Photo: Steven Tan (maethlin) / flickr.com / License CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)


September at sea with your child is nice to swim and sunbathe on the beautiful beaches of the Greek islands. During the velvet season in Greece there is no heat like in July and August, and therefore many parents with children come here.

The island of Crete is known for its beaches with sand of different colors. There are comfortable sandy beaches in Chania, Lassithi and Heraklion. If you choose Rethymnon for a vacation with a child in September 2022, note that the resort is located on the hills. From the sea to the hotels you have to walk uphill, and it is not convenient for children.

Where to vacation with a child in Greece in September

(Photo: kishjar / flickr.com / CC BY 2.0 license)

On the west coast, the beaches of Rhodes are predominantly pebbly. Families with children prefer to stay on the eastern shore of the island, where there are fewer winds and strong waves. Most families choose Kolimbia, Faliraki, Kalifa and Lindos for holidays with children by the sea in Rhodes. Holidays in Rhodes →

Crete and Rhodes are large islands, and there are many natural and historical attractions. In addition to holidays by the sea, tourists in September are popular for trips to Cretan water parks – Water City, Aqua Plus and Star Beach Water Park. On the island of Rhodes, the water park and amusement park are near Faliraki. Families also travel through mountain gorges, go on excursions to ancient cities, and take walks along the seashore on yachts and boats.

Where to vacation with a child at sea in September

(Photo: orientalizing / flickr.com / License CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Spain .

Tourists who enjoy the Mediterranean Sea like to fly to Spain for vacations with children. In September, the mainland and Spanish islands are very popular with connoisseurs of warm sea and nonhot sun.

Velvet season on Spanish beaches begins in mid-September. That is when the crowds on the coast is less, and tourists are easier to choose comfortable places to rest by the sea. On the coast the daytime temperature rarely rises above +26. +28 ° C, and the water in the sea is heated to a comfortable +24. +27°С.

Where to go for a holiday at sea with children in September

(Photo: rbrands / flickr.com / License CC BY-ND 2.0)

In the central part of the country, September weather resembles that of June. The heat is already giving up its position, and the thermometer column rarely shows +30 ° C. At this time, trips with children to national parks and historic cities are much more pleasant than in the heat of summer.

Spain is child-friendly, but there are few all-inclusive hotels. The most popular places to stay for parents with children are Salou, Valencia, Alicante and Benidorm. Many families choose to vacation in September on the picturesque island of Tenerife.

Holidays with children at sea in January 2022. Where better to go

Where to go on a seaside vacation in September with children

(Photo: DOS82 / flickr.com / License CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)


A great alternative to European beaches in September 2022 is a vacation at sea with children in China. Like Russia, China has long sea borders, and its coast lies in different climatic zones. For this reason with the onset of autumn in different parts of the country are not the same conditions for a beach holiday.

In September, summer continues in the south of the country. Daytime in the resorts of the Yellow Sea can be +29. +31 ° C, but because of the monsoon period, the sky is almost always covered by an even layer of clouds.

Many parents are afraid of heavy rains in September and do not fly on vacation with a child. Indeed, in Hainan 17-20 days of the first month of fall are rainy. However, tropical downpours usually occur at night and do not interfere with beach vacation.

Hainan holiday season

(Photo: DvYang / flickr.com / License CC BY-SA 2.0)

Parents who come to Hainan with children prefer to spend time on the shore of the calmer Yalunwan Bay, where there is almost no heavy surf. September vacations with a child in Dalian, Qingdao and Baidakhi should be planned for the first half of the month, while the temperature of the sea water is still around +20. +22°С.

In addition to recreation by the sea and excursions, you can take part in colorful Chinese festivals with children. In September, the country celebrates Teacher’s Day, Shaolin Martial Arts Festival, Ancient Arts Festival and International Tourism and Culture Festival.

Beach vacations in September with children

(Photo: Mark 爱生活 / flickr.com / License CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)


Italian seaside resorts are a great place to vacation with your child by the sea during the velvet season. In September, the hot Italian summer is in no hurry to give way to autumn. For almost the whole month in the coastal resorts is +25. +28 ° C, and the sea pleases bathers with a pleasant warmth. In September the humidity rate returns to normal, and Italian resorts are a paradise for those who for health reasons could not afford a vacation in the heat of summer.

When choosing a holiday destination with children by the sea, keep in mind that in September in the provinces in the north of the country after the first decade of the month there can be unstable temperatures. To enjoy the warmth and not to think about the rain, pay attention to seaside resorts in southern Italy, Sicily and Sardinia.

Where to fly abroad in September with children

(Photo: guyjr1136 / flickr.com / CC BY-ND 2.0 license)

In September, when it’s no longer too hot, you can take your child on educational excursions around the country. This is a great opportunity to show young travelers the architectural sights of Rome, Venice, Milan, Genoa, Verona, Naples and Palermo.

In early autumn the Italians hold several colorful gastronomic festivals. The most famous festival Pizzafest in September takes Naples, and in the Emilia Romagna region holds a popular festival of Parma ham. What to try in Italy →

Where to go on vacation in September with children abroad

(Photo: superdealer100 / flickr.com / CC BY-ND 2.0 license)

Where else to vacation with kids by the sea in September 2022

The listed destinations do not reveal all the possibilities for holidays with children in September 2022. Beautiful places for family vacations by the warm sea are on the French Cote d’Azur, Montenegro and Croatia.

Not a bad solution – to fly with a child in North Africa. In early autumn at the seaside resorts of Tunisia and Morocco is hot weather. The air temperature ranges from +26 ° C to +34 ° C, and the water in the Atlantic Ocean is heated to +21. +23°С. The Mediterranean Sea in Tunisia is even warmer. In September, its temperature reaches +25. +28°С.

Where to vacation with a child in late September

(Photo: BrisVegan Street / flickr.com / License CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

If your child cannot tolerate long flights and a drastic change of climate, you can go on vacation to Russian resorts. The velvet season on the Black Sea coast is very good! That’s why in September, parents try to take preschoolers to the warm sea.

In early autumn in the south of Russia is dry, and tourists expect sunny weather. In the first half of the month the air at the coastal resorts warms up to +27. +29 ° C, and the temperature of the sea water reaches +22. +24°С. In the second half of September it cools down by 3-4 degrees, but the sea is still the place for both adults and children to swim.

During the September vacations, many families come to Anapa, Tuapse, Sochi, Gelendzhik, the Crimea. In addition to beach holidays, children take walks by sea on boats, visit oceanariums, zoos and dolphinariums, going on excursions to ancient dolmens, beautiful mountain gorges and waterfalls.

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