Where to go without a visa? List of Countries for Russians – 2022

174 countries where to go without a visa in 2022.

List of 137 countries where to go without a visa. No need to go to consulates and visa centers! We tell you about countries with visa-free entry, visa on arrival and electronic travel authorization.

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In 2022 you can visit 85 countries from Russia without a visa, 34 countries, where you can get the visa on arrival, and 18 countries, which offer free electronic visas. Most of all we are waiting for former CIS countries (often you don’t even need a foreign passport!) and American countries (almost every Latin country gives 3 months visa-free vacation).

Where to go without the passport abroad – 2022

6 countries accept Russian tourists even without a passport. Of these, 2 (Abkhazia and South Ossetia) are partially recognized states. The main requirement is that Russian passport must be valid for more than 3 months before returning to Russia.

List of visa-free countries for Russians in 2022

In these countries, you get passport control upon arrival = get a stamp in your passport! No problems and headaches. As a result, you can stay on vacation a specified number of days.

Europe + the CIS

Where to go to Europe and the former CIS countries without a visa? A total of 11 countries + Turkey (which is Europe and Asia at the same time). And there are five more countries with Russian passports listed above (Abkhazia, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan).


(Photo: © LuidmilaKot / pixabay.com)

Asia + Oceania.

Where to go without a visa to Asia? Please – a list of 24 countries.

  • Vietnam (15 days) tour prices ⇒
  • Hong Kong (14 days)
  • Israel (90 days) tour prices ⇒
  • Indonesia (30 days) tour prices ⇒
  • Qatar (90 days, free visa in Doha)
  • China, Island Hainan (15 days tour)
  • Laos (15 days)
  • Macau (30 days)
  • Malaysia (30 days)
  • Maldives (90 days, free on arrival) tour prices ⇒
  • Mongolia (30 days)
  • UAE (90 days) tour prices ⇒
  • Northern Cyprus (90 days)
  • Thailand (30 days) tour prices ⇒ Thailand (30 days)
  • Taiwan (21 days)
  • Taiwan (21 days)
  • Philippines (30 days)
  • South Korea (60 days)

America and the West Indies


(Photo: © Mariamichelle / pixabay.com)


Visa on Arrival for Russians – 2022

Where can Russians get a visa on arrival? In the above countries there is a visa, but you do not need to arrange anything in advance. You just come, pay the nth sum of money and get a stamp in your passport.

  • Bahrain (14 days, $15).
  • Egypt (30 days, 25 $, or 15 days with a “Sinai” free visa in Sharm El Sheikh, Taba, Nuweiba).
  • Jordan (30 days, $56)
  • Iran (30 days, $90)
  • Cambodia (30 days, $30)
  • Kenya (90 days, $50)
  • Lebanon (30 days, free)
  • China, Island. Hainan (15 days, free of charge for package tours only)
  • Madagascar (30 days, 25 €)
  • Myanmar (30 days, $50)
  • Nepal (15 days, $30; 30 days, $50; 90 days, $125)
  • Tanzania (90 days, $50)
  • Sri-Lanka (30 days, $40)
  • Bangladesh (30 days, $51)
  • Timor-Leste (30 days, $30)
  • Guinea-Bissau (30 days, 64 $)
  • Djibouti (30 days, $90)
  • Zambia (30 days, 50 $)
  • Zimbabwe (30 days, $30)
  • Cape Verde (30 days, 25 €)
  • Comoros (45 days, 30 €)
  • Mauritania (30 days, 60 $)
  • Marshall Islands (90 days, $20 at checkout)
  • Mozambique (30 days, 50 $)
  • Palau (30 days, $50 at checkout)
  • Rwanda (30 days, $30)
  • Samoa (60 days, free of charge)
  • Senegal (30 days, free of charge)
  • Sierra Leone (30 days, $80)
  • Tuvalu (30 days, free of charge)
  • Tonga (30 days, free of charge)
  • Togo (7 days, $17)
  • Eritrea (invitation only, 30 days, $50)
  • Ethiopia (30 days, $50)
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Holidays with children

(Photo © Dimitrisvetsikas1969 / pixabay.com)

Electronic visa

  • Egypt (30 days, $25)
  • India (30 days, 25 $)
  • Cambodia (30 days, $ 36)
  • Cyprus (90 days, free)
  • Mexico (180 days, free of charge)
  • Oman (30 days, $52)
  • Pakistan (90 days, $35)
  • Singapore (35 days from issuance date, $47)
  • Benin (30-90 days, 50 $)
  • Gabon (90 days, $100)
  • Guinea (30 days, $80)
  • Cote d’Ivoire (90 days, $73)
  • Malawi (75 $)
  • Montserrat (1 year, $50)
  • Papua New Guinea (30 days, $50)
  • Saudi Arabia (90 days, $120)
  • Solomon Islands (90 days, free)
  • Uganda (90 days, $50)

Top 5 Countries to go without a Visa in 2022

And now closer to the point. Top 5 countries where you can go in 2022 during this whole “coronavirus” situation (and preferably without having to take 100500 PCR tests).


  • Visa-free vacation : 60 days
  • When to go: Beach holidays from June to October

Turkey Beaches in December

Turkey is the most popular country for a vacation without a visa among Russians. It is close, to get quickly and easily (the flight to Antalya 3.5 hours from Moscow), developed infrastructure and an excellent climate. In this case, the Turks are not arrogant, really fighting for the customer, trying to do everything to please their guests. Very popular holiday in Turkey with children, hotels of all kinds, from cheap to 5-star, water parks, children’s entertainment and animation.

There are a lot of proposals for the “all inclusive” and “ultra all in”, which our tourists are fond of. All employees of hotels, cafes and restaurants know Russian, at least at a basic level.

  • Vacation without a visa: 90 days
  • When to go: Beach holiday from November to April

Holiday visa-free travel abroad

If we talk about the Western Hemisphere, Cuba is one of the most popular among Russian tourists where you can vacation without a visa in 2022. It is best to fly there from November to April. At this time the island has warm, pleasant, sunny weather.

Types of meals in hotels: deciphering of RO, BB, HB, BF, AI, UAI

The resorts are low prices and communal exoticism, plus excellent beaches, white, pleasant to the touch sand and warm sea. Many of the beaches are Blue Flag rated. In August, hurricanes are possible.

  • Vacation without a visa: 90 days
  • When to go : Beach holidays from October to April

Prices for holidays in Dubai

The UAE has recently become a country where Russians can vacation without a visa. Previously, a visa cost about $ 100, and it was necessary to make it in advance. After this innovation, the tourist flow from Russia has increased by 2.5 times. Dubai is the largest city in this Arab country. A unique combination of Eastern traditions and ultra-modern architecture, skyscrapers, shopping malls. If you are in the UAE for the first time, we recommend you to stay in Dubai. It is very easy to go on excursions to other places in the emirates, and in the city itself there is quite a lot of attractions: the beautiful beaches, Deira, the Old City, the largest shopping center Dubai Mall, the skyscraper Burj Khalifa. It is possible to live and rest in the city on a different budget, with a modest and many times exceeding the average. For example, in our favorite neighborhood Jumeirah Beach Residents.

For shopping, Dubai is like no other place in the world. A lot of shopping malls: Dubai Mall, Dubai Marina Mall, Mall of the Emirates, Outlet Mall Dubai. In Deira are the famous markets. The rest of the UAE resorts are less popular, some of them are still developing with the exception of Abu Dhabi and Sharjah.

The capital of the emirates is the city of Abu Dhabi. It looks a lot like Dubai, the same ultra-modern, with towering skyscrapers, beaches and shopping malls. For those who like to spend their vacations at the beach, while living comfortably and with luxury, Abu Dhabi is ideal. Not bad for a holiday with small children, the beaches are equipped with everything you need. Sharjah Emirate – the cultural center of the country and the place of the strictest rules. Noisy entertainment. Prices are lower than in Dubai. It takes 30 minutes to 1 hour to get there by bus or cab from Dubai. There is often traffic in the mornings and evenings. A great place for a family vacation. The beaches are well maintained with white fine sand, everywhere is kept perfect cleanliness. The entrance to the water is flat and gentle. The only drawback – the hotels are urban, and you have to travel by shuttle bus.

The safest countries - 2022. Where to go on vacation

Maldives .

  • Vacation visa-free: 30 days
  • When to go: Beach holiday from November to April


(Photo: © Join / pixabay.com)

The Maldives is a pompous and expensive destination where to vacation without a visa at sea. There are more than 1,000 coral islands in the Maldives archipelago. There are party places, with a bustling nightlife, places with restaurants for the rich and quiet, but with a European level of comfort, where you can be alone and rest quietly.

Most tourists are from December to April, when there is little precipitation, northeasterly winds blow and the weather is sunny. For those who like to sunbathe is the best. An unusual peculiarity for the citizens of our country is that the prices at the beach resort in winter time are higher (thrice as much) than in summer time. Compare with our Black Sea coast. You can find accommodation for 25 euros a day in guest houses. By the standards of the Maldivians this is a ridiculous amount.


  • Vacation without a visa: 90 days
  • When to go: beach vacations from June to September


(Photo: © Devlopenet0 / pixabay.com)

Abkhazia is a country where you can not only vacation without a visa abroad, but also be surprised by the low prices. You can enter the republic with an ordinary Russian passport, you don’t even need to get a foreign passport. There are many beaches in Abkhazia, reminiscent of our native Sochi. There are well-equipped (Gagra resort) and absolutely wild, without the slightest sign of civilization. In the latter mat or chair will have to carry their own, but people around will be few. Everywhere there is untouched nature, beautiful scenery, southern climate, lots of plants.

Those who go to vacation with families, with small children, will suit Pitsunda. The city is located so that storms and strong winds bypass its coast. By the way, it is better to go to Abkhazia in a group, which includes men, as not all the local population is not pleased to outsiders, including holidaymakers. Not uncommon extortion on the roads and theft, even in the hotels. Before the trip be sure to read the reviews on the hotel of your choice, or better communicate directly with those who have rested in it.

Preparing for a trip: what to take on a trip

These are all options where Russian citizens can go without a visa in 2022. The information is being updated.

Visa-free countries in 2022.


To snap up somewhere last minute, choose visa-free countries.

In the case of a real visa-free visa, you simply get a stamp at the border and are allowed to go on.

If a visa-free visa is conditional, the visa will be issued directly at the border – you do not need to make it out in advance. Sometimes, however, may be asked not only the passport, but also additional documents – such as certificate of vaccination, PCR-test, or at least return tickets.

Tickets to all of the following countries, we advise to look for us, accommodation – on the Island, and the car – on Localrent.

And now to business.

Visa-free hits


Duration: Up to 30 days, then you can extend your stay for 60 days.

Documents: Passport valid for at least 6 months at the time of entry; completed migration card and return tickets. For the Sandpiper program in Phuket or Samui you need a vaccine (“Sputnik V” qualifies), a PCR test, a paid hotel for 7 days, and two paid tests on arrival. Conditions often change with the list of open areas.

What to do: The Gulf of Thailand has white sand beaches, spots for surfers, divers and rafters, halls and trainers for boxers, lodging for backpackers and downhikers, and lots and lots of partying.

Where to live: Suitable options can be found here .


Duration: Up to 90 days.

Documents: Passport with at least 6 months validity; health insurance policy for the entire period of stay; proof of solvency (cash and credit cards will do); return air ticket with exact date fixed; hotel reservation or tourist voucher. With Sputnik, you can: a PCR test is required before departure. Upon arrival, you need to take another test and an antibody test. You will be quarantined until you get their results. Depending on the covid situation in the country, the entry conditions often change – check the current information at the time of departure.

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What to do: three seas in one small country, Martian landscapes in the Red Canyon, pilgrimage tours, hot springs and amusement parks await you.

Where to live: Suitable options can be found here.


Duration: up to 360 days.

Documents: Passport valid for the entire trip, PCR test or certificate of vaccination. If you are entering Georgia from Russia by car, you may also need: confirmation of the valid reasons for crossing the border, vehicle registration certificate, driver’s license (Russian ones are acceptable), power of attorney (if it is not your car). If you cross the border by land you need a PCR-test not older than 72 hours, another one must be done within three days after entry.

What to do: The country is famous for its hospitality, unique architecture and delicious national cuisine. Downhill skiers come to Gudauri, a resort with a total length of about 60 km of slopes.

Where to live: Suitable options can be found here.


Duration: Up to 180 days.

Documents: Internal passport or passport, PCR test or certificate of vaccination. They may ask for a customs declaration for import of foreign currency, but this is rare.

What to do: Armenia is a healing mineral water springs, churches on the rocks, mountain lakes and the majestic Ararat. That is all the best at once. Skating is best in Tsakhkadzor, the former main Olympic base of the USSR.

Where to live: Suitable options can be found here.


Duration: Up to 90 days.

Documents: Passport valid for the entire trip, vaccination certificate and PCR test.

What to do: Oriental bazaars, jewelry stores and modern malls – this is about Baku. In addition to historical monuments, you are sure to be surprised by the skyscrapers “Towers of Fire” – the symbol of the new Baku, looking up, and the Crystal Hall, where the “Eurovision 2012” was held.

Where to live: Suitable options can be found here.


Duration: Up to 30 days.

Documents: Passport valid for more than 90 days at the time of return from the country, PCR test no older than 48 hours. May ask for return tickets, proof of hotel booking or bank statement for a total amount not less than 50 euros per person per day of stay.

What to do: Visit local towers, fortresses, and balneotherapy resorts on par with the Czech Republic’s Karlovy Vary.

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