Where to have a rest in the Crimea in the summer of 2022

10 places where it’s better to relax in the Crimea

Where to have a rest in the Crimea

Last summer the resorts of the Crimea gathered a 100% full house of vacationers. Suffice it to recall the situation on the beaches. Guests of the peninsula, who had not pre-booked, stayed in guest houses, with facilities in the yard and dozens of kilometers to the beach, just to rest in the Crimea and improve their health after the lockdown.

Travel industry experts also expect an influx of tourists this summer. According to the statistics of the booking service TVIL.RU, the demand for booking a holiday in the summer of January 2021 increased by 20% compared with last season. There are fewer free variants left. If you are planning a vacation in the Crimea in 2022, take care in advance where you will stay, and read about the best places to relax in the Crimea.

Top 10 best places to have a good and cheap rest in the Crimea:

  1. Yalta – 1324 ₽ *
  2. Yevpatoria – 992 ₽
  3. Feodosia – 991 ₽
  4. Alushta – 1232 ₽
  5. Sevastopol – 1212 ₽
  6. Sudak – 973 ₽
  7. Alupka – 1132 ₽
  8. Saki – 890 ₽
  9. Nikolaevka – 944 ₽
  10. Chornomorske – 1,029 ₽

* Average spending on rent per day

Anna Sudakova

© Anna Sudakova

Where to go in Crimea with the least number of tourists?

Enterprising travelers have already booked hotels, apartments and houses. Last summer such resorts as Yalta, Evpatoria, Feodosia and Alushta are also in the lead among the most popular resorts of the Crimea in 2022. Even Black Sea, Alupka and Saki are also among the ten most popular locations for summer holidays in the Crimea. This is confirmed by statistics TVIL.RU early booking a vacation home from June 1 to September 30, 2022.

Russians are planning to spend on vacation in the Crimea 30,625 ₽ for a family of three on the average in the summer. For example, in the village of Nikolaevka in Simferopol district tourists book hotels and apartments for 944 ₽ per day for one person, and in the oldest balneological resort Saki – for 890 ₽. Saki, Nikolaevka, Sudak are the leading resorts, where you can rest well and inexpensively in the Crimea.

We conducted a survey in social networks and found that in August the most booked accommodation for tourists who are looking for where in the Crimea to rest best.

Poll in the social network Vkontakte. TVIL.RU

The survey in the social network Vkontakte. TVIL.RU

Tips of the experienced. Where to have a rest on a budget in the Crimea

33% of parents with children will rest in the last month of summer vacations. Hotels and apartments in Evpatoria, Feodosia, Alushta and Alupka are in demand among tourists. Another 24% of tourists book houses for July in Yalta, Sudak, Sevastopol, Miskhor, Nikolaevka and Saki to relax by the sea.

On the third place is a vacation in June. The first summer month gathered 18% of the votes. There are not so many holiday-makers on the beaches of June. The Black Sea is heated to +20 º C in early June. You can hardly swim for a long time, but you won’t see jellyfish in the sea.

August is the time when most tourists with children visit the peninsula. Therefore, to have a good and inexpensive holiday, 14% of couples book rooms in hotels by the sea in September to relax alone, without children, and enjoy the still warm sea, fruits and gentle sun. They choose places in resorts with the least number of vacationers.

The warmest place in the Crimea. Where better to go

The average water temperature in the sea in September:

Alushta +24º C

Evpatoria +22º C

Sevastopol +24º C

“Yalta, Alushta, Feodosia, Evpatoria, Sevastopol, Sudak, Alupka, Saki, and Olenevka are the most popular places for a romantic “September” vacation in Crimea 2022 by the sea. 40% of tourists come to Simferopol for 1-2 days to spend time together. The cost of a double room in Saki and Simferopol in September is 1780 ₽ per day for two adults. This is a budget places where you can relax together in the Crimea, “- said the analysts of the accommodation booking service TVIL.RU.

Less Russians plan to go to the Crimea in March, November and December 2022. Basically they choose a sanatorium vacation in the fall and come alone or as a couple.

New hotels in Crimea - 2022

Rest in the Crimea 2022: where to go with the kids

  • Evpatoria: hand feed exotic animals in the Tropic Park, see the sea show in Dolphinarium, have fun in a water park of the Crimea “Banana Republic”, learn about the “Pirates of the Black Sea” in the relevant museum.
  • Yalta: see the rarest and most beautiful plants in the world in Nikitsky Botanical Garden, stroke and feed the animals in the largest zoo on the peninsula “Fairy Tale”, have fun in the water park “Atlantis”, leisurely ride on the cable car.
  • Feodosia: remove psychological barriers in the dolphinarium Oceanarium “Nemo”, plunge into the world of reptiles at the Crocodile Farm, jump in the amusement park on the waterfront.
  • Alushta: find your “slide” in the water park “Almond Grove”, see the inhabitants of the Black Sea in the “Aquarium”.
  • Sudak: admire the picturesque views of the Sudak bay and the mountains from the fortress, walk along the Cypress Alley, to compare the local water park with “slides” in Feodosia and Yalta.
  • Sevastopol: tell children about the Black Sea Fleet of the country, to meet the sunsets on the Grafskaya Wharf.
  • Alupka: admire the size of the palace and the park of Count Vorontsov, take unusual photos in the “House upside down”, climb in the caves of “Three Eyes”, “Yalta” and “Geophysical”, to try the best Crimean desserts in Etno Kaffe Roomi.
  • Miskhor: remember the beautiful palace of the Romanov family “Dulber”, rub the bronze sculpture “Mermaid with child”, set right in the sea for good luck.
  • Nikolaevka: safely bathe children in the shallow and warm sea, ride a pony among the steppes.
  • Saki: swim in the pool with mineral water in the health complex “Saxonia”, get charged with positive emotions on the Swan Lake.

Where to have a rest on a budget in the Crimea. Tips of experienced travelers

Experienced travelers often share their advices about where to have a good and inexpensive rest in the Crimea. And the first item in their “economical” vacation is accommodation. It is quite simple. Book a house or a hotel 10 km from the sea, the cost of rent will be 2-3 times less than the apartment in the center of Yalta, for example.

In the upcoming summer season, a family of three people will have to “lay out” for an apartment in Yalta on the seafront of 40 000 ₽. And that’s taking into account the early winter booking. So it is possible to have an inexpensive holiday at the seaside resorts in a private house with its own pool and yard, where there is a city infrastructure, but it will take 15 minutes to get to the sea. You will spend 20,000 ₽ for ten days of vacation.

Sergey Chuprin

© Sergey Chuprin

Where to have a good rest in the Crimea in the summer of 2022

Where to go in the Crimea

You can also find cheap accommodation in the suburbs of Alushta. For 1232 ₽ per night tourists book a family mini-hotel with private facilities in the rooms, internet access Wi – Fi, satellite TV and meals. Check with the host in correspondence on the website.

The next “useful” point of a budget vacation in the Crimea by the editor of the TVIL.RU blog Daria Savelieva is to rent a car and drive around the cities of the Crimea, stopping in each for 3-4 days.

“That way, you’ll save the family budget on your trip and see almost all the major sights during your vacation,” the editor advises.

Last summer, renting a car cost ₽800 a day – cheaper than taking a cab from the airport in Simferopol. So, no cabs, get around in your own or rented vehicles between resorts, and walk the streets and get closer to the locals.

The third piece of advice our editor shares is to buy food at farmers markets, or junkyards. They, it is true, are open for 2 hours in the morning in some areas of the resorts, but the prices are half as much as in the official markets and supermarkets.

How to have a cheap rest in the Crimea - 7 secrets

The most beautiful places. Where to have a rest by the sea in the Crimea.

You found out where it’s best to rest in the Crimea this summer and how much a vacation will cost. Now we’ll tell you where to find beaches with white sand, and spectacular seascapes, and low-crowded places in the Crimea to relax in the summer.

Poll in the social network Vkontakte. TVIL.RU

The survey in the social network Vkontakte. TVIL.RU

According to the poll Azure Coast beach in Yevpatoria is in the lead among the best places to rest in the Crimea. 18% of the travelers are planning to have a rest at this beach. It is clean and has nice white sand. In comfortable pavilions with pillows you can relax in the shade. Many tasty cafes, free toilets, changing rooms, showers – for all beach vacationers.

In the second place is the Golitsyn’s trail in Sudak and Novy Svet. 17% of the respondents consider this famous trail to be the best summer resort. While walking along the trail you will see the most beautiful places: you will see the Shalyapin Grotto, the “Tsar’s Beach”, Cape Kapchik, breathe in the Mozhzhevelovaya Grove, you will appreciate the panoramas on the viewing platforms, as well as the filming of the movies “Treasure Island” and “Sportloto-82”.

The unusual shape of the rock “Parus” in Yalta gained 15% of votes in the poll, held among the “admirers” of the Crimea. Near the rock is the sanatorium “Parus” and “Pearl”, equipped with a pebble beach. Tourists can get here only by sea by boat. Such a boat trip will bring a lot of impressions and pictures to Ai-Todor and “Swallow’s Nest.

The clear sea, fresh air, caves and grottoes at Cape Fiolent in Sevastopol attract 12% of tourists looking for the most beautiful places in the Crimea to rest by the sea. The cape is located 10 km to Balaclava.

10% of independent travelers find quiet, peaceful and secluded rest in the Tikhaya Bay in the village of Koktebel, which is close to Feodosia, and at Cape Plaka in Alushta.

Tihaya bay is located in the Koktebel Strait – the number one place for photographers places in the Crimea. It is quiet here, 3,5 km of coastline, a lot of places for camping and the sea is clean. Here you will not meet a crowd of tourists, as on the “Golden Beach” in Feodosia.

Cape Plaka is located opposite the Ayu-Dag, or Bear-mountain. Unfortunately, half of the Cape Plaka territory is built up by the sanatorium “Utes”.

Not inferior in beauty and lookout Aivazovsky on the same rock in Alupka. 8% of tourists think it’s a good place for a photo in the style of lavstory. Aivazovsky painted “The Ninth Column” from this rock.

There are three places in the Crimea, where there are the least number of tourists: Lake Sasyk-Sivash (Saki), Cape Tarkhankut (Chornomorskoye) and the village Nikolaevka.

Pink salt crystals in Sasyk-Sivash were extracted back in ancient times. Today, the picturesque body of water attracts with sulfite mud, which is used to treat problems with digestion, feet, spine, skin, and restore nerves. For impressive photos on Instagram better come to the lake in July and August – at this time the pink color is richer than in early summer.

On Cape Tarkhankut love to rest divers and not only. Because there are no cargo and passenger ships, no manufacturing enterprises. It is safe and comfortable to relax with children.

In the village Nikolaevka beach “Skyph” belongs to the same name recreation center and is covered with fine pebbles and sand. The entrance to the sea is flat. Water is so clean that the light passes through. Tourists even catch fish by hand on the shore. The beach is equipped with sun beds, changing rooms, awnings, equipped with beach volleyball court, local “entrepreneurs” offer to rent a catamaran and a boat.

Massandra Palace

Resorts of Crimea, still remain the most popular for summer vacations among Russians. The stereotype of these places as “expensive” is going away. Travellers are finding cheap accommodation in the familiar from Soviet times and discovering new, beautiful places in the Crimea.

Where to have a rest in the Crimea

We choose the perfect resort of the Crimea for the summer of 2022! Find out where to rest best for families with children, young people and seniors. Where is inexpensive on the peninsula? Where to go for lovers of active or, on the contrary, secluded rest?

Children – ice cream, his woman – flowers. And do not miss it!

Rest in the Crimea will be pleasant only if you choose the right place. Crimea – a diverse region: there is a completely wild places, and children’s resorts, and nudist beaches, there are cheap guest houses and expensive luxury hotels. In general, for everyone there is something interesting. The main thing is not to mix it up!

Our guide will help you choose the best resort according to your demands. We have divided all Crimean resorts into clear categories. Read on and take your pick!

A still from the film “Arm of Diamonds” (1968) by Leonid Gaidai.


Where to have a rest inexpensively in the Crimea

In the high season in the Crimea to rest is not so cheap, so we come in the off-season – so the vacation turns out to be budget. In general, the resorts are conditionally divided by price so.

Yalta and Alushta – the most popular resorts, but also the most expensive. Many tourists think that this is the best place for a vacation in the Crimea in summer.

In Gurzuf, Alupka, Miskhor, Simeiz, Partenit, Livadia, Utyos and other resorts of the South Coast vacation a little more affordable, but still expensive. These cozy villages immersed in subtropical greenery, the most beautiful parks and clean pebble beaches.

Next come Evpatoria, Sudak, Koktebel, Novy Svet, Sevastopol. I believe that in Sudak not bad quality-price ratio: there are inexpensive housing and dining facilities. You can save a lot of money by settling in villages near these resorts, especially if your plans do not include a busy sightseeing and a vibrant nightlife.

Inexpensive vacation in the Crimea is possible in Feodosia, Kerch, Shchyolkin, Rybachie, Solnechnogorskom, Malorechenskom.

Rather cheap to live in remote villages on the western coast – not everyone has even heard the name of these resorts: Nikolaevka, Saki, Olenevka, Mezhvodnoe, Chernomorskoye. There are few tourists and relatively inexpensive accommodation.

Search for last minute trips at Level.Travel and Travelate – they will find the best deals among different tour operators. Want to save money? Look at this review: how to buy an inexpensive tour to the Crimea.

where to rest better in the Crimea

These are our friends on the beach in Koktebel. The village has a good price-quality ratio: there are inexpensive housing and dining facilities.

Resorts with the most developed infrastructure

The best developed tourist infrastructure in and around big cities: Yalta, Alushta, Feodosia, Evpatoria and Sevastopol. Here is the largest concentration of sanatoriums, recreation centers and hotels, stores and equipped beaches. Here the best nightclubs and restaurants, amusement parks, dolphinaria, zoos, water parks and museums. And excursions from major resorts abound!

The resort settlements are simpler in this plan. There are no such luxurious embankments or they are absent at all, but there are stores, mini-markets, cafes and children’s attractions. Sanatoriums, recreation centers, hotels and private sector is enough.

On responses of tourists in 2022 it is better to have a rest in Crimea in small settlements, but not in remote places – for example in Alupka, Simeiz, Mishora, Foros and Livadia. There are less tourists and lower prices, and infrastructure is quite developed. Plus the nature and the beaches are excellent.

We have made a big guide to the resorts of the Crimea – choose the best!

Download our handy Crimea guide map on your smartphone! We have chosen only the most beautiful, favorite and checked places for you. The map works without Internet, which is especially important in the Crimea. Cafes, restaurants, hotels and other places are also marked there. The map costs 200 rubles and will save you a lot of time.

Rest in the private sector of Yalta. Prices for accommodation - 2022

rest in Crimea where better

Yalta is the most developed and most popular resort of the Crimea.

Where to have a rest with children in the Crimea

In the Crimea with children can rest in any place, but the traditional children’s resorts are Evpatoria, Feodosia and their surroundings. Here the air is always hot, warms up the water better, a lot of sun and a great infrastructure of children’s entertainment. Well and most importantly – in these places beaches with sand. Learn where the best sandy beaches in the Crimea.

Less popular are the quiet areas such as Olenevka, Nikolaevka, Sandy, Kurortnoe and Beregovoye. Here you can find a minimum of entertainment, low prices and a spacious beach.

On the South Coast of Ukraine all beaches are pebbly, almost everywhere are deep and the going up and down is quite tiresome. Nevertheless vacationers with children a lot in Alushta, Yalta, Partenit, Miskhor. Explains simply – well-developed entertainment infrastructure, there is somewhere to go with children and what to see. Find out what other resorts for children in the Crimea.

Our nephews we brought to rest in Sudak. They loved it! Our nephews take pictures with knights in Sudak.

The best places for secluded rest

Where better to rest in the Crimea, if you want peace and quiet, wild vacation? Romantic natures and lovers of solitude advise virtually deserted place in the south-east and east of the Crimea – the area Feodosia, Sudak, Koktebel, Kerch. When we vacation in Sudak, we sometimes swim on the beaches near the Cape Meganom – there are fewer people, and some at all no one.

In the western part there are many such places near Lubimovka, Popovka, Okunevka, Cape Tarkhankut (Olenevka), Cape Chersonese (Sevastopol). On a deserted beach Lubimovka we once slept in a tent. In Olenevka a spacious sandy beach with a minimum of tourists, also a lot of wild beaches under rocks and near the Bowl of Love. Find out where to rest in the Crimea with a tent.

Very beautiful and inaccessible wild beaches are near Balaklava, in Laspi Bay, near Sevastopol. I advise you to see them at least once! When I first saw the capes Vinogradny and Fiolent (Sevastopol), I could not believe that this is possible in the Black Sea.

The hardest place to find a piece of uninhabited land is on the South Coast. This is the most popular part of the peninsula, but even here you can find untouched by civilization places. A small wild beach is in Simeiz by the mountain Koshki, also a small inaccessible cove squeezed between the settlements and Malorechenskoye Rybachie Alushta.

Here are such secluded and inaccessible beaches of amazing beauty in the Crimea! On the photo – a little-known beach “Bounty” at Cape Vinogradny in Sevastopol. This beach “Miami” in Olenevka – wide and almost deserted. There are gorgeous sunsets!

The best resorts for cultural and excursionist vacation

Now tell you where to rest in the Crimea those who are going to actively go on excursions.

From Yalta it is convenient to go all over the South Coast. You can visit the zoo, the aquarium, the Glade of Fairy Tales, Ai-Petri plateau and Uchan-Su waterfall, Livadia, Vorontsov and Massandra palaces, the Swallow’s Nest, the winery “Massandra”, Nikitsky Botanical Garden.

From Alushta it’s a good idea to take a trip to the mountains to the Dzhur-Dzhur waterfall, visit the karst caves of Chatyr-Dag and the famous Valley of Ghosts, and climb Ayu-Dag in Partenit.

You can also visit the Genoese fortress in Sudak, Alchak-Kaya, Karaul-Oba and Perche-Kaya and have a great time at the water park. Go to Novy Svit and take a walk along the famous Golitsynsky path along the sea. From Sudak it’s easy to get to Cape Meganom, Feodosia, Koktebel and Ordzhonikidze.

Sevastopol – a city of military glory, according to some reports, there are about two thousand monuments and memorials. In addition, there is the ancient city of Chersonese and the cave city of Inkerman, near the picturesque Balaklava and authentic Bakhchisaray. More about the sights of Sevastopol.

Private sector in Feodosia without intermediaries. Prices - 2022

From Evpatoria it is convenient to explore the west of the Crimea – visit Tarkhankut, Saki, the spit Belyaus. There are a lot of interesting things to see at the resort: the Juma Jami Mosque, the Karaite Kenasi, Nicholas Cathedral, Turkish baths and the synagogue Yegii-Kapai.

We book tours only on the service Tripster, because it’s more reliable and profitable than the vendors in the streets. On this site you can read real reviews of tourists to know the whole truth about the quality of the tour.

If you want to see as many sights in the Crimea, rent a car. We always come to the peninsula by car, because this is the only way to visit as many places as possible in a short time. On Localrent.com you can rent a car from 1000 rubles per day. This is a reliable and convenient service, which we often use when traveling.

where to rest better in the Crimea

If you want a vacation full of excursions, stay at the resorts of the South Coast, where there are a lot of historical and natural attractions. The photo shows the Vorontsov Palace in Alupka.

Resorts for active holidays

The Crimea is not just a beach vacation. For example, for me, it is above all an opportunity to engage in an easy one-day trekking, and the beaches – so, a pleasant bonus.

In the Crimea do diving, horseback riding and biking, hiking in the mountains and explore the caves – yes, there is plenty of activities! Even if you are very far from sports in the Crimea you can actively relax: go to the mountains, rent a catamaran, sit under the supervision of an instructor on a horse or fly on a paraglider.

Let’s find out the best place for active rest lovers to have a rest in the Crimea in the summer of 2022:

  • You can drive jeeps and quad bikes in Evpatoria, Bakhchisaray, Alushta, Yalta and Sevastopol.
  • Paragliders should go to Koktebel, Belogorsk, Simferopol, Yalta and surroundings.
  • Kayaking is popular in Balaklava and Peschanoye.
  • Flyboarding – in Sudak, Sevastopol, Yalta and Gurzuf.
  • The best diving centers are in Olenevka, Sudak, Sevastopol and Koktebel.
  • You can fly in a balloon in Belogorsk and Feodosia.
  • To go to sea under sail is possible in Sevastopol.
  • Speleotourism is best developed in Simferopol, Yalta and Alushta.
  • For climbers should go to Yalta and Simeiz.
  • Ropejumping can be done in Bakhchisaray, Alupka and Sevastopol.

If you are an active tourist, we recommend renting a car in the Crimea: it’s your mobility and freedom. You can rent a car at Localrent.com from 1000 rubles per day.

On Ai-Petri plateau you can ascend or descend by foot along one of the ecological trails. You can also go horseback riding in the Crimea.

Youth resorts

Young people in the Crimea rest everywhere, but the most fun resorts are Yalta, Alushta, Koktebel, Simeiz, Evpatoria and Sudak. Day all bake on the beach or engage in active sports, and the evenings rock in cafes, nightclubs and discos, most of which are concentrated on the waterfront. Here pass noisy parties, colorful shows and festivals.

In Evpatoria in summer there are competitions on windsurfing, in Olenevka there are extreme athletes and break-dancers, also diving is developed. In Koktebel and Sevastopol are music festivals, in Sudak annually arrange jousting and concerts, but the most colorful spectacle – a bike show in Sevastopol, which has been gathering thousands of fans for years.

So it is advised to rent a car and drive yourself around the most beautiful places. Renting a regular sedan costs from 1000₽ per day, a luxury car from 2400₽, and a convertible from 3000₽. You’re sure to love it!

Best Resorts for Older People.

Older people prefer a quiet vacation in sanatoriums, many of which are located on the southern and western coasts.

In Evpatoria, Saki and Feodosia you can treat the nervous system, diseases of the digestive tract and musculoskeletal system. In Livadia, Miskhor, Partenit treat diseases of the respiratory and circulatory system.

Where can you rest in the Crimea

The beach at Feodosia, in the village Beregovoye.

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